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Large-scale estuarine engineering and estuarine habitat fragmentation of water body in the Yangtze River Estuary

YE Shu-Feng,

生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Estuarine habitat, one of basic components of estuarine ecosystems, is a typical marine habitat. Human activities such as large-scale engineering construction in the estuarine comprehensive regulation have an important impact on estuarine ecosystems, resulting in estuarine habitat fragmentation. In this paper, based on the survey and sampling data of 7 habitat indices carried out during May to June, 2002 in the Yangtze River Estuary, we preliminarily studied and analyzed the impact of the first-stage project of Deep-waterway Regulation on habitat fragmentation of estuarine water body. The estuarine water habitats can be subdivided into 3, 2, 3, 3, 6, 4 and 5 patch types for salinity, DO, COM_(Mn), SiO_3-Si, Chl a, phytoplankton and zooplankton, respectively. The seascape diversity(H), dominance index(D)and fragmentation index(C)of 7 indices in water body differed significantly. H of Chl a is the highest with 0.58 and that of DO the lowest with 0.04; D of COD is the highest with 0.30 and that of phytoplankton the lowest with 0.08; C of Chl a is the highest with 0.30 and that of DO is the lowest with 0.05. Except for salinity, the number of patches, H, D and C of DO and COD in water body of the Yangtze River Estuary in May are higher than that in May 1997. Our results showed that the large-scale estuarine engineering has had obvious impacts on the habitat fragmentation of water body in the Yangtze River Estuary, resulting in locally small-scale changes in oceanic water mass. The results from this study suggest that the first-stage project of Deep-waterway Regulation has caused habitat fragmentation and significant impact on seascape diversity of estuarine water body. The patch patterns of estuarine water body are related to local hydrodynamic condition caused by the first-stage project, which deserve for further research.
Metallothionein diversity and its ecological service functions of invertebrates: an overview

YE Shu-Feng,LU Jian-Jian,

生物多样性 , 2000,
Abstract: Metallothioneins(MTs) are low molecular mass, cysteine rich metal binding polypeptides, which have been found widely distributed in invertebrates since 1975 and established a central role in the regulation of the essential metals, zinc and copper, and the detoxification of nonessential metals, cadmium and mercury. So far, more than 60 invertebrate MTs have been reported each with two and more than two MT isoforms and variants respectively in most major invertebrate groups including nematodes, annelids, echinoderm, mollusks, arthropods, pogonophora, and crustaceans. It was reported that MTs differed significantly among invertebrate species with plentiful information of biodiversity and many kinds of ecological functions, including the following three aspects: diversity of binding metals to MTs, diversity of MT isoforms and variants, and diversity of MTs ecological service functions. Up to now, however, studies on the diversity of MTs are not enough, especially on MTs ecological service functions, so that few MTs ecological functions have been found and studied in natural populations of invertebrates. For this reason, it is important to indicate the ecological service functions on the basis of the diversity of invertebrate MTs in terms of theory and practice. The diversity of invertebrate MTs are overviewed and analyzed in this paper, and their ecological service functions are also discussed in three aspects: MTs function in detoxification and regulation of heavy metals, MTs as biomarkers in environmental monitoring, purification function of MTs in environmental heavy metal pollution and their roles in the environmental pollution management.
Anaerobic Degradation Route of Oxalate and the Reaction Conditions

YU Yang,SHEN Yi-shen,YE Shu-feng,

过程工程学报 , 2001,
Abstract: To dispose the oxalate waste from the alumina refining process effectively and economically, the method of oxalate anaerobic digestion is presented. The results indicate that oxalate was converted to harmless methane and bicarbonate under anaerobic conditions. However, moderate conditions must be provided for oxalate degradation. When the oxalate concentration was over 0.25 mol/L or pH above 10, the oxalate degradation was totally inhibited. Acetate, as an external carbon source, is found to promote degradation.
Desulfurization of High-temperature Coke Oven Gas by Using Zinc-bearing Dust Additive in Coking Process: Experimental and Simulation

TANG Hui-qing,LIU Jun-li,GUO Zhan-cheng,YE Shu-feng,

过程工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Desulfurization of high temperature coke oven gas (COG) by mixing zinc-bearing dust into coking coal has been studied. For simplicity, a mixture of pure powered iron oxide and zinc oxide were used in the experiment to simulate the dust. Thermodynamic calculation and desulfurization experimental results show that in the plastic stage when metaphase is formed, the zinc-bearing dust additive could suppress the evolution of H2S into COG efficiently and in the subsequent contraction stage when coke is formed, zinc sulfide is decomposed to elemental zinc vapor and H2S because of high H2 atmosphere in COG. The elemental zinc vapor reacts homogeneously with H2S to form solid ZnS as COG leaves the carbonization room. Thus the concentration of H2S in COG does not increase and little zinc is left in the coke. Experimental results also disclose that iron oxide in the additive has the effect to retard the release of sulfur into COG and promote zinc to evolve from coke as zinc vapor in the contraction stage.
Research on coking process of coking-coal blended with plastic and sulfur sorbent

ZHAO Rong-fang,YE Shu-feng,XIE Yu-sheng,CHEN Yun-fa,

燃料化学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Under the simulated conditions of coking chamber, the coking process of coking coal blended with plastic and sulphur sorbent was investigated. The H_2S removal efficiency of coking oven gas (COG) and the contents of residues of sulphur and zinc in the coke were also analyzed. The experimental results indicate that for the coking process of coking coal blended with ZnO, Fe_2O_3 or metallurgical dusts (MD), the removal efficiency of H_2S in COG was satisfying when the molar ratio of sorbent (ZnO and/or Fe_2O_3) to the volatile sulfur in the mixture of coal and plastic (n_(Zn+Fe)/n_S) is 1.2. The desulfurization activity of MD is relatively lower than that of ZnO and Fe_2O_3. Because of the thermal cracking behavior and chemical composition of plastic, the coke yield decreases from 81.5% for the coking-coal to 77.61% for the coking-coal with 5% of plastic added. However, if 5% of plastic and ZnO are added into the coking-coal, a satisfying removal effect of H_2S in COG can be obtained when n_(Zn+Fe)/n_S is increased to 1.7 due to the relative higher sulphur content in the plastic, while the contents of sulphur and zinc in the coke increase to some extent.
Research on the Mass Transfer Capability of the Flat Jet Continuous Reactor

