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Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: Bu al mada karizman n ne oldu u, ge mi ten günümüze nas l alg land , toplumun y netimi a s ndan nemi vurgulanm t r. Karizman n yaln zca i sel bir irade olarak kabul edildi i, var olan otorite bi imlerini y kt ,her y nüyle bürokratik egemenli in kar s nda oldu u, yeni sorumluluklar fikirler ve toplumsal ili kiler olu turdu u, di er bir ok liderlik bi iminde oldu u gibi karizmatik liderli in de güven ve ilham vermek gibi psikolojik bir y nünün bulundu u, rasyonel ekonomik davran lar n tümünü reddetti i, olumlu ve olumsuz olmak üzere iki y nünün bulundu u, karizmatik e ilimli toplumlar n tamam nda farkl derecelerde ortaya kt , rutinin ve kurumsal kal c l n kar s nda yer ald , kaos ve karga an n ya and ortamlarda ortaya kt , yenilik i ve de i ken oldu u g rülmü ve makalede bu de i kenler a klanm t r.In this study we tried to explain what the carisma is , how is comprehended from the past onward, and its importance in term of social management. It has been seen that carisma is regarded as an inner trait, it collapses present authotity forms, it places against burocratic dominance in every aspects, it creates new esponsibilities, ideas and social relations, it refuses all rational economical behaviours, it has both positive and negative sides, it emerges at different levels in carismatic-tendency societies, it stands against routin and organizational permanence, it appears in conditions of chaos, it is variable and renovative, as in other leadership forms, carismatic leadership has psychological sides as giving trust and inspiration, and all these variations are explained in this article.
Effect of immediate implant placement and loading on soft tissue management  [PDF]
Erdem ?zdemir, Yener Oguz
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.37066

The recent article describes immediate implant placement and loading in the anterior segment. The main aim of this treatment option was to deliver provisional prosthesis to the patient in the same day of surgery, form papilla contours, and eliminate waiting of osseointegration time and the second surgery.

