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The Emotion of Awe and Perception of Destination to Influence Tourists’ Satisfaction  [PDF]
Dong Lu, Ye Tian
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2015.34040
Abstract: This study aimed to explain tourist satisfaction by using an integrated model that incorporated cognitive and affective perspectives. Questionnaires data were collected from 385 participants in Tibet and the conceptual model was verified by using Structural Equation Modeling. The results showed that, from the cognitive viewpoint, the perception of the natural environment was the key factor to influence tourists’ satisfaction; from the affective viewpoint, both the perception of the natural environment and the perception of the religious atmosphere were the factors to influence tourists’ satisfaction. The perceived value of the destination (cognitive factor) and experience of the emotion of awe (affective factor) also influenced tourists’ satisfaction. Additionally, the findings of this study showed that the emotion of awe was the mediator between the perceived value of the destination and the tourists’ satisfaction. In a summary, this study presented a theoretical framework that was based on the dual perspectives of cognition and affection to expand the existing research and provided a comprehensive and reasonable interpretation of tourists’ satisfaction.
The Experimental Research on the Influence of Materialism and the Emotion of Awe on Life Satisfaction and Products Preference  [PDF]
Ye Tian, Dong Lu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.310020
Abstract: The materialism plays a negative role in people’s life that if people have high materialism, normally they would show low life satisfaction and excessively pursue the material world but neglect the spiritual world. However, the emotion of awe, as a typical kind of positive emotions, can help people to raise their satisfaction in life and also promote people to approach the spiritual world. In this study, we used an experiment to investigate how the emotion of awe can offset against the negative impact from materialism on people. The results of the experiment indicated that if people experienced the awe emotion, no matter how high their materialism level were, they would increase their life satisfaction. And the people with high materialism would turn to prefer to the experience-based products when they acquired the emotion of awe.
An Empirical Investigation of Chinese Online Consumer Ethics  [PDF]
Dong Lu, Ye Tian
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.310022
Abstract: In the Chinese online consuming context, this study proposes 12 hypotheses and constructs a conceptual model to investigate the relationship between ethical ideologies and unethical behaviors. The empirical results successfully supported these hypotheses and clearly explained the mechanism that the three aspects of ethical ideologies (Idealism, Relativism and Machiavellianism) influenced four typical online unethical behaviors in varying degree. And this study in the online context makes contribution to the researches with topic of unethical behaviors. Besides, this study also brings managerial suggestions for practice.
The Stylistic Features of Webchat English
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2005, DOI: 10.3968/552
Abstract: With the development of computers and the Internet, webchat has become one of the most popular activities of internet communication in recent years. Webchat English has linguistic features of both oral and written English and thus formed a unique style. Adopting the modern stylistics, this paper attempting to explore the stylistic features of the English used in webchat, analyzes webchat English from four levels---phonetics, lexicon, syntax and graphology. Key words: webchat English, stylistic features, stylistic markers Résumé Avec le développement d’internet et la généralisation des ordinateurs, le webchat est devenu une des activités les plus populaires pour la communication informatique. L’anglais Webchat a formé son style stylistique à lui-même grace aux doubles faces de son oral et son écriture. Ce texte présent a adopté les théories de la stylisitique moderne pour engager une analyse sur l’anglais Webchat en 4 parties soit la phonétique, la lexicologie, le syntaxe et la graphologie. Mots-clés : l’anglais Webchat, les caractéristiques stylisitiques, marques stylistiques 摘 要 近年來網絡的發展和電腦的普及使網絡鍵談成為昀受歡迎的網際交流活動之一。網絡鍵談英語因具有口語和書面語雙重特徵而形成了自己獨特的文體風格。本文採用現代文體學理論,從音系﹑辭彙﹑句法和字位四個方面對網絡鍵談英語進行分析,試圖探索其文體特徵。 關鍵詞:網絡鍵談英語;文體特徵;文體標記
The Anisotropic Cell Model in the Colloidal Plasmas
Qizheng Ye;Fei Lu
PIER , 2010, DOI: 10.2528/PIER09112401
Abstract: The anisotropic spherical Wigner-Seitz (WS) cell model --- introduced to describe colloidal plasmas --- is investigated using the linearized Poisson-Boltzmann (PB) equation. As an approximation, the surface potential of the spherical macroparicle expanded in terms of the monopole () and the dipole () is considered as an anisotropic boundary condition of the linear PB equation. Here, the "apparent" moments and are the moments 'seen' in the microion cloud, respectively. Based on a new physical concept, the momentneutrality, the potential around the macroparticle can be solvable analytically if the relationship between the actual moment and the "apparent" moment can be obtained according to the momentneutrality condition in addition to the usual electroneutrality. The calculated results of the potential show that there is an attractive region in the vicinity of macroparticle when the corresponding dipole part of the potential dominates over the monopole part, and there is an attractive region and a repulsive region at the same time, i.e., a potential well, when the corresponding dipole part of the potential just comes into play. It provides the possibility and the conditions of the appearance of periodic structure of the colloidal plasmas, although it is a result of a simple theoretical model.
