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(Quasi-)Poisson enveloping algebras
Yan-Hong Yang,Yuan Yao,Yu Ye
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We introduce the quasi-Poisson enveloping algebra and Poisson enveloping algebra for a non-commutative Poisson algebra. We prove that for a non-commutative Poisson algebra, the category of quasi-Poisson modules is equivalent to the category of left modules over its quasi-Poisson enveloping algebra, and the category of Poisson modules is equivalent to the category of left modules over its Poisson enveloping algebra.
Effect of Spraying S-3307 on Yield, Dry Matter Accumulation and Distribution of Relay-Planting Soybean
Yan Yan-Hong,Yang Wen-Yu,Wan Yan,Yang Xiao-Li
Research Journal of Agronomy , 2012,
Abstract: Relay-planting soybean pattern is dominant in Southern China. However, the soybean grow flourishing easily below corn, so its yield is lower. S-3307 is a new kind of plant growth retardants, which is used in controlling flourishing growth and improving crop yield such as wheat, rice and so on. The purpose of this experiment was to explore the effect of spraying different concentrations of S-3307 at branching and first bloom stage on soybean yield, dry matter accumulation and distribution. The results showed as follows. Spraying S-3307 at branching stage could significantly influent yield and the concentration of 30, 60, 90 mg kg 1 was significantly higher than the contrast by 21.26, 7.64 and 5.32% separately and the effect of spraying S-3307 at first bloom was not significant. Spraying S-3307 at branching stage could significantly influent dry matter accumulation and the concentration of 30 mg kg 1 was higher than the contrast by 16.43% at maturing stage. Spraying S-3307 at branching stage could significantly increase the ratio of dry leaf weight and dry pod weight, while the ratio of dry stem weight was lower than the contrast at maturing stage. These indicated that spraying the lower concentration of S-3307 was propitious to dry matter accumulation, transferring to the pod and increasing the yield.
Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12/C Anode Materials
DONG Hong-Yu, ZHANG Zhi-Jun, YIN Yan-Hong, YANG Shu-Ting
无机材料学报 , 2012, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2012.12246
Abstract: Li4Ti5O12 is a promising anode electrode material in Lithium ion batteries. Using polyacrylamide as template and carbon source, spinel Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12 and Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12/C were successfully synthesized by modified solid state method. The results of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Field-emission scanning electron microscopy show that highly crystalline Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12 and Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12/C materials without any impurity are obtained. The shape and size of particles are modified by polyacrylamide. The electrochemical performances of materials are investigated in the range of 1.0–2.5 V. The Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12/C presents a higher specific capacity and better cycling stability than Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12. The charge and discharge specific capacity of Li4Ti4.95Al0.05O12/C material are 159.2 and 160.8 mAh/g at 0.2C rate.
Current rectification by asymmetric molecules: An ab initio study
Yan-hong Zhou,Xiao-hong Zheng,Ying Xu,Zhao Yang Zeng
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1063/1.2409689
Abstract: We study current rectification effect in an asymmetric molecule HOOC-C$_6$H$_4$-(CH$_2$)$_n$ sandwiched between two Aluminum electrodes using an {\sl ab initio} nonequilibrium Green function method. The conductance of the system decreases exponentially with the increasing number $n$ of CH$_2$. The phenomenon of current rectification is observed such that a very small current appears at negative bias and a sharp negative differential resistance at a critical positive bias when $n\ge 2$. The rectification effect arises from the asymmetric structure of the molecule and the molecule-electrode couplings. A significant rectification ratio of $\sim$38 can be achieved when $n=5$.
Effects of relative orientation of the molecules on electron transport in molecular devices
Yan-Hong Zhou,Xiao-Hong Zheng,Ying Xu,Zhao Yang Zeng,Zhi Zeng
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/23/9/072
Abstract: Effects of relative orientation of the molecules on electron transport in molecular devices are studied by non-equilibrium Green's function method based on density functional theory. In particular, two molecular devices, with the planer Au$_{7}$ and Ag$_{3}$ clusters sandwiched between the Al(100) electrodes are studied. In each device, two typical configurations with the clusters parallel and vertical to the electrodes are considered. It is found that the relative orientation affects the transport properties of these two devices completely differently. In the Al(100)-Au$_7$-Al(100) device, the conductance and the current of the parallel configuration are much larger than those in the vertical configuration, while in the Al(100)-Ag$_{3}$-Al(100) device, an opposite conclusion is obtained.
MHC polymorphism and disease resistance to vibrio anguillarum in 8 families of half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis)
Min Du, Song-lin Chen, Yan-hong Liu, Yang Liu, Jing-feng Yang
BMC Genetics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2156-12-78
Abstract: We examined the genetic variation in MHC class IIB in half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis) after challenge with vibrio anguillarum. Two thousand and four hundred fry from 12 half-smooth tongue sole families were challenged with Vibrio anguillarum. To determine any association between alleles and resistance or susceptibility to V. anguillarum, 160 individuals from four high-resistance (HR, < 40.55% mortality) families and four low-resistance (LR, > 73.27% mortality) families were selected for MHC IIB exon2 gene sequence analysis. The MHC IIB exon2 genes of tongue sole displayed a high level of polymorphism and were discovered at least four loci. Meanwhile, the dN/dS [the ratio of non-synonymous (dN) substitutions to synonymous (dS) substitutions] in the peptide-binding region (PBR) was higher than that in the non-peptide-binding region (non-PBR). Eighty-eight alleles were discovered among 160 individuals, and 13 out of 88 alleles were used to analyze the distribution pattern between the resistant and susceptible families. Certain alleles presented in HR and LR with a different frequency, while other alleles were discovered in only the HR or LR families, not both. Five alleles, Cyse-DBB*6501, Cyse-DBB*4002, Cyse-DBB*6102, Cyse-DBB*5601 and Cyse-DBB*2801, were found to be associated with susceptibility to V. anguillarum with a frequency of 1.25%, 1.25%, 1.25%, 1.25% and 2.5% in the HR families, and 35%, 33.75%, 27.5%, 16.25%, 15% in the LR families (p < 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.01), respectively. Four alleles, Cyse-DBB*3301, Cyse-DBB*4701, Cyse-DBB*6801 and Cyse-DBB*5901, were found to be associated with resistance to V. anguillarum, with a frequency of 13.75%, 11.25%, 11.25%, 8.75% in the HR families and 1.25%, 1.25%, 1.25%, 1.25% and 1.25% in the LR families (p < 0.01, 0.05, 0.05 and p = 0.064), respectively.Elucidation of the role of MHC II B genes in half-smooth tongue sole should prove to be helpful to the in-depth development of marker-assisted selec
Scheme of Mobile Internet Based on SIP Protocol

