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Distributed Middlebox Placement Based on Potential Game  [PDF]
Yongwen Li, Zhiyi Qu
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2017.105B026
In this paper, we analyse the deployment of middlebox. For a given network information and policy requirements, an attempt is made to determine the optimal location of middlebox to achieve the best performance. In terms of the end-to-end delay as a performance optimization index, a distributed middlebox placement algorithm based on potential game is proposed. Through extensive simulations, it demonstrates that the proposed algorithm achieves the near-optimal solution, and the end-to-end delay decreases significantly.
The Design and Implementation of a Metadata Search Engine Based on OAI

Li Yongwen,

现代图书情报技术 , 2005,
Abstract: With the rapid development of Digital Library, the interoperability arises as a very important problem to be resolved. As a "low entry" protocol, OAI - PMH is able to design and implement a interoperable framework based on metadata harvesting openly. After introduce the OAI - PMH specification and OAI architecture, this paper e-laborates the design and implementation of metadata search engine based on OAI.
EGFR Mutations Detection in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Tissues by Real-time PCR and DNA Sequencing
Yongwen LI,Hongyu LIU,Ying LI,Yuli WANG
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2009,
Abstract: Background and objective Small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), such as gefitinib and erlotinib that target the kinase domain of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) are making successful progression for advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients treatment. The growing evidences revealed that EGFR exon 19 and 21 mutation status in NSCLC patients was correlated with the outcome for EGFR-TKI treatment. In this study, two methods of Real-time PCR and DNA sequencing were compared to detected EGFR exon 19 and 21 mutations. Methods EGFR exon19 mutation del-E746-A750 and exon 21mutation L858R were detected by Real-time PCR and DNA sequencing in 103 NSCLC patients. Chi-square test was used to analyze the consistance. Results There was no significant difference between the two methods. However, Real-time PCR was more convenient and sensitive compared to DNA sequencing. Conclusion Real-time PCR was more suitable for clinical testing than DNA sequencing.
BAG Family Gene and Its Relationship with Lung Adenocarcinoma Susceptibility
Ying LI,Hongyu LIU,Jing WANG,Yongwen LI
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2010,
Abstract: Background and objective BAG genes (Bcl-2-associated athanogene) belong to a recently discovered multifunctional anti-apoptosis gene family that regulate various physiological processes which include apoptosis, tumorigenesis, neural differentiation, stress response and cell cycle and so on. The expression status of BAG family genes are related to certain tumor incidence and prognosis. The aim of this study is to explore the association of the BAG family gene expression status with the susceptibility of lung adenocarcinoma. Methods The gene expression data of BAG family genes from 29 cases of lung adenocarcinoma tissues and matched pericancerous lung tissess were generated by microarray chips. Cox regression was used to analyze the association between the expression of BAG family genes and the susceptibility of lung adenocarcinoma and the results were verified by GEO database. Results The expression levels of BAG-1, BAG-2, BAG-5 in cancer tissues were significantly downregulated compared with matched pericancerous lung tissues and were protective factors of lung adenocarcinoma (P < 0.05, OR < 1); while the expression level of BAG-4 in cancer tissues were remankably upregulated compared with the matched pericancerous lung tissues and was risk factor of lung adenocarcinoma (P < 0.05, OR > 1). Conclusion BAG-1, BAG-2, BAG-5 might be the potential protective factors while BAG-4 is possible risk factor of lung adenocarcinoma.
Design and Implement of Full-Text Retrieval System Based on WWW

