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The critical group of $C_4\times C_n$
Jian Wang,Yong-Liang Pan
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper, the critical group structure of the Cartesian product graph $C_4\times C_n$ is determined, where $n\ge 3$.
A note on the third invariant factor of the Laplacian matrix of a graph
Jian Wang,Yong-Liang Pan
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Let $G$ be a simple connected graph with $n\geq 5$ vertices. In this note, we will prove that $s_3(G)\leq n$, and characterize the graphs which satisfy that $s_3(G)=n, n-1, n-2, $ or $n-3$, where $s_3(G)$ is the third invariant factor of the Laplacian matrix of $G$.
Analysis on the Development and Influence of Overlapping Free Trade Agreement
Xin-xuan CHENG,Ying WANG,Yong-liang LIU
Canadian Social Science , 2009,
Abstract: Since the 1990s, FTAs(FTA)have developed rapidly, and overlapping free trade agreement comes into being naturally. The overlapping free trade agreement causes multiple duplicate of rules of origin as well as reduces the economic efficiency of the operation of FTAs; industries in the area bring about cohesive effect in hub country, and specialization effect of decentralization in spoke countries; the phenomenon of overlapping free trade agreement complicates the relationship between FTA and multilateral trade system (MTS), making the occurrence of transitional institutional arrangement possible in the process of upgrading from FTA to Customs Union. Key words: Overlapping; Free Trade Agreement; Rules of Origin; Customs Union FTA Résumé: Depuis 1990, FTAs( FTA) s’est développée rapidement et le chevauchement des accords de libre-échange apparaissent. Le chevauchement des accords de libre-échange génère de multiples duplicata de règles d’origine ainsi que l’affaiblissement de l’éfficacité économique des opérations de FTAs; les industries dans la région engendrent des effets cohésifs dans les pays-centres et des éffets de spécialisation à cause de décentralisation dans les pays-satellite; le phénomène du chevauchement des accords de libre-échange complique les relations entre FTA et le système d’échange multilatéral (MTS) en rendant possible l’occurrence des arrangements institutionnels traditionnels dans le procéssus d’actualisation de FTA à la union douanière. Mots-Clés: chevauchement; accord de libre-échange; règles d’origine; union douanière; FTA
The critical group of $K_m\times C_n$
Jian Wang,Yong-Liang Pan,Jun-Ming Xu
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper, the structure of the critical group of the graph $K_m\times C_n$ is determined, where $m, n\ge 3$.
The critical group of $K_m\vee P_n$ and $P_m\vee P_n$
Wei-Na Shi,Yong-Liang Pan,Jian Wang
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let $G_1\sq G_2$ denote the graph obtained from $G_1+G_2$ by adding new edges from each vertex of $G_1$ to every vertex of $G_2$. In this paper, the critical groups of the graphs $K_m\sq P_n$$(n\geq4)$ and $P_m\sq P_n$$(m\geq4,n\geq5)$ are determined.
Mesh2Fab: Reforming Shapes for Material-specific Fabrication
Yong-Liang Yang,Jun Wang,Niloy J. Mitra
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: As humans, we regularly associate shape of an object with its built material. In the context of geometric modeling, however, this interrelation between form and material is rarely explored. In this work, we propose a novel data-driven reforming (i.e., reshaping) algorithm that adapts an input multi-component model for a target fabrication material. The algorithm adapts both the part geometry and the inter-part topology of the input shape to better align with material specific fabrication requirements. As output, we produce the reshaped model along with respective part dimensions and inter-part junction specifications. We evaluate our algorithm on a range of man-made models and demonstrate non-trivial model reshaping examples focusing only on metal and wooden materials. We also appraise the output of our algorithm using a user study.
New Clutter Suppression Methods for Airborne Radar with Cylindrical Array Antennas

Xie Wen-chong,Wang Yong-liang,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Cylindrical array antennas have three merits relative to common planar array antennas such as all-orientation space scanning,flexible search and track mode and good beam bearing etc.In this paper,firstly the differences between cylindrical array and uniform planar array are discussed in terms of eigenvalue distribution of the clutter covariance matrix and clutter distribution at range,and the conclusion of space-time clutter spectrum's nonhomogeneity at range for airborne radar with cylindrical array antennas is gained.Secondly two different clutter suppression methods are proposed according to the clutter characteristic of airborne radar with cylindrical array antennas,which can resolve the problem of clutter spectrum's nonhomogeneity at range.Finally,the simulation results verify the correctness of the proposed methods.
A High-speed Image Fusion System Based on TMS320C6x

