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Detecting the Land-Cover Changes Induced by Large-Physical Disturbances Using Landscape Metrics, Spatial Sampling, Simulation and Spatial Analysis
Hone-Jay Chu,Yu-Pin Lin,Yu-Long Huang,Yung-Chieh Wang
Sensors , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/s90906670
Abstract: The objectives of the study are to integrate the conditional Latin Hypercube Sampling (cLHS), sequential Gaussian simulation (SGS) and spatial analysis in remotely sensed images, to monitor the effects of large chronological disturbances on spatial characteristics of landscape changes including spatial heterogeneity and variability. The multiple NDVI images demonstrate that spatial patterns of disturbed landscapes were successfully delineated by spatial analysis such as variogram, Moran’I and landscape metrics in the study area. The hybrid method delineates the spatial patterns and spatial variability of landscapes caused by these large disturbances. The cLHS approach is applied to select samples from Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images from SPOT HRV images in the Chenyulan watershed of Taiwan, and then SGS with sufficient samples is used to generate maps of NDVI images. In final, the NDVI simulated maps are verified using indexes such as the correlation coefficient and mean absolute error (MAE). Therefore, the statistics and spatial structures of multiple NDVI images present a very robust behavior, which advocates the use of the index for the quantification of the landscape spatial patterns and land cover change. In addition, the results transferred by Open Geospatial techniques can be accessed from web-based and end-user applications of the watershed management.
The effects of leaf phenology, construction cost and payback time on carbon accumulation in invasive plants

WANG Rui-Fang,FENG Yu-Long,

生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Biological invasions have become one of the most severe globally environmental problems with the progress of the global economic integration. Alien invasive species may affect species composition, structure and function of the invaded ecosystems and cause significant environmental damage and economic loss worldwide. Many studies have been conducted to develop the methods and techniques of managing and controlling invasive species. But relatively few studies have been conducted with the attempt to understand the invasiveness of alien species, especially those in terms of ecophysiological traits. Leaf phenology including the times of emergence and fall, longevity and the age dependent developmental process is the adaptive strategy for a plant to maximize carbon accumulation in seasonally and/or non seasonally changing environments. Leaf construction cost is the necessary investment for carbon gain, reflecting the energy allocation strategy at leaf level. Leaf payback time can also reflect the situation of carbon gain of a plant to a certain extent. Carbon gain may be associated with the invasiveness of alien plants, which can increase carbon gain through increasing leaf longevity, decreasing construction cost and payback time. In this paper, we reviews the effects of resource capture ability and cost on carbon accumulation in alien invasive plants in terms of leaf phenology, construction cost and payback time and put forward some problems that deserve being studied in the future.
Allelopathy and light acclimation characteristic for Ageratina adenophora seedlings grown in man-made communities

WANG Jun-Feng,FENG Yu-Long,

生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 在有、无活性炭的条件下分别构建紫茎泽兰(Ageratinaa denophora)与4种受体植物——飞机草(Chromolaena odorata)、鬼针草(Bidenspilosa)、胜红蓟(Ageratum conyzoides)和兰花菊三七(Gynura sp.)混种的人工群落,研究了群落中紫茎泽兰的化感作用和对群落光环境的适应,探讨了化感作用和光适应特性与其入侵性的关系。结果表明,活性炭处理对4种受体植物的生长、生理特性影响不显著,说明苗期紫茎泽兰化感作用不明显,推测入侵初期化感作用不是紫茎泽兰排挤本地种的主要原因。4种受体植物可以通过化感作用对紫茎泽兰产生某些影响,但群落的光环境对其影响更大。紫茎泽兰能很好地适应群落中不同的光环境。苗期紫茎泽兰处于群落下层,叶片受光指数低,此时它能长期忍耐并缓慢生长;随着叶片受光指数的升高,其最大净光合速率、超氧化物歧化酶活性、叶绿素a/b比、总生物量、总叶面积、地茎、叶片数和分支数升高,比叶面积和比茎长降低,这有利于它维持叶片能量平衡并导致对邻近植物的严重遮荫。紫茎泽兰强的光适应能力、强光下对其它物种的遮荫效应与其入侵性密切相关。

