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Yeliz AKAR
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Alienation which ends the meaning and value of being oneself in the existential process causes the loss of thinking abilities of individuals and fragmentation of consciousness. An individual who lost his self value cannot comprehend that loss of these values is a deficiency. In a way an individual who keeps on living with others assumptions, leave his belonging to life and himself completely into nothingness in alienation process. As alienation leads to a psychological conflict among all his experiences, it points to an extinction of everything that belongs to an individual and a serious identity problem. Fakir Baykurt, who is one of the significant writers of social reality, deals with the alienation and identity problem in his novels both socially and psychologically. Baykurt s characters who suffer from solitude, communicative deficiency, despair and loss of trust annihilate their perception of awareness by being unable to pass into alertness from somnolence and they lose their own voices, losing all of their worries. Varolu sal süre te kendi olman n anlam ve de erini sonland ran yabanc la ma, bireyin dü ünsel yetilerinin yitime u ramas na ve bilin par alanmalar ya amas na neden olur. Yabanc la ma ile kendilik de erlerini kaybeden birey, bu de erlerindeki yok olu un bir eksiklik oldu unu alg layamaz. Bu bir bak ma yabanc la ma sürecinde ba kalar n n kabulleri ile ya ama devam eden bireyin, kendine ve ya ama aitli ini tümden bir hi li in i ine b rakmas d r. Yabanc la ma bireyin tüm edinimleri ile psikolojik bir at ma ya amas na neden oldu u i in, bireye ait her eyin yok olmas na i aret eder ve gü lü bir aidiyet sorunu ya at r. Toplumsal ger ek ilik izgisinin nemli yazarlar ndan biri olan Fakir Baykurt, yabanc la ma ve aidiyet sorununu sosyolojik ve psikolojik y nüyle romanlar nda i ler. Yaln zl k, ileti imsizlik, aresizlik ve güven yitimi i inde olan Baykurt ki ileri uyku halinden uyan kl k haline ge emeyerek fark ndal k alg lar n ortadan kald r rlar, tüm kayg lar n yitirerek kendi seslerini kaybederler.
Autophagy Induction Is a Tor- and Tp53-Independent Cell Survival Response in a Zebrafish Model of Disrupted Ribosome Biogenesis
Yeliz Boglev,Andrew P. Badrock,Andrew J. Trotter,Qian Du,Elsbeth J. Richardson,Adam C. Parslow,Sebastian J. Markmiller,Nathan E. Hall,Tanya A. de Jong-Curtain,Annie Y. Ng,Heather Verkade,Elke A. Ober,Holly A. Field,Donghun Shin,Chong H. Shin,Katherine M. Hannan,Ross D. Hannan,Richard B. Pearson,Seok-Hyung Kim,Kevin C. Ess,Graham J. Lieschke,Didier Y. R. Stainier,Joan K. Heath
PLOS Genetics , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003279
Abstract: Ribosome biogenesis underpins cell growth and division. Disruptions in ribosome biogenesis and translation initiation are deleterious to development and underlie a spectrum of diseases known collectively as ribosomopathies. Here, we describe a novel zebrafish mutant, titania (ttis450), which harbours a recessive lethal mutation in pwp2h, a gene encoding a protein component of the small subunit processome. The biochemical impacts of this lesion are decreased production of mature 18S rRNA molecules, activation of Tp53, and impaired ribosome biogenesis. In ttis450, the growth of the endodermal organs, eyes, brain, and craniofacial structures is severely arrested and autophagy is up-regulated, allowing intestinal epithelial cells to evade cell death. Inhibiting autophagy in ttis450 larvae markedly reduces their lifespan. Somewhat surprisingly, autophagy induction in ttis450 larvae is independent of the state of the Tor pathway and proceeds unabated in Tp53-mutant larvae. These data demonstrate that autophagy is a survival mechanism invoked in response to ribosomal stress. This response may be of relevance to therapeutic strategies aimed at killing cancer cells by targeting ribosome biogenesis. In certain contexts, these treatments may promote autophagy and contribute to cancer cells evading cell death.
