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Survival of Civilian and Prisoner Drug-Sensitive, Multi- and Extensive Drug- Resistant Tuberculosis Cohorts Prospectively Followed in Russia
Yanina Balabanova,Vladyslav Nikolayevskyy,Olga Ignatyeva,Irina Kontsevaya,Clare M. Rutterford,Anastasiya Shakhmistova,Nadezhda Malomanova,Yulia Chinkova,Svetlana Mironova,Ivan Fedorin,Francis A. Drobniewski
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020531
Abstract: A long-term observational study was conducted in Samara, Russia to assess the survival and risk factors for death of a cohort of non-multidrug resistant tuberculosis (non-MDRTB) and multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB) civilian and prison patients and a civilian extensive drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDRTB) cohort.
Bio-Morphological Characters of Alien Legume Species, Influencing Their Invasion in Natural Plant Communities  [PDF]
Yulia Vinogradova
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2016.716209
Abstract: Five alien legume species, actively invading in natural plant communities in European part of Russia, were studied—Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl., Galega orientalis Lam., Robinia pseudoacacia L., Amorpha fruticosa L. and Caragana arborescens L. Distribution ranges (considering their invasive status) were mapped. Not a single bio-morphological character to forecast invasion success in natural plant communities within secondary distribution range was found. The data of key value/importance for explaining invasive success of the species studied were obtained. Two hypotheses— Propagule Pressure and Evolution of Invasiveness—were critically analyzed in view of the received data.
Yulia Yulia
Jurnal Informatika , 2006,
Abstract: Technological growth has made a strong friction to the market. Customer becomes an important factor which must be paid attention to. Information which is easy to get increases customer's bargaining power. Customer always wants to get what they desire easily, cheaper, and of good quality. This structural change obliges a company to develop an e-Business strategy which is innovative, by focusing on the market. This structural change also requires a change in the business process on a large scale. At the same time, company has to develop an e-Business infrastructure that is oriented toward continuous service improvement and innovation. PT. V faces this structural change by developing an e-Business system for a VCD rental service. Using the system, which administers VCD rental with delivery system and SMS facility, customers can, by themselves, loan VCDs, return loaned VCDs, browse newest films, and perform other activities, just by sending SMS, without having to visit the rental place. For this reason, the customers will save time and money, become more efficient and effective. The use of SMS as a facility in e-Business has various advantages such as omitting problems with location and time for doing business, and omitting the errors of manual processing. In the end, e-Business is expected to raise market share and to adapt the company's business process according to customer's needs. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Perkembangan teknologi telah membuat adanya pergeseran kekuatan kepada pelanggan atau pasar. Pelanggan menjadi faktor penting yang harus diperhatikan. Informasi yang semakin mudah diperoleh, membuat daya tawar pelanggan semakin tinggi dan pelanggan selalu ingin mendapat yang diinginkan dengan mudah, murah, berkualitas dan sesuai dengan kebutuhannya. Perubahan struktural ini mengharuskan sebuah perusahaan untuk mengembangkan sebuah strategi e-Bisnis yang inovatif, dengan memusatkan perhatian kepada pasar. Perubahan struktural ini juga membutuhkan proses perubahan secara besar-besaran. Pada waktu yang sama, perusahaan harus membangun sebuah infrastruktur e-Bisnis yang berorientasi pada perbaikan layanan secara kontinu dan inovatif. PT. V menyikapi perubahan struktural ini dengan membangun suatu sistem e-Bisnis untuk layanan persewaan VCD. Dengan sistem yang dibangun ini, yaitu sewa VCD dengan sistem antar dan SMS, pelanggan dapat melakukan sendiri proses peminjaman, pengembalian, melihat film terbaru, dan lain-lain dengan hanya mengirim SMS, tanpa perlu datang ke tempat persewaan. Untuk itu pelanggan akan menghemat waktu, uang, serta lebih efektif
Yulia Yulia
Jurnal Informatika , 2005,
Abstract: Most people argue that Information System (IS)/Information System (IT) investments are closely related to cost and benefit without understand the benefit that will be received. However, companies keep investing money to create application systems because they have seen some relationship between the costs of IT and the economic performance of company. Costs are much easier to identify and calculate then benefits, especially intangible benefits. The hardest and most tedious part is the effort to quantify intangible benefits into monetary values in order to make the cost-benefit analysis more accurate. Most of business and IS/IT managers prefer not to go into detail when talking about intangible benefits because the depth of analysis is uncertain. The more practical way in using this financial approach is to focus on tangible benefits, such as cost saving, reduced staff, etc. Unfortunately, reducing or even eliminating the intangible benefits contribution to the IS/IT implementation has degraded the economic value of the investment. Based on this issue, some thinkers have introduced a much more practical way for business and IS/IT managers to get snapshots of how IS/IT investment is going to be measured, for example, using the non-financial approach. Some people believe that the two approaches must be combined to have a better and more accurate result. In this paper, information economics methodology, which combines both financial and non-financial approaches, will be used to assess and justify IS/IT investment. