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Fractional Snow/Non-Snow Cover Mapping through Incorporation of Thermal Band in Snow Index Design  [PDF]
B. C. Yadav, Kamal Jain
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2017.811082
Substantial development has been achieved in snow cover delineations through binary mapping techniques. Continuous efforts for development and institution of methodologies in fractional snow cover mapping are steadily conducted by the research communities. In this work, the attempts are driven towards the attainment of the same. MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) images are worked upon Landsat 8 images under multivariate polynomial regression schemes utilizing corresponding count of pixels in a test region of Himachal Pradesh. 11.00 μm centered waveband is employed to develop a scheme for snow mapping followed by a qualitative and quantitative comparison with NDSI and S3 snow index where the values of correlation coefficient between fractional snow cover and index values have been obtained as 77.04%, 78.82% and 85.15% for NDSI, S3 and our scheme respectively. Exponential empirical relationships have been tried to be employed to attain improvements in prediction of snow cover followed by a test of correlation between true and theoretical fractional snow cover values. An improvement in degree of correlation is obtained over the conventional methodologies which serves for the verification of scheme employed and empirical relationship defined, collectively. The results provide a scope for improvements and investigations in the subject of fractional snow cover mapping.
Evaluation and Improvement of Bed Load Formula Using Tapi River Data, India  [PDF]
S. M. Yadav, B. K. Samtani
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2010.23028
Abstract: The effect of non uniformity of bed material on the sediment transport has been studied by various investi-gators in the past. In the present paper the bed load transport rate has been estimated for non uniform bed material considering the various variables like discharge, hydraulic mean depth, flow velocity, bed slope, average diameter of particle etc. by collecting field data of Tapi River. The majority of the bed load formulae represent a functional relationship between bed load discharge and shear stress. This study focuses on evalu-ating the bed load using Einstein’s formulae. The bed load of pre monsoon season is estimated using various field parameters. The mathematical model has been developed using effective shear stress and bed load dis-charge. The statistical analysis, multiple regression and curve fitting (by nonlinear square fitter) is carried out using allometric function of Micro cal Origin 7.5. The proposed model has been tested using five years field data of Tapi River other than that used for the development of model. The value of rmse is close to zero in-dicates a perfect fit between measured and predicted values. The inequality coefficient is close to 0.50 sug-gest moderate relationship between estimated and computed bed load.
Optimization and kinetic modeling of lipase mediated enantioselective kinetic resolution of (±)-2-octanol  [PDF]
Jyoti B. Sontakke, Ganapati D. Yadav
Natural Science (NS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2013.59127

Chiral 2-octanol is one of the key intermediates for preparation of liquid crystal materials, as well as many optically active pharmaceuticals. Lipase catalyzed kinetic resolution has proved to be an efficient technique for synthesis of enantiomerically enriched compounds. In the present study, optimization and kinetic modeling of kinetic resolution of (±)-2-octanol was done by using vinyl acetate as an acyl donor in n-heptane as a solvent. Response surface methodology (RSM) and four-factor-five-level Centre Composite Rotatable Design (CCRD) were employed to evaluate the effect of various parameters such as speed of agitation, enzyme loading, temperature and acyl donor/alcohol molar ratio on conversion, enantiomeric excess (ee), enantioselectivity and initial rate of reaction. Acylation of 2-octanol with vinyl acetate catalyzed by Novozyme 435 follows the ternary complex mechanism (ordered bi-bi mechanism) with inhibition by 2-octanol.

Orbital lymphoma: Role of radiation
Yadav B,Sharma S
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology , 2009,
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to review the literature for clinical presentation, treatment, outcome and complications of using radiotherapy for the treatment of orbital lymphoma. For this, MEDLINE, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Library were searched through January 2007 for published data on primary non-Hodgkin′s lymphoma (NHL) of the orbit. The search was conducted in all document types, using the following terms "Non-Hodgkin′s lymphoma, MALT (mucosa associated lymphoid tissue) and orbit". Data extracted were based on age, sex, therapeutic methods and outcome of treatment. When full articles were not available, abstracts were used as a source of information. Only those articles whose abstracts or full text were available in English were included in table. The review of reports of NHL of the orbit, in general, served as a source of information about its clinical behavior, treatment and overall prognosis. Fifty-six publications were identified, including six in languages other than English. There was no randomized trial. All the studies were retrospective. The studies were heterogeneous in patient number (3 to 112), histology, disease stage (IE to IV), radiotherapy doses used (4 to 53.8Gy), local control rates (65 to 100%), distant relapse rates (0 to 67%, from low grade to high grade) and five-year survival rates (33 to 100%). Three of the studies with a good number of patients also demonstrated clinical benefit with radiotherapy in terms of superior efficacy or less toxicity. Available data support the acceptance of radiotherapy as a standard therapeutic option in patients with low to intermediate grade orbital lymphoma. Toxicity of radiotherapy is mild if delivered precisely.
