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A study of nurses’ job satisfaction: The relationship to professional commitment and friendship networks  [PDF]
Li-Se Yang, Hsieh-Hua Yang, Hsiu-Tzu Chen, Mei-Fang Chang, Yu-Fen Chiu, Ya-Wen Chou, Yen-Chi Cheng
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.411167
Abstract: We suggest that employees’ job satisfaction has relationship to friendship network other than professional commitment, and argue that friendship network in the same ward and across wards will have different effects on employees’ job satisfaction. A cross-sectional survey design utilizing questionnaires was selected to fulfill the research objectives. All of the 405 nurses in the En Chou Kong Hospital were surveyed. Three hundred and three nurses completed the questionnaire representing a response rate of 74.8%. The instruments included friendship network nomination, professional commitment scale, and nurses’ job satisfaction scale (NJSS). The regression model of job satisfaction was constructed, using friendship network variables in the ward and across wards and professional commitment as independent variables. R square for each model is 0.22-0.36 for the four dimensions of job satisfaction. Professional commitment is the robust predictor. The efficiency of friendship network in the ward is a good predictor, while it is negative related to satisfaction of work load. Further, the indegree in the ward is negative related to work load. Implication was discussed.
Shared Equity Policy in Joint Ventures for Host Countries
Mei-Fang Chung
Economic Analysis and Policy , 2011,
Abstract: This paper provides a game model for examining the host overseas investment policy and MNEs equity strategy in international joint ventures. This paper refines previous Chen & Chung’s (2008) results and considers the host policy about MNEs’ joint-venture. This paper shows foreign firms increase their technology transfer incentive because less competition from the joint-venture partner when a foreign firm holds lower shares. And the holding shares of foreign firms must be not smaller than 50 percent. The host welfare increases with foreign firms’ minority equity. The equity conflict exists in the higher technology spillover and transfer cost cases. Hence, the host governments always impose investment restrictions on MNEs in the Developing countries. Otherwise, it has more loose policy in the Developed countries.
Correlation between expression of p53, p21/WAF1, and MDM2 proteins and their prognostic significance in primary hepatocellular carcinoma
Mei-Fang Zhang, Zhi-Yi Zhang, Jia Fu, Yu-Feng Yang, Jing-Ping Yun
Journal of Translational Medicine , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1479-5876-7-110
Abstract: We examined p53, p21/WAF1, and MDM2 expression in 181 pairs of HCC tissues and the adjacent hepatic tissues by performing immunohistochemistry and examined the expression of the 3 proteins in 7 pairs of HCC tissues and the adjacent hepatic tissues by using western blot analysis.The expression of p53, p21/WAF1, and MDM2 in the HCC tissues was significantly higher than those in the adjacent hepatic tissues (P < 0.05). A statistical correlation was observed between p53 and p21/WAF1 expression in HCC tissues (R = 0.195, P = 0.008). A statistical correlation was observed between expression of p53 and p21/WAF1 (R = 0.380, P = 0.000), p53 and MDM2 (R = 0.299, P = 0.000), p21/WAF1 and MDM2 (R = 0.285, P = 0.000) in 181 liver tissues adjacent to the tumor. Patients with a low pathologic grade HCC (I+II) had a higher tendency to express p53 on tumor cells than the patients with high pathologic grade HCC (III+IV) (P = 0.007). Survival analysis showed that positive p21/WAF1 expression or/and negative MDM2 expression in HCC was a predictor of better survival of patients after tumor resection (P < 0.05).The proteins p53, p21/WAF1, and MDM2 were overexpressed in all the HCC cases in this study, and p53 and p21/WAF1 overexpression were positively correlated. The expression of p21/WAF1 and MDM2 can be considered as 2 useful indicators for predicting the prognosis of HCC.Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth most common malignancy worldwide and is the third most common cause of cancer-related deaths [1]. HCC develops in patients with chronic liver diseases, and its etiopathogenesis includes viral infection (hepatitis B and C), alcohol, and aflatoxin B1 consumption. The majority of HCC patients have associated cirrhosis and impaired liver function, making the treatment of HCC more difficult than that of many other cancers. Surgery, including transplantation, remains the only potential curative modality for HCC.Prognosis of HCC remains unsatisfactory even after surgical resection
Evaluation of a lipopeptide biosurfactant from Bacillus natto TK-1 as a potential source of anti-adhesive, antimicrobial and antitumor activities
Cao, Xiao-Hong;Liao, Zhen-Yu;Wang, Chun-Ling;Yang, Wen-Yan;Lu, Mei-Fang;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822009000200030
Abstract: a lipopeptide biosurfactant produced by bacillus natto tk-1 has a strong surface activity. the biosurfactant was found to be an anti-adhesive agent against several bacterial strains, and also showed a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity. the biosurfactant induced a significant reduction in tumor cells viability in a dose- dependent manner.
Electrical Properties of CuO―doped SrFe0.9Sn0.1O3― δ Thick Film NTC Thermistors
YUAN Chang-Lai,WU Xiu-Fang,LIU Xin-Yu,HUANG Jing-Yue,LI Bo,LIANG Mei-Fang,MO Chong-Gui
无机材料学报 , 2011, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2011.00387
Abstract: CuO―doped SrFe0.9Sn0.1O3― δ (CSFS) thick―film negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors ( 20mol%, 30mol%, 40mol%, 50mol% ) were prepared by the screen printing method. The microstructures and electrical prop erties of CSFS thick films were determined. With the increase of CuO content, the surface morphology of thick films becomes denser. The room―temperature resistance values gradually decreases to about 0.46 M Ω and the thermistor― constant values are basically constant at around 3300 K. After the addition of CuO, SrFe0.9Sn0.1O3― δ is decomposed into various SrFe1― xSn xO3― δ ( 0.1< x<1 ) phases. By two― RQ series equivalent circuit model, impedance characteristics of the thick film containing 40mol% CuO content are investigated over the measured temperature range of 25–250 It is found that the total thick―film resistance is mainly attributed to the contribution of grain and grain boundary resistances, both of which show the typical NTC thermistor characteristics. Furthermore, the complete match of peak frequencies between the imaginary parts of impedance and electric modulus suggests that delocalized conduction is the main conduction mechanism in the thick―film NTC thermistors.
Significant Improved Anthocyanins Biosynthesis in Suspension Cultures of Vitis vinifera by Process Intensification

