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Roles of BMP6/7 in Actin Dynamics in Amyloid β-Induced Neurotoxicity  [PDF]
Lin Sun, Yingjie Zhang, Shifu Xiao
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.57082

Actin dynamics plays an important role in many physiological functions such as long-term potentiation, neurotransmission, regulatory proteins translocation, ATP cycle, etc. When amyloid β (Aβ)-induced neurotoxicity occurs, the imbalance of actin dynamics leads to dystrophy of dendrites, which is characteristic pathology in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Transient and persistent Aβ neurotoxicity provokes distinct manifestations of actin dynamics and causes opposing effects in AD. It has been shown that bone morphogenetic protein 6/7 (BMP6/7) protects neuronal morphology against Aβ-induced neurotoxicity, and can directly bind to LIM kinase1 (LIMK1), being one part of the upstream regulatory pathway of actin dynamics. This review aims to discuss a potential mechanism of BMPs underlying maintainance of cytoskeletal stabilization in neurite.

Synthesis of highly reactive sorbent from industrial wastesand its CO2 capture capacity
Sun Rongyue, , Li Yingjie
- , 2015, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2015.02.009
Abstract: A kind of industrial solid waste, i.e., carbide slag, was used as CaO precursor to synthesize CO2 sorbent. The highly reactive synthetic sorbent was prepared from carbide slag, aluminum nitrate hydrate and glycerol water solution by the combustion synthesis method. The results show that the synthetic sorbent exhibits a much higher CO2 capture capacity compared with carbide slag. The CO2 capture capacity and the carbonation conversion of the synthetic sorbent are 0.38 g/g and 0.70 after 50 cycles, which are 1.8 and 2.1 times those of carbide slag. The average carbonation conversion and the CO2 capture efficiency of the synthetic sorbent are higher than those of carbide slag with the same sorbent flow ratios. The required sorbent flow ratios are lower for synthetic sorbent to achieve the same CO2 capture efficiency compared with carbide slag. With the same sorbent flow ratio and CO2 capture efficiency, the energy requirement in calciner for the synthetic sorbent is less than that for carbide slag.
A Lightweight MVC Framework Based on Code Decoupling Principle  [PDF]
Guiling Sun, Yingjie Wang, Mengsha Li, Zhenjun Liu
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2018.63009
Abstract: This paper analyzed the problems in the existing framework, and achieved a reasonable framework based on reflection and aspect-oriented programming combined with annotations to map the request parameters, and inversion of the control of the various components. The proposed framework reduced the volume of the application context, and achieved the purpose that dependencies between the various components are controlled by the framework. Based on the problems existing in the known framework, the lightweight MVC framework was implemented and the proposed framework was tested by JMeter test tool. The test results showed that the framework proposed in this paper can respond to requests faster, improve access throughput and enhance application performance and user experience. The framework proposed in this paper combined the functions of MVC and IOC to minimize the volume of external dependencies in the development and greatly improved the efficiency of Web applications development.
High-Efficient FLPo Deleter Mice in C57BL/6J Background
Yingjie Wu,Chunxin Wang,Hui Sun,Derek LeRoith,Shoshana Yakar
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0008054
Abstract: Conditional gene manipulation in mice becomes a routine for genetic studies of mammalian gene functions. Additional site-specific recombinases such as FLP or φ31 provide one more level of gene manipulation flexibility. The recombination activity of the currently available FLP deleter mice remains low. We generated a new FLP deleter mouse line with the mouse codon-optimized FLPo gene in C57BJ/6 background, which showed superior recombination efficacy in comparison to FLPe deleter mice. 100% complete removal of FRT-flanked Neo cassette was observed in all F1 progeny mice carrying both FLPo and Neo cassette, which can be transmitted to F2 generation independent of FLPo activity. Our new FLPo transgenic mice (on pure C57BJ/6 background) will largely facilitate the gene targeting process and is valuable for conditional gene manipulation.
Secure Access to Private Services in Intranet for Mobile Clients
Li Kuang,Yingjie Xia,Caijun Sun,Jiaming Wu
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: With wide adoption of Service Computing and Mobile Computing, people tend to invoke services with mobile devices, requiring accurate and real-time feedback from services at any time and any place. Among these services, some are private to limited users and require identity authorization before use; hence secure access control in wireless network should be provided. To address the challenge, in this study, we propose the architecture and protocols of a system of access to private services for mobile clients, which combines the technologies of trusted computing, Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol, digital certificate, DES data encryption algorithm and twice verification. We further show the implementation of the proposed system, in which we have realized the authentication and authorization of mobile clients and then secure data transfer between mobile clients in the unsafe Internet and private services in the Intranet.
A Dynamic Access Control Method for SDN  [PDF]
Dexian Chang, Wanzhong Sun, Yingjie Yang, Tingting Wang
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2019.710010
Aiming at the problem that network topology changes frequently in SDN (Software Defined Network) environment and it is difficult to implement fine-grained access control, utilizing the characteristics of SDN transfer control separation and software programming, the ABAC model (Attribute-Based Access Control) is extended by introducing security level, and the security level is defined for the attributes of subject and object to establish the access mapping relationship based on mandatory access rules. At the same time, with secure access path as SDN access control attribute, a dynamic generation method of access control path based on PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm is designed to ensure the security of access data flow. The prototype system experiments show that the proposed method takes into account the fine-grained and dynamic requirements of SDN access control, and improves the access security of SDN while ensuring the access efficiency.
Removal Hg0 from Flue Gas with Modified VTSS by KBr and KI  [PDF]
Yingjie Shi, Yakui Li
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2015.312010

