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On an integrable system related to the relativistic Toda lattice -B?cklund transformation and integrable discretization
Luc Vinet,Guo-Fu Yu,Ying-Nan Zhang
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We study an integrable system related to the relativistic Toda lattice. The bilinear representation of this lattice is given and the B\"ackulund transformation obtained. A fully discrete version is also introduced with its bilinear B\"acklund transformation and Lax pair. One-soliton solution of the discrete system is presented by use of B\"acklund transformation.
Pediatric traumatic cataract and surgery outcomes in eastern China:a hospital-based study
Ying-Nan Xu,Yu-Sen Huang,Li-Xin Xie
International Journal of Ophthalmology , 2013, DOI: 10.3980/j.issn.2222-3959.2013.02.10
Abstract: AIM: To evaluate the etiologies, management, and outcomes of pediatric traumatic cataract in eastern China. METHODS:Pediatric traumatic cataract were reviewed for demographic information, type of injury, mode of injury, time of injury, interval between injury and first visiting doctors, hospital of first visiting, surgeries, complications and prognosis. RESULTS:A total of 117 eyes of 117 patients (96 boys and 21 girls) with unilateral injuries (66 right and 51 left eyes) were included in the study. The mean (SEM) age at diagnosis was (6.6±3.2) years (range, 1.3-13.8 years). Each cataract was categorized according to the type of trauma:closed-globe (n=26) or open-globe (n=91) injuries. The most common injuring objects were sharp metal objects (37.61%). The most common complication in open-globe injuries was corneal laceration, whereas traumatic mydriasis was most common in closed-globe injuries. Of 68 eyes in patients with open-globe injuries who received cataract extraction, intraocular lens (IOLs) were primarily implanted in 47 eyes (68.12%), whereas 18 eyes with closed-globe injuries received cataract extraction, and IOLs were primarily implanted in 17 eyes (94.4%). The surgical procedures included reconstruction of the anterior segment, synechiolysis, excision of the membrane, lensectomy, vitrectomy and related techniques. Postoperative vision was significantly improved compared with preoperative vision. CONCLUSION: Pediatric traumatic cataract should be treated in time to attenuate the complications, and education on pediatric traumatic cataract and improvements in pediatric health care are needed for the early detection of cataract in children.
Simulation of Beta vulgaris climatic productivity and its planting climatic zoning in Hei-longjiang Province

GAO Yong-gang,NAN Rui,GU Hong,YU Ying-nan,WANG Ping,

生态学杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: 利用黑龙江省81个气象站1975—2004年30年的逐日气象资料及相应插值的网格同期逐日气象资料,采用WOFOST作物生长模型,模拟并分析了甜菜气候生产力的空间分布特征及主要气候影响因素。结果表明:黑龙江省甜菜早、中熟品种气候生产力在中部和东部由北向南递增,在西部由北向南递减;晚熟品种气候生产力在中东部和东部由北向南递增,在西部由北向南递减,在中西部处于中产水平。主要气候影响因素的分布对甜菜气候生产力的分布具有重要影响。利用气候生产力距平百分率、实际产量变异系数及与气候生产力密切相关的主要生育期的4个气候因子(枝叶繁茂期的平均气温、糖分积累期的平均气温、根快膨大期的降水量、糖分积累期的气温日较差),采用动态聚类分析方法,将黑龙江省甜菜早、中、晚熟品种的种植区域分别划分为8类、7类和6类种植气候区。
Characterization of the ectABC gene and the ectA gene expression product in Chromhalobacter sp.NJS-2 from Antarctica deep-sea sediment
南极深海底泥色盐杆菌属NJS-2 ectABC基因克隆及二氨基丁酸转氨酶ectA基因的表达