JIAO Yan-hong,YANG Shen-yuan,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: The development of mobile communication and computer network leads to the demand of the Internet Mobility. First, the paper introduces SIP protocol and mobility using SIP. Then its superiority over Mobile IP is analyzed. Finally, the assumption of mobility management using SIP as the uniform signaling system in Internet is described.
Advance in Tissue Engineering of Temporomandibular Joint Disc and Condyle.

滕彬宏, 赵艳红, 杨强
TENG Bin-hong
, ZHAO Yan-hong, YANG Qiang.

- , 2017, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2017.06.025
Abstract: 摘要 采用组织工程修复颞下颌关节缺损是一种新的治疗方法,但是颞下颌关节组织工程研究还处于起步阶段,并且集中在关节盘或髁突组织再生修复上。目前的研究主要包括这两种组织结构相关的种子细胞、支架和生长因子。本文分别对颞下颌关节盘和髁突组织工程研究现状做一论述
Radix Paeoniae Rubra and Radix Paeoniae Alba Attenuate CCl4-Induced Acute Liver Injury: An Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-MS) Based Metabolomic Approach for the Pharmacodynamic Study of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs)
Rui Wang,Ai-Zhen Xiong,Zhong-Qiu Teng,Qi-Wei Yang,Yan-Hong Shi,Li Yang
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms131114634
Abstract: Metabolomics has been frequently used in pharmacodynamic studies, especially those on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Radix Paeoniae Alba and Radix Paeoniae Rubra are popularly used in TCM, and both have hepatoprotective effects. In this study, a CCl 4-induced acute liver injury rat model was established and confirmed by the observed serum aminotransferase activities. The metabolomics approach was applied to study the influence of Radix Paeoniae Alba and Radix Paeoniae Rubra on the metabolic changes in rats with acute liver injury. The partial least-squares-discriminant analysis (PLS-DA) of rat serum and their ultra-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS) fingerprints allowed discrimination of controlled, acute liver injury-model rats after administration of the two types of TCMs. The time-dependent PLS-DA plots showed that the changes in the metabolic patterns of the rats, which were administered with the TCMs, had stabilized within 2 h after they received the intraperitoneal CCl 4 injection. The results indicated the protective effect of TCMs against liver injury. Several potential biomarkers were detected and identified, which included creatine, deoxycholic acid, choline, 5-methylenetetrahydrofolate, folic acid, and glycocholic acid. The physiological significance of these metabolic changes was discussed.
Alveolar Type II Cells Escape Stress Failure Caused by Tonic Stretch through Transient Focal Adhesion Disassembly
Xiao-Yang Liu, Xiao-Fei Chen, Yan-Hong Ren, Qing-Yuan Zhan, Chen Wang, Chun Yang
International Journal of Biological Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Mechanical ventilation-induced excessive stretch of alveoli is reported to induce cellular stress failure and subsequent lung injury, and is therefore an injurious factor to the lung. Avoiding cellular stress failure is crucial to ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI) treatment. In the present study, primary rat alveolar type II (ATII) cells were isolated to evaluate their viability and the mechanism of their survival under tonic stretch. By the annexin V/ PI staining and flow cytometry assay, we demonstrated that tonic stretch-induced cell death is an immediate injury of mechanical stress. In addition, immunofluorescence and immunoblots assay showed that the cells experienced an expansion-contraction-reexpansion process, accompanied by partial focal adhesion (FA) disassembly during contraction. Manipulation of integrin adherent affinity by altering bivalent cation levels in the culture medium and applying an integrin neutralizing antibody showed that facilitated adhesion affinity promoted cell death under tonic stretch, while lower level of adhesion protected the cells from stretch-induced stress failure. Finally, a simplified numerical model was established to reveal that adequate disassembly of FAs reduced the forces transmitting throughout the cell. Taken together, these results indicate that ATII cells escape stress failure caused by tonic stretch via active cell morphological remodeling, during which cells transiently disassemble FAs to unload mechanical forces.
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