Oracle Model Based on RBF Neural Networks for Automated Software Testing
Ying Lu,Mao Ye
Information Technology Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Oracle is one of the most difficult and expensive parts in automated software testing. It is explored in this paper to use Radial Basis Function Neural Networks (RBF NN) to construct an automated oracle model. The automated oracle generate the approximate outputs that are close to expected outputs after training. Actual outputs are then compared with the approximate outputs to determine if there is a failure when software is running. Oracle can therefore be implemented automatically and the precision be adjusted by parameters. It will save a lot of time and cost in software testing.
A General Software Framework based on Reform in Formative Assessment
Jian Xiang,Lu Ye
Journal of Software , 2009, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.4.10.1076-1083
Abstract: Formative assessment reform is an important tool that can bring about a fundamental change in the traditional education system. It is beyond question that this measure will set new scientific objectives in education. Given this probable advantage, formative assessment is a necessary step that will align our methods with international practice. It is all the more crucial in light of the international character of computer science as a discipline; hence, it has substantial practical applications. Consequently, in order to meet international standards, we should remedy the existing serious limitation in the traditional means of assessment. With the current practice of computer technology education, this paper will introduce a reform in formative assessment and propose a software framework of the web-based practice teaching administration platform for formative assessment. With a certain degree of versatility, scalability, flexibility and value of promotion, this system has been partially adopted in department of computer science.
Evaluation of Venture Capital Based on Evaluation Model  [PDF]
Hengqing Tong, Yichao Pan, Yang Ye, Shudan Lu, Hengwen Liu
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2010.13023
Abstract: This paper studies evaluation problem in venture capital. Based on the venture capital and the actual evaluation work, we use an evaluation model proposed by us to evaluate the profitability of enterprises. We establish the impact of investment income and investment risk index system, corresponding to get observational data of the second order indexes. Evaluation model is a kind of generalized linear regression model with convex constraint, in which the dependent variable is unknown and regression coefficients all are calculated in accordance with samples instead of the prior designated. The least squares estimation of the model is given by the interactive projection algorithm between the convex sets, so as to provide a new analysis method for venture capital evaluation index system.
Analysis of Quality of Life in Cancer Patients by Structural Equation Model  [PDF]
Hengqing Tong, Shudan Lu, Yang Ye, Yichao Pan
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2010.12012
Abstract: Many people have been dead of cancer. The life quality of patients with cancer has aroused great concern from the public and specialists. In this paper, an index system of life quality is proposed to evaluate the quality of life, which includes 6 first-level indexes and 34 second-level indexes. Then, a structural equation model (SEM) based on these in-dexes and relationships among them is constructed for the analysis of quality of life in cancer patients. Furthermore, we offer a definite linear algorithm for the calculation of SEM. This method is more objective and scientific compared with traditional methods, such as descriptive analysis, some simple test methods and so on.
Analysis and Evaluation for Core Competence of Insurance Company Based on SEM  [PDF]
Hengqing Tong, Yang Ye, Yichao Pan, Shudan Lu, Jie Zhang
iBusiness (IB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2010.22021
Abstract: Evaluation the core competence reasonably plays an important role in the insurance company, it is related to whether the insurance can maintain a stable long-term competitive advantage or not, and whether obtain a stable long-term excess profits or not. In this paper, we select 6 first-degree indexes (including the core competence) and 28 second-degree indexes to evaluate the core competence of insurance company by Structural Equation Model (SEM), and analysis the relationships among the first-degree indexes. Besides, we use a new algorithm proposed by us to improve the calculation of SEM.
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