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Knockdown of Akt Sensitizes Osteosarcoma Cells to Apoptosis Induced by Cisplatin Treatment
Guoyou Zhang,Ming Li,Xiaodong Zhu,Yushu Bai,Changwei Yang
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijms12052994
Abstract: Akt plays an important role in the inhibition of apoptosis induced by chemotherapy and other stimuli. We therefore investigated if knockdown of Akt2 promoted drug-induced apoptosis in cultured osteosarcoma cells in vitro. SAOS-2 cells were transfected with Akt2 siRNA. The sensitivity of the transformed cell line to the chemotherapeutic drug cisplatin was assessed. Reduced expression of Akt2 did not directly inhibit the growth rate of the transfected cells; however, it significantly increased their sensitivity to cisplatin. Knockdown of Akt2, together with cisplatin treatment, promoted the expression of p53 up-regulated modulator of apoptosis (PUMA). It is possible that the augmentation of cisplatin cytotoxicity may be mediated by PUMA activation. The results of this study suggest that knockdown of Akt2 expression may have therapeutic applications in enhancing the efficacy of chemotherapy in patients with osteosarcoma.
BRST Invariance and Renormalisability of the SU(2)$\times$U(1) Electroweak Theory with Massive W Z Bosons
Ze-sen Yang,Xianhui Li,Zhinig Zhou,Yushu Zhong
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: Since the SU(n) gauge theory with massive gauge bosons has been proven to be renormalisable we reinvestigate the renormalisability of the SU$_L$(2) $\times$ U$_Y$(1) electroweak theory with massive W Z bosons. We expound that with the constraint conditions caused by the W Z mass term and the additional condition chosen by us we can performed the quantization and construct the ghost action in a way similar to that used for the massive SU(n) theory. We also show that when the $\delta-$ functions appearing in the path integral of the Green functions and representing the constraint conditions are rewritten as Fourier integrals with Lagrange multipliers $\lambda_a$ and $\lambda_y$, the BRST invariance is kept in the total effective action consisting of the Lagrange multipliers, ghost fields and the original fields. Furthermore, by comparing with the massless theory and with the massive SU(n) theory we find the general form of the divergent part of the generating functional for the regular vertex functions and prove the renormalisability of the theory. It is also clarified that the renormalisability of the theory with the W Z mass term is ensured by that of the massless theory and the massive SU(n) theory.
Renormalisability of the SU(n) Gauge Theory with Massive Gauge Bosons
Ze-sen Yang,Zhining Zhou,Yushu Zhong,Xianhui Li
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: The problem of renormalisability of the SU(n) theory with massive gauge bosons is reinverstigated in the present work. We expound that the quantization under the Lorentz condition caused by the mass term of the gauge fields leads to a ghost action which is the same as that of the usual SU(n) Yang-Mills theory in the Landau gauge. Furthermore, we clarify that the mass term of the gauge fields cause no additional complexity to the Slavnov-Taylor identity of the generating functional for the regular vertex functions and does not change the equations satisfied by the divergent part of this generating functional. Finally, we prove that the renormalisability of the theory can be deduced from the renormalisability of the Yang-Mills theory.
Scattering Matrix of the SU(n) Gauge Theory with Explicit Gauge Mass Term
Yang Ze-sen,Li Xianhui,Zhou Zhining,Zhong Yushu
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: Based on the renormalisability of the SU(n) theory with massive gauge bosons, we start with the path integral of the generating functional for the renormalized Green functions and develop a method to construct the scattering matrix so that the unitarity is evident. By using as basical variables the renormalized field functions and defining the unperturbed Hamiltonian operator $H_0$ that, under the Lorentz condition, describes the free particles of the initial and final states in scattering processes, we form an operator description with which the renormalized Green functions can be expressed as the vacuum expectations of the time ordered products of the Heisenberg operators of the renormalized field functions, that satisfy the usual equal time commutation or anticommutation rules. From such an operator description we find a total Hamiltonian $\widetilde{H}$ that determine the time evolution of the Heisenberg operators of the renormalized field functions. The scattering matrix is nothing but the matrix of the operator $U(\infty, -\infty)$, which describes the time evolution from $-\infty$ to $\infty$ in the interaction picture specified by $\widetilde{H}$ and $H_0$, respect to a base formed by the physical eigen states of $H_0$. We also explain the asymptotic field viewpoint of constructing the scattering matrix within our operator description. Moreover, we find a formular to express the scattering matrix elements in terms of the truncated renormalized Green functions.
