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A flow cytometry method for detecting multi-vibrios using anti-OmpW monoclonal antibody

LIN Hai-Ying,MA Zhen-Ning,ZHENG Yun-Quan,GUO Yang-Hao,TANG Feng-Xiang,

微生物学通报 , 2012,
Abstract: Objective] To establish the flow cytometry(FCM) method for detecting mul-ti-vibrio based on anti-OmpW monoclonal antibody.Methods] With the rate of cell stainning as an indicator,optimize the reactived conditions of anti-OmpW mAb concentration and reaction time for detecting Vibrio parahaemolyticus by flow cytometry.Evaluate the accuracy,detection limits and precision of flow cytometry by comparing the munber of bacteria calcu-lated by FCM with that in the culture.Based on the obove flow cytometry method,analysize and identify the mAb specificity to the five vibrios.Results] The optimized mAb concentraion was 20 mg/L,and the optimized reaction time of mAb was 60min when Vibrio parahaemolyticus was detected by flow cytometry.The FCM method could provide high reliability which could specifically recognize the five vibrios in the appropriate cell concentration of 104?107cells/mL.To detect different cell concentration samples repeatedly,the coefficient of variation was less than 7%.Conclusion] The established flow cytometry method based on anti-OmpW mAb could quickly and accurately detect multiple vibrios.
Preparation and catalytic properties of Ni(Co)-W-B amorphous catalysts for 4-cresol hydrodeoxygenation

HU Tao,YANG Yun-quan,WANG Wei-yan,LIU Wen-ying,HE Heng,GAO Bo,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Ni-W-B and Co-W-B amorphous catalysts were prepared by chemical reduction.The resulting materials were characterized by BET,XRD and XPS,and the hydrodeoxygenation(HDO) performances of the catalysts were tested using 4-cresol as the model compound.The results showed that both of the two catalysts were amorphous structure.They showed high deoxygenation activity in the HDO of 4-cresol.However,in the HDO of 4-cresol at 523 K,Ni-W-B had high hydrogenation activity,showing 100.0% conversion of 4-cresol,55.1% selectivity to 4-methylcyclohexanol and 44.1% of selectivity to deoxygenation.Co-W-B showed high activity of deoxygenation and the selectivity of deoxygenation was as high as 93.1%.It was mainly attributed to the different composition content of different elements with different valence states on the surface of the catalysts.Both of 4-cresol conversion and selectivity to deoxygenation could reach 100% over them at the conditions of 573 K and 4.0 MPa of hydrogen.
Influence of ultrasonic on the preparation of Ni-Mo-B amorphous catalyst and its performance in phenol hydrodeoxygenation

WANG Wei-yan,YANG Yun-quan,LUO He-an,BAO Jian-guo,CHEN Zhuo,

燃料化学学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The amorphous Ni-Mo-B catalysts were prepared by ultrasonic as well as regular chemical reduction and characterized by BET, SEM, XRD, XPS, and FT-IR. Their catalytic activity in the hydrodeoxygenation of phenol was evaluated. The influences of the catalyst preparation conditions and the reaction temperature on the phenol hydrodeoxygenation were investigated, and a reaction mechanism was proposed. The results showed that the particle size, agglomeration phenomenon, surface area, and MoO_2 and B content of the Ni-Mo-B catalysts can be regulated by introducing the ultrasonic treatment into the chemical reduction, which is effective to enhance their catalytic activity in phenol hydrodeoxygenation. At 498 K, the conversion of phenol is 81.08% and the hydrodeoxygenation selectivity reaches 93.39%.
Study on Airlin Pricing and Seat Allocation

XU Hong,HU Yun-quan,LI Jun,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2004,
Abstract: Advance booking restriction is one of main forms of air ticket price promote. Based on air passengers booking cumulation probability distributing, by use of days and cost, we build airline pricing dynamic model. Proportion and parallel collocating rule are two seat allocation method under air price. Parallel allocation rule obviously is better.
Improved Pattern Matching Algorithm of BMH