A Study On Neonatal Mortality In Jamnagar District Of Gujarat
Yadav Sudha,Yadav B.S
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 1998,
Abstract: Research question: Which are the maternal, socio-demographic and neonatal attributes responsible for neonatal mortality in rural areas of Gujarat? Objectives: (i) To know various maternal, socio-demographic and neonatal factors responsible for neonatal mortality in rural areas of Gujarat (ii) To estimate neonatal mortality rate in the area. Setting: Rural areas of six Primary Health Centers of Jamnagar district of Gujarat State. Study design: Community based cohort study. Sample size: Population of 40512 Participants: Members of the family in which neonatal deaths occurred. Outcome variable: Neonatal mortality Analysis: Sample proportions. Results: Neonatal mortality rate on the basis of follow-up of births during one year was found to be 47.27 per thousand live births. The major maternal and socio-demographic factors responsible for neonatal mortality were; maternal age, illiteracy, lack of antenatal care, closely spaced pregnancies, delivery conducted at home, delivery conducted untrained personnel and delayed initiation of breast feeding. The major neonatal factors responsible for mortality in neonates were; low birth weight, prematurity, first order of birth, early phase of neonatal period, male gender of the child. The leading causes of neonatal mortality were found to be prematurity, birth asphyxia, neonatal infections and congenital anomalies.
Genetic Diversity among Six Breeds of Indian Goat Using RAPD Markers
Anita Yadav,B.R Yadav
Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: The genetic variations were studied by RAPD technology among six breeds of Indian goats viz. Barbari, Black Bengal, Jamnapari, Marwari, Sirohi and Jhakrana. Out of 40 primers screened using DNA samples of six goat breeds, only 10 primers generated reproducible and distinct RAPD profile. Only distinct and prominent bands were scored. Estimates of between breed’s similarity as indicated by genetic identity and genetic distance ranged between 0.7156 to 0.9506 and 0.0506 to 0.3347, respectively. From dendrogram, it has been observed that Marwari- Sirohi breeds have closer relationship forming a distinct cluster whereas Black Bengal and Barbari were distinctly different from each other.
Assessment of Nutritional Status by Anthropometric Indices of Indian Elite Male Soccer Players
Shyamal Koley,Anupkumar B. Yadav
Human Biology Review , 2013,
Abstract: The present study deals with the estimation of nutritional status by four anthropometric indices in purposely selected 60 Indian elite male soccer players (further divided as per their playing positions) aged 20–30 years (mean age 24.33 years ± 2.56) collected from Punjab Armed Police, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. A total of 60 controls were also collected from the same place for comparison. As many as eleven anthropometric traits, viz. height, weight, BMI, percent body fat, percent lean body mass, relative body weight, circumference of the upper arm during an isometric contraction and relaxed position of biceps brachii, circumference of thorax, circumference of abdomen and shoulder width were measured on all the subjects by standard techniques in pre-season. Four anthropometric indices, viz. Quetelet’s index (QI), Oliver’s typologic index (OTI), Lorenz’s constitutional index (LCI) and muscle index (MI) were derived from those anthropometric traits. One way ANOVA was tested followed by post hoc Bonferroni test and Pearson’s correlation coefficients were applied to analyze the data.In findings, the one way ANOVA showed statistically significant differences (p< .001) in all the variables studied, except LCI among these five sets of data. In all the anthropometric indices,soccer players with all the positions had significant differences (p< .001) with controls. It was also found that the nutritional status estimated by QI and OTI were closely associated with theIndian elite male soccer players, but not by MI and LCI. From the findings of the present study, it may be concluded that anthropometric indices would also be successfully used for the assessment of nutritional status of the soccer players
Nikhil Yadav,D. B. Karunakar
International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: The present study is concerned with the investigation of mechanical properties of A713 alloy castings produced by investment casting process using expandable polystyrene as the pattern material and the plaster of paris as the mould material. Experiments were conducted as per Taguchi’s L9 orthogonal array. Castings were made under the constraint of different process parameters like mould firing temperature, pouring temperature, firing time and mixing of silica sand of different grain fineness numbers to investigate their effects on the surface hardness, impact strength and tensile strength of the final castings. The variations in the trend of the aforesaid mechanical properties were observed and it was deduced out that high mould firing temperature, higher pouring temperature, maximum firing time and high grain fineness number significantly reduce the mechanical properties of A713 alloy castings produced by the above process.
Synthesis and characterization of 2-pyridineformamide 3-pyrrolidinylthiosemicarbazone
B. Shakya,P. N. Yadav
Journal of Nepal Chemical Society , 2012, DOI: 10.3126/jncs.v29i0.9234
Abstract: Pyrrolidine-1-carbothiohydrazide was prepared by the transamination reaction of 4-methyl-4-phenyl-3-thiosemicarbazide with pyrrolidine in MeCN. 2-pyridineformamide 3-pyrrolidinyl-thiosemicarbazone (HAmPyrr) was synthesized by the reduction of cyanopyridine in the presence of pyrrolidine-1-carbothiohydrazide in MeOH with Na metal. The synthesized compound was characterized by elemental analysis, IR, 1 H-NMR, 13 C-NMR spectroscopy and ESI mass spectrometry. The prominent (M+1) peak (m/z) of HAmPyrr in the electron spray ionization mass spectrum was found at 250.09 which correspond to the molecular ion plus H.? DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/jncs.v29i0.9234 Journal of Nepal Chemical Society Vol. 29, 2012 Page: 28-33 Uploaded date : 12/3/2013
E-Governance: Past, Present and Future in India
Nikita Yadav,V B Singh
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Due to widespread demand of E-governance and exponentially increasing size of data, new technologies like Open source solutions and cloud computing need to be incorporated. In this paper, the latest trends of technology that the government of most of the country has adopted have been discussed. While working on this project we have concluded that E-Governance has made the working of government more efficient and more transparent to its citizens We have also presented an exhaustive list of E-Governance projects which is currently being used in India and in international scenario. We have provided a mechanism for improving E-Governance by including technologies such as Open Source and Cloud Computing.
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