The High Surface Ratio Micro-MoS2 Grain Composed of MoS2 Nanosheet Prepared with One-Step Hydrothermal Synthesis  [PDF]
Guangtong Zhou, Xiangbin Zeng, Wenzhao Wang, Yishuo Hu, Sue Xu, Shaoxiong Wu, Yang Zeng, Wen Jing, Tingting Ren, Zhenyu Guo, Pengfei Xu, Haoran Li, Yushu Tang
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2018.63026
Abstract: Micro molybdenum disulfide was prepared with one-step hydrothermal method; the influence of reactant concentration and temperature on the surface ratio of micro-MoS2 grain was investigated. Raman spectroscopy (Raman), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were used to characterize the structure, composition and morphology of MoS2. The results show that micro-MoS2 grains were synthesized with one-step hydrothermal synthesis, and the morphology of micro-MoS2 grains is like flower and sphere. The SEM figures indicate that the surface ratio of micro-MoS2 grains is different and also show that the surface ratio of micro-MoS2 grains can be improved by regulating reactant concentration and temperature. This research showed a method to improve the surface ratio of micro-MoS2 grains.
Phase Transition Dynamics and Its Alpha' Corrections
Song, Yushu
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.76.106014
Abstract: We study the dynamics of the first order phase transition in the holographic hard wall model, namely, Polchinski-Strassler's model and come to the conclusion that the phase transition is incomplete in large N limit with the natural boundary condition. We also consider the string length corrections to both hard wall model and Witten's model, and find that the interesting transition configuration is preserved under the alpha' corrections.
A Randomly-Controlled Study on the Cardiac Function at the Early Stage of Return to the Plains after Short-Term Exposure to High Altitude
Qiquan Zhou, Shengyue Yang, Yongjun Luo, Yushu Qi, Ziqiang Yan, Zifu Shi, Yong Fan
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0031097
Abstract: High altitude acclimatization and adaptation mechanisms have been well clarified, however, high altitude de-adaptation mechanism remains unclear. In this study, we conducted a controlled study on cardiac functions in 96 healthy young male who rapidly entered the high altitude (3700 m) and returned to the plains (1500 m) after 50 days. Ninety eight healthy male who remained at low altitude were recruited as control group. The mean pulmonary arterial pressure (mPAP), left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), left ventricular fraction shortening (LVFS), cardiac function index (Tei index) were tested. Levels of serum creatine kinase isoform MB (CK-MB), lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme-1 (LDH-1), endothelin-1 (ET-1), nitrogen oxide (NO), serum hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α), 8-iso-prostaglandin F2α (8-iso PGF2α), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and malonaldehyde (MDA) were measured at an altitude of 3700 m and 1500 m respectively. The results showed that after short-term exposure to high altitude mPAP and Tei index increased significantly, while LVEF and LVFS decreased significantly. These changes were positively correlated with altitude. On the 15th day after the subjects returned to low altitude, mPAP, LVEF and LVFS levels returned to the same level as those of the control subjects, but the Tei index in the returned subjects was still significantly higher than that in the control subjects (P<0.01). We also found that changes in Tei index was positively correlated with mPAP, ET-1, HIF-1α and 8-iso PGF2α levels, and negatively correlated with the level of NO, LVEF, LVFS, CK-MB and LDH-1. These findings suggest that cardiac function de-adapts when returning to the plains after short-term exposure to high altitude and the function recovery takes a relatively long time.
A New Method for Nonlinear System Control

Zhong Yanjong,Liao Fucheng,Yang Yushu,

自动化学报 , 1994,
Abstract: 非线性系统的一种直接控制方法钟延炯,廖福成(北京科技大学自动化系100083)杨遇术(兵总北方车辆研究所)关键词非线性控制系统,最优控制,PID调节器1引言对于非线性系统的研究,人们提出了许多方法,例如线性化方法、谐波线性化方法、描述函数法,近年来又...
棉花学报 , 2008,
棉花学报 , 2008,
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