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Elemental Analysis and Mapping of Some Natural Waters in Eastern Black Sea Region and Investigation of Their Effects on Environment and Human Health
Yaar Kobya, Cafer Mert Ye?ilkanat
Dogal Afetler ve Cevre Dergisi , 2017, DOI: 10.21324/dacd.279037
Abstract: In this study, it was aimed to make an elemental analysis of the natural spring waters in 7 cities (Artvin, Rize, Trabzon, Giresun, Ordu, Gümü?hane and Bayburt) in the Eastern Black Sea region and to determine the elemental distribution of the entire region using geostatistical analysis with the help of this analysis. In accordance with this purpose, elemental analyses (Na, Al, P, Cl, K, Ca, V, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn) were carried out with the help of ICP-OES device for 40 samples of natural spring water in Eastern Black Sea Region. The average chemical analysis values ??for each element in Eastern Black Sea Region were as 10270, 215, 122, 4749, 1093, 15960, 59, 5, 89, 18, 10 and 90 μg / L, respectively. The results were generally consistent with the permissible limits of World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkish. In addition, a general harmony was observed as a result of the comparison made with similar studies carried out at different points in the world. Using geostatistical analysis, the distribution of each element was determined and mapped in the study area. By means of these distribution maps, an estimated result could also be obtained about the chemical distributions of waters in unsampled locations. Finally, the possible effects of the analyzed elements on human health and which areas being under risk due to excess elements were discussed in this study.
Economic Analysis of Biodiesel and Glycerol Carbonate Production Plant by Glycerolysis  [PDF]
Nghi Nguyen, Yaar Demirel
Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems (JSBS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsbs.2013.33029
Abstract: Techno-economic analysis of an indirect use of carbon dioxide within the route of glycerolysis of glycerol with urea is investigated. The results show that the net present value of the biodiesel-glycerol carbonate production by glycerolysis is higher than the biodiesel-glycerol carbonate production by direct carboxylationat at the end of the 12-year operation with similar capacities. The stochastic model has predicted that using glycerolysis route for the synthesis of glycerol carbonate production might increase the probability of getting positive net present value by about 15%.
Prediction of Flow Duration Curves for Ungauged Basins with Quasi-Newton Method  [PDF]
Mutlu Yaar, Neset Orhan Baykan
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2013.51012

Prediction of flow-duration-curves (FDC) is an important task for water resources planning, management and hydraulic energy production. Classification of the basins as carstic and non-carstic may be used to estimate parameters of the FDC with predictive tools for catchments with/without observed stream flow. There is a need for obtaining FDC for ungauged stations for efficient water resource planning. Thus, study proposes a quite new approach, called the EREFDC model, for estimating the parameters of the FDC for which the parameters of the FDC are obtained with quasi-Newton method. Estimation are made for using the bv gauged stations at first than the FDC parameters are estimated for ungauged stations based on drainage area, annual mean precipitation, mean permeability, mean slope, latitude, longitude, and elevation from the mean sea level are used. The EREFDC model consists of various type of linear- and nonlinear mathematical equations, is able to predict a wide range of the FDC parameters for gauged and ungauged basins. The method is applied to 72 unimpaired catchments studied are about for 50 years average daily measured stream flow. Results showed that the EREFDC model may be used for estimating. FDC parameters for ungauged hydrological basins in order to find FDC for ungauged stations. Results also showed that the EREFDC model performs better in carstic regions than non-carstic regions. In addition, parameters of FDC for tributaries at the basins with insufficient flow data or without flow data may be determined by using basin characteristics.

A Simple Jerky Dynamics, Genesio System  [PDF]
?mür Umut, Serpil Yaar
International Journal of Modern Nonlinear Theory and Application (IJMNTA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijmnta.2013.21007

The third order explicit autonomous differential equations named as jerk equations represent an interesting subclass of dynamical systems that can exhibit many major features of the regular and chaotic motion. In this paper, we show that an algebraically simple system, the Genesio system can be recast into a jerky dynamics and its jerk equation can be derived from one-dimensional Newtonian equation. We also investigate the global dynamical properties of the corresponding jerk system.

