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A New Test for Large Dimensional Regression Coefficients  [PDF]
June Luo, Yi-Jun Zuo
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2011.13025
Abstract: In the article, hypothesis test for coefficients in high dimensional regression models is considered. I develop simultaneous test statistic for the hypothesis test in both linear and partial linear models. The derived test is designed for growing p and fixed n where the conventional F-test is no longer appropriate. The asymptotic distribution of the proposed test statistic under the null hypothesis is obtained.
The data processing method to plotting in the longitudinal direction for three-dimension post-stack seismic data

YUAN Yi-jun,WU Zi-quan,

地球物理学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: In the three-dimension seismic data processing, displaying the post-stack seismic data of adjacent lines in the longitudinal direction may save plotting paper and reduce processing cost. The paper presents the seismic data processing method to create 3D seismic plotting data which can be displayed in the longitudinal direction. The method introduces that the drawing data set can be created by separating 3D post-stack data set, prolonging data record lengths, modifying the line number and merging 3D post-stack data set. Through real plotting, post-stack seismic sections of different lines may be displayed in the longitudinal direction. Therefore the processing method saves paper greatly and reduces processing cost.
Rankin-Cohen Deformations and Representation Theory
Yi-Jun Yao
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper, we use the unitary representation theory of $SL_2(\mathbb R)$ to understand the Rankin-Cohen brackets for modular forms. Then we use this interpretation to study the corresponding deformation problems that Paula Cohen, Yuri Manin and Don Zagier initiated. Two uniqueness results are established.
Conditional Lower Bound for RNA Folding Problem
Yi-Jun Chang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: An RNA sequence is a string composed of four types of nucleotides, $A, C, G$, and $U$. Given an RNA sequence, the goal of the RNA folding problem is to find a maximum cardinality set of crossing-free pairs of the form $\{A,U\}$ or $\{C,G\}$. The problem is central in bioinformatics and has received much attention over the years. However, the current best algorithm for the problem still takes $\mathcal{O}\left(\frac{n^3}{\log^2 (n)}\right)$ time, which is only a slight improvement over the classic $\mathcal{O}(n^3)$ dynamic programming algorithm. Whether the RNA folding problem can be solved in $\mathcal{O}(n^{3-\epsilon})$ time remains an open problem. Recently, Abboud, Backurs, and Williams (FOCS'15) made the first progress by showing a conditional lower bound for a generalized version of the RNA folding problem based on a conjectured hardness of the $k$-clique problem. A drawback of their work is that they require the RNA sequence to have at least 36 types of letters, making their result biologically irrelevant. In this paper, we show that by constructing the gadgets using a powerful lemma of Bringmann and K\"unnemann (FOCS'15) and surrounding them with some carefully designed sequences, the framework of Abboud et al. can be improved upon to work for the case where the alphabet size is 4, yielding a conditional lower bound for the RNA folding problem.
CHF3 Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasma by Optical Emission Spectroscopy

XU Yi-Jun,YE Chao,HUANG Xiao-Jiang,YUAN Jing,XING Zhen-Yu,NINGZhao-Yuan,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We investigate the intermediate gas phase in the CHF3 13.56MHz/2MHz dual-frequency capacitively couple plasma (CCP) for the SiCOH low dielectric constant (low-k) film etching, and the effect of 2MHz power on radicals concentration. The major dissociation reactions of CHF3 in 13.56MHz CCP are the low dissociation bond energy reactions, which lead to the low F and high CF2 concentrations. The addition of 2MHz power can raise the probability of high dissociation bond energy reactions and lead to the increase of F concentration while keeping the CF2 concentration almost a constant, which is of advantage to the SiCOH low-k films etching. The radical spatial uniformity is dependent on the power coupling of two sources. The increase of 2MHz power leads to a poor uniformity, however, the uniformity can be improved by increasing 13.56MHz power.
Identification of a strain NJ2 hydroxylating imidacloprid and the transformed product

GE Feng,DAI Yi-jun,CHEN Ting,YUAN Sheng,

微生物学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A strain named NJ2 was isolated from the soils in Nanjing area,and its resting cells transformed IMI into a polar product.The strain was identified as Stenotrophomonas maltophilia based on BioMerieux Vitek system and the analysis of 16S rDNA sequence.Mass spectrometry of the product extracted with an organic solvent and re-crystallization gave m/z value of 272 for the molecular ion while 256 for substrate IMI.It demonstrated that the transformed product was the hydroxylated derivate of IMI or hydroxy IMI.NMR analysis further indicated that the hydroxyl moiety located at the ring of imidazolidine and the transformed product was 5-hydroxy IMI.Kinetics of transformation IMI showed that the content of IMI decreased 1.15mmol/L and the content of transformed product 5-hydroxy IMI increased 1.10mmol/L after transformation for 10 days.The molar conversion yield was 95.9%.The S.maltophilia NJ2 strain,with the characterization of strong transformation ability and high molar conversion yield,can be used in industrial production of 5-hydroxy IMI for synthesis of highly insecticidal olefin IMI.
Combination of growing culture transformation and resting cells transformation of Pseudomonas putida NA-1 for production of 6-hydroxynicotinic acid

