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Yi-Wen Tao,Yun Wang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811021751
Abstract: In the title compound, C13H16O5, one of the three hydroxy groups is involved in intramolecular O—H...O hydrogen bonds. The other two hydroxy groups contribute to the three-dimensional hydrogen-bonding network, which consolidates the crystal packing.
An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Longest Common Subsequence Problem on GPUs
Jiaoyun Yang,Yun Xu,Yi Shang
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2010,
Aquabis(5-butylpyridine-2-carboxylato)zinc monohydrate
Yi-Wen Tao,Yun Wang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811021623
Abstract: In the title complex, [Zn(C10H12NO2)2(H2O)]·H2O, the ZnII ion is coordinated by two N and two O atoms from two 5-n-butylpyridine-2-carboxylato ligands and one O atom from a water molecule in a distorted square-pyramidal geometry. In the crystal, intermolecular O—H...O hydrogen bonds link molecules into a two-dimensional supramolecular structure parallel to (001).
3-Hydroxy-4-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-2-quinolone monohydrate
Yi-Wen Tao,Yun Wang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s160053681102945x
Abstract: In the title compound, also known as viridicatol monohydrate, C15H11NO3·H2O, the dihedral angle between the benzene ring and quinoline ring system is 64.76 (5)°. An intramolecular O—H...O hydrogen bond occurs. The crystal structure is stabilized by classical intermolecular N—H...O and O—H...O hydrogen bonds and weak π–π interactions with a centroid–centroid distance of 3.8158 (10) .
Numerical Simulation of Partial Combustion for Biomass Tar Elimination in Two-Stage Gasifier  [PDF]
Shanhui Zhao, Yi Su, Wenguang Wu, Yunliang Zhang, Yun Wang, Yonghao Luo
Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems (JSBS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsbs.2013.31012

Biomass tar is an obstacle in biomass gasification. Partial combustion is a potential method for tar elimination. To better study the tar conversion conditions and design reasonable partial combustion reactor, 2D/3D throat models are establish to calculate the tar reduction during partial combustion using numerical method. Different number of nozzles, injection directions and injection velocities were investigated. SIMPLE algorithm was used in this calculation. The results indicated that the best performance of partial combustion was obtained when ER (equivalent ratio) = 0.34. A performance of 3 nozzles, perpendicular injection and 20 m/s injection velocity could reach lowest tar content of 3.09 wt%.

The Frequency of Infectious Diseases in Manzhouli Port from 2012 to 2014  [PDF]
Kepeng Xin, Xuesong Chen, Hua Deng, Yi Li, Qihui Zhang, Muzi Jin, Yun Li, Juan Sun
Advances in Infectious Diseases (AID) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/aid.2016.61001
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of infectious diseases among people entering/exiting via Manzhouli port. We analyzed infectious disease data from the Manzhouli International Travel Health care Center covering 2012 through 2014, as well as performed several laboratory tests to measure rates of infection. The frequencies of infectious diseases as well as their association with occupation and year of occurrence were calculated for people entering and exiting via the port. The total proportion of infectious diseases measured was 2.18%. Hepatitis B was the most commonly occurring at 1.68%, followed by syphilis, hepatits C and HIV, which were 0.23%, 0.21% and 0.04%, respectively. Contract workers, traffic staff, foreigners and those married abroad were more likely to be infected. Furthermore, there were significant differences among three years. Strategies should be developed and preventive policies should be implemented aimed at protecting the at risk populations at Manzhouli port, especially with regard to contract workers, traffic staff, foreigners and those married abroad.
An analysis method of topological relations between Snort rules
Yin Yi, , Wang Yun, Takahashi Naohisa
- , 2016, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2016.01.005
Abstract: It is difficult to know all the relations between Snort rules. To deal with this problem, the topological relations between Snort rules are classified based on the set theory, and a method for calculating the topological relations between Snort rules is proposed. In the existing methods for analyzing the relations of Snort rules, the relations are usually determined only according to the header information of the Snort rules. Without considering the actions of Snort rules, the proposed method improves upon the existing methods and it can classify and calculate the topological relations between Snort rules according to both headers and options information of Snort rules. In addition, the proposed method is implemented by the functional language Haskell. The experimental results show that the topological relations between Snort rules can be calculated rapidly and effectively. The proposed method also provides an important basis for conflict detection in the succeeding Snort rules.