LIU Sheng-fei,ZHANG Yun-quan,

计算机科学 , 2008,
Abstract: Based on the discussion of the most popular BM and BMH algorithms for pattern matching on the network,an improved algorithm BMH2 was presented.Considering the feature of pattern itself,a new skip distance array was added based on the old one.It can increase the skip distance by known information.Experimental data shows that the improved algorithm can increase the right shift of bad characters and enhance the matching speed effectively.
Multi-core Parallel Computational Model Based on Horizontal Locality

YUAN Liang,ZHANG Yun-quan,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: Almost all modern CPUs are multi-cores with shared cache on chip. A number of models have been proposed for predicting the shared cache contention, but few of them consider the influence of shared cache sharing. This paper proposed horizontal locality and task shared ratio, and then proposed a parallel computational model for multi-core architecture, which can be used by parallel algorithm, compiler, parallel programming model and runtime system.
Parallelization of Label-free Protein Quantification Software QuantWiz Based on GPU

FEI Hui,ZHANG Yun-quan,WANG Jing,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: QuantWiz is a label-free ctuantitative software based on mass spectrometry, well used in ctuantitative pro- teomics. The increasing experimental data causes the enormous workload. Having hundreds of GFlops or even hFlops performance, GPU can speed up such compute-intensive quantitative proteomics applications. This article analyzed the software QuantWiz,to find the hotspot module of this software. Then we presented an accelerated program on GPU for this software called GPU-QuantWiz and implemented it under CUDA Framework. Statistical performance results show that the accelerated program can achieve good performance, with 9. 66 speedup. Moreover, our algorithm can be exten- ded on two or more GPUs,with a good scalability.
Optimal Processor Grid Selection for Parallel Program Independent of Load Balance

ZHANG Yun-quan,SHI Wei-song,

软件学报 , 2000,
Abstract: Physical processors are often viewed as a logical processor grid or process grid to ease the parallel algorithm implementation and to provide useful coordination information among parallel processes. However, the shape of processor grid has great impact on the final performance of user's parallel programs. How to select a suitable or even optimal processor grid for an parallel algorithm on certain parallel machines becomes an urgent problem. In this paper, a novel method named MDCPS (minimum degree of communication point set) is proposed, which tries to find out the optimal processor grid for parallel program independent the impaction of load balance through analysis on its communication pattern. The analysis results on ScaLAPACK parallel Cholesky factorization program match the experimental results well and show that the proposed method can select the optimal processor grid for parallel program successfully.
Study and Practice of Testing Approaches of Communication Libraries for Parallel Computing

XIONG Yu-qing,ZHANG Yun-quan,

软件学报 , 2000,
Abstract: Testing of communication libraries for parallel computing plays an important role in parallel computing systems. In general, testing of communication libraries is done by some testers designed to test every or several parts of the libraries separately. However, many errors of libraries can not be tested by the separate methods, and they will appear when many parts of libraries are running by combination of them in term of a kind of complicated and organic way. But it is rather difficult that the complicated and organic combinations result from the design of library testers themselves. This paper proposes two new testing approaches, which are based on the feature of layered library architectures and test lower libraries by portable testers of upper libraries. The testers of upper libraries can also be regarded as application programs of lower libraries, but they are different from general application programs of lower libraries. They almost cover every part of lower libraries, combine them organically, and form a complicated situation in run time, which can not be easily obtained only by testers of lower libraries. In this case, the errors may be exposed which can escape from the testers of lower libraries.
Study on Parallel Computing
Guo-Liang Chen,Guang-Zhong Sun,Yun-Quan Zhang,Ze-Yao Mo,
Guo-Liang Chen
,Guang-Zhong Sun,Yun-Quan Zhang,and Ze-Yao Mo

计算机科学技术学报 , 2006,
Abstract: In this paper, we present a general survey on parallel computing. The main contents include parallel computer system which is the hardware platform of parallel computing, parallel algorithm which is the theoretical base of parallel computing, parallel programming which is the software support of parallel computing. After that, we also introduce some parallel applications and enabling technologies. We argue that parallel computing research should form an integrated methodology of "architecture - algorithm - programming - application". Only in this way, parallel computing research becomes continuous development and more realistic.
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