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Allosteric Modulation of αβδ GABAA Receptors
Hua-Jun Feng
Pharmaceuticals , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/ph3113461
Abstract: GABA A receptors mediate the majority of the fast inhibition in the mature brain and play an important role in the pathogenesis of many neurological and psychiatric disorders. The αβδ GABA A receptor localizes extra- or perisynaptically and mediates GABAergic tonic inhibition. Compared with synaptically localized?αβγ receptors,?αβδ receptors are more sensitive to GABA, display relatively slower desensitization and exhibit lower efficacy to GABA agonism. Interestingly, αβδ receptors can be positively modulated by a variety of structurally different compounds, even at saturating GABA concentrations. This review focuses on allosteric modulation of recombinant αβδ receptor currents and αβδ receptor-mediated tonic currents by anesthetics and ethanol. The possible mechanisms for the positive modulation of αβδ receptors by these compounds will also be discussed.
Capacity Research of Asynchronous OCDMA System

Zhou Xiu-li,Yang Hua-jun,Ma Jun-xian,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: To research the information capacity of the Asynchronous Optical Code Division Multiple Access(OCDMA) system,the system model and its implementation under ideal channel and AWGN channel optical communications are presented. We modeled a discrete memoryless channel OCDMA system and evaluated the aggregate capacity from the probability of the output signal at the chip level. On the condition that the information capacity limited by 1 bit per chip,the results show that the interference caused by asynchronism reduces the capacity limit as the number of users increases,but for a sufficiently large number of users,both the ideal and the AWGN channel throughput limit varies slowly and the limit is around 0.71-0.75 bit/chip. With less number of users of the ideal channel,the more the input probability is lower than 0.50,the lower the largest capacity limit will be. With low noise variance of the AWGN channel,the system with smaller users can attain higher capacity limit. So the information capacity of the asynchronous OCDMA is gotten.
An Improved Image Segmentation Method Based on Fuzzy Clustering

LIU Hua-jun,REN Ming-wu,YANG Jing-yu,

中国图象图形学报 , 2006,
Abstract: An improved spatial relation constrained FCM algorithm is developed in this paper,the spatial neighbor relation between both pixels and between pixel and regions are defined,and the spatial relation matrix between pixel and regions has been constructed.This matrix is constrained to the partition matrix of the classical fuzzy C-Means clustering(FCM) algorithms and the spatial relation constrained FCM algorithm is formed.This algorithm can automatically segment images with fewer parameters comparing to other algorithms of this category.Many experiments are conducted on the avenue images in which the road intensity is inconsistent,and the results show that our segmentation algorithm has better performance to object's consistency for road images with shadows.
Novel Preparation, Characterization, Property of Lithium Bis(oxalate) Borate
LIU Jian-Wen,LI Xin-Hai,WANG Zhi-Ying,GUO Hua-Jun,HU Qi-Yang
无机材料学报 , 2009, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2009.00808
Abstract: A novel preparation method of lithium bis(oxalato)borate (LiBOB) called acetonitrile solution method was introduced. Lithium source was firstly pretreated by P204 extraction resin. Then Li2CO3 was reacted with H3BO3 and H2C2O4 directly in acetonitrile solution. As-prepared LiBOB was finally purified in ethylene glycol di-methyl ether (C4H10O2). The synthesized LiBOB was characterized by infrared spectrum, X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern, atomic absorption and ion chromatography. Thermal stability capability of as-synthesized LiBOB was analyzed by differential thermal analysis and thermogravimetry. The results indicate that the as-synthesized LiBOB has higher purity, lower impurity contents and better thermal stability than commercialized LiBOB, the purity of the as-synthesized LiBOB reaches 99.95%.
Superposed evolution of Sichuan Basin and its petroleum accumulation.