Vanadium titanium steel slag (VTSS) containing transition metal can promote the adsorption of Hg0. The method of KBr and KI impregnation was applied to modify VTSS and the properties of the adsorbents were tested. The Hg0 removal tests were carried out with a fixed bed under different conditions. The results showed that the Hg0 adsorption capacity increase with the increasing temperature. The efficiency was highest with KI(3)/VTSS at 20C and adsorption capacity was 163.4 ug/g after 3 h. The highest Hg0 removal efficiency were 90.6% for KI(3)/VTSS, 73.5% for KBr(10)/VTSS/ VTSS at 120C, respectively.


Peng Yingjie,sun Xinde,

生物物理学报 , 1996,
Abstract: The influences of electrical stimulation of cerebellum on acoustically evoked responses of superiorcollicular SC) neurons were studied in 23 barbitarate-anesthetized bats, Myotis chinensis.Among 7] SC neurons observed, 116 neurons (67. 84%) were affected by cerebellum stimulation. Responses of 72 (42.11%) SC neurons were inhibited and 44 (25.73%) SC neurons were facilitated. The proportion of SC neurons affected by electrical stimulation of vermis was smaller than that of SC neurons affected by electrical stimulation of hemisphere or palaflocculus. The influence of cerebellum on auditory response of SC neurons was bilateral.The inhibitory and facilitatory degrees were dependent on the amplitude of both acoustic and electrical stimuli. Inhibition of SC neurons activity was also dependent on the the interval between the two stimuli. The best inhibitory latencies ranged from 4 to 28ms, and the mojority varied from 6 to 20ms. It is assumed that the influences of cerebellum on SC neurons are a part of the mechanisms of cerebellum to controll acoustic-motion during bat echolocating.
Fine Structure of Tibetan Kefir Grains and Their Yeast Distribution, Diversity, and Shift
Man Lu, Xingxing Wang, Guowei Sun, Bing Qin, Jinzhou Xiao, Shuling Yan, Yingjie Pan, Yongjie Wang
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0101387
Abstract: Tibetan kefir grains (TKGs), a kind of natural starter for fermented milk in Tibet, China, host various microorganisms of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, and occasionally acetic acid bacteria in a polysaccharide/protein matrix. In the present study, the fine structure of TKGs was studied to shed light on this unusual symbiosis with stereomicroscopy and thin sections. The results reveal that TKGs consist of numerous small grain units, which are characterized by a hollow globular structure with a diameter between 2.0 and 9.0 mm and a wall thickness of approximately 200 μm. A polyhedron-like net structure, formed mainly by the bacteria, was observed in the wall of the grain units, which has not been reported previously to our knowledge. Towards the inside of the grain unit, the polyhedron-like net structures became gradually larger in diameter and fewer in number. Such fine structures may play a crucial role in the stability of the grains. Subsequently, the distribution, diversity, and shift of yeasts in TKGs were investigated based on thin section, scanning electron microscopy, cloning and sequencing of D1/D2 of the 26S rRNA gene, real-time quantitative PCR, and in situ hybridization with specific fluorescence-labeled oligonucleotide probes. These show that (i) yeasts appear to localize on the outer surface of the grains and grow normally together to form colonies embedded in the bacterial community; (ii) the diversity of yeasts is relatively low on genus level with three dominant species – Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Kluyveromyces marxianus, and Yarrowia lipolytica; (iii) S. cerevisiae is the stable predominant yeast species, while the composition of Kluyveromyces and Yarrowia are subject to change over time. Our results indicate that TKGs are relatively stable in structure, and culture conditions to some extent shape the microbial community and interaction in kefir grains. These findings pave the way for further study of the specific symbiotic associations between S. cerevisiae and Lactobacillus bacteria in TKGs.
An Improved Algorithm for the Piecewise-Smooth Mumford and Shah Model in Image Segmentation
Yingjie Zhang
EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology , 2006, DOI: 10.1155/bsb/2006/84397
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