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Continued fraction expansions and permutative representations of the Cuntz algebra ${\cal O}_{\infty}$
Katsunori Kawamura,Yoshiki Hayashi,Dan Lascu
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We show a correspondence between simple continued fraction expansions of irrational numbers and irreducible permutative representations of the Cuntz algebra ${\cal O}_{\infty}$. With respect to the correspondence, it is shown that the equivalence of real numbers with respect to modular transformations is equivalent to the unitary equivalence of representations. Furthermore, we show that quadratic irrationals are related to irreducible permutative representations of ${\cal O}_{\infty}$ with a cycle.
Expression and Epigenetic Change of the AR and FSHR Genes in the Granulosa Cells of Endometriosis Patients
Mika Hayashi,Yoshiki Yamashita,Atsushi Hayashi,Yoko Yoshida
Genetics & Epigenetics , 2012,
Socioeconomic Status and Health Communication Inequalities in Japan: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Survey
Yoshiki Ishikawa, Hiromu Nishiuchi, Hana Hayashi, Kasisomayajula Viswanath
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040664
Abstract: Background Considerable evidence suggests that communication inequality is one potential mechanism linking social determinants, particularly socioeconomic status, and health inequalities. This study aimed to examine how dimensions of health communication outcomes (health information seeking, self-efficacy, exposure, and trust) are patterned by socioeconomic status in Japan. Methods Data of a nationally representative cross-sectional survey of 2,455 people aged 15–75 years in Japan were used for secondary analysis. Measures included socio-demographic characteristics, subjective health, recent health information seeking, self-efficacy in seeking health information, and exposure to and trust in health information from different media. Results A total of 1,311 participants completed the questionnaire, giving a response rate of 53.6%. Multivariate logistic regression revealed that education and household income, but not employment, were significantly associated with health information seeking and self-efficacy. Socioeconomic status was not associated with exposure to and trust in health information from mass media, but was significantly associated with health information from healthcare providers and the Internet. Conclusion Health communication outcomes were patterned by socioeconomic status in Japan thus demonstrating the prevalence of health communication inequalities. Providing customized exposure to and enhancing the quality of health information by considering social determinants may contribute to addressing social disparities in health in Japan.
Two-Way Bending Properties of Shape Memory Composite with SMA and SMP
Hisaaki Tobushi,Shunichi Hayashi,Yoshiki Sugimoto,Kousuke Date
Materials , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/ma2031180
Abstract: A shape memory composite (SMC) was fabricated with a shape memory alloy (SMA) and a shape memory polymer (SMP), and its two-way bending deformation and recovery force were investigated. The results obtained can be summarized as follows: (1) two kinds of SMA tapes which show the shape memory effect (SME) and superelasticity (SE) were heat-treated to memorize the round shape. The shape-memorized round SMA tapes were arranged facing in the opposite directions and were sandwiched between the SMP sheets. The SMC belt can be fabricated by using the appropriate factors: the number of SMP sheets, the pressing force, the heating temperature and the hold time. (2) The twoway bending deformation with an angle of 56 degrees in the fabricated SMC belt is observed based on the SME and SE of the SMA tapes during heating and cooling. (3) If the SMC belt is heated and cooled by keeping the bent form, the recovery force increases during heating and degreases during cooling based on the two-way properties of the SMC. (4) The development and application of high-functional SMCs are expected by the combination of the SMA and the SMP with various kinds of phase transformation temperatures, volume fractions, configurations and heating-cooling rates.
Geographical Information System for Calculating the Potential of Off-Shore Wind Energy in Japan
Asifujiang Abudureyimu,Yoshiki Hayashi,Zulati Litifu,Ken Nagasaka
International Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/ijepe.2012.1.7
Abstract: Off-shore wind energy has been drawing interest recently. This research is focusing on the potential analysis of off-shore wind energy surrounding entire Japan coast using GIS Technology. Base on the economy and environment assessment, this research is evaluating the current situation and forecasting on future of wind energy technology in Japan. In order to reduce the green-house gas emission, also due to recent nuclear power problems in Japan, renewable energy (such as wind energy, solar energy, fuel cell) is considered to gradually substitute the primary energy resources (such as coal, oil). In this study, off-shore wind power is the centre of the focus. Based on GIS Technique, off-shore wind turbines in the surrounding of Japanese coast-line are considered. In the study, 2000 kW rated off-shore wind turbines are considered for further installation. As the result of this study, we have determined that 108,067 off-shore wind turbines are expected to be installed in 330 places with annual generation of 180.0 TWh. This is equal to 20% of annual total generated power made by a power companies in Japan in 2010.
Expression and Epigenetic Change of the AR and FSHR Genes in the Granulosa Cells of Endometriosis Patients
Mika Hayashi, Yoshiki Yamashita, Atsushi Hayashi, Yoko Yoshida, Sachiko Kawabe, Masami Hayashi, Yoshito Terai, Hideki Kamegai and Masahide Ohmichi
Genetics & Epigenetics , 2012, DOI: 10.4137/GEG.S9877
Abstract: Background: Endometriosis is one of the most common gynecological diseases associated with infertility. Endometriosis may affect the androgen receptor (AR) mRNA expression in human granulosa cells and the methylation of the promoter region of AR. We investigated 28 patients with endometriosis and 47 subjects without endometriosis undertaking IVF treatment. Methods: Granulosa cells were obtained from 28 patients with endometriosis and 47 subjects without endometriosis as a control. Expressions of AR and FSHR mRNA were then evaluated by OneStep real-time PCR analysis, and the level of methylation of the promoter region was qualified by methylation-specified PCR (MSP). Results: The expression of AR mRNA in the endometriosis group was statistically lower than that in the control group. As well, FSHR mRNA expression in the control group showed a positive correlation with AR mRNA expression; however, there was no such correlation in endometriosis patients. In the control group, AR mRNA expression was statistically higher in pregnant subjects compared with non-pregnant subjects; however, in the endometriosis group, no significant difference was identified. The promoter of AR was heavily methylated in all endometriosis cases; however, only 5 (45.4%) were methylated in the control group. Conclusion: Lower AR mRNA expression and methylation of the AR promoter region might affect the expression of AR and FSHR in the presence of endometriosis, thus leading to a disturbance in the regulation of AR and FSHR.
