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A Comparative Study of Models and Approaches to Quality Management in Health Systems
Yadollah Hamidi
Journal of Research in Health Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Background: Quality management is one of the most effective strategies for improving Health system performance in developed and developing countries. This research was a comparative study on quality management models in health system of several countries. The main goal of this study was to identify the most significant dimensions of quality management and propose appropriate model for health system. Methods: In this research Asian, African, European, North and South American countries that have backgrounds in implementation of total quality models in health sector, were elected via a convenient sampling. In addition this study included World Health Organization and World Bank experiences concerning quality in several countries. Results: showed that in 22 studies in developing countries, outcome criteria do not exist, 7 studies utilized structural indicators and 3 studies utilized both process and structural indicators for assessing the quality of healthcare, Also main goals of quality improvement in these countries were: increasing service efficiency, improving quality of services, improving quality of work life, cost decreasing, waste eliminations, appropriate usage of resource and developing organizational culture. Conclusions: General approaches to quality in these countries were: Quality Assurance, ISO 9002, cultural development, Total Quality Management, process documentations and quality improvement projects. The most significant problems in implementation of qua
Communication Skills of Heads of Departments: Verbal, Listening, and Feedback Skills
Yadollah Hamidi,Majid Barati
Journal of Research in Health Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Background: Managers’ communication skills are one of the most important topics in educational sector of universities of medical sciences and may have considerable effect on faculty members and employees. This study was performed to determine the level of communication skills (verbal, listening, feedback) of the heads of department of faculties and its relation with some demographic variables. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted from June 2009 to January 2010. We enrolled all of the heads of departments (N=60) in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, western Iran. The participants received a self-administered 24-item questionnaire in Likert format (six general items and 18 items related to communication skills). Data were analyzed with SPSS software using Chi-square and Fisher's exact tests. Results: The average scores of verbal, listening and feedback communication were 22.5, 16.1 and 21.1, respectively. Accordingly, 78.3% of participants in verbal c
Evaluation of Student Satisfaction from Hamadan University of Medical Sciences Educational Process and Programs in 2011-2012
Edris Hoseinzadeh,Yadollah Hamidi,Ghodratollah Roshanaie,Parvin Cheraghi
Pajouhan Scientific Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Introduction: Mission of Universities is to respond to the needs and expectations of its key stakeholders and specially their students. Quality promotion and continuous improvement of education and research processes in universities of medical sciences is important. Determining of student satisfaction level as the most important indicators to reach the desired quality should be considered. Thus this study with purpose of student satisfaction evaluation from education and research processes in Hamadan medical sciences faculties was performed.Material and Methods: This cross - sectional study was conducted in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences at 2011-2012. 385 students selected from all schools based on stratified method. To measure student satisfaction a researcher made questionnaire consisted of 71 questions related to various aspects of educational services (9 compasses) was used. Obtained data were analyzed using SPSS 16 software the chi-square test.Results: Most of the participants (72.2%) were in the age group 25 to 21 years. 50.3 percent of students were female. Most of students were at the undergraduate level (38.8%) and physician (32.9%). Level of satisfaction for all compasses was at moderate level. Based on statistic result only in internships and apprenticeships compasses satisfaction level showed a significant correlation with studying duration (P<0.05). Also in the teachers counseling, workshops and laboratory activity compasses the stratification level had a significance relation with degree (P<0.05).Conclusion: The results showed that the student’s satisfaction from educational processes is at moderate level. Satisfaction level based on degree of students is different, so managers and policy makers of educational system as well as teachers of various degrees can utilize the present study results to restructure of educational strategy in order to promotion the quality and the satisfaction level of educational services.