Advancement of Algebraic Function Approximation in Eigenvalue Problems of Lossless Metallic Waveguides to Infinite Dimensions, Part II: Transfer of Results in Finite Dimensions to Infinite Dimensions
Namik Yener
PIER , 2006, DOI: 10.2528/PIER05121503
Abstract: In this phase of the attempt to advance finite dimensional algebraic function approximation technique in eigenvalue problems of lossless metallic guides filled with anisotropic and/or inhomogeneous media,to exact analysis in infinite dimensions,it is seen that the problem in infinite dimensions,can be reduced to finite dimensions,b y virtue of a result in perturbation theory. Furthermore,it is found that analysis results of algebraic function approximation,can be adapted to infinite dimensions too,at worst by introduction of some additional arguments.
Algebraic Function Approximation to Eigenvalue Problems in Lossless Metallic Waveguides (Revisited)
Namik Yener
PIER , 2005, DOI: 10.2528/PIER05010801
Abstract: The problem of studying modal characteristics of metallic waveguides filled with lossless inhomogeneous and/or anisotropic media, is one of studying properties of the propagation constant of the guiding structure. It is shown that modal behavior in the neighborhood of critical frequencies such as cutoff frequencies and frequencies marking the onset of complex wave mode intervals, can be modeled through approximation of the propagation constant by a root of an algebraic equation. The particular form of the algebraic function approximating the propagation constant is discussed in the neighborhood of a singularity. A numerical example is included to stress the viability of the technique.
A Simple Solution for the Damped Wave Equation with a Special Class of Boundary Conditions Using the Laplace Transform
Namik Yener
PIER B , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIERB11040901
Abstract: It is proven that for the damped wave equation when the Laplace transforms of boundary value functions ψ(0,t) and ( ψ(z,t)/ z) of the solution ψ(z,t) have no essential singularities and no branch points, the solution can be constructed with relative ease. In such a case while computing the inverse Laplace transform, the integrals along the segments on the real line are shown to always cancel. The integrals along the circles C and C' about the point s=-σ/ε determined by the coefficient of the time derivative in the differential equation and point s=0 are shown to vanish unless Laplace transforms of mentioned boundary value functions have poles at these points. If such poles do exist, the problem is nevertheless one of integration along circles about these poles and then setting the radii of these circles equal to zero in the limit.
E itim Olgusunun Y neticilerin G rme Anlay lar na Etkisi: Türkiye’de Yabanc Dilde E itim Veren Orta E itim Kurumlar Mezunlar üzerine Bir Ara t rma
Journal of Administrative Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Bireyin toplumsalla mas nda, ailenin, e itim al nan okullar n ve sonras nda al ma ya am n n nemli etkileri vard r. Bu al ma, aile ve i ya am n n d nda e itim hayat n n, bireyin toplumsalla mas , de erlerinin olu mas üzerindeki etkisini l meyi ama lamaktad r. al mada e itim sisteminin ve bu sistemin uygulay c s olan okullar n, bireyler üzerinde toplu bir etki yaratarak benzer bir toplumsalla maya neden olaca ve ortak bir de erler sistemini olu turaca varsay m hakimdir. Ara t rma varsay m na g re, olu an ortak de er sisteminin sonucu olarak da bireylerin i ya amlar nda ba vurduklar i g rme anlay lar nda okullar n etkisini g rebilmek mümkün olacakt r. Bu ama la, ara t rma tasar m na uygun olarak se ilmi e itim kurumlar n n, bireylerin i ya- amlar üzerindeki etkisini g rebilmek amac yla mezunlar n n i g rme anlay lar na olan etkisi l ülmeye al lm t r
Repo and Reverse Repo Regulations in Turkey: Emergence of Regulations After 1982 Banking Crisis and Policy Suggestions in the Light of Financial Failure Lessons
Yener Coskun
Business and Economics Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Repo transactions provide cash/securities management opportunities for financial intermediaries and investors. Repos are the most important financial instrument in Istanbul Stock Exchange in terms of transaction volume. Banker Crisis (1982) and Banking Crisis (1994), occured in Turkey, and also global financial crisis have showed that repo markets are of great importance in terms of systemic risk/financial crisis management. Methodology of the study is based on literature review, data and case study analysis. In this paper, we aim to define inefficiencies of Turkish repo markets to develop policy suggestions in the light of early liberal era experience of Turkey and also financial failure lessons. In this context, we conclude three suggestions for policy makers. First, regulatory/supervisory structure of repo transactions should be cooperatively re-designed by the relevant governmental authorities. Second, acceptable repo collateral list may involve new collateral categories such as equities, eurobond, letter of guaranty and warrants. And finally, OTC repo transactions should regulate from the perspective of risk management.
Maximising Survival, Growth, and Goal Reaching Under Borrowing Constraints
Haluk Yener
Quantitative Finance , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, we consider three problems related to survival, growth, and goal reaching maximization of an investment portfolio with proportional net cash flow. We solve the problems in a market constrained due to borrowing prohibition. To solve the problems, we first construct an auxiliary market and then apply the dynamic programming approach. Via our solutions, an alternative approach is introduced in order to solve the problems defined under an auxiliary market.
Simulation of Power Flow and Protection of a Limited Bus Grid System with Injected Solar Power  [PDF]
Nader Barsoum, Chai Zen Lee
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.51008

In recent years, injection of renewable energy such as solar power into the power grid is increasing. However, inclusion of large-scale intermittent-type renewable energy requires better management in proper understanding of grid’s variable characteristics and its protection systems. In this paper, the investigation on overvoltage issue is illustrated. Overvoltage in distribution feeder occurs when large amount of solar power is injected at low power demand. Another investigation is on false operation of overcurrent relays due to reverse power to the 33 kV loads. The potential solutions to the two issues are illustrated in the small-sized power grid system using bi-directional inverters on AC buses in charging battery banks and adjusting the relay current settings. The benefits of solar power injection are illustrated whereby output power from generators is decreased and transmission losses are reduced. Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP) was used for investigations.

Comparison between the Needle and Roller Electrospinning of Polyvinylbutyral
F. Yener,O. Jirsak
Journal of Nanomaterials , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/839317
Abstract: The effect of the concentration of polyvinylbutyral solution on the process throughput and fibre properties was studied in needle and roller electrospinning. Whereas the polymer throughput is an optional independent parameter in needle electrospinning, it is a dependent parameter that is affected by both the material and process parameters in roller electrospinning. Polymer throughput increases considerably with an increasing concentration of polymer solutions in roller electrospinning. The properties of the nanofibers and the quality of the nanofiber layers were also studied. Fibre diameters increase with an increasing concentration in both techniques. Fibre diameters produced by needle electrospinning are smaller than those produced by roller electrospinning. The distribution of fibre diameters is rather narrow and not significantly dependent on the concentration of solutions in either technique.

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