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The Current Opinions of Capillary Leak Syndrome  [PDF]
Jun Su, Ying Zhang, Wei Hu
Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics (OJCD) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojcd.2015.51003
Abstract: Capillary Leak Syndrome (CLS) in patients with severe course of disease is more and more common, and the clinical manifestations of CLS include systemic edema, hypoproteinemia, effective circulating blood volume reduction and hemoconcentration. The common pathogenies are sepsis, severe trauma, cardiopulmonary bypass and so on. Clinically, CLS is usually divided into leakage period and recovery period, with different pathophysiologic process, clinical manifestation and treatment in different period respectively. Although there are more treatments, they are not effective treatment measures. There have been so many studies about improvement of endothelial function, macromolecular colloid liquid applications, and continuous blood purification treatment. Systematic understanding of the pathological mechanism, clinical manifestations and staging, diagnosis and treatment of the CLS has a guiding value.
A Study of the Health-Related Quality of Life and Work-Related Stress of White-Collar Migrant Workers
Su-Ying Tsai
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph9103740
Abstract: Little is known about the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and work-related stress and its risk factors among white-collar businessmen and management workers that migrate to high-income developing countries. A structural questionnaire survey was administered to 156 white-collar Taiwanese management personnel of representative companies of their industries in Taiwan, who were assigned long-term job positions in China. Questionnaire content included demographics and medical history, self-reported physical and mental conditions, personal lifestyle and behavior, Beck Depression Inventory, and information on HRQoL. White-collar migrant workers reported a high prevalence of alcohol consumption (72.4%) and perceived work-related stress (62.2%), and a lower prevalence of regular exercise (12.2%). Workers with higher levels of perceived work-related stress reported more alcohol consumption, a history of hyperlipidemia, and a higher prevalence of self-reported neck pain, poor sleep, and mild/moderate/severe depression. In our primary multivariate risk model to determine lifestyle and work-related stress variables and HRQoL, perceived work-related stress and a feeling of depression negatively impacted both the Physical Component Summary (PCS) and Mental Component Summary (MCS) scores of the SF-36 health survey. Hyperlipidemia and self-reported neck pain were associated with significantly lower PCS scores, whereas cardiovascular disease, gastric ulcer, and poor sleep were associated with statistically lower MCS scores. White-collar migrant workers are generally younger with high socioeconomic status. Perceived work-related stress and a feeling of depression indirectly affect HRQoL. Hyperlipidemia, self-reported neck pain, cardiovascular disease, gastric ulcer, and poor sleep also had a significant negative impact on HRQoL.
Growth Evaluation of Pulmonary Nodules on Chest CT
Datong SU, Ying WANG
- , 2017, DOI: : 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2017.08.14
Abstract: Computed tomography (CT) follow-up of indeterminate pulmonary nodules and the quantification of growth characteristics are the commonly adopted strategy in clinical setting. The volume/mass doubling time can be used to quantify the growth velocity based on exponential growth model. Therefore, we reviewed the followed aspects on growth evaluation of pulmonary nodules on chest CT, including the growth model of lung cancer, the methods used for nodule growth quantification and the growth characteristics of different types of pulmonary nodules.
Interface Effects on Tunneling Magnetoresistance in Organic Spintronics with Flexible Amine-Au Links
Narjes Gorjizadeh,Su Ying Quek
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/24/41/415201
Abstract: Organic spintronics is a promising emerging field, but the sign of the tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) is highly sensitive to interface effects, a crucial hindrance to applications. A key breakthrough in molecular electronics was the discovery of amine-Au link groups that give reproducible conductance. Using first principles calculations, we predict that amine-Au links give improved reproducibility in organic spintronics junctions with Au-covered Fe leads. The Au layers allow only states with sp character to tunnel into the molecule, and the flexibility of amine-Au links results in a narrow range of TMR for fixed number of Au layers. Even as the Au thickness changes, TMR remains positive as long as the number of Au layers is the same on both sides of the junction. Since the number of Au layers on Fe surfaces or Fe nanoparticles can now be experimentally controlled, amine-Au links provide a route towards robust TMR in organic spintronics.
Quantum-confinement and Structural Anisotropy result in Electrically-Tunable Dirac Cone in Few-layer Black Phosphorous
Kapildeb Dolui,Su Ying Quek
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1038/srep11699
Abstract: 2D materials are well-known to exhibit interesting phenomena due to quantum confinement. Here, we show that quantum confinement, together with structural anisotropy, result in an electric-field-tunable Dirac cone in 2D black phosphorus. Using density functional theory calculations, we find that an electric field, E_ext, applied normal to a 2D black phosphorus thin film, can reduce the direct band gap of few-layer black phosphorus, resulting in an insulator-to-metal transition at a critical field, E_c. Increasing E_ext beyond E_c can induce a Dirac cone in the system, provided the black phosphorus film is sufficiently thin. The electric field strength can tune the position of the Dirac cone and the Dirac-Fermi velocities, the latter being similar in magnitude to that in graphene. We show that the Dirac cone arises from an anisotropic interaction term between the frontier orbitals that are spatially separated due to the applied field, on different halves of the 2D slab. When this interaction term becomes vanishingly small for thicker films, the Dirac cone can no longer be induced. Spin-orbit coupling can gap out the Dirac cone at certain electric fields; however, a further increase in field strength reduces the spin-orbit-induced gap, eventually resulting in a topological-insulator-to-Dirac-semi-metal transition.
