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A discussion on the influence of the difference between the rock fracture and failure to the earthquake simulation and the precursor studies

XU Zhao-Yong,WANG Bin,HU Yi-Li,YANG Run-Hai,

地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: First the difference between the rock fracture and failure was analyzed and discussed from the definition and distinguishing criteria. Further we compared the sequences of rock fracture and earthquake, waveform recordings of fracture and earthquake, focal mechanism, stress drops of rock failure and fracture and stress drops of earthquake, rock breaking and the scaling ratio between the maximum dislocation and rupture length. It is affirmed that only taking the rock failure experiment to simulate the earthquake, especially the precursor study, is not enough, and with many shortcomings. Therefore it is suggested that taking the rock fracture to simulate the earthquake, especially for the precursor study. Thus fairly integrated seismicity patterns would be obtained. The precursor of the rock failure has been studied a lot. However the precursor of failure does not necessarily appear before a great fracture. Comparing with the failure, the precursor feature of the great fracture and its distinguishing can better reflect the complexity of the earthquake precursor and difficulty of the precursor distinguishing and are more suitable to the practicality. Meanwhile the shortcomings of taking the whole stick slip of the rock sample to simulate the earthquake, especially for the precursor study, are discussed. It is suggested that the local phenomenon, the precursor study of the great fracture (or stick slip) and the study of the forecast method should be strengthened.
Main diseases and control effects of organic, integrated and conventional cultivation patterns of greenhouse tomato

YANG He-F,FAN Ju-Fang,GE Zhi-Qi,SHEN Guang-Cheng,LU Run-Hai,LI Ji,
,范聚芳,戈志奇,沈广成,吕润海,李 季

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: A 3-year experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions with different cultivation patterns (organic, integrated and conventional cultivation) to investigate the kind and epidemic characteristics of tomato main diseases. The results show that the main diseases of tomato under greenhouse are downy mildew, tomato leaf muld, early and late blight. Soil-borne and physiological diseases tend to increase due to low temperatures and high humidity in greenhouses. The incidence of downy mildew increases from year to year. Tomato main diseases under organic cultivation are less severe than those under other patterns in the same year. Control effect of early blight under organic cultivation respectively increases by 22.2%~57.1% and 36.4%~66.7% compared with integrated and conventional cultivation patterns. Those for downy mildew and late blight under organic cultivation respectively increase by 16.4%~54.9% and 37.7%~73.9%, 26.3%~44.3% and 47.5%~55.4% over integrated and conventional cultivation patterns.
Fast Adaptive Wavelet for Remote Sensing Image Compression
Fast adaptive wavelet for remote sensing image compression