XU Li,YUAN Sheng,CHEN Ting,DAI Yi-jun,

微生物学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The current technology for microbial hydroxylation of nicotinic acid is a procedure of resting cells transformation.Here it was reported that non-degradation of 6-hydroxynicotinic acid during hydroxylation of nicotinic acid by resting cells was due to existing of nicotinic acid in the transformation mixture,not the death of cells.Therefore it was attempted that the induced cultivation of Pseudomonas putida NA-1 for hydroxylation activity by nicotinic acid was used for accumulation of 6-hydroxynicotinic acid to establish a new technology,a combined technology of growing culture transformation and resting cells transformation.In the combination technology,when 1% of nicotinic acid was kept in cultivation medium by supplement of nicotinic acid at intervals during cultivation of Pseudomonas putida NA-1,the growing culture could consistently hydroxylate nicotinic acid without degradation of its product which was accumulated linearly in the cultivation medium with progress of cultivation;the resting cells obtained from cultivation broth after growing culture transformation still processed a very high hydroxylation activity and could be used to next resting transformation of nicotinic acid.By using of the combined technology,the inducer was saved and the production yield of 6-hydroxynicotinic acid increased above 65%.
Independent Component Analysis Based on Instantaneous Power of fMRI Data

ZHONG Yuan,WANG Hui-nan,ZHENG Gang,LU Guang-ming,ZHANG Zhi-qiang,LIU Yi-jun,ZHONG Yuan,WANG Hui-nan,ZHENG Gang,LU Guang-ming,ZHANG Zhi-qiang,LIU Yi-jun,ZHONG Yuan,WANG Hui-nan,ZHENG Gang,LU Guang-ming,ZHANG Zhi-qiang,LIU Yi-jun,ZHONG Yuan,WANG Hui-nan,ZHENG Gang,LU Guang-ming,ZHANG Zhi-qiang,LIU Yi-jun,ZHONG Yuan,WANG Hui-nan,ZHENG Gang,LU Guang-ming,ZHANG Zhi-qiang,LIU Yi-jun,ZHONG Yuan,WANG Hui-nan,ZHENG Gang,LU Guang-ming,ZHANG Zhi-qiang,LIU Yi-jun,

中国图象图形学报 , 2009,
Abstract: In independent component analysis (ICA), a statistical latent variables model is employed to assume that the obtained data is a linear mixture of signals. To deal with the detection error when the nonlinear mixing signals of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data are decomposed by means of ICA, a novel ICA method based on the instantaneous power of fMRI data is developed. Firstly, fMRI data are converted into its energy signals according to the energy form of electricity. Secondly, according to the relationship between blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) and T*2 signal, two types of instantaneous power of fMRI signals which represent the energy fluctuations of BOLD are proposed. Finally, based on the instantaneous power of fMRI data, the components correlated with the energies of brain activations are obtained by using a spatial ICA method. The effectiveness and advantage are elucidated through theoretical analyses and simulation tests, and it is also applied to vivo experimental epileptic fMRI, the results show that our method can robustly detect abnormal brain activities at resting state compared with the traditional ICA methods.
The Role of the Lactadherin in Promoting Intestinal DCs Development In Vivo and Vitro
Yi-Jun Zhou,Juan Gao,Hua-Mei Yang,Xiang-Liang Yuan,Tong-Xin Chen,Zhen-Juan He
Clinical and Developmental Immunology , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/357541
Abstract: Lactadherin, as one of the immune components in the breast milk, might play a role in the intestinal immune system of newborn. Therefore, we investigated the effect of lactadherin-feeding in early time on the development of intestinal immune system compared with naturally rearing and artificially rearing (non-lactadherin). In the present study, we observed that the Peyer's Patches (PP) from the pups of artificially reared group with lactadherin added were characterized by an excess of OX62
Screening and identification of a strain for hydroxylation of nicotinic acid

LU Wei-hong,XU Li,DAI Yi-jun,YUAN Sheng,

微生物学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Strain screening was conducted on a large scale in order to develop a biotransforming process for 6-hydroxynicotinic acid production. A strain named as NA-1 was isolated from soil which could transform nicotinic acid into a new product showed by HPLC. The new product was identified as 6-hydroxynicotinic acid by MS and 1H-NMR. The morphology, physiological and biochemical characteristics of strain NA-1 were studied and showed that characteristics of strain NA-1 were essentially consistent with Pseudomonas putida. The analysis of 16S rDNA sequence from strain NA-1 suggested that strain NA-1 was clustered together with P. putida in phylogenetic tree and the sequence identity between stain NA-1 and Pseudomonas putida was 99%. So strain NA-1 was identified to P. putida.
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