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Deep-Sea Cobalt Crusts Water Jet Cutting Ability  [PDF]
Zhonghua Huang, Ya Xie
Geomaterials (GM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/gm.2011.12007
Abstract: Deep-sea cobalt crusts water jet cutting method is proposed to avoid cutter impact load. With simulation calculations and experimental tests, water jet system parameters and its cutting ability were studied. Simula-tion results show that working pressure, ejection range and ejection angle of water jet system are main parameters of its cutting ability. Its important degree is in turn the working pressure, ejection range and ejection angle. Increasing water jet system working pressure is the most effective way to improve its cutting ability. When water jet working pressure is constant, in order to improve its cutting ability, the ejection range should be less than 4mm (four times of nozzle diameter) and the ejection angle should be about 13o. Experimental results show that there is a threshold pressure during water jet cutting cobalt crusts simulation material. With the increase of water jet working pressure, its cutting ability increases dramatically. With the increasing of water jet ejection range, its cutting ability decreases sharply. The optimal ejection angle is about 13o
A Win-Win Solution Concerning Tax Planning for the Real Estate Development Enterprises and Government  [PDF]
Zhifei Liu, Ya Wen, Cheng Huang
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2014.73018

Along with the advancement of China’s new urbanization, whether the real estate development enterprises can make a contribution to the new urbanization is becoming the key to their healthy and sustainable development. This article analyzes how to select LAT tax planning schemes in the background of the new urbanization; therefore, the real estate development enterprises can achieve a win-win situation with the new urbanization. We hope to provide some help to LAT tax planning work for the real estate development enterprises.

Word-Frequency-Based Vocabulary Generalization for Mandarin-as-a-Foreign-Language Texts for Beginners
Ya-Ying Huang
Journal of Textbook Research , 2009,
Abstract: Beginner textbooks play an important role in learning Chinese. However many foreign learners feel confused and bewildered because of cultural and geographical differences. Although in the past lots of researchers contributed towards word-frequency and vocabulary, in the market few textbooks are compiled based on word-frequency. Using the statistics of modern Chinese word-frequency this study aims to find a common denominator in beginner Mandarin textbooks in China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan, and further provide a reference for instructional design and editing materials. In addition, this study comments on differences of vocabulary between China and Taiwan: the beginner textbooks could bring together the most common vocabulary in China and Taiwan, and the differences in vocabulary caused by environment and culture could become supplementary teaching materials. That way learners and teachers can choose suitable textbooks. This method can improve the function and practicality of beginner textbooks. Finally we expect to lift Mandarin textbooks in Taiwan out of their increasingly marginalized role.
Accurately Forecasting Model for the Stochastic Volatility Data in Tourism Demand  [PDF]
Ya-Ling Huang, Yen-Hsien Lee
Modern Economy (ME) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/me.2011.25091
Abstract: This study attempts to enhance the effectiveness of stochastic volatility data. This work presents an empirical case involving the forecasting of tourism demand to demonstrate the efficacy of the accuracy forecasting model. Work combining the grey forecasting model (GM) and Fourier residual modification model to refine the forecasting effectiveness for the stochastic volatility data, which can estimate fluctuations in historical time series. This study makes the following contributions: 1) combining the grey forecasting and Fourier residual modification models to refine the forecasting effectiveness for the stochastic volatility data, 2) providing an effective method for forecasting the number of international visitors to Taiwan, 3) improving the accuracy of short-term forecasting in cases involving sample data with significant fluctuations.
Strategy Preference Distribution in the Weakest-Link Game: An Analysis Based on Lab Experiments  [PDF]
Yang Huang, Jun Wu, Ya Zhou, Keqiang Li
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.45002

As many researchers mentioned, in addition to players’ different strategy preferences, the expectation towards other players’ behavior will jointly affect the coordination level in the weakest-link game. Then how to analyze those factors? To some extent, those factors can be depicted by players’ choices in the first round. With the data from several lab experiments, the strategy preferences distribution is discussed in this paper. It is concluded that the overall distribution of the players’ initial choices is left skewed, indicating that the players have the motivation to pursue more payoff and the altruistic preference in observed in the beginning of the game. Also, this distribution has no significant difference among all the lab experiments with different treatments, which shows that different coordination levels in the end of different experiment are not due to the initial choice distribution difference. At the same time, no significant distribution difference is found different gender, major in high school and college of players. But then we take a look at the rank of the seven choices, there is significant difference, which shows that different treatment might induce a little difference of the expectation towards other players’ behavior, although the overall distribution might be the same.