Inactivation of SAG E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Blocks Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation and Sensitizes Leukemia Cells to Retinoid Acid
Mingjia Tan, Yun Li, Ruiguo Yang, Ning Xi, Yi Sun
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0027726
Abstract: Sensitive to Apoptosis Gene (SAG), also known as RBX2 (RING box protein-2), is the RING component of SCF (SKP1, Cullin, and F-box protein) E3 ubiquitin ligase. Our previous studies have demonstrated that SAG is an anti-apoptotic protein and an attractive anti-cancer target. We also found recently that Sag knockout sensitized mouse embryonic stem cells (mES) to radiation and blocked mES cells to undergo endothelial differentiation. Here, we reported that compared to wild-type mES cells, the Sag?/? mES cells were much more sensitive to all-trans retinoic acid (RA)-induced suppression of cell proliferation and survival. While wild-type mES cells underwent differentiation upon exposure to RA, Sag?/? mES cells were induced to death via apoptosis instead. The cell fate change, reflected by cellular stiffness, can be detected as early as 12 hrs post RA exposure by AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy). We then extended this novel finding to RA differentiation therapy of leukemia, in which the resistance often develops, by testing our hypothesis that SAG inhibition would sensitize leukemia to RA. Indeed, we found a direct correlation between SAG overexpression and RA resistance in multiple leukemia lines. By using MLN4924, a small molecule inhibitor of NEDD8-Activating Enzyme (NAE), that inactivates SAG-SCF E3 ligase by blocking cullin neddylation, we were able to sensitize two otherwise resistant leukemia cell lines, HL-60 and KG-1 to RA. Mechanistically, RA sensitization by MLN4924 was mediated via enhanced apoptosis, likely through accumulation of pro-apoptotic proteins NOXA and c-JUN, two well-known substrates of SAG-SCF E3 ligase. Taken together, our study provides the proof-of-concept evidence for effective treatment of leukemia patients by RA-MLN4924 combination.
Induction of multi-epitopespecific antibodies against HIV-1 by multi-epitopevaccines
Jian Ding,Fei He,Yun Lu,Yi Xiao,Yinghua Chen
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2001, DOI: 10.1007/BF02901157
Abstract: Some neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 envelope proteins were highly effective to inhibit the infection of different strainsin vitro, and existed in the infected individuals with very low levels. We suggested multi-epitope-vaccine as a new strategy to increase levels of neutralizing antibodies and the abilities against HIV mutationin vivo. Two candidate multi-epitope-vaccines induced antibodies with predefined multi-epitope-specificity in rhesus macaque. These antibodies recognized corresponding neutralizing epitopes on epitope-peptides, gp41 peptides, V3 loop peptide, rsgp41 and rgp120. Besides, three candidate epitope-vaccines in combination (another kind of multi-epitopevaccines) showed similar potency to induce predefined multiple immune responses in rabbits. These results suggest that multi-epitope-vaccines may be a new strategy to induce multi-antiviral activities against HIV-1 infection and mutations.
Determination of lead at nanogram level in water samples by resonance light scattering technique using tetrabutyl ammonium bromide as a molecular probe
Fengling Cui, Yanru Yun, Guangquan Hui, Yi Wang
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia , 2012,
Abstract: A novel method of chemistry applicable to the determination of trace lead in water samples based on the resonance light scattering (RLS) technique has been developed. In dilute phosphoric acid medium, in the presence of a large excess of I-, Pb(II) can form [PbI4]2-, which further reacts with tetrabutyl ammonium bromide (TBAB) to form an ion-association compound. This results in significant enhancement of RLS intensity and the appearance of the corresponding RLS spectral characteristics. The maximum scattering peak of the system exists at 402 nm. Under optimum conditions, there is a linear relationship between the relative intensity of RLS and concentration of Pb(II) in the range of 0.04–1.8 μg/mL for the system with a low detection limit of 0.74 ng/mL for Pb(II). Based on this fact, a simple, rapid, and sensitive method has been developed for the determination of Pb(II) at nanogram level by RLS technique using a common spectrofluorimeter. This analytical system was successfully applied to determining trace amounts of Pb(II) in water samples that agree well with the results by atomic absorbance spectrometry (AAS). KEY WORDS: Lead, Tetrabutyl ammonium bromide (TBAB), Potassium iodide (KI), Resonance light scattering (RLS) Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2012, 26(1), 1-8. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4314/bcse.v26i1.1
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