WANG Man-Lian,FENG Yu-Long,

植物生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Nitrogen availability is a major determinant of successional patterns in many ecosystems. Increased levels of soil nitrogen, caused by atmospheric nitrogen deposition, continuously fertilize a large (and growing) portion of the terrestrial biosphere. Increased nitrogen deposition onto natural ecosystems is disadvantageous to slow-growing native plants that have adapted to nutrient-poor habitats by creating environments favorable for faster-growing plants, such as grasses. In this paper, two invasive plant species, Ageratina adenophora and Chromoleana odorata, were studied. Both of them were planted under five soil nitrogen levels for more than four months. By investigating their traits related to morphology, biomass allocation, growth and photosynthesis, we compared their phenotypic responses to nitrogen. Our main objectives were to 1) explore how the two species acclimate to soil nitrogen availability, 2) evaluate which plant traits were associated with the invasiveness of the two species, and 3) determine whether the increased levels of soil nitrogen could facilitate their invasion. The two species were very plastic in their response to nitrogen availability. They exhibited considerable (nitrogen-acclimation abilities. With an increase in nitrogen levels, their root mass ratio and root mass/crown mass decreased, but their leaf mass ratio (LMR), leaf area ratio and leaf area to root mass ratio increased. At lower nitrogen levels, more biomass was invested into the root system, a nutrient absorbing organ, which could enhance nutrient-capture ability. At higher nitrogen levels, more biomass was invested into the leaves, an assimilative organ, which could increase their carbon accumulation and improve their competitive abilities. A. adenophorum could acclimate better to nitrogen environments than C. odorata. The two invasive plant species could benefit from high nitrogen levels, which were usually excessive and/or harmful for most native species. Under a wide range of nitrogen levels, relative growth rates (RGR), total biomass, branch numbers, leaf area index, maximum net photosynthetic rate, chlorophyll and carotenoid content increased significantly with increasing nitrogen levels, and did not decrease significantly at over-optimal nitrogen levels. The two species could maintain relatively higher RGR in the dry season when native plant species almost stopped growing. Having the ability to use resources at times when native plants could not, their competitive abilities and invasiveness were promoted.Mean leaf area ratio (equal to LMR/SLA (specific leaf area)) and net assimilation rate were coequally important in determining the response of RGR to nitrogen levels in A. adenophora and C. odorata. LMR was a very important determinant of RGR, which played the most important role in determining differences in RGR among nitrogen treatments and between species. With an increase in nitrogen levels, the SLA decreased in A. adenophora whereas it increased in

WANG Lei,MO Yu-Long,QI Fei-Hu,

红外与毫米波学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 提出一种将新颖的眼睑弹性模板与霍夫变换相结合实现眼睛特征的自动提取的方法,即自动定位眼球并自动提取眼睛轮廓,与其它用弹性模板提取眼睛特征的方法相比,本方法可以处理对比度较低、下眼睑模糊的图像,提取特征准确度更高,且改进的能量函数和保守能量下降算法大大简化了经验参数的选择,经过百余幅眼睛图像的实验处理,验证了该方法的有效性。
New-style laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery for gastric stromal tumors
Hai-Yan Dong,Yu-Long Wang,Jie Li,Qiu-Ping Pang
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2013, DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v19.i16.2550
Abstract: AIM: To evaluate the feasibility and safety of a new style of laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery (LECS), an improved method of laparoscopic intragastric surgery (LIGS) for the treatment of gastric stromal tumors (GSTs). METHODS: Six patients were treated with the new-style LECS. Surgery was performed according to the following procedures: (1) Exposing and confirming the location of the tumor with gastroscopy; (2) A laparoscopy light was placed in the cavity using the trocar at the navel, and the other two trocars penetrated both the abdominal and stomach walls; (3) With gastroscopy monitoring, the operation was carried out in the gastric lumen using laparoscopic instruments and the tumor was resected; and (4) The tumor tissue was removed orally using a gastroscopy basket, and puncture holes and perforations were sutured using titanium clips. RESULTS: Tumor size ranged from 2.0 to 4.5 cm (average 3.50 ± 0.84 cm). The operative time ranged from 60 to 130 min (average 83.33 ± 26.58 min). Blood loss was less than 20 mL and hospital stay ranged from 6 to 8 d (average 6.67 ± 0.82 d). The patients were allowed out of bed 12 h later. A stomach tube was inserted for 72 h after surgery, and a liquid diet was then taken. All cases had single tumors which were completely resected using the new-style LECS. No postoperative complications occurred. Pathology of all resected specimens showed GST: no cases of implantation or metastasis were found. CONCLUSION: New-style LECS for GSTs is a quick, optimized, fast recovery, safe and effective therapy.
Lymph Node Ratio for Postoperative Staging of Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Lymph Node Metastasis
Yu-Long Wang, Duan-Shu Li, Yu Wang, Zhuo-Ying Wang, Qing-Hai Ji
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087037
Abstract: Background Lymph node metastasis has a significant impact on laryngeal cancer prognosis. The role of lymph node ratio (LNR, ratio of metastatic to examined nodes) in the staging of laryngeal cancer was not reported. Patients and Methods Records of laryngeal cancer patients with lymph node involvement from Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results database (SEER, training set, N = 1963) and Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (FDSCC, validating set, N = 27) were analyzed for the prognostic value of LNR. Kaplan–Meier survival estimates, the Log-rank χ2 test and Cox proportional hazards model were used for univariate and multivariate analysis. Optimal LNR cutoff points were identified by X-tile. Results Optimal LNR cutoff points classified patients into three risk groups R1 (≤0.09), R2 (0.09–0.20) and R3 (>0.20), corresponding to 5-year cause-specific survival and overall survival in SEER patients of 55.1%, 40.2%, 28.8% and 43.1%, 31.5%, 21.8%, 2-year disease free survival and disease specific survival in FDSCC patients of 74.1%, 62.5%, 50.0%, and 67.7%, 43.2%, 25.0%, respectively. R3 stratified more high risk patients than N3 with the same survival rate, and R classification clearly separated N2 patients to 3 risk groups and N1 patients to 2 risk groups (R1–2 and R3). Conclusions R classification is a significant prognostic factor of laryngeal cancer and should be used as a complementary staging system of N classification.


