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Generalized spatiotemporal chaos synchronization of the Ginzburg-Landau equation

Jin Ying-Hua,Xu Zhen-Yuan,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, the generalized synchronization of two unidirectionally coupled Ginzburg-Landau equations is studied theoretically. It is demonstrated that the drive-response system has bounded attraction domain and compact attractors. It is derived that the correction equation has asymptotically stable zero solutions under certain conditions and that the sufficient conditions for smooth generalized synchronization and H lder continuous generalized synchronization exist in the coupling system. Numerical result analysis shows the correctness of theory.
Bandwidth scheduling scheme based on IEEE 802.16j network
一种基于IEEE 802.16j网络的带宽调度方案

HU Zhi yuan,CHANG Ying-hua,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: For the IEEE 802.16j network,this paper proposed a dynamic joint bandwidth resource scheduling strategy for the services in uplink.According to the tree-topology of IEEE 802.16j system,used a hierarchical distributed resource scheduling scheme between the base station(BS) and the relay station(RS),which enhanced the bandwidth utilization and provided various multimedia communications with QoS guarantee effectively.At the same time,this paper proposed different scheduling algorithm for different types of services to improve the fairness.Simulation results show that the proposed scheme is more flexible than strict priority scheduling.It can meet various QoS requirements of multimedia services well without sacrificing services’rate fairness,and get the preferable utilization of bandwidth in WiMAX system.
Identification of a Human Protein-Derived HIV-1 Fusion Inhibitor Targeting the gp41 Fusion Core Structure
Lijun Chao, Lu Lu, Hengwen Yang, Yun Zhu, Yuan Li, Qian Wang, Xiaowen Yu, Shibo Jiang, Ying-Hua Chen
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0066156
Abstract: The HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein (Env) gp41 plays a crucial role in the viral fusion process. The peptides derived from the C-terminal heptad repeat (CHR) of gp41 are potent HIV fusion inhibitors. However, the activity of these anti-HIV-1 peptides in vivo may be attenuated by their induction of anti-gp41 antibodies. Thus, it is essential to identify antiviral peptides or proteins with low, or no, immunogenicity to humans. Here, we found that the C-terminal fragment (aa 462–521) of the human POB1 (the partner of RalBP1), designated C60, is an HIV-1 fusion inhibitor. It bound to N36, the peptide derived from the N-terminal heptad repeat (NHR) of gp41, and to the six-helix bundle (6-HB) formed by N36 and C34, a CHR-peptide, but it did not bind to C34. Unlike the CHR-peptides, C60 did not block gp41 6-HB formation. Rather, results suggest that C60 inhibits HIV-1 fusion by binding to the 6-HB, in particular, the residues in the gp41 NHR domain that are exposed on the surface of 6-HB. Since 6-HB plays a crucial role in the late stage of fusion between the viral envelope and endosomal membrane during the endocytic process of HIV-1, C60 may serve as a host restriction factor to suppress HIV-1 entry into CD4+ T lymphocytes. Taken together, it can be concluded from these results that C60 can be used as a lead for the development of anti-HIV-1 therapeutics or microbicides for the treatment and prevention of HIV-1 infection, as well as a molecular probe to study the fusogenic mechanism of HIV-1.
Renal Involvement in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Proven by Renal Biopsy
Shi-Jun Li, Hui-Ping Chen, Ying-Hua Chen, Li-hua Zhang, Yuan-Mao Tu, Zhi-hong Liu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0095190
Abstract: Aims To determine the spectrum of renal lesions in patients with kidney involvement in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) by renal biopsy. Methods The clinical features and histological findings at the time of the renal biopsy were assessed for each patient. Results We identified 20 patients with NHL and renal involvement, and the diagnosis of NHL was established following the kidney biopsy in 18 (90%) patients. The types of NHL include the following: chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (n = 8), diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (n = 4), T/NK cell lymphoma (n = 3), lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma (n = 2), cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (n = 1), mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma (n = 1) and mantle cell lymphoma (n = 1). All presented with proteinuria, and 15 patients had impaired renal function. The pathological findings included (1) membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis-like pattern in seven patients; (2) crescent glomerulonephritis in four; (3) minimal-change disease in three, and glomeruli without specific pathological abnormalities in three; (4) intraglomerular large B-cell lymphoma in one; (5) intracapillary monoclonal IgM deposits in one; (6) primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the kidneys in one; and (7) lymphoma infiltration of the kidney in eight patients. Conclusion A wide spectrum of renal lesions can be observed in patients with NHL, and NHL may be first proven by renal biopsies for evaluation of kidney injury or proteinuria. Renal biopsy is necessary to establish the underlying cause of renal involvement in NHL.
Bioassays on selection and feeding responses of Holotrichia oblita adults to different plant species