Stress and Job Satisfaction of Laborers and its Relationship with Physical Factors of Work Environment in a Hamadan's Factory
Yadollah Hamidi,Rostam Golmoliammadi,Sakineh Mahdavi,Akram Lak
Journal of Research in Health Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Background: Mental disorders have an important relationship with work conditions. Excessive workload, laborers needs and expectations ignorance, harmful physical agents, noise, poor lightning and bad work atmosphere result increasing stress and job dissatisfaction in workers. Methods: This descriptive-analytical survey implemented in order to investigate stress and job satisfaction rate of one of the Hamadan's factories laborers and its relationship with physical factors of work environment in 2001. Research population was the laborers of the old and new injection units (IS) of the factory. Data gathering tools were questioners, checklists and tools for measuring physical factors of work environment which all have been calibrated regarding to reliability and validity. Data analysis was performed using t- test, Chi-Square, and multiple regressions. Results: Findings showed that stress scores in both the old and new IS units were considerable. T-test showed a significant difference in the mean scores of stress (P < 0.05) and job satisfaction (P < 0.01) so that stress was higher in old IS unit and job satisfaction was higher in new IS unit. After measuring harmful physical factors in work environment it was revealed that Tergoison heat indicator (WBGT) in old IS unit was higher than new one (30.2 versus 24.7), adversely balanced sound pressure and light in new IS unit were higher than old one (96.27 to 94.74 and 57.2 to 37.62). Multiple regression analysis showed a significant relationship among stress components (pH physical condition) and job satisfaction. Conclusion: Findings of this survey showed that increasing of harmful physical factors in work environment leads increasing job stress and decreasing job satisfaction among laborers.
Translational Researches Require Effective Protocols for Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Integration
Yadollah Omidi
BioImpacts , 2011,
Abstract: Integration of several disciplines (nonclinical, preclinical and clinical researches) during drug discovery and development through learn and confirm process need a dynamic process “translational medicine” (TM) to give a holistic understanding of the entire process. To achieve the highest impacts, however, effective standard protocols need to be performed.
Integration of Molecular, Cellular and Translational Researches in BioImpacts
Yadollah Omidi
BioImpacts , 2011,
Abstract: Integration of molecular cellular biology with advanced technologies (e.g., bioinformatics, omics, biophotonics and nanobiosensing) has significantly improved the translational medicine field. The integrative research in various biomedical sciences has also fastened the progression of drug discovery and development. Aiming to meet the highest standards of publication, the newly established multidisciplinary open access journal “BioImpacts” grants a free platform for all authors and readers to facilitate the integration of different scientific domains in biomedical sciences.
Smart Multifunctional Theranostics: Simultaneous Diagnosis and Therapy of Cancer
Yadollah Omidi
BioImpacts , 2011,
Abstract: Clinical applications of advanced nanomedicines such as PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin and paclitaxel-albumin bioconjugates have significantly improved the cancer treatment strategies. However, these pharmaceuticals lack early detection and single cell tracking capabilities. Thus, engineering of smart multifunctional theranostics appear to be our next stepfor simultaneous diagnosis and therapy of cancer. Clinical translation of multifunctional theranostics appears to be dependent upon specificity of cancer biomarkers, biocompatibility of components used for formulation, and advancement of bioconjugation techniques. While many cancer biomarker candidates often fail to be used for clinical diagnosis/therapy because of their nonspecific functional expression in normal tissues, biocompatibility of materials used for bioconjugationalso needs to be approved. All these issues need to be fully addressed prior to the translation of smart multifunctional cancer theranostics.
CNT Nanobombs for Specific Eradication of Cancer Cells: A New Concept in Cancer Theranosticss
Yadollah Omidi
BioImpacts , 2011,
Abstract: Whole extermination of cancerous cells/tissue seems no longer to be a dream. Exploiting advanced photoactive nanomaterials such as functionalized fullerenes and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can act as CNT nanobombs (CNT-NBs) when exposed to the near infrared (NIR) radiation. PEGylated CNTs tagged with an antibody/aptamer can target cancer cells. Once attached to cancer cells, the NIR emission (700-1100 nm), in which body tissues are mostly transparent, can be applied to CNT-NBs which can absorb the light and get heated up. The resultant enhanced temperature can abolish the cancer. Once stealth CNT-NBs are tagged with imaging moieties, it would be a matter of computer gaming for physician who can inject it for real time visualization and destruction of cancer by activation of the NIR laser. While, many nanosystems (NSs) are still in waiting list for clinical translation, our dreams may come true by applying stealth CNT-NBs against cancer.
Yadollah Dodge
Revista Investigación Operacional , 2008,
Abstract: David Cox started his career as statistician in 1944 at the age of 20. Here we give a brief story of his scientific life, with extracts from interviews he has given.
Harmonicity and Minimality of vector fields on four-dimensional Lorentzian lie groups
Yadollah Keshavarzi
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We consider four dimensional lie groups equipped with left invariant Lorentzian Einstein metrics, and determine the harmonicity properties of vector fields on these spaces. In some cases, all these vector fields are critical points for the energy functional restricted to vector ?fields. We also classify vector fields defining harmonic maps, and calculate explicitly the energy of these vector fields. Then we study the minimality of critical points for the energy functional.

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