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Structured Rehabilitation Exercise Program in Parkinson’s Disease
Srikumar V,Wadhwa Sanjay,Singh U,Yadav SL
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2010,
Abstract: Title of the article: A Study of structured rehabilitationexercise program in Parkinson’s diseaseContext: There is a growing need to address rehabilitationissues to supplement medical therapy.Aims: To assess the impact of rehabilitation interventionin the functional status and quality of life in patients withParkinson’s disease.Settings and Design: Prospective follow-up study in ateaching hospitalMaterials and Methods: Twenty-eight cases withParkinson’s Disease on a stable pharmacological regimenand moderately disabled participated in this study. Allpatients were given the same set of exercises. Duringthe first month, patients performed exercises undersupervision at the hospital and rest of the days at home.In the second and third month, patients continued thesame exercises at home. During the fourth month, patientsmaintained their usual level of physical activity butdiscontinued the exercises. All patients were evaluatedat 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 months. Outcome measures used wereUnified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS)version 3.0, Webster step seconds product, andParkinson’s Disease Quality of Life Questionnaire(PDQL)Results: Significant improvements were observed inUPDRS section 1 (Mentation, behavior and mood),sections 2 and 6 (Activities of Daily Living), PDQLsubscales (parkinsonian symptoms, systemic symptomsand social functioning), and Webster step-seconds product.Conclusions: Systematic program of physical therapy isbeneficial in patients suffering from moderately disabledParkinson’s disease. Activities of daily living like dressing,turning in bed and walking respond favorably to exercises.Quality of life improves considerably following exercisesleading to increased social participation
Contractures and Drug Abuse
Srikumar V,Wadhwa S,Singh U,Yadav SL
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2009,
Abstract: Contracture is limitation of complete range of motion,active or passive, due to joint, muscle or soft-tissuelimitations. Myogenic contractures can be due to trauma,inflammation, degenerative changes, ischemia, andspasticity. A 32-year-old patient presented with complaintsof inability to sit on the floor and limitation of multiplejoint movements which progressed over the past threeyears. He had a history of multiple drug injections(pentazocine) for the past six years at multiple sitesthroughout the body. He was started on narcoticanalgesics for chronic abdominal pain followingpancreatitis. Deltoid, quadriceps, hamstring and calfmuscles were indurated and contracted. Bilateral wingingof scapula was present. Contractures are commonlyassociated with joint diseases; but normal radiographsand indurated muscles support a myogenic pathology inthis case. Myogenic contracture due to parenteral narcoticabuse is a rare entity.
Correlation Between Instrumental Hand Function and Activities of Daily Living in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Gupta AK,Yadav SL,Singh U,Wadhwa S
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: To find the correlation of instrumental handfunction (grip strength, muscle power and range ofmotion) and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) inrheumatoid arthritis patients.Methods: 50 patients of either sex were included in thestudy. Objective evaluation of hand function was doneusing Hand dynamometer and Electrogoniometer(Tracker system-version 4 ). The patients were assessedfor their functional limitations using Indian version ofHAQ-DI. Spearman rank collision was performed to findout the association among the variables.Results: It was found that most of the disease specificparameters like morning stiffness, number of inflamedjoints, duration of the disease and deformities had a strongcorrelation with the instrumental hand function. Deficitsin grip strength, tip pinch, palmar pinch, and range ofmotion of hand strongly correlated to difficulty in activitiesof daily living in patient with RA. Instrumental handfunctions (grip strength, pinch strength and range of motionof joints) were significantly impaired in patient with RAand they had good correlation with Indian HealthAssessment Questionnaire Disability Index (IHAQ-DI).Conclusion: Instrumental hand function assessmentalong with IHAQ-DI is an effective tool in evaluationand modulation of therapeutic interventions in patientswith rheumatoid arthritis. The instrumental hand functionassessment can also predict the deficits in ADL.
Effect of Alprazolam in Spasticity: A Pilot Study
Prakash O,Singh U,Yadav SL,Kishore K
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2009,
Abstract: Background: Alprazolam, given in 0.5 mg dose for someother reason (like anxiety), showed reduction in spasticityand spasm lasting for a few hours. On searching theliterature we did not come across any study to authenticatethis effect of alprazolam. Hence, this study was planned.Methodology: This was a prospective pilot study. 38cases suffering from spasticity of any origin wereincluded. 0.5 mg (for 15 days) followed by 1mg (foranother 15 days) of Alprazolam once daily hour beforebed time was given to every patient and repeatevaluations were done at day 15 (0.5mg) and 1 month(1mg). Spasticity were assessed by MAS, PSFS, Peaktorque at 30o, 60o, and 90o/sec, time taken for ADLdrinking, dressing, hand activity), and FIM motor score.Results: 34 completed the 1 month period of study.Significant improvement was observed in MAS score,PSFS at each time, peak torque at 30o /sec velocity (onlywith 1mg), peak torque at 60o and 90o /sec, FIM score,drinking activity (only with 1mg), dressing activity andhand activity.Conclusion: Alprazolam is a safe and effective drugfor the treatment of spasticity as well as spasms, that is,both the phasic and tonic part of stretch reflexes respondsto alprazolam when used up to 1 mg for 1 month.Performance of ADL improved favorably with 0.5 and 1mg alprazolam. Further studies are required in this arearegarding the long term safety and efficacy and effectivedose for spasticity.