FU Ying-nan,CHEN Zhi-liang,JIANG Wei-yu,CHEN Rong-zhong,

中国生物工程杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 从南极深海底泥中分离筛选得到一株中性嗜盐菌Chromhalobacter sp.NJS-2,以该菌株基因组为模板,利用PCR技术扩增出ectABC基因,基因全序列大小为2378bp。OMIGA软件分析该基因序列上含有三个阅读框,大小分别为576bp、1272bp和393bp,预测其分别编码二氨基丁酸乙酰转移酶(EctA)、二氨基丁乙酸转氨酶(EctB)和四氢嘧啶合酶(EctC)。将二氨基丁酸乙酰转移酶ectA基因的PCR扩增产物克隆至表达载体pET-his,构建重组表达载体pET-his-ectA,并经酶切、PCR鉴定和测序验证,结果表明其目的基因的插入位置、大小和读码框均正确。SDS-PAGE分析,出现大小约21kDa的目的蛋白条带。
Intensity modulated radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy for larynx preservation of advanced resectable hypopharyngeal cancer
Wen-Yen Huang, Yee-Min Jen, Chang-Ming Chen, Yu-Fu Su, Chun-Shu Lin, Yaoh-Shiang Lin, Ying-Nan Chang, Hsing-Lung Chao, Kuen-Tze Lin, Li-Ping Chang
Radiation Oncology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1748-717x-5-37
Abstract: Between January 2003 and November 2007, 14 patients were treated with primary surgery and 33 patients were treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CCRT) using IMRT technique. Survival rate, larynx preservation rate were calculated with the Kaplan-Meier method. Multivariate analysis was conducted for significant prognostic factors with Cox-regression method.The median follow-up was 19.4 months for all patients, and 25.8 months for those alive. The 5-year overall survival rate was 33% and 44% for primary surgery and definitive CCRT, respectively (p = 0.788). The 5-year functional larynx-preservation survival after IMRT was 40%. Acute toxicities were common, but usually tolerable. The rates of treatment-related mucositis (≥ grade 2) and pharyngitis (≥ grade 3) were higher in the CCRT group. For multivariate analysis, treatment response and cricoid cartilage invasion strongly correlated with survival.IMRT plus concurrent chemotherapy may preserve the larynx without compromising survival. Further studies on new effective therapeutic agents are essential.Laryngopharyngectomy followed by radiotherapy (RT)/chemoradiotherapy (CRT) has been one of treatment modalities for patients with hypopharyngeal cancer. However, it leads to the loss of a functional larynx. Larynx preservation modality for hypopharyngeal cancer has been tested in a trial conducted by the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Head and Neck Cancer Cooperative group [1]. It concludes that induction chemotherapy plus definitive RT offered 35% of 5-year larynx preservation rate and does not compromise survival compared with surgery. Some retrospective studies show a 5-year overall survival varying widely from 14% to 43% after RT [2-4]. However, the actual larynx preservation rate is seldom reported. Concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CCRT) has been thought to be better than sequential treatment from previous studies. Two important meta-analyses have concluded that the survival benefi
Characterization of the ectC gene and its expression product in Halomonas sp. Nj223 from Antarctica deep-sea sediment
南极深海底泥中度嗜盐菌盐单胞菌属Nj223 ectC基因的克隆表达及ectoine合成酶性质分析

CHEN Zhi-liang,FU Ying-nan,JIANG Wei-yu,CHEN Rong-zhong,

微生物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: A moderately halophilic bacterium Halomonas sp. NJ223 was isolated from Antarctica deep-sea sediment. This bacterium accumulates ectoine as the main compatible solute in response to severe osmotic stress. Ecoine synthase catalyzes circulation of gamma-N-acetyl-alpha, gamma-diaminobutyric acid (ADABA) to ectoine in the last step of the three enzymatic steps. The gene of ectoine synthase from this strain was amplified by PCR and the DNA sequence of a 393-bp segment was sequenced. The amino acid sequences of this enzyme present high homology to the known sequence. The significance of this gene was proved by the expression in Escherichia coli. Thus, the amplified fragment was cloned into the expression vector pET-his. The insert position, the size and the reading frame were identified by PCR, restriction digestion and the sequence analysis of the recombinant plasmids. SDS-PAGE shows that the relative molecular mass of the expression product was 15 kDa as predicted, which indicated that the recombinant plasmids could express the gene of ectoine synthase. The biosynthetic pathway of ectoine was partially elucidated by renaturation and enzyme activity detection of purified ectoine synthase in vitro. Determination of effect of pH and temperature on enzyme activity shows that the optimal reaction condition of pH was 8.0 and temperature was 25 degrees C.
An Approach to Image Dimension Reduction and Its Application to Face Images

Xu Yong,Yang Jian,Zhao Ying-nan,Song Feng-xi,Yang Jing-yu,
徐 勇
,杨 健,赵英男,宋枫溪,杨静宇

电子与信息学报 , 2008,
Abstract: As a technique of feature extraction, 2DPCA is effective and efficient. Different from traditional PCA, it directly computes projection of one image matrix onto vector, to obtain feature for the image. In fact, 2DPCA is optimal for dimension compression under this consideration. There are two approaches to implement 2DPCA. The two approaches transform images into different spaces, and emphasize horizontal feature and vertical feature of face images respectively. Because the features extracted by the two approaches may complement each other, two schemes are designed to perform feature fusion. Experiments based on the fused features achieve high classification right rates.
Characteristics and Evolution of Hydrochemical Compositions of Freshwater Lake in Tibetan Plateau