Surgical Removal of a Giant Sialolith by Diode Laser  [PDF]
Yeliz K?l?n?, Sedat ?etiner
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2014.410065
Abstract: Giant sialoliths larger than 20 mm are rare. The surgery has to be performed with the minimally invasive method in order to avoid the morbidity associated with the surgical techniques. In this report the surgical removal of a giant sialolith of 25 mm by using diode laser is described. A 57-year-old female was presented with a firm mass in the anterior part of the left side of the floor of the mouth. Following the clinical and radiological examination, the left submandibular duct sialolith was diagnosed. The diode laser was used with a power setting of 810 nm of wavelength, 4.0 W of power, 0.5 ms continuous wave and 1000 Hz of frequency for the incision. The giant sialolith was adequately removed under local anesthesia. The procedure was well-tolerated. The wound healing was uneventful in the postoperative period. By the 10th day after surgery the patient had no complaints and the salivary flow was normal. It was concluded that the use of 810-nm diode laser application is a safe and useful technique. Due to the excellent cutting and coagulation ability, there is a low complication rate, making it an appropriate alternative for this type of surgical procedure.
Co-Combustion Characteristics and Kinetics of Cotton Stalk and Polypropylene Blends  [PDF]
Yeliz Durak ?etin, Tülay Durusoy
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2017.84021
Abstract: The combustion kinetics of biomass-cotton stalk (CS), polymer-polypro-pylene (PP) and blend of polymer/biomass-polypropylene/cotton stalk blends were examined through thermo gravimetric analysis in this study. The experiments were performed under non-isothermal conditions in the 298 - 873 K temperature interval. The heating rate of this research realized under the air atmosphere was designated as 5 K·min-1. The particle size effect on the combustion behavior of cotton stalk was also studied. A decrease in the maximum rate of decomposition and an increase in the temperature of maximum decomposition with increasing particle size were obtained. Three different models based on the Arrhenius method were used to analyze differential thermo gravimetric data. Blending ratio effects of biomass-cotton stalk and polymer-polypropylene on the combustion kinetics were further explored. Additionally, factors and kinetic parameters were also discussed. Activation energies obtained through the Arrhenius method (n = 1) were much lower than that of polypropylene for all blends. As a result of the research, as the weight percentage of polypropylene in the mixture rises, an increase in activation energy values was observed. The minimum value of the activation energy was calculated with PP/CS with 2/3 blending ratio as 35.8 kJ·mol-1.
Determination of the Amount of Certain Heavy Metal Ions and Some Specific Liver Enzymes and Levels of Testesterone Hormone in the Blood Sera of Heavy Asphalt Workers and Rural Community in Van, Turkey
Nurhayat Atasoy,Yeliz Kanat
Research Journal of Medical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjmsci.2011.73.79
Abstract: In the present study, the effects of heavy metals Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd) on the liver enzymes Glutamate Oxalate Transaminase (GOT), Glutamic Pyruvate Transaminase (GPT) and testosterone hormone concentration heavy asphalt workers were investigated. Research material consists of blood samples taken from Van highway asphalt workers and rural community (Bardakci). The research was conducted with attention paid to personal traits. Results of lead, cadmium, enzyme activities and hormone content in the blood samples of workers and rural people are interpreted by variance analysis with uni-variety method in Spss package software. According to the results, GOT amount in highway asphalt workers was 23.27±l.09 U L-1 while it was 23.82±1.75 U L-1, GPT amount in highway asphalt workers was 23.82±1.75 U L-1 while it was 20.48±1.61 U L-1 in the control group. Pb amount was significant at the rate of 14.64±0.64 μg/l00 mL in asphalt workers and 5.04±0.60 μg/l00 mL and p<0.0l in the control group; Cd amount was significant at the rate of 0.l6l±0.028 μg/l00 mL in the asphalt workers and 0.038±0.026 μg/l00 mL and p<0.01 in the control group with the amounts and significance as 0.283±0.032 μg/l00 mL in smoking workers and 0.038±0.021 μg/100 mL and p<0.0l in non-smoking workers; the amount and significance of testosterone was found as 631.38±41.09 ng dL-1 in non-smoking asphalt workers and 388.65±29.05 and p<0.0l in smoking workers; the amount of testosterone in non-smoking asphalt workers was 657.38±36.04 and 450.05±30.63 dL-1 in smoking asphalt workers with p<0.01 significance.