王学军, 杨志如, 韩冰
WANG Hua-Jun
, YANG Zhi-Ru, HAN Bing

- , 2015, DOI: 10.13745/j.esf.2015.03.014
Abstract: 根据前人成果和石油勘探资料,对赋存在扬子板块上的四川盆地进行了解剖,认为盆地经历了震旦纪、寒武纪—志留纪、石炭纪—二叠纪—中三叠世、晚三叠世—侏罗纪—早白垩世和晚白垩世—新生代盆地沉降、隆升剥蚀五大构造演化阶段。震旦纪、寒武纪—志留纪盆地演化阶段受周缘断陷的控制,以碎屑岩、膏盐岩和碳酸盐岩建造为特征,盆地基底整体表现为西高、东低的构造格局。中奥陶世末的构造事件形成了川中古隆起,志留纪末的构造事件导致了盆地的整体隆升与剥蚀。在经历了志留纪末期的构造变形、隆升改造后,石炭纪—中三叠世进入陆表海盆地演化阶段,以碳酸盐岩和膏盐岩建造为主要特征,整体表现为西南隆、东北降的构造格局。茅口组沉积末的构造事件导致了盆地隆升和剥蚀,中三叠世末的构造事件形成了泸州—开江古隆起,盆地消亡,地层遭受剥蚀。晚三叠世前陆盆地叠合在前期海相盆地之上,导致了盆地西低、东高的构造格局,侏罗纪—早白垩世表现为大型陆内坳陷盆地。侏罗纪末的构造事件使川东高陡构造带形成,早白垩世末构造事件导致了盆地的消亡与整体隆升,晚白垩世—新生代盆地沉积在西南部局限分布。盆地叠合演化形成了震旦系、下寒武统、上奥陶统五峰组—下志留统龙马溪组、二叠系梁山组、龙潭组、上三叠统、下侏罗统等多套富含有机质的烃源岩,与盆地内叠合连片发育的中—上寒武统、下—中三叠统、上三叠统、侏罗系和中新统等多套膏盐岩或泥岩、煤系构成了盆地内良好的源盖组合,成为盆地油气富集的基础。每套优质的盖层之下都发育了一套优质的储层,并与构造作用形成的圈闭形成了盆地良好的储圈组合,成为油气富集的必要条件,形成了盆地下组合、中组合和上组合三大勘探层系。勘探成果显示,古隆起、古斜坡和烃源岩分布的配置控制盆地的油气分布。
Fully Automated Detection of Corticospinal Tract Damage in Chronic Stroke Patients
Ming Yang,Ya-ru Yang,Hui-jun Li,Xue-song Lu,Yong-mei Shi,Bin Liu,Hua-jun Chen,Gao-jun Teng
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/370849
Abstract: Structural integrity of the corticospinal tract (CST) after stroke is closely linked to the degree of motor impairment. However, current methods for measurement of fractional atrophy (FA) of CST based on region of interest (ROI) are time-consuming and open to bias. Here, we used tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS) together with a CST template with healthy volunteers to quantify structural integrity of CST automatically. Two groups of patients after ischemic stroke were enrolled, group 1 (10 patients, 7 men, and Fugl-Meyer assessment (FMA) scores 50) and group 2 (12 patients, 12 men, and FMA scores = 100). CST of FAipsi, FAcontra, and FAratio was compared between the two groups. Relative to group 2, FA was decreased in group 1 in the ipsilesional CST ( ), as well as the FAratio ( ). There was no significant difference between the two subgroups in the contralesional CST ( ). Compared with contralesional CST, FA of ipsilesional CST decreased in group 1 ( ). These results suggest that the automated method used in our study could detect a surrogate biomarker to quantify the CST after stroke, which would facilitate implementation of clinical practice. 1. Introduction Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can delineate anatomic connectivity of white matter and evaluate tract disruption in vivo, which is increasingly used in stroke-related research [1–5]. DTI-derived parameter such as fractional anisotropy (FA) has been found to reliably reflect the microstructural status of corticospinal tract (CST) in patients with stroke [6–8]. Greater gains in motor function were related to higher FA values of ipsilesional CST, and slice-by-slice analysis of FA values along the CST demonstrated that the more the ipsilesional FA profiles of patients resembled those of healthy controls, the greater their functional improvement was [6]. Meanwhile the reverse is also true that greater loss of structural integrity of the ipsilesional CST is associated with poorer motor outcomes in patients with hemiparetic stroke [7, 8]. Despite these advances, some factors impede the uptake of these approaches. CST tracking in individual stroke is often difficult due to interruption of fibers by the infarct which can result in the unreliable morphology of the tracts. Moreover, manual placement of regions of interest (ROI) in individual patients is also problematic because of operator bias, and manual labeling is time-consuming. For these reasons, its feasibility is limited. Therefore, a fully automated method of evaluating CST is urgently needed to satisfy the translational potential of CST injury

CHEN Yin-jun,TANG Hua-jun,HOU Xiang-yang,

资源科学 , 1999,
Abstract: The red yellow soil areas lie in a humid and subtropical zones of China with advantageous hydrothermal conditions for agricultural development,especially for winter agricultural development.Various models for winter agriculture have been developed,such as winter crops,winter oil crops,winter green manures,winter vegetables,winter grasses,etc.The development of winter agriculture can not only alleviate contradictions between population and land resources,but also increase grain production and farmers' income,and compensate fodder shortage as well.This will contribute substantially to the sustained and high efficient agricultural development.Different strategies to the rational utilization of superiority resources for winter agricultural development are proposed.
Simulation of pursuit-evasion among multi-UAV

Gong Hua-jun,YANG Chang-feng,Wang biao,Yang Zhong,

控制理论与应用 , 2009,
Abstract: Comparing with the confrontation model in differential game theory, the pursuit-evasion model of unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs) constructed by algebraic graph theory is easier to be simulated. Therein, the control inputs of pursuers and evaders are implemented by changing nonzero eigenvalues of Laplacian matrix based on gradient method, and the communication variation or sensing degradation of UAVs is investigated through the boundary weighting function. Simulation provides information for combining the real conditions to compose the guidelines for practical applications. Simulations indicate that evaders may change to a crossing escaping trajectory to confuse the pursuers, and pursuers may also change their objects, thus, the relative distances is continuously change.
A New Method of Fast-complete Matrix-projection Principal Component Analysis

GUO Zhi-bo,YANG Jing-yu,LIU Hua-jun,YAN Yuan-yang,

中国图象图形学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Principal component analysis(PCA) is a well-known method in pattern recognition.But the classical PCA transforms original image matrices into same dimensional vectors which will result in very large dimension of covariance matrix and very high computational complexity when processing image matrices.Moreover,extracted feature of the images are not excellent due to the fact that thepixel's spatial relativity based on the classical PCA was neglected.This paper presents a fast-complete matrix-projection principal component analysis(FMPCA) that decreases the computational complexity and utilizes the spatial relativity between rows and columns.The experiments conducted on NUST603,Yale and ORL face database demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can not only extract image feature efficiently but also maintain more powerful and excellent performance than some other principal component analysis methods.

YANG Qing-yuan,YANG Hua-jun,QIU Dao-chi,

资源科学 , 1999,
Abstract: 根据重庆市标定地价空间组织研究,提出城镇标准地块空间配置的技术路线为:以城镇土地定级成果为基础,以标准地块特征为依据,揭示城市土地级差和房地产市场价格线性分布规律,建立标准地块线性分布计算模型。运用该模型编制的重庆市九龙坡区标准地块定量配置方案能很好地满足当地地价管理的需要。
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