Wei-Zheng Li,Ying-Hua Yuan,Shi-Heng An,Guo-Hui Yuan,Mei-Hao Luo,Xian-Ru Guo,

生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Bioassays on selection and feeding responses of Holotrichia oblita adults to different plant species were conducted both in laboratory and under field conditions. The selection response bioassay showed that the adults were significantly attracted to Ricinus communis. In paired tests of the field cages, more than 60% adults were attracted to R. communis plants, while only 35.55%, 34.45%, 33.35%, and 26.65% were attracted to plants of Glycine max, Arachis hypogaea, Ipomoea batatas, and Gossypium hirsutum, respectively. In the laboratory, the selection response percentage of the adults to R. communis leaves reached up to 93% in the presence of other host plant leaves and still arrived at 70% in the absence of other host plant leaves. Feeding deterrence bioassay showed that the adults preferred to I. batatas leaves with 229.90 ± 4.25 mg leaf consumption and 41.30 ± 5.19 mg faeces excretion after 12 h, followed by the leaves of G. hirsutum and A. hypogaea. The adult did not prefer leaves of R. communi with only 7.10 ± 0.23 mg leaf consumption and corresponding 4.00 ± 0.84 mg fecal excretion. In summary, all experimental results suggested that the attraction of H. oblita adults to R. communi is not triggered for feeding.
k-medoids clustering algorithm based on CF tree

CAO Dan-yang,YANG Bing-ru,LI Guang-yuan,LIU Ying-hua,

计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: k-medoids algorithm has better robustness when the dataset exist noise and outlier points.However,computational cost of k-medoids algorithm is higher on big datasets.CF tree is a common structure in Birch algorithm,and it has better sca-lability on the clustering of big datasets.But CF tree has poor clustering results on the non-spherical data.Therefore,this paper presented a k-medoids algorithm based on CF tree on the basis of the two algorithms.First,the improved algorithm constructed CF tree by the data ...
Joint Inference Open Information Extraction Based on Markov Logic Networks

LIU Yong-bin,YANG Bing-ru,LI Guang-yuan,LIU Ying-hua,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: 在自然语言处理的几个子任务上,传统的方法都是分而治之,例如分词、句法分析、命名实体识别、实体关系识别等。但是,孤立地分析和处理这些子任务会丢失一些彼此之间的内在联系,而这些子任务之间的内在联系往往会对每个子任务有很大帮助。所以,有人提出用联合集成式的模型,从整体上解决这些问题。但是,这些模型都只针对特定领域内的数据进行处理,还未能对开放式的信息进行处理。因此,提出了基于马尔可夫逻辑网的联合推理模型来处理开放式信息抽取(Open IE)。经过大量的实验证明,该模型的执行效率明显高于传统的模型。同时,该模型的适应性更好。
Application of stable carbon isotope techniques to research into water stress

CHEN Ying-Hua,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 植物体的碳稳定同位素组成主要由植物本身的生物学特性决定 ,但环境胁迫对其影响也十分明显。综述了碳稳定同位素技术在研究植物水分利用效率、生物量高低及判断历史气候依据等研究领域的进展 ,阐明了植物体的 δ1 3C值对干旱、盐分及其它环境因素的变化所引起的水分胁迫的响应 ,并对碳稳定同位素对水分胁迫的响应机理进行了归纳和推断
Preliminary investigation on temporal and spatial variation of structure of soil fauna community in different natural vegetations of Dinghushan

LIN Ying-Hua,

生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve,near the Tropic of Cancer,is one of the foremost national nature reserves in China.Its natural vegetation included Monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest,Ravine rain forest,Evergreen broad-leaved forest,Pine and broad-leaf mixed forest,River-banks forest and Shrubby grassland. From October 2001 to August 2002,the soil fauna communities were investigated by Modified Tullgren and Hand sorting methods in natural vegetation.The composition of groups,distribution,the number of individ...
Influences of an external pulse on the quantum state of a mesoscopic RLC circuit

Ji Ying-Hua,

物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: In this paper, the influences of an external pulse on the variation of the quantum state of a mesoscopic RLC circuit are investigated emphatically. Our research result indicates that the transition probabilities of the variation of the quantum state are adjusted by controlling the variation of the pulse parameters when the parameters of the mesoscopic circuit are constant. We point out that the quantum state of a system is stable when the width of the pulse is equal to the integral times of the minimum fixed value. The minimum fixed value is not related to the altitude of pulse but the circuit parameters. The larger the resistance, the wider the minimum fixed width of the external pulse.
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