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Calculation and Empirical Analysis on the Contributions of R&D Spending and Patents to China’s Economic Growth  [PDF]
Jie Li, Yu Jiang
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2016.66118
Abstract: Based on the national data from 1995 to 2014, we develop an extended C-D production function model alongside with the Solow growth rate equation to investigate contributions of R&D expenditures and patents to China’s GDP respectively. Results indicate that: 1) both R&D expenditures and patents granted are significantly positive correlated with GDP and the growing output elasticity to GDP is in leaps and bounds after 2000 and 2005; 2) comparing to patents granted, R&D expenditures account for a higher share of contribution to economic growth and the both shares show a fluctuating downward trend; 3) the output elasticity of labor is significantly higher than other factors, signaling capital saving technical progress in China. The elasticity coefficient of scientific-technical progress to GDP is small. Nevertheless, its influence is gradually increasing and the intensive economic growth transformation has formed. Some policy implications are distilled after empirical analysis. R&D application, transformation and related incentive mechanism should be improved. Besides, the fields of R&D funding should be adjusted to further coordinate the relationship between the structure of R&D expenditures and the industrial structure.
Empirical Analysis of Interactive Control’s Effectiveness: A Parent-Subsidiary Company’s Interdependence Perspective  [PDF]
Biao Luo, Jie-Jie Yu, Hong-Mei Ji
iBusiness (IB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2012.43025
Abstract: Due to the increasingly complex business environment and the principal-agent relationship, the enterprise group should establish a control system to prevent agency risk. Besides traditional system control, the parent company tends to adopt an interactive control including decentralized decision making, process communication and target incentive to guide and govern the subsidiaries. As an elastic control mechanism, the interactive control’s effectiveness could be influenced by the resources dependence relationship which is objective existence between the parent and subsidiary company. Based on the classical literature review, this study analyzes the effects of interaction control to the performance (“interactive control → performance”) and the interdependence’s regulating role by a total sample and a multiple-group structural equation analysis based on Chinese groups’ data, the results show that the interactive control could improve the subsidiaries’ performance, but different control process has its particular applicable interdependence situation. In the conclusions, we proposed some suggestions to promote the interactive control’s effectiveness in the enterprise group’s management practices.
The Relationship between Career Growth and Job Engagement among Young Employees: The Mediating Role of Normative Commitment and the Moderating Role of Organizational Justice  [PDF]
Jie Liu, Xiaowen He, Jinming Yu
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2017.51008
Abstract: With the sharp changes in external environment, sustainable competitive advantage is importance resource that the enterprises need to get in the fierce market game. The 90’s are becoming the backbone of enterprises, and under the background of human resources, driving the development of the enterprise innovation ability by cultivating highly professional knowledge staff is the important measure of enterprise to obtain sustainable competitive advantage. This study will explore the relationship between employees’ career growth and work engagement, in order to provide effective advice for enterprise to cultivate staffs with high job engagement. Based on social exchange theory, empirical results indicate that career growth has significant positive impact on employees’ job engagement through a mediating role of normative commitment. Meanwhile, the two assumptions about the moderating role of organizational justice are not supported, which are including that organizational justice plays a moderating role between career growth and job engagement, and organizational justice adjusts the mediating role of normative commitment between career growth and job engagement. Empirical results indicate that organizational justice plays a moderating role between normative commitment and job engagement. The research results show that enterprises can satisfy employees’ career growth needs, such as economic, power, ability, social and emotional needs, thus achieving the goal of improving employee’s organization normative commitment level, and eventually achieving the goal of employees work commitment.
Polymorphic Structures of Alzheimer's β-Amyloid Globulomers
Xiang Yu,Jie Zheng
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020575
Abstract: Misfolding and self-assembly of Amyloid-β (Aβ) peptides into amyloid fibrils is pathologically linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Polymorphic Aβ structures derived from monomers to intermediate oligomers, protofilaments, and mature fibrils have been often observed in solution. Some aggregates are on-pathway species to amyloid fibrils, while the others are off-pathway species that do not evolve into amyloid fibrils. Both on-pathway and off-pathway species could be biologically relevant species. But, the lack of atomic-level structural information for these Aβ species leads to the difficulty in the understanding of their biological roles in amyloid toxicity and amyloid formation.