YE Shu-feng,HUANG Ye,LI Jie,TIAN Xin-zhong,XIE Yu-sheng,JIN Shan-tong,HUANG Ze-ming,DING Yi,

过程工程学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 采用水-煤油(溶有β-萘酚)体系对平面射流连续反应器的传质系数进行了测定,实验结果表明:体积传质系数随搅拌强度的增大而增大,平面射流厚度为3和4mm时,体积体质系数与搅拌强度有较好的线性关系;从体积传质系数的大小分析,平面射流连续反应器具有较好的传质能力,有潜在的较好的反应动力学条件。

PENG Shu-Feng,WANG Yun-Xin,YE Fu-Liang,ZHANG Hai-Fa,

水生生物学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 鱼类能量学是研究能量在鱼体内转换的学科,其核心问题之一是能量收支各组分之间的定量关系及其各种因子(如温度1—5]、盐度6]、体重7—11]、性别12]、摄食水平13—18]、饵料种类19,20]等)的影响作用。欧美等发达国家对鱼类能量学研究起步较早,迄今已经初步建立了多种鱼类的能量收支模式21,22];国内在该领域较系统的研究起始于90年代初23—25],主要局限于淡水鱼类,近年来又对海水鱼类进行了大量研究26]。斜带石斑鱼(Epinephelus coioides)俗称青斑,为暖水性中下层鱼类,是广东省海水网箱养殖的主要品种之一。斜带石斑鱼分布于西太平洋的硫球群岛、澳大利亚以及贝劳和菲济群岛的东部,常栖息于大陆沿岸和大岛屿,但在河口和离岸100m深的水域中也可发现27]。通过本项研究将有助于揭示海洋暖水性中下层鱼类的能量学特征。1材料与方法1·1材料来源与驯养实验用斜带石斑鱼,采自广东省大亚湾水产试验中心。实验用斜带石斑鱼经淡水浸泡10min后,置于室内容积0·5t桶内驯养,待摄食和生长趋于正常后,开始实验。驯化时间为30d。实验于2006年10—11月在广东省大亚湾水产试验中心进行。1...
Research and Application of Functional Oxidation Resistant Coating on Cast Steel at High Temperature

WANG Xiao-jing,YE Shu-feng,XU Hai-wei,WEI Lian-qi,ZHOU Xun,CHEN Yun-fa,

过程工程学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 对钢坯热轧高温防护功能涂层研究(涂层分类、组分分类、保护机理)及其实际应用进展进行了概述,归纳指出涂层基本组成是以高熔点物质(如SiO2, Al2O3, MgO)和低熔点物质(如TiO2, CaO)作为基材,水玻璃、硼酸盐和磷酸铝类为粘结剂,并配某些功能组分为特殊成分. 论述了涂层材料的主要防护机理和设计原则,并指出增加涂层对不同钢种及使用条件的适应性,提高涂层材料保护效果、稳定性、悬浮性,解决喷涂均匀性、粘附性问题及保证涂层的热传导性能等是未来涂层研究的发展方向.
Improvement in Anti-oxidation of Two-step Dipping Graphite with Different Solutions

DENG Ya-li,ZHANG Xiao-meng,WEI Lian-qi,YE Shu-feng,CHEN Yun-fa,

过程工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: A two-step dipping method was used to treat graphite with two solutions for improving its oxidation resistance.One dipping solution was mainly composed of magnesium chloride,aluminum hydroxide,phosphoric acid and another one borax,sodium tripolyphosphate,titanium dioxide.The composition and structure and mass change of the dipped graphite were analyzed by SEM,TG-DTA and XRD.The results showed that the mass loss of dipped graphite sample was less than 10% in air at 1150℃ for 1 h and the oxidation resistance was increased by 60% compared with untreated blank sample.The treated sample had flat surface,compact structure and clear edge after high temperature treatment,which was different from blank sample.The two kinds of dipping solution in high temperature formed glass polymer which was attached on the surface and pores of graphite,playing the role of oxidation resistance.
Preparation and Characterization of High Temperature Protective Ceramic Coating for Plain Carbon Steel

ZHOU Xun,WEI Lian-qi,LIU Peng,WANG Xiao-jing,YE Shu-feng,CHEN Yun-fa,

过程工程学报 , 2010,
Abstract: A new high temperature protective ceramic coating used on the surface of plain steel was prepared by mechanical mixing method. The coating was consisted of magnesia, titania, alumina and calcium oxide mixture. Such a coating, when it was applied superficially on Q235B plain steel surface, could form a compact scale and enhance oxidation resistance at 1300℃. The experimental result showed that the granularity between 48~75 μm and coating layer thickness of 0.5 mm were needed to observe the coating performance. The coating could work effectively in the temperature range of 900~1300℃. Metal loss was diminished by 59.36% compared with the uncoated sample at 1300℃. Duration of the coating could last over 8 h. The ceramic coating converted the scale structure from classic Fe_2O_3/Fe_3O_4/FeO three layers to one spinel layer, suppressed the growth of iron oxides and decreased Fe diffusion speed sharply at elevated temperature.
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