Chelated minerals for poultry
Vieira, SL;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-635X2008000200001
Abstract: organic minerals have been subject of an increasing number of investigations recently. these compounds can be considered the most significant event regarding commercial forms of minerals targeting animal supplementation in the last decades. minerals, especially metals, are usually supplemented in poultry feeds using cheap saline sources and have never required a lot of attention in terms of quality. on the other hand, definitions of organic minerals are very broad and frequently lead to confusion when decision-making becomes necessary. organic minerals include any mineral bound to organic compounds, regardless of the type of existing bond between mineral and organic molecules. proteins and carbohydrates are the most frequent candidates in organic mineral combinations. organic fraction size and bond type are not limitations in organic mineral definition; however, essential metals (cu, fe, zn, and mn) can form coordinated bonds, which are stable in intestinal lumen. metals bound to organic ligands by coordinated bonds can dissociate within animal metabolism whereas real covalent bonds cannot. chelated minerals are molecules that have a metal bound to an organic ligand through coordinated bonds; but many organic minerals are not chelates or are not even bound through coordinated bonds. utilization of organic minerals is largely dependent on the ligand; therefore, amino acids and other small molecules with facilitated access to the enterocyte are supposed to be better utilized by animals. organic minerals with ligands presenting long chains may require digestion prior to absorption. after absorption, organic minerals may present physiological effects, which improve specific metabolic responses, such as the immune response. many studies have demonstrated the benefits of metal-amino acid chelates on animal metabolism, but the detection positive effects on live performance is less consistent.
Evaluation for the retention of reproductive structures by Bt and non-Bt intra hirsutum cotton hybrids in different sowing dates and spacings
SL Ahuja
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2006,
Abstract: The retention of the reproductive structures (bolls) was evaluated at 90,120 and 160 days of maturity in eight Bt and non-Bt hybrids from three Private R&D establishments on three dates of sowings (90,120 and 160 days of maturity) and two spacings of 67.5 x 60 cm and 100 x 30 cm. Ankur group Bt hybrids; 651, 2226 and 2534 had reproductive structures retentivity higher than their non-Bt counterpart hybrids in all the three sowings and spacings. However, RCH group Bt hybrids; 134 and 138 had lesser/comparable boll retentivity in first two observations at 90 and 120 days in the earliest and the next sowing. In the last sowing with wider inter row spacing their trend was similar to Ankur group hybrids in the first sowing. MRC 6301 also behaved like RCH group hybrids. Bt hybrids of all the three establishments had more reproductive structure retentivity than their non-Bt hybrids counterparts in early, closer inter row and wider intra row sowing except for Bt hybrid RCH134 which had the highest bearing in the late sowing with wider inter row and closer intra row spacing. Association study indicated similar trend of boll bearing in Bt and non-Bt hybrids in early sowing and this trend seems to be reverse in later sowings
Applying lean Six Sigma to reduce linen loss in an acute care hospital
SL Furterer
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: This paper describes a case study in an acute care hospital that formed a cross-functional team to apply the Lean Six Sigma problem solving methodology and tools to improve the linen processes. The goal of the project was to identify and implement process improvements that would reduce linen loss. The project team applied the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) problem solving approach. The team was able to improve the key linen operational metric, soil to clean linen ratio by 16% and saved $77,480 for the first year, by making operational improvements and implementing automated linen and scrub dispensers.
Ethnopharmacological and Phytochemical Review of Allium Species (Sweet Garlic) and Tulbaghia Species (Wild Garlic) from Southern Africa
SL Lyantagaye
Tanzania Journal of Science , 2011,
Abstract: Tulbaghia (wild Garlic) is a plant genus most closely related to the genus Allium both in the family Alliaceae and is entirely indigenous to Southern Africa. Indigenous people use several species of the genus as food and medicine, and few species are commonly grown as ornamentals. Biological and pharmacological research on Tulbaghia species and their relationship with Allium sativum (sweet Garlic) are presented and critically evaluated. Informations from studies on the treatment of microbes-caused diseases as well as of cancer have been presented in ethnobotanical reports. Moreover, recent scientific studies have been performed on crude extracts for certain Tulbaghia species as reviewed in this article. This article gives a critical assessment of the literature to date and aims to show that the pharmaceutical potential of the members of the genus Tulbaghia is comparable to that of its close relative A. sativum but has been underestimated and deserves closer attention.
Urban Health Issues In India- Need of the Day
Kantharia SL
National Journal of Community Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: No Abstract available
Performance of sorghum varieties and hybrids during postrainy season under drought situations in Vertisols in Bellary, India
SL Patil
Journal of SAT Agricultural Research , 2007,
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