Numerical Treatment of Initial Value Problems of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations by Duan-Rach-Wazwaz Modified Adomian Decomposition Method  [PDF]
?mür Umut, Serpil Yaar
International Journal of Modern Nonlinear Theory and Application (IJMNTA) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ijmnta.2019.81002
Abstract: We employ the Duan-Rach-Wazwaz modified Adomian decomposition method for solving initial value problems for the systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations numerically. In order to confirm practicality, robustness and reliability of the method, we compare the results from the modified Adomian decomposition method with those from the MATHEMATICA solutions and also from the fourth-order Runge Kutta method solutions in some cases. Furthermore, we apply Padé approximants technique to improve the solutions of the modified decomposition method whenever the exact solutions exist.
The Origin of Village Names in the Counties of Ayvacik, Bayramic, Can, Ezine and Yenice (Province of Canakkale)
Journal of International Social Research , 2010,
Abstract: Settlement names; geographical environmental properties of settlements are capable of giving ideas about historical, socio-economic and cultural properties. In other words, as place names reflect the relationships between human and residence, they also give ideas about the way of perception the residence of human. This research aims at revealing which factors have been inspiration sources in giving names to the villages taking place in the counties of Ayvac k, Bayrami , an, Ezine and Yenice of Province of anakkale. The natural and human environments of the counties mentioned above have been an inspiration source. 39.6 percent (131 items) out of 331 rural settlements taking place in the field of research obtained their names by being inspired from Physical Geography properties and 34.7 percent (115 items) out of total rural settlements obtained their names by being inspired from Human and Economical Geography properties. Furthermore, 25.7 percent of the village settlements have obtained names by being inspired from historical, religious , social-cultural and other factors.
A Comparative Approach Concerning the Geographic Elements in the Proverbs and Idiom in the Provinces of the Central Blacksea Region
Journal of International Social Research , 2010,
Abstract: The geographic elements come first in the sources of inspiration of the proverbs and idioms which are regarded as remarkable information sources of the Cultural Geography. In this survey, a comparative analysis has been carried out related to the geographic elements which take place in the proverbs and idioms that have been composed through the provicies of the Central Blacksea Region (such as Samsun, Ordu, Amasya, orum and Tokat).Primarily, how level the natural and human environment in the Central Blacksea Region connecting the coastal zone of Central Blacksea Region that included the various civilizations along the history with the inner Anatolian Region has been reflected to the proverbs and idioms concerning this region will be determined and analysed. Thus, human-environmental relationships will be determined from a different approach through the analysis of the geographic elements in the proverbs and idioms. Finally, how level and degree the natural and human environment changing from the coasts of the Central Blacksea Region to the south of this region has been reflected to the proverbs and idioms will be dealt comparatively.
Integrating Factors and First Integrals for Liénard Type and Frequency-Damped Oscillators
Emrullah Ya ar
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/916437
Abstract: We consider Liénard type and frequency-damped oscillator equations. Integrating factors and the associated first integrals are derived from the method to compute -symmetries and the associated reduction algorithm. The knowledge of a ?symmetry of the equation permits the determination of an integrating factor or a first integral by means of coupled first-order linear systems of partial differential equations. We will compare our results with those gained by the other methods.
The effect of work accidents on the efficiency of production in the coal sector
Yaar Kasap
South African Journal of Science , 2011, DOI: 10.4102/sajs.v107i5/6.513
Abstract: In comparison with other sectors, mining is one of the sectors with the highest rates of work accidents. Such accidents negatively affect a country’s economy by wasting domestic resources and causing losses of both labour force and working days. What distinguishes mining from other branches of industry is that its working environments change continually and the working conditions are particularly harsh. Because of the practice of labour-intensive underground production methods, which leads to an increase in risk factors in terms of work accidents, and the fact that coal is a leading resource in meeting the ever-increasing demand for energy, this study investigated how work accidents affected the efficiency of production in the Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise (TTK) between 1987 and 2006. Using data envelopment analysis, the overall sources of technical inefficiency in the years examined were determined. The results from this analysis revealed that the overall technical efficiency was as low as 69.7%, particularly as a result of the disaster in 1992; work accidents therefore had a negative effect on production efficiency. The greatest degree of pure technical inefficiency was found to have occurred in the period between 1992 and 2000, when the highest number of work accidents were noted, whilst the greatest degree of scale inefficiency was found to have occurred between 1987 and 1993. Because TTK has a prominent position among institutions and attaches great importance to workers’ health and safety, an increase was noted in efficiency scores after 1993.
Sociological study on the course of the traffic system and the traffic accidents
Yaar Erjem
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: The subject of this research is the operation of the traffic system and traffic accidents from a sociological perspective. In the research, the traffic system is taken as a sub-system of the social system. In this context the effects of the social, cultural and demographic factors on traffic accidents are examined . The data were collected from 681 people of whom 300 are drivers 300 pedestrians, 4 directors and 20 instructors of driving courses in Konya in Turkey. The research findings showed that being a male , low educated, fatalism, not obeying traffic rules, and way of traffic education were factors which affected the traffic accident mostly. According to the results of this research there is integration problem in the traffic system.

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