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Investasi Sistem Informasi (SI)/Teknologi Informasi (TI) seringkali hanya dipandang sebagai suatu biaya yang harus dikeluarkan tanpa tahu manfaat apa yang akan diperoleh. Akan tetapi investasi terhadap suatu sistem aplikasi terus dilakukan karena perusahaan melihat bahwa ada hubungan antara biaya TI dengan performa ekonomi dari perusahaan. Biaya lebih mudah diidentifikasikan dan dihitung dibandingkan manfaat, khususnya untuk manfaat yang sifatnya tidak nyata (intangible). Sebagian besar manajer SI/TI dan perusahaan cenderung tidak masuk ke dalam detil jika berbicara tentang manfaat tidak nyata karena kedalaman analisisnya tidak jelas. Kebanyakan, cara praktis dalam menggunakan pendekatan finansial berfokus pada manfaat nyata (tangible benefit), seperti penghematan biaya, pengurangan pegawai dan sebagainya. Sayangnya, pengurangan atau bahkan pengeliminasian kontribusi manfaat tidak nyata terhadap implementasi SI/TI telah menurunkan nilai ekonomis dari investasi.Berdasarkan persoalan ini, beberapa ahli memperkenalkan ca
Yulia yulia,Edy Kendengis
Jurnal Informatika , 2002,
Abstract: Disk is a very useful device to a computer to save data file. For that, is much needed to have a program that has a capability to represent, navigate, and operate that files. There are many computer programs that used to present, navigate, and operate disk files in text form with a lot of facilities, but only a few programs that can represent files in a graphic form and have special feature, like capability to find the biggest files that use disk space. This capability is very useful in disk file management. This software use split screen system method and tree map algorithm. Split screen system is used to navigate, where the monitor screen divided into two parts to visualize files in a disk, the small part (map navigator) visualize the whole content of a drive or directory and the big part visualize the detail of a part according to focus box in the map navigator. A mouse can move focus box in the map navigator and the box size is the comparison between map navigator sizes with map view size. Tree map algorithm is used to calculate the size of box picture of the represented file. This algorithm needs a complete tree structure from a drive or directory that will be painted. The software to make this windows based program is Borland Delphi 5.0. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Disk merupakan alat yang sangat bermanfaat bagi sebuah sistem komputer untuk menyimpan data berupa file. Untuk itu sangat dibutuhkan program yang dapat merepresentasikan, menavigasi dan mengoperasikan file-file tersebut. Banyak program komputer yang digunakan untuk merepresentasikan, menavigasi dan mengoperasikan file-file pada media penyimpanan disk dalam bentuk teks dengan berbagai macam fasilitas, tetapi sangat sedikit program yang merepresentasikan file-file dalam bentuk grafik atau secara visual serta mampu memberikan kelebihan-kelebihan tersendiri, seperti kemampuan untuk merepresentasikan file-file yang paling banyak menggunakan ruang media penyimpanan disk. Kemampuan seperti ini sangat bermanfaat pada saat melakukan manajemen file-file pada sebuah media penyimpanan disk. Tujuan dari perancangan ini adalah membuat suatu program komputer berbasis windows yang dapat memvisualisasikan media penyimpanan disk yang dilengkapi dengan kemampuan navigasi dan fasilitas manajemen file baik pada personal komputer maupun komputer yang berada pada jaringan lokal. Pada perancangan ini menggunakan metode split screen system dan algoritma tree map. Split screen system digunakan untuk dapat melakukan navigasi, dimana pada layar monitor dibagi menjadi dua bagian untuk memvisualisasikan file-file
Yulia Yulia,Agustinus Noertjahyana
Jurnal Informatika , 2002,
Abstract: Describe and match is a method in artificial intelligence, which used to recognize the existence of an object in a picture by matching the picture with a group of other picture as a reference. This research presents a system to recognize two-dimensional geometric structure through describe and match where the two-dimensional geometric structures which are used here are limited on circle, square, triangle, and line. Three problems, which we will discuss in this research, are Library Matching Problem, Describe and Transform Problem and Describe, Match and Transform Problem. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Deskripsi dan pencocokan merupakan suatu metode dalam ilmu kecerdasan buatan, yang digunakan untuk mengenali keberadaan suatu objek dalam suatu gambar dengan mencocokkan gambar tersebut dengan sekumpulan gambar lain sebagai gambar acuan. Penelitian ini menyajikan suatu sistem yang dapat mengenali bentuk bangun geometris dua dimensi dengan cara deskripsi dan pencocokan (describe and match) dimana bangun geometris dua dimensi yang digunakan di sini dibatasi untuk bentuk lingkaran, segiempat, segitiga, dan garis. Tiga bentuk permasalahan yang akan dibahas dalam penelitian ini yaitu Library Matching Problem, Describe and Transform Problem serta Describe, Match and Transform Problem. Kata kunci: Deskripsi dan pencocokan, kecerdasan buatan, bangun geometris dua dimensi.
