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Quantitative Study of Lunisolar Precession Mechanism  [PDF]
Yueming Wu, Mingfu Cao
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2016.47021
According to Xiaodong Song et al.’s study about difference rotation in the Earth’s inner core, a physical model of lunar motion changing the angular momentum of the Earth’s circles is presented in this work. The Lunar motion makes there be a huge gap existing in the core angular momentum between far lunar hemisphere and near lunar hemisphere. The gap results in the difference rota-tion in the Earth’s inner core, meanwhile, it increases the angular velocity of far lunar hemisphere and decreases the angular velocity of near lunar hemisphere. The Earth’s liquid outer core gene-rates an astro-geodynamical effect including the difference rotation among the Earth’s circles. It is found that when the moon moves into the apogee or the perigee of the lunar orbit, and the moon phase is the upper and lower chords (i.e. semi-diameter place), the true anomaly of the moon will change from 270-degree back (or forward) to 90-degree; this results in the mantle shell of the Earth westward, and forms lunisolar precession, the vernal equinox westward and Chandler polar motion.
Effect of pyrogallol on the physiology and biochemistry of litchi fruit during storage
Guoxing Jing, Hua Huang, Bao Yang, Jianrong Li, Xiaolin Zheng, Yueming Jiang
Chemistry Central Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1752-153x-7-19
Abstract: Fruit were treated with pyrogallol at 1 mM and then stored at ambient temperature (25°C) or low temperature (4°C). Compared with control, pyrogallol significantly reduced pericarp browning and delayed the rotting of fruit day 4 at 25°C, and on day 30 at 4°C. The chemical treatment reduced respiration rate and the activities of peroxidase (POD) and polyphenol oxidase (PPO), and delayed the loss of membrane permeability. Pyrogallol increased the activity of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL), delayed the loss of anthocyanin and phenolics, and maintained high 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrlhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity and reducing power. High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) analysis clearly indicated that treated fruit contained higher concentration of the four phenolic compounds procyanidin B1, (+)-catechin, (?)-epicatechin and (?)-epicatechin-3-gallate.The application of pyrogallol partially reducing pericarp browning and changed quality-related physiological activities and, thus, pyrogallol could have beneficial effects on pericarp browning and fruit decay control, and could be helpful for litchi fruit postharvest storage.Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) is a subtropical fruit with attractive red pericarp and translucent white aril. However, the fruit rapidly lose their red color during storage and become less attractive in the market. Previous studies demonstrated that the loss of membrane integrity was involved in litchi pericarp browning [1]. The membrane deterioration results in cellular de-compartmentalization [2]. Accordingly, lipid peroxidation reduces membrane fluidity and increases membrane permeability [3], which leads to a mixing of enzymes and their substrates. Therefore, maintenance of membrane compartmentalization could be used to extend the storage life of litchi the fruit.Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and peroxidase (POD) are involved in the degradation of anthocyanins by catalyzing the oxidization of phenolic compounds [4,5]. The loss of cellul
The electrical conductivity of H2O at 0.21– 4.18 GPa and 20–350°C
Haifei Zheng,Hongsen Xie,Yousheng Xu,Maoshuang Song,Jie Guo,Yueming Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02882610
Abstract: The electrical conductivity of H2O in solid and liquid phases has been measured at 0.21–4.18 GPa and 20–350°C. The results indicate: (I) different phases of H2O in solid have different relations between electrical conductivity and temperature and pressure. The conductivity changes continuously with temperature, but discontinuously with the pressure between 2.11 and 2.58 GPa, which corresponds to the transforming pressure between ice (VI) and ice (VII);(II) the amductivity of H2O in liquid all increases with temperature and pressure, but there are discontinuities at pressures between 0.57 and 0.9 GPa, and between 2.11 and 2.58 GPa, which are also consistent with the polyrnorph of ice (ice (V), ice (VI) and ice (VII)). This reflects that H2O in liquid at different pressures has quite different properties of electron chemistry. It is probably the important reason that causes the layers with high electrical conductivity and low velocity in the earth’s ceust and upper mantle.