The Full Information Feedback in Minimum-Effort Game: An Experiment  [PDF]
Yang Huang, Yuhang Fu, Ya Zhou, Keqiang Li
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.45003

We report an experiment designed to test for the impact of giving more information feedback about others’ choices in the previous period on coordination in a repeated minimum-effort game. We consider full and limit feedback treatments. Our results indicate that full feedback group coor- dinates at higher level of effort and more group in full feedback treatment reach equilibrium and coordination success than limit feedback group. Compared to the previous studies, we can observe the coordination outcome in the long run by repeating the game 50 times and full feedback is giving the subjects full information about others’ choices in this period and historical choices in last 10 periods in the group.

The Structure of a Signature via the Net
Chuen Chuan Huang,Chuen-Der Huang,Shin Ya Huang
International Journal of Network Security , 2010,
Abstract: The signature can be copied or falsiˉed, especially being sent via the Net. The method being proposed is an algorithm or cryptosystem to guarantee the transmitted information is completed and correct as well as clearly sure of who was the signer. The philosophy is if a sender has a unique codebook and the cipher text can never be written by another person and once the correct receiver uses his unique codebook to solve the cipher text for the plaintext, it is sure that the sender is the correct sender and the receiver is the correct receiver.
Social Modulation during Songbird Courtship Potentiates Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons
Ya-Chun Huang, Neal A. Hessler
PLOS ONE , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0003281
Abstract: Synaptic transmission onto dopaminergic neurons of the mammalian ventral tegmental area (VTA) can be potentiated by acute or chronic exposure to addictive drugs. Because rewarding behavior, such as social affiliation, can activate the same neural circuitry as addictive drugs, we tested whether the intense social interaction of songbird courtship may also potentiate VTA synaptic function. We recorded glutamatergic synaptic currents from VTA of male zebra finches who had experienced distinct social and behavioral conditions during the previous hour. The level of synaptic transmission to VTA neurons, as assayed by the ratio of α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepr?opionicacid (AMPA) to N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA) glutamate receptor mediated synaptic currents, was increased after males sang to females, and also after they saw females without singing, but not after they sang while alone. Potentiation after female exposure alone did not appear to result from stress, as it was not blocked by inhibition of glucocorticoid receptors. This potentiation was restricted to synapses of dopaminergic projection neurons, and appeared to be expressed postsynaptically. This study supports a model in which VTA dopaminergic neurons are more strongly activated during singing used for courtship than during non-courtship singing, and thus can provide social context-dependent modulation to forebrain areas. More generally, these results demonstrate that an intense social encounter can trigger the same pathways of neuronal plasticity as addictive drugs.
Mengkuan Lai,Ya-Shin Huang
International Journal of Electronic Business Management , 2011,
Abstract: This study demonstrates how learning approaches (classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and cognitive learning) can be incorporated in the design of advergames to influence the attitudes, recall of brand, recall of product information, and purchase intention. The results show that cognitive learning results in the best recall of brand name and product information, followed by classical and then operant conditioning. The learning approaches adopted in the games have a significant effect on overall attitude, with the classical conditioning inducing the most positive attitude followed by operant conditioning and then cognitive learning. Finally, hedonic attitude is shown to be a more influential factor underlying purchase intention. Implications of the findings are addressed.
Sequential clustering of star formation in IC 1396
Ya Fang Huang,Jin Zeng Li
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1674-4527/13/5/007
Abstract: We present in this paper a comprehensive study of the H II region IC 1396 and its star formation activity, in which multi-wavelength data ranging from the optical to the near- and far-infrared were employed. The surface density distribution of all the 2MASS sources with certain detection toward IC 1396 indicates the existence of a compact cluster spatially consistent with the position of the exciting source of the H II region, HD 206267. The spatial distribution of the infrared excessive emission sources selected based on archived 2MASS data reveals the existence of four sub-clusters in this region. One is in association with the open cluster Trumpler 37. The other three are found to be spatially coincident with the bright rims of the H II region. All the excessive emission sources in the near infrared are cross-identified with the AKARI IRC data, an analysis of the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of the resultant sample leads to the identification of 8 CLASS I, 15 CLASS II and 15 CLASS III sources in IC 1396. Optical identification of the sample sources with R magnitudes brighter than 17 mag corroborates the results from the SED analysis. Based on the spatial distribution of the infrared young stellar objects at different evolutionary stages, the surrounding sub-clusters located in the bright rims are believed to be younger than the central one. This is consistent with a scenario of sequential star formation in this region. Imaging data of a dark patch in IC 1396 by Herschel SPIRE, on the other hand, indicate the presence of two far-infrared cores in LDN 1111, which are likely new generation protostellar objects in formation. So we infer that the star formation process in this H II region was not continuous but episodic.
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