Computational prediction of Pho regulons in cyanobacteria
Zhengchang Su, Victor Olman, Ying Xu
BMC Genomics , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-8-156
Abstract: We have predicted and analyzed the Pho regulons in 19 sequenced cyanobacterial genomes using a highly effective scanning algorithm that we have previously developed. Our results show that different cyanobacterial species/ecotypes may encode diverse sets of genes responsible for the utilization of various sources of phosphorus, ranging from inorganic phosphate, phosphodiester, to phosphonates. Unlike in E. coli, some cyanobacterial genes that are directly involved in phosphorus assimilation seem to not be under the regulation of the regulator SphR (orthologue of PhoB in E coli.) in some species/ecotypes. On the other hand, SphR binding sites are found for genes known to play important roles in other biological processes. These genes might serve as bridging points to coordinate the phosphorus assimilation and other biological processes. More interestingly, in three cyanobacterial genomes where no sphR gene is encoded, our results show that there is virtually no functional SphR binding site, suggesting that transcription regulators probably play an important role in retaining their binding sites.The Pho regulons in cyanobacteria are highly diversified to accommodate to their respective living environments. The phosphorus assimilation pathways in cyanobacteria are probably tightly coupled to a number of other important biological processes. The loss of a regulator may lead to the rapid loss of its binding sites in a genome.Cyanobacteria are among the oldest life form on Earth. These organisms inhabit a broad range of ecological environments from fresh water, soil to diverse open oceanographic areas [1]. It is estimated that several cyanobacteria living in the open oceans contribute a significant fraction of Earth's primary production [2]. These bacteria also play important roles in the global cycling of nitrogen and phosphorus [3,4]. Therefore their activities have significant impacts on global environmental changes.Phosphorus is one of the essential elements for all li
Induction of cranial and posterior trunk neural crest by exogenous retinoic acid in zebrafish
Ming Li,Ying Su,Anming Meng
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2002, DOI: 10.1360/02tb9248
Abstract: Retinoic acid (RA) plays an important role in development of vertebrate embryos. We demonstrate impacts of exogenous RA on the formation of neural crest cells in zebrafish using specific neural crest markers sox9b and crestin. Treatment with all -trans RA at 10 7 mmol/L at 50% epiboly induces sox9b expression in the forebrain and crestin expression in the forebrain and midbrain, resulting in significant increase of pigment cells in the head derived from the cranial neural crest. In addition, RA treatment induces expression of sox9b and crestin in the caudal marginal cells of the neuroectoderm during early segmentation. Earlier commitment of these cells to the neural crest fate in the posterior margins leads to abnormal development of the posterior body, probably by preventing mingling of ventral derived and dorsal-derived cells during the formation of the tailbud.
Aihong Gao,Qing Su,Ying Mu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809012252
Abstract: Each of the Al atoms in the title compound, [Al2(CH3)5(C15H15FNO)], is four-coordinated in a distorted tetrahedral geometry. The dimethylaluminium centre is bound by the N and the O atoms of the (2-dimethylaminophenyl)(2-fluorophenyl)methanolate ligand. The second Al atom is bound by the methanolate O atom and by three methyl C atoms. The crystal studied was a racemic twin with a 0.4 (2):0.6 (2) domain ratio.
Accounting Conservatism and Disposition Effect
Ying Zhao,Roger Su,Keith Hooper
International Journal of Business and Management , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v6n10p94
Abstract: The current financial crisis which began in 2008 created economic disruption on a global level. This study investigates the effect of accounting conservatism on the disposition effect in the Chinese capital markets. Our research findings show accounting conservatism offsets “overestimation “and “underestimation” resulting from the disposition effect. From an accounting perspective, we find the governance role of conservatism may correct inaccurate market pricings; we believe this research provides knowledge that will assist investors and policy makers to understand accounting conservatism and make better decisions.
Assuring Information Quality in Sharing Platform for Disaster Management
Ying Su,Jie Peng,Zhanming Jin
Journal of Software , 2009, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.4.9.915-924
Abstract: Disaster management is a multifaceted process aimed at minimizing the social and physical impact of these large-scale events. In this paper, we propose a quality-mind assuring approach in which web services are discovered, composed and executed considering both functional and QoS requirements. We prescribe a QoS management framework that defines fundamental principles, concepts and mechanisms which can be applied to evolve an effective distributed resource sharing platform for quality-mind assuring of web services - the so-called quality enable web service architecture. The paper also defines an extensible QoS model and a fuzzy algorithm for services evaluation and selection. The prototype system is designed and used to demonstrate the applicability of the prescribed framework to support user level QoS requirements for disaster management.
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