Bo Li,Run-Hai Jiao,Yuan-Cheng Li,
Bo Li
,Run-Hai Jiao,and Yuan-Cheng Li

计算机科学技术学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Remote sensing images are hard to achieve high compression ratio because of their rich texture.By analyzing the influence of wavelet properties on image compression,this paper proposes wavelet construction rules and builds a new biorthogonal wavelet construction model with parameters.The model parameters are optimized by using genetic algorithm and adopting energy compaction as the optimization object function.In addition,in order to resolve the computation complexity problem of online construction,according to the image classification rule proposed in this paper we construct wavelets for different classes of images and implement the fast adaptive wavelet selection algorithm (FAWS).Experimental results show wavelet bases of FAWS gain better compression performance than Daubechies9/7.
A New Friedelane Type Triterpene from Euonymus hederaceus
Cui-Rong Sun,He-Jiao Hu,Run-Sheng Xu,Jie-Hong Yang,Hai-Tong Wan
Molecules , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/molecules14072650
Abstract: Euonymus hederaceus is distributed widely in the south of China; its stems and leaves have been used as folk medicines to treat many diseases such as renal deficiency and chronic diarrhea, traumatic injury, and abnormal menstruation. Chemical investigation of the leaves and stems of Euonymus hederaceus resulted in the isolation forthe first time and characterization of a new friedelane type triterpene with a molecular mass of 472 and molecular formula of C30H48O4 by high resolution mass spectrometry. The 1H-NMR 13C-NMR and DEPT1350 spectra matched the characteristic data of the proposed triterpene skeleton.The compound was finally identified as 28-hydroxyfriedelan-3-one-29-oic acid on the basis of spectroscopic evidence, including two dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance as well as its IR spectrum.
The R2R3-MYB Transcription Factor Gene Family in Maize
Hai Du, Bo-Run Feng, Si-Si Yang, Yu-Bi Huang, Yi-Xiong Tang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0037463
Abstract: MYB proteins comprise a large family of plant transcription factors, members of which perform a variety of functions in plant biological processes. To date, no genome-wide characterization of this gene family has been conducted in maize (Zea mays). In the present study, we performed a comprehensive computational analysis, to yield a complete overview of the R2R3-MYB gene family in maize, including the phylogeny, expression patterns, and also its structural and functional characteristics. The MYB gene structure in maize and Arabidopsis were highly conserved, indicating that they were originally compact in size. Subgroup-specific conserved motifs outside the MYB domain may reflect functional conservation. The genome distribution strongly supports the hypothesis that segmental and tandem duplication contribute to the expansion of maize MYB genes. We also performed an updated and comprehensive classification of the R2R3-MYB gene families in maize and other plant species. The result revealed that the functions were conserved between maize MYB genes and their putative orthologs, demonstrating the origin and evolutionary diversification of plant MYB genes. Species-specific groups/subgroups may evolve or be lost during evolution, resulting in functional divergence. Expression profile study indicated that maize R2R3-MYB genes exhibit a variety of expression patterns, suggesting diverse functions. Furthermore, computational prediction potential targets of maize microRNAs (miRNAs) revealed that miR159, miR319, and miR160 may be implicated in regulating maize R2R3-MYB genes, suggesting roles of these miRNAs in post-transcriptional regulation and transcription networks. Our comparative analysis of R2R3-MYB genes in maize confirm and extend the sequence and functional characteristics of this gene family, and will facilitate future functional analysis of the MYB gene family in maize.
Aspiration-induced reconnection in spatial public goods game
Hai-Feng Zhang,Run-Ran Liu,Zhen Wang,Han-Xin Yang,Bing-Hong Wang
Computer Science , 2012, DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/94/18006
Abstract: In this Letter, we introduce an aspiration-induced reconnection mechanism into the spatial public goods game. A player will reconnect to a randomly chosen player if its payoff acquired from the group centered on the neighbor does not exceed the aspiration level. We find that an intermediate aspiration level can best promote cooperation. This optimal phenomenon can be explained by a negative feedback effect, namely, a moderate level of reconnection induced by the intermediate aspiration level induces can change the downfall of cooperators, and then facilitate the fast spreading of cooperation. While insufficient reconnection and excessive reconnection induced by low and high aspiration levels respectively are not conductive to such an effect. Moreover, we find that the intermediate aspiration level can lead to the heterogeneous distribution of degree, which will be beneficial to the evolution of cooperation.
Genome-wide analysis of the MYB transcription factor superfamily in soybean
Hai Du, Si-Si Yang, Zhe Liang, Bo-Run Feng, Lei Liu, Yu-Bi Huang, Yi-Xiong Tang
BMC Plant Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-12-106
