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Study on characteristics of double surface VOC emissions from dry flat-plate building materials
Xinke Wang,Yinping Zhang,Rongyi Zhao
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-006-2110-4
Abstract: This paper sets up an analytic model of double surface emission of volatile organic compound (VOC) from dry, flat-plate building materials. Based on it, the influence of factors including air change rate, loading factor of materials in the room, mass diffusion coefficient, partition coefficient, convective mass transfer coefficient, thickness of materials, asymmetric convective flow and initial VOC concentration distribution in the building material on emission is discussed. The conditions for simplifying double surface emission into single surface emission are also discussed. The model is helpful to assess the double surface VOC emission from flat-plate building materials used in indoor fumiture and space partition.
Joint Decision of Pricing and Cross-Ruff Coupon Value under Substitute (Complement) Demand  [PDF]
Zhongguo Shi, Yinping Mu
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2012.21001
Abstract: This paper focuses on the optimal decisions of pricing and cross-ruff coupon face value for two linked brands products. We develop the profit maximization models for two kinds of coupons: in-pack cross-ruff coupon and on-pack cross-ruff coupon under substitute (complement) demand, and conclude that 1) the coupon values, prices and profit under substitute demand are higher than under complement demand or independent demand; 2) the profit under on-pack coupon mode are higher than in-pack coupon mode. According to the results, we provide the managerial insights for choosing the linked brands. Through numerical example, we observe that the coupon values, target brand prices and carrier brand prices for on-pack cross-ruff coupon are more sensitive than in-pack cross-ruff coupon to reference price.
Fine Root Mortality Increased by Earthquake Induced Landslides  [PDF]
Yinping Bai, Gang Yang
Open Journal of Earthquake Research (OJER) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojer.2016.53014
Abstract: This study determined the effects of earthquake induced landslide on fine root mortality. It is useful to understand underground soil process after earthquake. We established 9 plots at each of non-moved and landslide site in Cupressus funebris and Cryptomeria fortunei forest stands near the fault belt of the Wenchuan Earthquake. Fine roots were sampled at 0 - 10 and 10 - 15 cm soil layer using aluminum cylinders (100 cm3). We found that earthquake induced landslide significantly increased fine root mortality in Cupressus funebris and Cryptomeria fortunei forest stands. Fine root biomass also decreased by landslide at 0 - 10 cm soil layer. We observed that the fine root biomass and mortality were various with forest type. There were higher fine root mortality rate (68.4%) and lower fine root biomass (0.48 t/hm2) in Cupressus funebris than the Cryptomeria fortunei soils (0.97 t/hm2 and 37.4%).
Structural characterization of helitrons and their stepwise capturing of gene fragments in the maize genome
Yongbin Dong, Xiaomin Lu, Weibin Song, Lei Shi, Mei Zhang, Hainan Zhao, Yinping Jiao, Jinsheng Lai
BMC Genomics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-12-609
Abstract: The whole genome sequences of maize inbred line B73 were analyzed, 1,649 helitron-like transposons including 1,515 helAs and 134 helBs were identified. ZmhelA1, ZmhelB1 and ZmhelB2 all encode an open reading frame (ORF) with intact replication initiator (Rep) motif and a DNA helicase (Hel) domain, which are similar to previously reported autonomous helitrons in other organisms. The putative autonomous ZmhelB1 and ZmhelB2 contain an extra replication factor-a protein1 (RPA1) transposase (RPA-TPase) including three single strand DNA-binding domains (DBD)-A/-B/-C in the ORF. Over ninety percent of maize helitrons identified have captured gene fragments. HelAs and helBs carry 4,645 and 249 gene fragments, which yield 2,507 and 187 different genes respectively. Many helitrons contain mutilple terminal sequences, but only one 3'-terminal sequence had an intact "CTAG" motif. There were no significant differences in the 5'-termini sequence between the veritas terminal sequence and the pseudo sequence. Helitrons not only can capture fragments, but were also shown to lose internal sequences during the course of transposing.Three putative autonomous elements were identified, which encoded an intact Rep motif and a DNA helicase domain, suggesting that autonomous helitrons may exist in modern maize. The results indicate that gene fragments captured during the transposition of many helitrons happen in a stepwise way, with multiple gene fragments within one helitron resulting from several sequential transpositions. In addition, we have proposed a potential mechanism regarding how helitrons with multiple termini are generated.Transposable elements (TEs) not only make up big part of genomes of higher plants, but also play an important role in promoting their genomic diversity [1,2]. Helitrons, a new category of DNA TEs, have recently been uncovered by the computational analysis of genomic sequences of A. thaliana, O. sativa and C. elegans [3]. Lacking the typical structures that are
Indoor SVOC pollution in China: A review
LiXin Wang,Bin Zhao,Cong Liu,Hui Lin,Xu Yang,YinPing Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-010-3094-7
Abstract: Epidemiological and toxicological studies have proved that semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) may have significant adverse effects on human health. For example, phthalic acid esters (PAEs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) may harm the endocrine, reproductive and respiratory systems of humans. Moreover, some SVOCs are carcinogenic. This paper summarizes the source emission characteristics for typical SVOCs observed indoors, evaluates the gas-phase and particle-phase concentrations of indoor di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) under the steady-state condition, estimates the exposure of PAEs and the health risk of PAHs, and then proposes some solutions to some urgent problems for indoor SVOC pollution. The results show that the production and consumption quantities of plasticizers, coal and cigarettes in China are the highest in the world, and that the consumption of flame retardants and pesticides are also very high. As estimated, indoor plasticizer and flame retardant concentrations are higher in China than that of the developed countries such as the USA, which implies that indoor SVOC pollution may be more serious in China. According to the model analysis, DEHP remains mainly in the particle-phase under the steady-state condition; the particle-phase concentration of DEHP increases with increasing particle concentration. The exposure of DEHP is higher for children than it is for adults. It is estimated that 260 thousand people are diagnosed with cancer resulting from exposure to PAHs every year. A multidisciplinary approach to the further study of indoor SVOC pollution is necessary.