Measurement of electrical conductivity of 0.001 mol NaCl solution under high pressures
Zheng Haifei,Xie Hongsen,Xu Yousheng,Song Maoshuang,Guo Jie,Zhang Yueming
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02882933
Hexachlorophene Is a Potent KCNQ1/KCNE1 Potassium Channel Activator Which Rescues LQTs Mutants
Yueming Zheng, Xuejing Zhu, Pingzheng Zhou, Xi Lan, Haiyan Xu, Min Li, Zhaobing Gao
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0051820
Abstract: The voltage-gated KCNQ1 potassium channel is expressed in cardiac tissues, and coassembly of KCNQ1 with an auxiliary KCNE1 subunit mediates a slowly activating current that accelerates the repolarization of action potential in cardiomyocytes. Mutations of KCNQ1 genes that result in reduction or loss of channel activity cause prolongation of repolarization during action potential, thereby causing long QT syndrome (LQTs). Small molecule activators of KCNQ1/KCNE1 are useful both for understanding the mechanism of the complex activity and for developing therapeutics for LQTs. In this study we report that hexachlorophene (HCP), the active component of the topical anti-infective prescription drug pHisoHex, is a KCNQ1/KCNE1 activator. HCP potently increases the current amplitude of KCNQ1/KCNE1 expressed by stabilizing the channel in an open state with an EC50 of 4.61±1.29 μM. Further studies in cardiomyocytes showed that HCP significantly shortens the action potential duration at 1 μM. In addition, HCP is capable of rescuing the loss of function of the LQTs mutants caused by either impaired activation gating or phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) binding affinity. Our results indicate HCP is a novel KCNQ1/KCNE1 activator and may be a useful tool compound for the development of LQTs therapeutics.
Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease in Mouse without Mutant Protein Overexpression: Cooperative and Independent Effects of Aβ and Tau
Qinxi Guo, Hongmei Li, Allysa L. Cole, Ji-Yeun Hur, Yueming Li, Hui Zheng
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080706
Abstract: Background Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common cause of dementia in the elderly, has two pathological hallmarks: Aβ plaques and aggregation of hyperphosphorylated tau (p-tau). Aβ is a cleavage product of Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP). Presenilin 1 (PS1) and presenilin 2 (PS2) are the catalytic subunit of γ-secretase, which cleaves APP and mediates Aβ production. Genetic mutations in APP, PSEN1 or PSEN2 can lead to early onset of familial AD (FAD). Although mutations in the tau encoding gene MAPT leads to a subtype of frontotemporal dementia and these mutations have been used to model AD tauopathy, no MAPT mutations have been found to be associated with AD. Results To model AD pathophysiology in mice without the gross overexpression of mutant transgenes, we created a humanized AD mouse model by crossing the APP and PSEN1 FAD knock-in mice with the htau mice which express wildtype human MAPT genomic DNA on mouse MAPT null background (APP/PS1/htau). The APP/PS1/htau mice displayed mild, age-dependent, Aβ plaques and tau hyperphosphorylation, thus successfully recapitulating the late-onset AD pathological hallmarks. Selected biochemical analyses, including p-tau western blot, γ-secretase activity assay, and Aβ ELISA, were performed to study the interaction between Aβ and p-tau. Subsequent behavioral studies revealed that the APP/PS1/htau mice showed reduced mobility in old ages and exaggerated fear response. Genetic analysis suggested that the fear phenotype is due to a synergic interaction between Aβ and p-tau, and it can be completely abolished by tau deletion. Conclusion The APP/PS1/htau model represents a valuable and disease-relevant late-onset pre-clinical AD animal model because it incorporates human AD genetics without mutant protein overexpression. Analysis of the mice revealed both cooperative and independent effects of Aβ and p-tau.
Gamma-secretase: from pathogenesis to therapeutics
Li Yueming
Molecular Neurodegeneration , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1750-1326-7-s1-l4
A Simple Analysis Method of Products lifetime Distribution
Yueming Wang
Modern Applied Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v3n3p38
Abstract: The basis of reliability analysis is determining products lifetime distribution type, which is also a tedious job. In accordance with the failure of parametric estimation using probability papers and hypothetical examination, products lifetime distribution type is studied with linear regression analysis and Office Excel.
Power Perspective: A New Framework for Top Management Team Theory  [PDF]
Yueming Chen, Yuhui Ge, Zhiqiang Song
iBusiness (IB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2010.23035
Abstract: Top management team theory (TMTT) has been researching on the relationship between top management team (TMT) and organization outcome through demographic characteristic and its heterogeneity. As the researcher failed to solve the “black box” problem, they get no consistent findings. Power perspective of TMTT will help out of the research predicament, so to focus on combing and assessing the TMT power, demographic characteristic based TMTT research and TMT team process. Based on the early research works, new research framework of power-based TMTT and future research suggestions are proposed.
Reliable Multicast with Network Coding in Lossy Wireless Networks  [PDF]
Wei Yan, Shengyu Yu, Yueming Cai
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2010.310110
Abstract: To reduce the feedbacks between access point and all nodes in lossy wireless networks, a clustered system model consisting of a cluster head and multiple common nodes is investigated. Network coding has been proposed for more efficient retransmissions in reliable multicast. However, in existing schemes the access point retransmits coded packets, which causes severe delay and considerable feedbacks. In this paper, an XOR scheme based on clustered model is presented. For this scheme, the cluster head broadcasts combined packets by XORing lost packets appropriately to recover lost packets locally. We also analyze the performance in terms of expected number of transmissions. Simulation results verify theoretic analysis. And our results show that proposed XOR offers a compromise between ARQ and random linear network coding.
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