WANG Peng,SHANG Ying-nan,SHEN Li-cheng,WU Kun-yu,XIAO Qiong,

环境科学 , 2013,
Abstract: Freshwater lake of the Tibetan plateau has great ecological value and extreme vulnerability. The water samples have been collected in Daggyaima Co at an altitude of 5080 m±10 m. This study has investigated the sources, the major controlling factors of the major ions, and hydrochemical evolution trend according to the hydrochemical composition of water samples. The results showed that the major cations and anion of lake water were Ca2+, Na+ and HCO3-, respectively, and the hydrochemical type was HCO3-Ca, The total dissolved solid (TDS) was in the range of 71.2-199.8 mg·L-1. The concentrations of EC, Ca2+ and HCO3- in water samples from Southeast areas were relatively low resulted from the rich aluminum and poor calcium of geological background and the dilution effect of surface runoff. The Na+/(Na++Ca2+) of water samples was 0.08-0.75, Cl-/(Cl-+HCO3-) was 0.11-0.35, Ca/Na was 0.58, Mg/Ca was 0.12, and HCO3/Na was 1.46, which suggested that the hydrochemical composition of the lake water was mainly controlled by silicate rock weathering based on Gibbs model and analysis of elemental stoichiometry. The minerals participated in weathering processes included plagioclase (anorthite, albite), potassium feldspar, biotite, calcite, dolomite, gypsum, rock salt, etc. The average value of K/Na was 0.059, indicating the weathering level of potassium feldspar was relatively low. The saturation index (SI) of calcite, dolomite, gypsum, quartz and hematite contained in the lake was higher than zero, while the SI of rock salt was lower than 0, revealing the trend that the freshwater lake is turning into salt water lake in Tibetan Plateau.
An Efficient Periodic Broadcasting with Small Latency and Buffer Demand for Near Video on Demand
Ying-Nan Chen,Li-Ming Tseng
International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/717538
Abstract: Broadcasting Protocols can efficiently transmit videos that simultaneously shared by clients with partitioning the videos into segments. Many studies focus on decreasing clients' waiting time, such as the fixed-delay pagoda broadcasting (FDPB) and the harmonic broadcasting schemes. However, limited-capability client devices such as PDAs and set-top boxes (STBs) suffer from storing a significant fraction of each video while it is being watched. How to reduce clients' buffer demands is thus an important issue. Related works include the staircase broadcasting (SB), the reverse fast broadcasting (RFB), and the hybrid broadcasting (HyB) schemes. This work improves FDPB to save client buffering space as well as waiting time. In comparison with SB, RFB, and HyB, the improved FDPB scheme can yield the smallest waiting time under the same buffer requirements. 1. Introduction How to efficiently maintain the exhausted bandwidth with the growth in the number of clients is an important issue of VOD deployment. Dan et al. [1] presented that 80 percent of the demand is for a few number (10 or 20) of very popular videos. One way to broadcast a popular video is to partition the video into segments, which are transmitted on several channels currently and periodically. The approach (called periodic broadcasting [2]) lets multiple users share channels and thus obtains high bandwidth utilization. One of the channels only broadcasts the first segment in real time. The other channels transmit the remaining segments. When clients want to watch a video, they wait for the beginning of the first segment on the first channel. While clients start watching the video, their set-top boxes (STBs) or computers still download and buffer unreceived segments from the channels to enable them to play the video continuously. The staggered broadcasting [3] scheme treats a complete video as a single segment and then transmits it on each channel at different start times. The fast broadcasting (FB) scheme [4] improves segment partitioning and arrangement to yield shorter service latency. The harmonic broadcasting (HB) scheme [5] initially partitions a video into equally sized segments, which are further divided into smaller subsegments according to the harmonic series. HB can yield the minimum waiting time [6]; however, its implementation is difficult due to the multitude of broadcasting channels [7]. The recursive frequency-splitting (RFS) [7] scheme broadcasts a segment as close to its frequency as possible to achieve a near-minimal waiting time. The study [8] focuses on reducing the
Hydrophobic Modification of Layered Clays and Compatibility for Epoxy Nanocomposites
Jiang-Jen Lin,Ying-Nan Chan,Yi-Fen Lan
Materials , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/ma3042588
Abstract: Recent studies on the intercalation and exfoliation of layered clays with polymeric intercalating agents involving poly(oxypropylene)-amines and the particular uses for epoxy nanocomposites are reviewed. For intercalation, counter-ionic exchange reactions of clays including cationic layered silicates and anionic Al-Mg layered double hydroxide (LDH) with polymeric organic ions afforded organoclays led to spatial interlayer expansion from 12 to 92 ? (X-ray diffraction) as well as hydrophobic property. The inorganic clays of layered structure could be modified by the poly(oxypropylene)amine-salts as the intercalating agents with molecular weights ranging from 230 to 5,000 g/mol. Furthermore, natural montmorillonite (MMT) clay could be exfoliated into thin layer silicate platelets ( ca. 1 nm thickness) in one step by using polymeric types of exfoliating agents. Different lateral dimensions of MMT, synthetic fluorinated Mica and LDH clays had been cured into epoxy nanocomposites. The hydrophobic amine-salt modification resulting in high spacing of layered or exfoliation of individual clay platelets is the most important factor for gaining significant improvements of properties. In particular, these modified clays were reported to gain significant improvements such as reduced coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), enhanced thermal stability, and hardness. The utilization of these layered clays for initiating the epoxy self-polymerization was also reported to have a unique compatibility between clay and organic resin matrix. However, the matrix domain lacks of covalently bonded crosslink and leads to the isolation of powder material. It is generally concluded that the hydrophobic expansion of the clay inter-gallery spacing is the crucial step for enhancing the compatibility and the ultimate preparation of the advanced epoxy materials.
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