QU Jun-Ge,YU Xing-Ju,ZHANG Wei,JIN Mei-Fang,

生物工程学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The low-production is a ubiquitous problem and has prevented the commercialization of secondary metabolite production in plant cell culture. In order to examine the effective approaches to improvement of secondary metabolite production in plant cell culture, the investigation of anthocyanins accumulation in suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera, as a model system, had been initiated in our laboratory. In this present research, various elicitors and the precursor of phenylalanine were used in combination to enhance the anthocyanins production in suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera. And an integrated process with the combination of elicitation, precursor feeding and light irradiation was reported for rational bioprocess design. Among the combination treatment of phenylalanine feeding and several elicitors (methyl-beta-cyclodextrin, dextran T-40, methyl jasmonate, extracts of Aspergillus niger and Fusarium orthoceras), the combination with methyl jasmonate gave the highest anthocyanins production in suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera. When compared to the controls, the anthocyanins content (CV/g, FCW) and production (CV/L) increased by 2.7-fold and 3.4-fold, respectively. The optimum time for the addition of phenylalanine and methyl jasmonate was 4 days after inoculation. Two cell lines with different anthocyanins-producing capacity responded differently to the optimum combination treatment of 30 micromol/L phenylalanine feeding, 218 micromol/L methyl jasmonate elicitation and 3000 to approximately 4000 1x light illumination. The high-and low-anthocyanins-producing cell lines of VV05 and VV06 produced the maximum of 2975 and 4090 CV/L of anthocyanins that were 2.5- and 5.2-fold of the controls, respectively.
Effect of Homogeneity on Cell Growth and Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Suspension Cultures of Vitis vinifera

QU Jun-Ge,ZHANG Wei,JIN Mei-Fang,YU Xing-Ju,

生物工程学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The instability of secondary metabolite production is a ubiquitous problem in plant cell culture. To understand the instability, the investigation of anthocyanin accumulation in suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera, as a model system, has been initiated in our laboratory. Suspension culture of a relatively homogeneous cell line E of V. vinifera, was established by long-term cell line selection by anthocyanin content differentiation. The aggregate size of E was smaller than that of other cell lines obtained by routine screening method. The variation coefficients of anthocyanin content in suspension cultures of E were 8.7% in long-term subcultures and 5% in repeated flasks, respectively. The effects of elicitor, precursor feeding and light irridiation on biomass and anthocyanin accumulation in suspension cultures of E had been investigated and the results showed that all the variation coefficients were lower than 12% and this indicated the importance of homogeneity on stable production in plant cell culture. With the combination treatment of 30micromol/L phenylalanine and 218micromol/L methyl jasmonate in the dark in suspension cultures of E, the anthocyanin content and production in suspension culture of E was 5.89-fold and 4.30-fold of the controls, respectively, and all the variation coefficients of biomass and anthocyanin accumulation were lower than those of the controls in 5 successive subcultures.
Two-stage photobiological hydrogen production of Platymonas subcordiformis cells at different growth phases under two kinds of light intensity