Hepatic microRNA expression is associated with the response to interferon treatment of chronic hepatitis C
Yoshiki Murakami, Masami Tanaka, Hidenori Toyoda, Katsuyuki Hayashi, Masahiko Kuroda, Atsushi Tajima, Kunitada Shimotohno
BMC Medical Genomics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1755-8794-3-48
Abstract: 99 CHC patients with no anti-viral therapy history were enrolled. The expression level of 470 mature miRNAs found their biopsy specimen, obtained prior to the combination therapy, were quantified using microarray analysis. The miRNA expression pattern was classified based on the final virological response to the combination therapy. Monte Carlo Cross Validation (MCCV) was used to validate the outcome of the prediction based on the miRNA expression profile.We found that the expression level of 9 miRNAs were significantly different in the sustained virological response (SVR) and non-responder (NR) groups. MCCV revealed an accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of 70.5%, 76.5% and 63.3% in SVR and non-SVR and 70.0%, 67.5%, and 73.7% in relapse (R) and NR, respectively.The hepatic miRNA expression pattern that exists in CHC patients before combination therapy is associated with their therapeutic outcome. This information can be utilized as a novel biomarker to predict drug response and can also be applied to developing novel anti-viral therapy for CHC patients.Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection affects more than 3% of the world population. HCV infection frequently induces chronic liver diseases ranging from chronic hepatitis (CH) C, to liver cirrhosis (LC) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) [1]. The current standard treatment for CHC combines pegylated interferon (Peg-IFN) and ribavirin, and has been found to be effective in only 50% of HCV genotype 1b infection. Furthermore this form of therapy is often accompanied by adverse effects; therefore, there is a pressing need to develop alternative strategies to treat CHC and to identify patients that will not be responsive to treatment [2].MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous small non-coding RNAs that control gene expression by degrading or suppressing the translation of target mRNAs [3,4]. There are currently 940 identifiable human miRNAs (The miRBase Sequence Database -- Release 15.0). These miRNAs can recognize hundreds of
Influence of Solvent, Electron Acceptors and Arenes on Photochemical Decarboxylation of Free Carboxylic Acids via Single Electron Transfer (SET)
Yasuharu Yoshimi,Shota Hayashi,Keisuke Nishikawa,Yoshiki Haga,Kousuke Maeda,Toshio Morita,Tatsuya Itou,Yutaka Okada,Nobuyuki Ichinose,Minoru Hatanaka
Molecules , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/molecules15042623
Abstract: Single electron transfer (SET)-photochemical decarboxylation of free carboxylic acids was performed in a polar solvent using several arenes such as phenanthrene, naphthalene, 1-methylnaphthalene, biphenyl, triphenylene, and chrysene in the presence of various electron acceptors such as 1,2-, 1,3-, and 1,4-dicyanobenzenes, methyl 4-cyanobenzoate, and 1,4-dicyanonaphthalene. The decarboxylation reaction was influenced by the arenes, electron acceptors, and solvent. The best result was achieved by the photoreaction using biphenyl and 1,4-dicyanonaphthalene in aqueous acetonitrile.
From bench to bedside, work in cell-based myocardial regeneration therapy  [PDF]
Shigeru Miyagawa, Yoshiki Sawa
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2014.72012

In clinical cellular cardiomyoplasty, bone marrow cells and myoblasts are introduced mainly to ischemic cardiomyopathy tissue via several cell delivery systems, such as needle injection or catheter. These clinical studies have demonstrated the safety and feasibility of this technique, but its effectiveness for treating heart failure, especially in the long term, is still under discussion. Neither of these cell types can differentiate into cardiomyocytes; rather, they improve the failing heart mainly by the paracrine effects of some cytokines, such as Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). Thus, many researchers have a great interest in stem cells, which exist in bone marrow, circulating blood, atrium, and adipose tissue, and can differentiate into cardiomyocytes. Although several stem cells with the potential to differentiate into various cell types have been reported, few can differentiate into cardiomyocytes. Moreover, beating cells that can demonstrate synchronized contraction with native cardiomyocytes are critical for the complete repair of severe heart failure. Therefore, stem cells with a high differentiation capacity should be explored for the goal of completely repairing severely damaged myocardium. In this review, we summarize the clinical protocols and basic experiments for cellular cardiomyoplasty using bone marrow cells, myoblasts, and other stem cells.

On Canard Homoclinic of a Liénard Perturbation System  [PDF]
Makoto Hayashi
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.210170
Abstract: The classification on the orbits of some Liénard perturbation system with several parameters, which is relation to the example in [1] or [2], is discussed. The conditions for the parameters in order that the system has a unique limit cycle, homoclinic orbits, canards or the unique equilibrium point is globally asymptotic stable are given. The methods in our previous papers are used for the proofs.
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