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Decision Analysis of RoboCup with Dominance-based Rough Sets

LI Yan,YANG Xi-bei,YANG Jing-yu,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: Interception is one of the most important technological movements in RoboCup(Robot World Cup).By combining analytical method and empirical method,an intercept strategy based on the rough set with dominance relation was proposed.In such strategy,the methods of knowledge reduction and rule extraction of dominance-based rough sets were investigated.Furthermore,the dichotomy was used to solve the interception point based on Robocup movement model.Finally,an illustrative example from RoboCup simulator game was a...
Fuzzy Dominance-based Rough Set in Set-valued Information System

YANG Xi-bei,ZHANG Zai-yue,ZHANG Ming,

计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: The set valued information system was analyzed by dominanccbased rough set approach. By considering the dominance degree in terms of pair of objects, the concept of fuzzy dominance relation was proposed, the fuzzy technique was then employed in the dominanccbased rough set theory. hhe fuzzy dominanccbased rough set model was presented, then corresponding properties were discussed, from which we obtained new theory and practical approach to derive decision rules from the set valued decision system. Some numerical examples were employed to substantiate the conceptual arguments.
Rough set model based on variable parameter classification in incomplete information systems

YANG Xi-bei,YANG Jing-yu,YU Dong-jun,WU Chen,
,杨静宇,於东军,吴 陈

系统工程理论与实践 , 2008,
Abstract: 在不完备信息系统中,容差关系过于宽松,而相似关系则过于严格.根据这样的解释,提出了一种新的基于可变精度分类的拓展粗糙集模型,其中的分类方式相比较于容差关系和相似关系显得更为灵活,是这两者的一种广义化表现形式,且可变精度分类也是限制容差关系的一种改进形式.在此基础上,将这种拓展粗集模型与基于容差关系和相似关系的拓展粗集模型进行了对比分析.最后在不完备信息系统中使用新的拓展粗集模型讨论了确定和可能性规则的直接生成方法,并进行了实例分析以说明其有效性.
A Further Investigation of Characteristic Relation in Incomplete Information System

YANG Xi-bei,YANG Jing-yu,WU Chen,YU Dong-jun,
,杨静宇,吴 陈,於东军

系统工程理论与实践 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper,the research object is the incomplete information system in which "do not care" and lost unknown attribute values are coexisting.In this kind of incomplete information system,the characteristic relation is deeply investigated and then two unreasonable situations in characteristic class are discussed.Based on this,a new kind of characteristic relation is proposed.From what have been discussed above,the complete covering on universe is constructed based on the new-defined characteristic relation.Furthermore,two different kinds of knowledge representation system are formed,some important properties of them are investigated.Finally,an illustrative example is analyzed by new-defined characteristic relation to explain it's validity.
Improved Fuzzy Discriminant Analysis Algorithm Based on the Relaxed Condition

SONG Xiao-ning,ZHENG Yu-jie,YANG Jing-yu,YANG Xi-bei,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: A study was made on the essence of fuzzy Fisher discriminant analysis(FLDA) algorithm in this paper.A reformative FLDA algorithm based on the fuzzy k-nearest neighbor(FKNN) was implemented to achieve the distribution information of every original sample represented with fuzzy membership degree and was incorporated into the redefinition of the scatter matrices.Furthermore,considering the fact that the outlier samples have some adverse influence to the classification result,a relaxed normalized condition in t...
Set Pair Analysis in Incomplete Information Systems

YANG Xi-Bei,YANG Jing-Yu,WU Chen,YU Dong-Jun,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper, the incomplete information system in which unknown attributes values are considered as the coexisting of do not care and lost conditions. In this kind of incomplete information system, a new kind of binary relation based on relative degree is proposed according to the set pair analysis, this binary relation is only reflective. From what have been discussed above, expressive forms of this new binary relation in two special incomplete information systems are investigated. Based on the new-defined rough set model, the method of rule induction is studied from the way of decision matrix. Finally, an illustrative example is analyzed to indicate the validity of rough set model based upon set pair analysis.
Comparison on Covering-based Rough Set Models

WANG Li-juan,YANG Xi-bei,YANG Jing-yu,WU Chen,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: By means of comparing the upper approximation sets, the lower approximation sets and accuracy measures of six covering-based rough set models, the six models were systematically studied. Three conclusions were obtained. First1y, among six covering upper approximation sets, the second one is the largest, and the first five upper approximation sets all have inclusion relationship, except the third and fourth ones. Secondly, there is inclusion relationship between two lower approximation sets. Thirdly, among the accuracy measures of six covering-based rough set models, the second one has the lowest accuracy measure, and the fifth one has the highest accuracy measure, but it has no relationship with the sixth one. I3y some illustrative examples, all the conclusions gain demonstrations. The comparative study on different rough set models provides a better understanding of these models and some references for model selection in different applications.
Neighborhood System Based Rough Set and Covering Based Rough Set

WANG Li-juan,WU Chen,YANG Xi-bei,YANG Jing-yu,

计算机科学 , 2013,
Abstract: Neighborhood system based rough set and covering based rough set arc two important expansions of the clas- sical rough set, I3y means of comparing the lower approximation sets, the upper approximation sets and accuracy meas- ures,thc relationships of neighborhood system based rough set and six covering based rough set models were systemati- cally studied. The conclusion is that the relationships between the lower or upper approximations of neighborhood sys- tem based rough set and six covering based rough set models are clear, either can be compared, or not. Under the compa- ruble situation, it was proved that there arc inclusion even equivalence relations. Under the incomparable situation, it was proved by counter-examples. The comparative study on different expansions of rough set not only provides a better un- derstanding of these models, but also gives a hand on learning rough set in the macroscopic level.
Characterizing Hierarchies of Neighborhood Systems via Rough Sets Approach

ZHOU Jun-yi,YANG Xi-bei,YANG Jing-yu,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: In neighborhood system, by analyzing the inclusion and intersection between neighborhoods and target, two different types of neighborhood system based rough sets were presented, and two sets of properties for describing the monotonic verities of levels of neighborhood systems were proposed immediately. Moreover, two different quasi-orderings were also proposed to express the coarser or finer relationships between neighborhood systems. It is proven that there arc corresponding relationships between two quasi-ordering and two sets of properties, respectively.
Variable Granulation Rough Set

ZHANG Ming,TANG Zhen-min,XU Wei-yan,YANG Xi-bei,

计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: By analyzing the weakness of optimistic Muitl-granulation rough set and pessimistic Muitl-granulation rough set, the Variable granulation rough set was proposed, the lower and the upper approximation were defined. Further- more, the properties of these three kinds of rough sets were discussed, and that the Variable granulation Rough Set is the generalization of Muitl-granulation rough set was proved. At last, some measures of those rough sets were defined, the relation of their measures was discussed.

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