LIU Run-guo,YU Xing-ju,JIN Mei-fang,ZHANG Wei,

海洋科学 , 2008,
Abstract: A marine green microalga, Platymonas subcordiformis, was able to generate H2 photo-synthetically when exposed to light after a period of anaerobic, dark incubation. The growth curves were different at different kinds of light intensity, and the ability of H2 production varied significantly at different growth phases. At higher light intensity(E=13 000 lx), the microalga grew faster, and gave a higher H2 yield. At the stationary phase, the ability of H2 production reached the maximum hydrogen concentration of 17.5% collected in 300 mL Culture at 3×106 cells/mL. At lower light intensity(E=5 000 lx), the H2 yield decreased by 24% with the maximimum hydrogen concentration of 17.5%,and the chlorophyll concentration reduced by 61%. The results indicated that the physiological status of algal cells has a significant effect on the ability of H2 production. Therefore optimization of physiological parameters is required to maximize hydrogen production in green algae
Allelopathic Sesquiterpene Lactones from Wedelia trilobata

ZHANG Yu-hu,LIU Mei-fang,LING Tie-jun,WEI Xiao-yi,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 从外来种三裂蟛蜞菊(Wedelia trilobata)的全株中分离得到6个倍半萜内酯化合物,通过光谱分析,分别鉴定为6-异丁酰基-三叶拉色芹内酯(1)、1 β-acetoxy-4α,9α-dihydroxy-6 β-isobutyroxyprostatolide(2)、1 β,9α-diacetoxy-4α-hydroxy-6 β-isobutyroxyprostatolide(3a)、1 β,9α-diacetoxy-4α-hydroxy-6β-methacryl-oxyprostatolide(3b)、1 β,4α-dihydroxy-9α-tigloyloxy-6β-methylpropanoylprostatolide(4a)、9α-angeloyloxy-1 β,4α-dihydroxy-6 β-methylpro-panoylprostatolide(4b)。除1和3a外,其余4个化合物均是首次从该植物中得到。通过种子萌发和幼苗生长抑制试验发现化合物1、2、3a和3b的混合物以及4a和4b的混合物对萝卜、小白菜和西红柿的幼苗生长有较强的抑制作用。4a和4b的混合物对咸水虾有较高的毒性。
Study of Huoxue Qianyang Granules in revising the left ventricular hypertrophy of spontaneous hypertension rats
Duan ZHOU,Mei-Fang XIAO
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2006,
Abstract: Objective: To study the mechanism of Huoxue Qianyang Granule (HXQYG), a traditional Chinese compound medicine, in revising the left ventricular hypertrophy of hypertension. Methods: Spontaneous hypertension rats (SHR) were randomly divided into seven groups: untreated group, Songling Xuemaikang (SLXMK)-treated group, captopril-treated group, high-, medium- and low-dose HXQYG-treated groups, and normal control group. The systolic blood pressure (SBP) and left ventricular mass index (LVMI) were measured. The content of angiotensin Ⅱ (AngⅡ) in left ventricular tissue was determined by radioimmunoassay. The expressions of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) protein and mRNA in left ventricular tissue were analyzed separately by immunohistochemical method and RT-PCR. Results: (1) SBP and LVMI were higher in the untreated group than those in the normal control group, and they were lower in the high- and medium-dose HXQYG-treated groups than those in the untreated group, but higher than those in the captopril-treated group, and without significant difference as compared to those in the SLXMK-treated group. (2) The content of AngⅡ and expressions of ACE protein and mRNA in the left ventricular tissue in the untreated group were higher than those in the normal control group, and they were lower in the HXQYG-treated groups than those in the untreated group, but higher than those in the captopril-treated group, and without significant difference as compared to those in the SLXMK-treated group. Conclusion: HXQYG can reverse the left ventricular hypertrophy of SHR, which may be due to decreasing the amount of AngⅡ and expressions of ACE protein and mRNA in the left ventricular tissue.
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