The cytological changes of tobacco zygote and proembryo cells induced by beta-glucosyl Yariv reagent suggest the involvement of arabinogalactan proteins in cell division and cell plate formation
Miao Yu, Jie Zhao
BMC Plant Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-12-126
Abstract: In this study, we used the tobacco in vitro zygote culture system and series of meticulous cell biology techniques to investigate the roles of AGPs in zygote and proembryo cell division. For the first time, we examined tobacco proembryo division patterns detailed to every cell division. The bright-field images and statistical results both revealed that with the addition of an exogenous AGPs inhibitor, beta-glucosyl Yariv (beta-GlcY) reagent, the frequency of aberrant division increased remarkably in cultured tobacco zygotes and proembryos, and the cell plate specific locations of AGPs were greatly reduced after beta-GlcY treatment. In addition, the accumulations of new cell wall materials were also significantly affected by treating with beta-GlcY. Detection of cellulose components by Calcofluor white stain showed that strong fluorescence was located in the newly formed wall of daughter cells after the zygotic division of in vivo samples and the control samples from in vitro culture without beta-GlcY treatment; while there was only weak fluorescence in the newly formed cell walls with beta-GlcY treatment. Immunocytochemistry examination with JIM5 and JIM7 respectively against the low- and high-esterified pectins displayed that these two pectins located in opposite positions of zygotes and proembryos in vivo and the polarity was not affected by beta-GlcY. Furthermore, FM4-64 staining revealed that endosomes were distributed in the cell plates of proembryos, and the localization pattern was also affected by beta-GlcY treatment. These results were further confirmed by subsequent observation with transmission electron microscopy. Moreover, the changes to proembryo cell-organelles induced by beta-GlcY reagent were also observed using fluorescent dye staining technique.These results imply that AGPs may not only relate to cell plate position decision, but also to the location of new cell wall components. Correlated with other factors, AGPs further influence the zygotic div
Jie Liu,Wentao Yu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812024841
Abstract: The title compound [systematic name: 9-(9H-fluoren-3-yl)-9H-fluorene], C26H18, was obtained unintentionally as the product of the synthesis of a compound based on fluorene–thiophene units. The two fluorene rings are connected through C atoms in the 3- and 9′-positions, and the dihedral angle between the mean planes of the two fluorene units is 78.57 (6)°.
Generalized Landau-Lifshitz Equation into $S^n$
Chong Song,Jie Yu
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, a type of integrable evolution equation--the generalized Landau-Lifshitz equation into $S^n$ is considered. We deal with this equation from a geometric point of view by rewriting it in a geometric form. Through the geometric energy method, we show the global well-posedness of the corresponding Cauchy problem.
Isomorphisms between affine Hecke algebras
Jie-Tai Yu
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let $k$ be a field and suppose $p, q\in k$. We prove that the two affine Hecke algebras $H_q$ and $H_p$ of type $A_n$ are isomorphic as $k$-algebras if and only if $p=q^{\pm 1}$.
Application of Thoracic Surgery Structured Electronic Medical Record Based on Standard Vocabulary
Jie JIANG, Xiuyi YU
- , 2018, DOI: : 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2018.04.03
Abstract: As an important carrier in the information construction of modern hospitals, electronic medical record is becoming more and more refined and intelligent. This paper introduces the standardized and structured electronic medical record system of thoracic surgecal department and puts forward the effect evaluation and prospect.
A New Type of Combination Forecasting Method Based on PLS——The Application of It in Cigarette Sales Forecasting  [PDF]
Biao Luo, Liang Wan, Wei-Wei Yan, Jie-Jie Yu
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2012.23049
Abstract: Cigarette market is a kind of monopoly market which is closed loop running, it depends on the plan mechanism to schedule producing, supplying and selling, but the “bullwhip effect” still exists. So it has a fundamental significance to do sales forecasting work. It needs to considerate the double trend characteristics, history sales data and other main factors that affect cigarette sales. This paper depends on the panel data of A province’s cigarette sales, first we established three single forecasting models, after getting the predicted value of these single models, then using the combination forecasting method which based on PLS to predict the province’s cigarette sales of the next year. The results show that the prediction accuracy is good, which could provide a certain reference to cigarette sales forecasting in A province.
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