物理学报 , 1996,
Abstract: The generalized Maxwell-Bloch equations are reduced via the centre-manifold theory inthe good cavity limit. In comparison with the adiabatic elimination technique, it causes asmall correction. The numerical results show that the correction does not change the main dy-namical behavior or the system.
Establishment of PCR Method for Diagnosing Bovine Arcanobacterium pyogenes


微生物学通报 , 2010,
Abstract: 近几年犊牛化脓性肺炎发病率逐年升高, 经检测该病原以化脓性隐秘杆菌为主, 研究建立快速检测化脓性隐秘杆菌的PCR诊断方法。根据化脓性隐秘杆菌16S rRNA基因设计并合成一对特异性引物, 对PCR条件进行优化后通过特异性试验和敏感性试验检测其特异性和敏感性。扩增出927 bp目的基因, 最佳引物浓度为0.2 μmol/L、退火温度58°C、Mg2+浓度1.5 mmol/L, 特异性试验结果表明化脓性隐秘杆菌参考菌株能扩增出927 bp目的基因, 而大肠杆菌、金黄色葡萄球菌、绿脓杆菌、化脓链球菌、蜡样芽孢杆菌、沙门氏菌、肺炎克雷伯氏菌和变形杆菌等的扩增结果均为阴性。敏感性试验结果表明, PCR的最低检出量为42个化脓性隐秘杆菌。建立的牛化脓性隐秘杆菌的PCR诊断方法, 具有较高的特异性和敏感性, 为化脓性隐秘杆菌引起的牛化脓性肺炎的快速诊断及流行病学调查提供了新的手段。
A EEE and Life Cycle Assessment of Four Natural Gas Based Automotive Fuels

WU Rui,REN Yu-long,YONG Jing,HAN Wei-jian,WANG Michael Q,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2004,
Abstract: Life Cycle Assessment, Natural Gas based, Substitute Automotive Fuels the objective of this study is to carry out an economic, environmental and energy (EEE)life cycle study to Natural gas based automotive fuels with conventional gasoline in abundant region of China; A set of indexes of four fuels/vechicle systems based on life cycle are assessed in term of impact of EEE, which Natural gas produces compressed natural gas(CNG), methanal, Di-methyl Ether(DME) and Fischer-Tropsch Diesel(FTD); The study included fuel production, vehicle production, vehicle operation, infrastructure, and vehicle end of life as a system for each fuel/vehicle system. A generic gasoline fueled car is used as a baseline. Data have been reviewed and modified based on the best knowledge available to Chongqing local sources .The results indicated that direct use of CNG in a dedicated or bi-fuel vehicle is an economical choice for abundant region in China, which is most energy efficient and more friendly environmental, It's benefit from the results of this study to find a substitute automotive energy and make a energy policy in abundant region.
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