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A Study of the Epiphytic Orchids in Jobolarangan Forest
Biodiversitas , 2001,
Abstract: The objective of the research was to know the species of epiphytic orchids in Jobolarangan forest. The orchid samples were taken from all stand-plants. The plants were chosen randomly by considering the diversity and richness of orchids that attach on it. Each plant was sampled in three repetitions. Sampling of orchids existence in the plant’s stand were done using transect method through a zonation system. In this research 11 epiphytic-orchids such as Bulbophyllum bakhuizenii Stenn, Coelogyne miniata Lindl, Coelogyne rochussenii de Vr., Dendrobium bigibbum Lindl., Dendrobchilum longifolium, Eria bogoriensis, J.J.S. Liparis caespitosa (Thou.) Lindl., Liparis pallida (Bl.). Pholidota globosa (Bl.) Lindl., Polystachya flavescens (Bl.) J.J.S., and Trichoglottis sp. were found. The host plant stand that was attached with most orchids was Schefflera fastigiata and Saurauia bracteosa, generally in zone three.
The Impact of Bio-Ethanol Conversion and Global Climate Change on Corn Economic Performanve of Indonesia
Yudi Ferrianta,Nuhfil Hanani,Budi Setiawan,Wahib Muhaimin
International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Many studies conclude that the rise in global food pricesdue to higher demand from the development of biofuels,climate anomalies, and increased of oil prices. Not onlythe food commodity index rose more than 60 percent, nonfoodcommodity price index also rose over 60 percent andcrude oil price index has increased even further above 60percent. The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact ofbio-ethanol conversion and global climate change on corneconomic performance of Indonesia. The results showed thatthe food crisis caused by climate anomalies lead the worldcorn prices rose 50 percent, impact on Indonesia corn importsfell by 11.86 percent. And the other hand, the energy crisisthat caused the corn used as feedstock for ethanol that causedU.S. corn exports only 20 percent of their products have animpact on Indonesia on maize imports fell 32.4 percent.
Integración de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación para la ense?anza de la lengua
Folios , 2007,
Abstract: this article presents a review of the integration of ict in language teaching. this text is structured into three sections which promote the educational use of new technologies as cognitive tools, in other words expand the functions of cognitive tools, enhance and reorganize the capabilities of students not as a mere container or transmitter of information. in addition, this article presents an analysis of educational software from the pedagogical approach, focusing on those that promote reflexive learning. finally, three proposals are discussed for the integrating of ict for teaching languages through simulators, webquest and wikis.
Gravitino Dark Matter with Sneutrino NLSP in NUHM
Santoso, Yudi
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008,
Abstract: The identity of dark matter has not been solved up to this date, a problem that became the main topic of this conference. There are many theoretical candidates for dark matter particle, including gravitino from supergravity models. For gravitino dark matter scenario, the phenomenology depends much on what the next lightest supersymmetric particle (NLSP) is. We show here that sneutrino can naturally be the NLSP in the Non-Universal Higgs Masses (NUHM) model, and that this scenario is still phenomenologically viable.
Gravitino Dark Matter with Stop as the NLSP
Santoso, Yudi
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007,
Abstract: Gravitino is one feasible candidate for the dark matter in supergravity models. With its couplings being suppressed by the Plank mass, gravitino interacts very weakly with other particles, making its direct detection, or production at colliders practically impossible. The signatures of this scenario mainly arise from the next lightest supersymmetric particle (NLSP) which is metastable due to the very weak coupling. There are many possibilities for the NLSP, and here I will review the feasibility of stop particle as the NLSP and discuss its phenomenology.
Integración de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación para la ense anza de la lengua Integration of Information and Communication Technologies for Language Teaching
Yudi Herrera
Folios , 2007,
Abstract: En el presente artículo se realiza una revisión sobre la integración de las TIC para la ense anza de la lengua. Este texto se estructura en tres secciones en las cuales se promueve el uso educativo de las nuevas tecnologías como herramientas cognitivas, es decir, cuya funcionalidad sea ampliar, potenciar y reorganizar las capacidades de los estudiantes no como simple contenedor o transmisor de información. Además se presenta una propuesta de análisis del software educativo desde el enfoque pedagógico, privilegiando a aquellos que promuevan el aprendizaje reflexivo. Finalmente, se describen tres propuestas para integrar las TIC para la ense anza de las lenguas por medio de simuladores, WebQuest y Wikis. This article presents a review of the integration of ICT in language teaching. This text is structured into three sections which promote the educational use of new technologies as cognitive tools, in other words expand the functions of cognitive tools, enhance and reorganize the capabilities of students not as a mere container or transmitter of information. In addition, this article presents an analysis of educational software from the pedagogical approach, focusing on those that promote reflexive learning. Finally, three proposals are discussed for the integrating of ICT for teaching languages through simulators, WebQuest and Wikis.