Agustinus Noertjahyana,Yulia Yulia
Jurnal Informatika , 2002,
Abstract: Neural network as an information processor system which has some similarities with human brain, is lately used to solve general problems. Neural network has several characteristics based on : architecture, learning algorithm, and activation function. Genetic algorithm is a method to get an optimum function using genetic operations which is done to each individual in a population that is often called as chromosome. This way, to get a more optimum function is by colliding neural network and genetic algorithm. That is by doing a bias conversion and the weight to the neural network into a kind of individual form of genetic algorithm and the other way arround. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn about neural network learning method with or without genetic algorithm. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Neural network sebagai suatu sistem pengolah informasi yang mempunyai kemiripan dengan jaringan otak manusia, belakangan ini sering digunakan untuk menyelesaikan suatu permasalahan. Neural network memiliki beberapa karakteristik yang ditentukan oleh : arsitektur, algoritma pelatihan serta fungsi aktivasi. Algoritma genetika adalah suatu metode untuk mendapatkan suatu fungsi yang optimal dengan menggunakan operasi-operasi genetika yang dilakukan pada tiap-tiap individu yang terdapat dalam suatu populasi yang seringkali disebut sebagai kromosom. Dalam hal ini untuk mendapatkan kemungkinan suatu fungsi bisa lebih optimal adalah dengan menggabungkan antara neural network dengan algoritma genetika. Adapun caranya adalah dengan melakukan proses konversi bias dan bobot pada neural network ke dalam bentuk individu pada algoritma genetika dan demikian sebaliknya. Sehingga nantinya bisa didapatkan suatu kesimpulan antara metode pelatihan neural network dengan dan tanpa menggunakan algoritma genetika. Kata kunci: jaringan saraf tiruan, olgaritma genetika, kecerdasan buatan..
Effect of Zearalenone Administrated at Late Gestation Days on Fertility of The F-1 Offspring in Swiss webster (Mus musculus)
International Journal of Morphology , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022012000300068
Abstract: zearalenonesolution was given to dams micesubcutaneouslyat a dose of30 mg/kg body weightat the age ofpregnancy 13 to 18 days.control micewere given only sesameoil. furthermore, damsmice were allowed todeliver their litter and pups were weanedon 21 days of age. the live birth index andviability of the f-1 offspring were recorded. determination of fertility of the f-1 offspring were undertaken by mating interlitters. on days 18 of gestation, the f-1 offspring were killed by cervical dislocation. the observation was performed on the number of live or dead fetus, embryo resorption, the number of implantation and the percentage of gestation loss. the result revealed that administration of zearalenone on days 13 to 18 of gestation caused a significant decreasein the number of implantation as the result of mating between control male with treated female and treated male with tretaed female of the f-1 offspring. it could be concluded that in the f-1 offspring, zearalenone interfered the process of ovarian develoment, stimulated the differentation of the uterus, decreased the fertility of the female and the effect of zearalenon was more persistent in the female than in the male.
An inverse spectral problem for differential operators with integral delay
Yulia Kuryshova
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics , 2011, DOI: 10.5556/j.tkjm.42.2011.295-303
Abstract: The uniqueness theorem is proved for the solution of the inverse spec- tral problem for second-order integro-di erential operators on a ˉnite interval. These operators are perturbations of the Sturm-Liouville operator with convolution and one- dimensional operators. The main tool is an integral transform connected with solutions of integro-di erential operators.
Sádikov, Alexander y Narúmov, Borís. Diccionario espa ol-ruso de uso moderno. (1a ed. 1996; 5a ed., 2002). Moscú, Ed. Russkiy Yazyk, 751 págs. Sádikov, Alexander. Nuevo diccionario espa ol-ruso de uso moderno. Moscú: ‘Russkiy Yazyk’ (en impresión)
Tseplinskaya Yulia
Forma y Función , 2006,
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