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Scheduling algorithm of multi-processor based on task clustering and duplication

XU Cheng,ZHAO Lin-xiang,YANG Zhi-bang,
徐 成

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: The effect of task scheduling is one of the important factors which decide the performance of the parallel distributed computer system. In order to optimize the task scheduling, this paper proposed a novel algorithm based on some typical algorithms e. g. LG, PPA algorithm etc. . On the one hand, the algorithm replicated precursor tasks which meet the duplication conditions in order to shorten the scheduling length. On the other hand, the algorithm replicated other precursor tasks and merged redundant clusters to reduce the number of the required processors. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm's performance on scheduling length and the number of the required processors is better than the above typical algorithms'. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm has a smaller time complexity and benefits the performance of the parallel distributed computer system.
Partitioning periodic multi-frames tasks based on improved ant colony algorithm

XU Cheng,WANG Pei-lei,YANG Zhi-bang,
徐 成

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: Given a set of multi-frame tasks and a heterogeneous multi-processor processing platform, the problem was to determining whether the tasks could be partitioned among the processors in such a manner that all timing constraints were met. This paper constructed a heterogeneous multi-processors periodic multi-frame task model with constraints and proposed an improved ant colony algorithm to solve the partition optimization problem of periodic multi-frames tasks among heterogeneous multi-processors. It introduced several genetic operators, such as reproduction, crossover and mutation, into the ant colony algorithm to enhance the converging rate and global search capability. To improve the self-adaptability of the algorithm, it modified pheromone updating strategy by dynamically adjusting the pheromone residual according to the progress of the algorithm convergence. Additionally, it introduced a deterministic search approach into the algorithm to accelerate the converging rate of the heuristic method. The experimental result proves that it can obtain an optimal or nearly optimal solutions to the multi-frame task allocation in heterogeneous multi-processor quickly with the improved ant colonyalgorithm, which has lower time-complexity as well.
Characteristics and Chronology of Saline Sediments along Profile TT-1 of Dahyab Tso(Tai Cuo) in Tibet

WEI Le-jun,ZHENG Mian-ping,MA Zhi-bang,

地球学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The saline lake Dahyab Tso (Tai Cuo) located in northern Tibetan Plateau was chosen as a study object. Although the environment around Dahyab Tso is very harsh, it has not suffered from human pollution. Field work was carried out in 2001, focusing mainly
The Development of Nam Co Lake in Tibet since Late Pleistocene

ZHAO Xi-tao,ZHU Da-gang,WU Zhong-hai,MA Zhi-bang,

地球学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 位于藏北高原东南部的纳木错是西藏面积最大 (192 0km2 )的湖泊和海拔最高 (4718m)的大湖。 19条剖面的水准测量结果表明 ,在纳木错沿岸 ,发育了拔湖 1.5~ 8.3m、8.3~ 15 .6m、14 .0~ 19.9m、18.7~ 2 5 .8m、2 6 .0~ 36 .9m和 38.3~4 7.6m等 6级湖岸阶地和拔湖 4 8m以上 (最高至 139.2m)的高位湖相沉积 ;在拔湖 2 7m以下 ,发育多达 8~ 30条的湖岸堤 ;而一条明显的湖蚀凹槽则集中出现在拔湖 17.5m~ 1
U-Series Chronology of Lacustrine Deposits from the Nam Co Lake, North Tibet Plateau

MA Zhi-bang,ZHAO Xi-tao,ZHU Da-gang,WU Zhong-hai,

地球学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 纳木错是西藏海拔最高的大湖 ,位于藏北内流区东南部。研究中应用铀系全溶样品的等时线技术所测定的纳木错西北岸 3个剖面的 8个富含碳酸盐湖相沉积物样品的年龄。其实验程序是 :先按矿物的粒径将样品分成若干子样品 ,全溶子样品并分别测试它们的2 3 0 Th/ 2 3 2 Th和2 3 4 U/ 2 3 2 Th比值 ,然后通过年龄等时线来校正由碎屑物带来的初始钍的影响 ,从而避免了常用的稀酸淋滤法难于验证的同位素分馏问题。测试结果显示 ,在等时线上所有数据都有良好的线性关系 ,表明所获得的年龄数据是合理的。由
Cloning and Analysis of Phage Fab Antibodies of Mouse Male Specific Antigen

WANG Nai-Dong,XUE Li-Qun,XU Dao-Jun,YUAN An-Wen,DENG Zhi-Bang,CUI Shu-Liang,

生物工程学报 , 2006,
Abstract: To clone mouse phage antibodies against H-Y antigen from a phage antibody library, three cycles of affinity enrichment of the mouse phage antibody library with male spleen cells and two cycles of nonspecific absorption with female spleen cells were performed. The presence of mouse Fab on the phage surface was determined by ELISA and sequence analysis. 9 of 15 strains can bind to male spleen cells with the specific activity. Recombination rate of the phage antibody library clones is 60%. Sequence analysis of the PCR products of plasmid DNA of E5 clones show VH and Vkappa had common characteristics shared by other known variable region of antibodies. The mouse phage Fab antibody could be used for identifying H-Y antigen, and for the development of sex determination of early embryos in mammals.
Chronological and Geochemical Features and Degassing Evaluation of the Dayizishan Volcano, Jilin Province