Photoemission Studies of Si Quantum Dots with Ge Core: Dots formation, Intermixing at Si-clad/Ge-core interface and Quantum Confinement Effect
Yudi Darma
ITB Journal of Science , 2008,
Abstract: Spherical Si nanocrystallites with Ge core (~20nm in average dot diameter) have been prepared by controlling selective growth conditions of low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) on ultrathin SiO2 using alternately pure SiH4 and 5% GeH4 diluted with He. XPS results confirm the highly selective growth of Ge on the pregrown Si dots and subsequently complete coverage by Si selective growth on Ge/Si dots. Compositional mixing and the crystallinity of Si dots with Ge core as a function of annealing temperature in the range of 550-800oC has been evaluated by XPS analysis and confirms the diffusion of Ge atoms from Ge core towards the Si clad accompanied by formation of GeOx at the Si clad surface. The first subband energy at the valence band of Si dot with Ge core has been measured as an energy shift at the top of the valence band density of state using XPS. The systematic shift of the valence band maximum towards higher binding energy with progressive deposition in the dot formation indicate the charging effect of dots and SiO2 layer by photoemission during measurements.
Dedy Setiawan
TEFLIN Journal , 2009,
Abstract: : The perceived needs of students learning EAP were analysed u-sing a questionnaire which investigated the subjectsa€ preference for particular topics and various modes of learning in relation to both the target and present situation. The target situation in the questionnaire was represented by items concerning study skills; while items concerning the present situation were oriented to the contents of the EAP course and its methodology and activities. The findings provide evidence for determining items for inclusion in an EAP programme. They also allow us to identify items as highly, reasonably or not at all recommended for inclusion.
Development of Personal Learning Network System To Build E-Literacy
Wawan Setiawan
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: A great nation can be seen one of them from the high culture of literacy communities. Indonesian nation still needs many efforts to create a culture of high literacy of the society. The potential is most likely to be initiated immediately is the education community. In this regard, this study is directed to initiate the students with the title floating Personal Learning Network in Effort To build Eliteracy Students. Long-term goal is to build the literacy culture of Indonesia which triggered the advancement of ICT, especially e-learning technology. Through this research will form a model and e-learning system that can be used by students as a vehicle for learning in order to improve cultural literacy. This system will be able to accommodate the use of the latest tools of personal nuances such as Facebook and Twitter. The system is designed to be easily controlled by the lecturers and students to support learning activities, both within communities and personals. There are adequate facilities for two-way communication between students and college students, students and lecturers, and lecturers and other lecturers. Research method used is a method of Research and Development (R D) which is adjusted into four steps namely preliminary study, planning, development and implementation, and evaluastion. The study begins with the development of field studies to see the latest trends in Internet usage among the students that it becomes a strong reference to the next developmental stage. The results of this study generally showed increased academic atmosphere of atmospheric positive and active in learning.
Rudy Setiawan
Dimensi : Journal of Architecture and Built Environment , 2005,
Abstract: A study about the characteristics of pedestrians flow is required to design the width of walkway for a building. Base on that specific condition a Level of Service (LOS) could be proposed. The aim of this study is to identify characteristic of pedestrian that using the walkway including walking speed and pedestrian flow, to proposed and evaluated LOS of walkway at campus area. Survey was conducted at nine different locations at Petra Christian University. Pearson Correlation and Regression analysis were using to obtain the equation of relation between pedestrian characteristics that required for counting the walking speed and pedestrian flow for each LOS. The result indicate that most of walkway at Petra Christian University area have LOS = A, except for the walkway in front of telecommunication shop (wartel) nearby P building which has level of service B. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Dalam merencanakan lebar jalur pejalan kaki (walkway) pada suatu gedung diperlukan studi untuk mempelajari karakteristik pergerakan pejalan kaki, sehingga dapat diusulkan suatu standar tingkat pelayanan (Level of Service/LOS) yang sesuai dengan kondisi setempat. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui karakteristik pengguna walkway meliputi kecepatan berjalan dan arus pejalan kaki, guna mengusulkan dan mengevaluasi LOS walkway di area kampus. Survey dilakukan pada sembilan lokasi yang berbeda di Universitas Kristen Petra. Hasil survey dianalisa dengan korelasi Pearson dan regresi, untuk mendapatkan persamaan yang menggambarkan hubungan antar karakteristik pejalan kaki yang selanjutnya dipergunakan untuk perhitungan kecepatan berjalan dan arus pejalan kaki pada setiap LOS. Hasil analisa menunjukkan bahwa sebagian besar walkway di area Universitas Kristen Petra pada studi dilaksanakan mempunyai LOS = A, kecuali untuk walkway di depan wartel dekat Gedung P yang memiliki LOS = B. Kata kunci: jalur pejalan kaki, tingkat pelayanan.
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