The Effects of Pre-sowing Treatments on Emergence and Seedling Growth of Tomato Seed (Llycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Under Several Stress Conditions
Levent Arin,Yeliz Kiyak
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: Effects of seed treatments of priming, soaking and hydration-dehydration on emergence and seedling growth of fresh-market and processing tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. cvs H 2274 and Rio Grande) were evaluated under stress conditions of low temperature, drought and salinity. Seed treatment × stress condition interaction was not significant for all of the criteria tested. For both cultivars, while the seed treatments did not result in significant increases on emergence percentage compared with untreated seeds, the treated seeds on the other hand emerged faster and were greater in seedling length, fresh weight, and diameter compared to non-treated seeds. The results indicated that the seed pretreatments tested may be an alternative of choice to improve emergence and seedling growth, and stress factors can be exploited in the manipulation of seedling development.
Itchy Papules
Yeliz Erdemo?lu
Turkderm , 2008,
Abstract: ..
Alternatif Turizm e itlerinin Konya Turizmine Etkisi üzerine Bir Ara t rma
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: In our times every year, millions of people go other countries or regions by leaving their constant residents for a while andmeet such social, cultural and psychological needs as sightseeing, relaxation, entertainment and learning there. Economically andsocially, this event, which has comprehensive effects and is colled as tourism, composes a basic characteristic of today’scivilisation.Besides its economic, socio-cultural and environmental effects, tourism also has a relation with many sectors directly orindirectly, so it is an indispensable sector for countries, especially for the developing countries. In order to develop the country’stourism and to benefit much more from its economic adventages, and on the other hand, to minimize its negative effects, stabletourism policies need to be found and put into practice. By means of an active policy, tourism may be enabled systematically tomake much more contribution to the economy of the country.Year by year, the proportion of the global tourism in manufacturing is increasing and at the same time, the movement oftourism is moving from west to east. With this development the proportion, which the countries with touristic values get, showsincrease. In paralel to the increase of the incomes; the increase in the investments of substructures and the developments in thefield of health and security are among the important factors that help tourism develop. From this point of view, the touristicincome of Turkey shows increase and Turkey incorporates its characteristic of being an attraction center with its strategiclocation, abundance of sea, sand and sun and wealth of cultural and natural resources.Depending upon the changing life standard and increasing environmental consciousness the quest of reformation and varietyalso increase. The usual concept of tourism composing of sea, sand and sun, gives its place gradully to the concepts of culture,history, local customs, adventure and entertainment. As an alternative to the mass tourism; such touristic movements asecotourism, sustainable tourism, adventure tourism, environmentally sensitive tourism, nature-based tourism, green tourism,cultural tourism emerge. Thus, tourism goes towards rural areas eluding from coastal areas and journeys in certain times spreadover the whole year.To increase diversity in tourism is important to evaluate in terms of natural beauty will be opened to tourism areas in Turkey.Moreover, the diversity of the tourism industry and exclude services to 12 months in tourism sector nstead of only the increase intourism revenues in the period of summe
Mean-Variance-Skewness-Entropy Measures: A Multi-Objective Approach for Portfolio Selection
Ilhan Usta,Yeliz Mert Kantar
Entropy , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/e13010117
Abstract: In this study, we present a multi-objective approach based on a mean-variance-skewness-entropy portfolio selection model (MVSEM). In this approach, an entropy measure is added to the mean-variance-skewness model (MVSM) to generate a well?diversified portfolio. Through a variety of empirical data sets, we evaluate the performance of the MVSEM in terms of several portfolio performance measures. The obtained results show that the MVSEM performs well out-of sample relative to traditional portfolio selection?models.
Updated Classification and Staging Cutaneous Lymphoma (2009)
Nahide Onsun,Yeliz Erdemo?lu
Turkderm , 2010,
Abstract: ...
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