Preparation and Characterization of Titania Microspheres and Their Application in a Liquid Chromatography Stationary Phase  [PDF]
Jie Zhang, Xiaoshu Zhu, Yinping Zhang
Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology (JCPT) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jcpt.2016.63003
Abstract: Titania microspheres were synthesized using hydrothermal methods to exploit a new liquid chromatography stationary phase. The prepared titania microspheres were approximately 7 μm in diameter, and the particle size distribution was relatively narrow and uniform. Furthermore, the average specific surface area was 276.0 m2·g·1, the average pore volume was approximately 0.25 mL·g·1, and the pore diameter was approximately 35.9 nm for sintering titania microspheres. These parameters indicate that the titania microspheres prepared for this study have excellent surface properties for chromatography. Additionally, columns filled with the titania microspheres were able to separate basic compounds, including benzene, nitrobenzene and o-nitroanisole. It could be proposed that the titania microspheres prepared for this study would be a promising stationary phase for liquid chromatography.
General analytical mass transfer model for VOC emissions from multi-layer dry building materials with internal chemical reactions
XinKe Wang,YinPing Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-010-4254-5
Abstract: A general mass transfer based model was developed for analyzing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from dry multi-layer building materials with two emission surfaces. This model adds to an earlier multi-layer model by considering chemical reactions within the materials. Consequently, it can be used to analyze the effect of these chemical reactions on removing VOCs, and for characterizing secondary VOC emissions from the building material. The model was validated with literature data and our experimental results. Some typical secondary emissions were analyzed using this model, and obviously differed from the primary emissions. The model is a useful tool for predicting, analyzing and “designing” the VOC emission characteristics, including secondary emissions, of building materials.
Nano-Contact Problem with Surface Effects on Triangle Distribution Loading  [PDF]
Liyuan Wang, Wei Han, Shanlin Wang, Lihong Wang, Yinping Xin
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.411204
Abstract: This work presents a theoretical study of contact problem. The Fourier integral transform method based on the surface elasticity theory is adopted to derive the fundamental solution for the contact problem with surface effects, in which both the surface tension and the surface elasticity are considered. As a special case, the deformation induced by a triangle distribution force is discussed in detail. The results are compared with those of the classical contact problem. At nano-scale, the contributions of the surface tension and the surface elasticity to the stress and displacement are not equal at the contact surface. The surface tension plays a major role to the normal stress, whereas the shear stress is mainly affected by the surface elasticity. In addition, the hardness of material depends strongly on the surface effects. This study is helpful to characterize and measure the mechanical properties of soft materials through nanoindentation.
Review of Stock Markets’ Reaction to New Events: Evidence from Brexit  [PDF]
Isaac Quaye, Yinping Mu, Braimah Abudu, Ramous Agyare
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2016.54025
Abstract: Several studies have evolved to deal with the determinants of stock market volatility. However, there exists a gap in literature with regards to the interrelation among the broad categories of factors that trigger stock market reaction namely company fundaments, technical factors and market sentiments. This paper provides a holistic and comprehensive theoretical review of drivers of stock markets’ reaction as well as designs an interrelated conceptual framework of the factors that influence investors’ decision making to fill the gap in literature. Brexit is presented as a case study to illustrate how investors and stock markets are affected by new events or information. This study will reveal some of the global staggering effects of Brexit at the end of trading on June 24, 2016 in areas such as currencies, stock markets, banks, commodities, bonds, automakers and homebuilders as well as hedge fund. Barely 24 hours after the results of Brexit were declared; global stock markets lost about $2 trillion in value. The British pound plunged to almost $1.33, its lowest level in over 30 years against the US dollar and gold proved to be one of the few safe havens for investors on that day. In order for investors to insulate themselves against loses from Black Swans events, the conclusion of this study recommends some protective mechanisms for investors which include avoidance of overexposure and stockpiling of cash.
Synthesis of Crystallized BaWO4 Nanorods in a Microemulsion System  [PDF]
Jie Zhang, Xiaoshu Zhu, Heyong Huang, Yinping Zhang
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2017.72017
Abstract: BaWO4 nanorods have been successfully synthesized in w/o microemulsion system containing barium ions via a simple reaction between Ba2+ and \"\" . The BaWO4 Nanorods were characterized by XRD, TEM, and SEM, respectively. Results showed that the solvents composition—volume ratio of 4-dioxane and distilled water—played the key role in the formation of BaWO4 Nanorods. Furthermore, the strong vibration at 925 cm1 on its Raman spectrum indicated that the BaWO4 nanorods is good at stimulating Raman scattering in transient and steady-state, making it as a promising candidate material for laser with self-raman conversion of radiation inside the active medium.
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