YU Fu-sheng,YUAN Wan-ming,HAN Song,MA Zhi-bang,JIN Ke,

地球学报 , 2004,
Abstract: According to the analysis by U-series component method,Dayizishan volcano erupted at 71±9 ka B P in late Pleistocene. Petrochemical and geochemical features of the eruption products of all phases imply that they came from the same magma resource. Based on petrological methods and the degassing model devised by Thordarson in 1996,It is estimated from the measured chlorine and fluorine concentrations in the samples that the atmospheric loading of hydrochloric acid and that of hydrofluoric acid were 7.36 Mt and 5.21 Mt,respectively.
Late Quaternary Lake Development and Denivellation of Bankog Co as well as Lake Evolution of Southeastern North Tibetan Plateau during the Last Great Lake Period

ZHAO Xi-tao,ZHAO Yuan-yi,ZHENG Mian-ping,MA Zhi-bang,CAO Jian-ke,LI Ming-hui,

地球学报 , 2011,
Abstract: The Bankog Co is a small lake separated from the eastern part of the Silin Co during the late Late Pleistocene. From May to July, 2003, the authors made a detailed investigation of geomorphology and Quaternary geology along the bank of Bankog Co, which included the leveling survey of lake level levations, the measurement of lake terrace heights along six profiles and the collection of lake deposit samples for U-series dating. The study results show that there are 6 level terraces (T1-T6) along the Bankok Co. Except that T1 was formed after separation from the Silin Co, the heights above the lake level and U-series ages of the other terraces are 11.8~29.8 m and 10.9±1.9~14.8±1.1 ka BP for T2, 32.4~59.8 m and 31.1±2.5 ka BP for T3, 52.4~83.7 m and 36.3±3.1~38.8±3.7 ka BP for T4, 82.2~112.9 m and 35.1±2.9 ka BP for T5, and 121.8~139.8 m and 47.9±3.8 ka BP for T6, respectively. Correspondingly, for the heights of individual terraces of the Silin Co, 9 meters should be subtracted from the heights of the Bankok Co terraces, which is the lake level height difference between the two lakes. The 6 level terraces of the Silin Co and the Bankok Co can be well correlated in the formation time with the 6 level terraces of the Nam Co. In addition, some high lake deposits of the early and middle Late Pleistocene may be found in southeastern North Tibetan Plateau. Therefore, the lake evolution of southeastern North Tibetan Plateau since MIS 5 of the last great lake period can be divided into two stages: the Qiangtang great lake stage of 125~30 ka BP, MIS 5e~MIS 3 and the North Tibetan lake group stage during 30~0 ka BP, MIS 2~1. The former can be further divided into four substages: the Qiangtang great lake substage of 125~96 ka BP, MIS 5e~c, the east Qiangtang lake substage of 96~75ka BP, MIS 5b~a, the retreated great lake substage of 75~37 ka BP, MIS 4~MIS 3a and the remnant great lake substage of 37~30 ka BP, MIS 3a. The latter can be further divided into two substages: the lake salting substage of 30~10 ka BP, MIS 2 and the saline lake forming substage of 10~0 ka BP, MIS 1. The study results also show that, from 1959 to 2003, the lake surface of the Bankog Co was overall rising, reaching up to 1.75 m, although from 1959 to 1973 or a little later, there occurred a process of first falling, then rising and again slight falling, with a fall of 0.25 m, and an accompanied contraction of the lake area.
The Discovery of Late Pleistocene Highstand Lacustrine Sediments of the Co Ngoin Lake and Adjacent Areas, Tibet

ZHAO Xi-tao,WU Zhong-hai,HU Dao-gong,YAN Fu-hu,MA Zhi-bang,MAI Xue-shun,YAN Xi-li,

地球学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 西藏那曲县西的错鄂(31°24′~31°32′N,91°28′~91°33′E,湖面海拔4515m)东南岸(嘎杂西北坡),发育了拔湖18~271m的湖相沉积。错鄂及邻区湖相沉积的U系法测年和孢粉分析结果表明,至少在75.3~48.8kaBP间,当地植被经历了早期以松、蒿、桦为主的森林草原和晚期以松、蒿、水龙骨科为主的森林草原或森林等两个阶段,反映了气候由温和较干到温和偏干的状况,但晚期温度与湿度均较早期为高,而干燥度则略有降低。同时,包括错鄂盆地在内的“那曲盆地”则是古“羌塘东湖”的东半部。约在37kaBP左右,可能由于怒江的溯源侵蚀,切开了“羌塘东湖”与怒江的分水岭,使“羌塘东湖”的东半部古湖外泄,而成为外流区———怒江(上游那曲)流域的一部分。正因为有古湖外泄的一段历史,故可以理解钻穿了整个第四纪地层的错鄂孔B/M界线以上部分的地层较薄的原因了。
Benzyl 2-ethylhexyl sulfoxide
Xu Zhi-Guang,Liu Hai-Yang,Gu Guo-Bang,Xu Xuan
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809044328
Abstract: The molecule of the title compound, C15H24OS, shows S conformations for the S atom and the asymmetric C atom of the isooctyl group. The long axes of the molecules are directed along the c axis. In the crystal structure, the molecules are linked by weak intermolecular bifurcated C—H...O hydrogen bonds.
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