Abstract: A total of 244 R2R3-MYB genes were identified and further classified into 48 subfamilies based on a phylogenetic comparative analysis with their putative orthologs, showed both gene loss and duplication events. The phylogenetic analysis showed that most characterized MYB genes with similar functions are clustered in the same subfamily, together with the identification of orthologs by synteny analysis, functional conservation among subgroups of MYB genes was strongly indicated. The phylogenetic relationships of each subgroup of MYB genes were well supported by the highly conserved intron/exon structures and motifs outside the MYB domain. Synonymous nucleotide substitution (dN/dS) analysis showed that the soybean MYB DNA-binding domain is under strong negative selection. The chromosome distribution pattern strongly indicated that genome-wide segmental and tandem duplication contribute to the expansion of soybean MYB genes. In addition, we found that?~?4% of soybean R2R3-MYB genes had undergone alternative splicing events, producing a variety of transcripts from a single gene, which illustrated the extremely high complexity of transcriptome regulation. Comparative expression profile analysis of R2R3-MYB genes in soybean and Arabidopsis revealed that MYB genes play conserved and various roles in plants, which is indicative of a divergence in function.In this study we identified the largest MYB gene family in plants known to date. Our findings indicate that members of this large gene family may be involved in different plant biological processes, some of which may be potentially involved in legume-specific nodulation. Our comparative genomics analysis provides a solid foundation for future functional dissection of this family gene.Transcription factors are usually composed of at least four discrete domains: a DNA-binding domain, a nuclear-localization signal, a transcription-activation domain, and an oligomerization site. These domains operate together to regulate many p
The Development of Western Music Philosophy and Some Inspirations
Run-yang YU
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2005, DOI: 10.3968/510
Abstract: This article probes into the basis for the conformation and development of western music philosophy : the philosophy background charactorized with dimidiate subject and object ; the analysis tradition regarded thinking method ; and the free and critical spirit flooded academic tradition. Based on these, we compare the western music philosophy and Chinese music philosophy and draw the conclusion that the development of modern Chinese music philosophy should be inspired from the developmental history of western music philosophy. Key Words: Western Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Western Music Philosophy, Chinese Music Philosophy Résumé Cet article traite le contexte philosophique caractérisé par la séparation du sujet d’avec l’object de la formation et le développement de la philosophie de la musique occidentale, attachant de l’importance à l’analyse des fa ons de penser traditionnelles et la tradition académique imprégnée de l’esprit de liberté et de critique. Par l’interprétation comparé des philosophies musicales occidentale et chinoise , le texte souligne que la construction et l’approfondissement de la philosophie musicale actuelle de la Chine doit s’inspirer de l’histoire du développement de celle de l’Occident. Mots-clés: la philosophie occidentale, la philosophie chinoise, la philosophie musicale occidentale, la philosophie musicale chinoise 摘 要: 本文探討了西方音樂哲學賴以形成和發展的以主客體二分為特徵的哲學背景,重視分析傳統的思維方式,以及充滿自由與批判精神的學術傳統。在此基礎上,將西方音樂哲學和中國音樂哲學做了比較性的闡釋,從而強調中國當今音樂哲學的建設與深化應該從西方音樂哲學發展的歷史中得到應有的啟示。 關鍵詞:西方哲學;中國哲學;西方音樂哲學;中國音樂哲學
Effect of Lime Application to Acidic Soils on Oleoresin Yield Tapped from Pine Plantations in South China  [PDF]
Run-Peng Wei, Ruchun Yang, Qiaowen Wei
Open Journal of Forestry (OJF) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2014.44044
Oleoresin is a major non-forest product collected from commercially mature or near mature pine trees. Efforts have been made to increase oleoresin yield, but basically limited to the genetic improvement of planting materials and the application of chemical stimulants to tapping surface of trees. Nutrition management may play a role, particularly for pine stands suffering from soil acidification and degradation. We set up a field experiment including application of water retainer, NPK complex fertilizer, lime and borax in different combinations to pine stands for oleoresin tapping with extremely low soil pH value and nutrition. Lime significantly affected the annual yield of oleoresin tapped from two pine species studied (P < 0.05). Among 3 levels of lime applied (0, 100, 200 g/tree), the oleoresin yield increased as the dose increased in slash pine, but was highest at 100 g/tree in masson pine. The doses of 167 g and 133 g of lime per tree were optimal or close to be optimal for slash pine and masson pine, respectively. The effects of other three matters applied were statistically insignificant (P > 0.10). In addition, all of the four matters applied did not influence the growth of both pine species. We concluded that proper use of lime alone may generate 15% to 35% of gain in oleoresin production for pine plantations with similar soil conditions in the region. We also discussed the potential of comprehensive soil or site management, and proposed further research for improvement of pine oleoresin production.
A Three-stage Model of Incremental Maintenance of Multi-materialized Views

WANG Teng-jiao,WANG Hai-yang,HONG Xiao-guang,DONG Ji-run,

软件学报 , 1999,
Abstract: A new method is presented in this paper, which is about incremental maintenance of multi-materialized views based on parallel pipeline process. In this process, the authors classify all the materialized views first by using choosing methods, then by classified topological sorting, so that no nested definitions of relations exist among these views. Finally, in order to maintain the incremental multi-materialized views, they process in parallel all the views by utilizing pipeline model of semaphore process mechanism.
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