WANG Yi,NI Guo-qiang,LI Yong-liang,

中国图象图形学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The paper describes the scheme and design of a high-speed image fusion system based on TMS320C6201 DSP, a miniaturized hardware operative platform for digital image fusion processing with high performance and good universality. Some specific problems on hardware designing multi-channel image fusion processing system are also discussed. As a result of using the latest high-performance DSP and many considerations of structural optimization, the system can meet the requirement of real-time(or quasi-real-time) two-channel image fusion processing from visible and infrared band and has the flexibility of applying various algorithms. Additional manual pixel registration function is provided with moving capturing windows. In a sense the system fairly balances heavy computation burden of multiscale-based fusion algorithms and real-time request for hardware. Actual experiments and tests indicate that the image fusion processing system works steadily and reliably. It takes on satisfactory performance and can realize quasi-real-time image fusion processing with complex algorithms such as Laplacian pyramid algorithm. This job stably founded the way to develop multi-channel real-time image fusion system for the practical purpose.
Sliding Wear Resistance of Moss-toughened Mo2Ni3Si Metal Silicide Alloys at Elevated-temperature

GUI Yong-liang,WANG Hua-ming,

摩擦学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 以Mo、Ni和Si金属粉末为原料,利用激光熔化沉积技术制备Mo基固溶体(Moss)增韧Mo2Ni3Si金属硅化物耐磨材料,在销-盘式摩擦磨损试验机上评价合金在400~550 ℃范围内的磨损性能,借助扫描电子显微镜观察合金磨损表面及其亚表面形貌.结果表明,Moss增韧Mo2Ni3Si金属硅化物合金在高温滑动条件下表现出反常的磨损率-温度关系,即磨损率随温度的升高而降低,其磨损表面光滑平整,没有显微切削和犁沟等特征,Moss树枝晶在试验温度下发生了轻微氧化.金属硅化物Mo2Ni3Si在磨损过程中起到了抗磨作用,韧性良好的Moss树枝晶有效地抑制了Mo2Ni3Si基体的裂纹扩展和显微剥落.合金在高温滑动条件下的主要磨损机理为软磨粒磨损和Moss相的轻微氧化.
Structures of Streptococcus pneumoniae PiaA and Its Complex with Ferrichrome Reveal Insights into the Substrate Binding and Release of High Affinity Iron Transporters
Wang Cheng, Qiong Li, Yong-Liang Jiang, Cong-Zhao Zhou, Yuxing Chen
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071451
Abstract: Iron scarcity is one of the nutrition limitations that the Gram-positive infectious pathogens Streptococcus pneumoniae encounter in the human host. To guarantee sufficient iron supply, the ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporter Pia is employed to uptake iron chelated by hydroxamate siderophore, via the membrane-anchored substrate-binding protein PiaA. The high affinity towards ferrichrome enables PiaA to capture iron at a very low concentration in the host. We presented here the crystal structures of PiaA in both apo and ferrichrome-complexed forms at 2.7 and 2.1 ? resolution, respectively. Similar to other class III substrate binding proteins, PiaA is composed of an N-terminal and a C-terminal domain bridged by an α-helix. At the inter-domain cleft, a molecule of ferrichrome is stabilized by a number of highly conserved residues. Upon ferrichrome binding, two highly flexible segments at the entrance of the cleft undergo significant conformational changes, indicating their contribution to the binding and/or release of ferrichrome. Superposition to the structure of Escherichia coli ABC transporter BtuF enabled us to define two conserved residues: Glu119 and Glu262, which were proposed to form salt bridges with two arginines of the permease subunits. Further structure-based sequence alignment revealed that the ferrichrome binding pattern is highly conserved in a series of PiaA homologs encoded by both Gram-positive and negative bacteria, which were predicted to be sensitive to albomycin, a sideromycin antibiotic derived from ferrichrome.
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