Li Guangjian Huang Yongwen,

现代图书情报技术 , 2000,
Abstract: After discussing the definition, characteristics, development and current condition of the full-text retrieval system, the article introduces the general situation of “Educational Information Full-Text RetrievaI System Based on WWW”, and then analyzes the key components with which the system is implemented.
Methylation Profile Difference in Human High-metastatic Large Cell Lung Cancer Cell Line L9981 and Low-metastatic Large Cell Lung Cancer Line NL9980
Hui LV,Huiqin YAN,Min WANG,Yongwen LI
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2010,
Abstract: Background and objective Invasion and metastasis is one of malignant phenotype of lung cancer and the important cause of the death of lung cancer patients. The aim of this study is to explore the methylation profile difference in different metastatic potential cell lines. Methods To compare the DNA methylation profile of two large cell lung cancer cell lines with different metastatic potential by MeIP chip hybridization, hypermethylated and hypomethylated genes of L9981 cell lines were analyzed online in NIH-DAVID, KEGG and MILANO webside. Results Compared with NL9980 cell line, 735 genes are hypermethylated in L9981, including 656 known genes and 79 unknown genes; 809 gene are hypermethylated in L9981, including 698 known genes and 111 unknown genes; the different genes are involved in cell process, signal transduction, cell communication, cell adhesion, cell motility, and angiogenesis. Conclusion Hypermethylation of suppressor genes and negative regulator of signal transduction and hopomethylation of oncogene and cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) in L9981 may promote metastasis of tumor cells.
Sleeping beauty transposion and its potential applications in cancer research
Yongwen LI,Yibing YAO,Haisu WAN,Qinghua ZHOU
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2008,
On the Jacobson Radical of an -Semiring
Yongwen Zhu
Algebra , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/272104
Abstract: The notion of -ary semimodules is introduced so that the Jacobson radical of an -semiring is studied and some well-known results concerning the Jacobson radical of a ring (a semiring or a ternary semiring) are generalized to an -semiring. 1. Introduction The concept of semigroups [1] was generalized to that of ternary semigroups [2], that of -ary semigroups [3–6], and even to that of -semigroups [7]. Similarly, it was natural to generalize the notion of rings to that of ternary semirings, that of -ary semirings, and even that of -semirings. Indeed, there were some research articles on semirings, (see, for example, [8–14]), specially on the radical of a semiring; see [15–18]. Semigroups over semirings were studied in [19] and semimodules over semirings were studied in [14]. The notion of semirings can be generalized to ternary semirings [20] and -semirings [21], even to -semirings [22–24]. The radicals of ternary semirings and of -semirings were studied in [20, 21], respectively. The concept of -semirings was introduced and accordingly some simple properties were discussed in [22–24], where the concept of radicals was not mentioned. The notion of the Jacobson radicals was first introduced by Jacobson in the ring theory in 1945. Jacobson [25] defined the radical of , which we call the Jacobson radical, to be the join of all quasi-regular right ideals and verified that the radical is a two-sided ideal and can also be defined to be the join of the left quasi-regular ideals. The concept of the Jacobson radical of a semiring has been introduced internally by Bourne [15], where it was proved that the right and left Jacobson radicals coincide; thus one could say the Jacobson radical briefly. These and some other results were generalizations of well-known results of Jacobson [25]. In 1958, by associating a suitable ring with the semiring, Bourne and Zassenhaus defined the semiradical of the semiring [16]. In [18] it was proved that the concepts of the Jacobson radical and the semiradical coincide. Iizuka [17] considered the Jacobson radical of a semiring from the point of view of the representation theory [15] without reducing it to the ring theory. The external notion of the radical was proved to be related to internal one; at the same time, it was shown that the radical defined in [17] coincides with the Jacobson radical and with the semiradical of the semiring. In the present paper, we investigate -semirings by means of -ary semimodules so that we can define externally the Jacobson radical of an -semiring, and then we establish the radical properties of the
Structure of Clifford Semigroups of Matrices
Yongwen Zhu
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, we characterize completely the structure of Clifford semigroups of matrices over an arbitrary field. It is shown that a semigroups of matrices of finite order is a Clifford semigroup if and only if it is isomorphic to a subdirect product of some linear (0-)groups. Then we generalize this result to a semigroup of matrices of countably infinite order and give a similar necessary and sufficient condition for it to be a Clifford semigroup.
Study on the Effect of Immunosuppressive Agent FK506 on Growth and Migration of Lung Cancer Cell
Yongwen LI, Hongbing ZHANG, Ying LI, Chenlong ZHAO, Weiting LI, Hongyu LIU, Jianping WEN, Jun CHEN
- , 2017, DOI: : 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2017.07.02
Abstract: Background and objective FK506, also named tacrolimus, a new macrolide immunosuppressive agent, has been shown to possess anti-proliferation activities in some cancer cells. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of FK506 on the cell proliferation and migration of lung cancer cell lines and its mechanism. Methods A549 and H1299 cell lines were cultured in vitro. The effect of FK506 on cell viability and DNA synthesis ability of A549 and H1299 were measured by CCK-8 assay and EDU-labeling assay, respectively. Flow cytometry assay was used to detect the cell cycle. The in vitro migration of lung cancer cells was detected by Boyden chamber assay and wound-healing assay after the treatment of FK506. The expression of p27, RB1, CDK4, CDK6 and MMP9 were detected using Western blot. Results FK506 inhibited cell growth and induced cell cycle arrest in G0/G1 phase in A549 and H1299 cells in a dose- and time-dependent manner. Compared to the control groups, the migration of A549 and H1299 cells treated with FK506 were decreased obviously. Moreover, FK506 increased the expression of P27 and RB1, and reduced the expression of CDK4, CDK6 and MMP9. Conclusion FK506 inhibit the cell growth and migration of lung cancer cells in vitro. The inhibitive effects may be associated with the up-regulation of p27 expression and inhibition CDK4, CDK6 and MMP9 expression.
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