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Simultaneous Determination of Amino Acids and Inorganic Cations by Ion Chromatography with Direct Conductivity Detection

JIAO Yang,YANG Peng-bo,LI Chun,CONG Wei,

过程工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: A simple, rapid and accurate method for simultaneous determination of six amino acids (glutamic acid, alanine, methionine, leucine, phenylalanine and lysine) and five inorganic cations (Na~+, NH_4~+, K~+, Ca~(2+) and Mg~(2+)) was developed. The quantitative determination of these ions was accomplished by ion chromatography with direct conductivity detection based on their ionization in acidic medium without chemical suppression and derivatization. In a single chromatographic run, the five amino acids (glutamic acid, alanine, methionine, leucine and phenylalanine) and three inorganic cations (Na~+, NH_4~+ and K~+) were separated and determined within 12 min. The relative standard deviation (RSD, n=5) was less than 4.690%. The detection limits calculated were in the range from 0.27 to 10.34 mg/L. All the correlation coefficients (R~2) of these ions were not less than 0.9984. The recovery rates of some amino acids in isoelectric supernant of monosodium glutamate were in the range from 88.7% to 107.2%.
Quantum interferences in four-wave mixing processes inside a cavity driven by quantized fields

Li Peng-Bo,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: Interferences in the quantum fluctuations of the output fields are demonstrated in four-wave mixing processes inside a cavity, which is driven by two quantized fields at the signal and the idler frequencies. These interferences depend on the phase fluctuations of the input fields and induce mode splitting in the transmission spectra.
Ternary Subdivision Scheme for Quadrilateral Mesh with Fast Convergence

LIU Li,ZHANG Cai-Ming,YANG Xing-Qiang,BO Peng-Bo,

软件学报 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper proposes a ternary stationary subdivision scheme for quadrilateral mesh. For regular and irregular quadrilateral meshes, different subdivision masks are applied to generate new vertices. The number of faces on the refined mesh is about nine times than that of the coarse mesh after every subdivision step. The limit surface generated by the new method is C2 continuous for a regular mesh and C1 continuous for an irregular mesh. Compared with typical subdivision schemes, the proposed scheme has faster convergence speed and the ability to solve arbitrary topological quadrilateral mesh. Some examples are given in the end to illustrate the performance of the new subdivision scheme.
Migration of Amino Acids in Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis Process of Lactic Acid Fermentation Broth

WANG Li-jing,YANG Peng-bo,WU Xia,CONG Wei,LI Chun,

过程工程学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 使用三室双极膜电渗析法处理乳酸发酵液时,杂质氨基酸的迁移会影响回收乳酸的纯度.通过对乳酸发酵液电渗析过程中氨基酸迁移现象的研究,发现各种不同氨基酸的迁移速率主要受其初始浓度、pI值与料室pH值的差值、阴离子交换膜对其选择性及其自身电迁移率的影响.根据此规律,建立了离子迁移速率计算模型,通过与实际过程比较,表明其可有效预测杂质氨基酸的迁移情况,估算特定体系达到预定收率时的纯度.实验验证结果表明,氨基酸的迁移率为32.5%,与对照实验(82.6%)相比,降低率为60.7%.通过调节氢渗漏控制料室pH值、提高阴膜对乳酸的专一选择性等可控制氨基酸向酸室迁移,以获取更高的乳酸纯度.
Adsorption and Separation of Lactic Acid and Glutamic Acid by Macroporous Resin Adsorbents

YANG Peng-bo,ZHANG Xiao-yan,CONG Wei,WANG Fang,DENG Li,

过程工程学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 通过筛选,得到大孔吸附树脂NKA-Ⅱ,并用其对乳酸进行分离.测定了该树脂对乳酸与谷氨酸的吸附选择系数,得到了乳酸在NKA-Ⅱ上的吸附等温线,并对其吸附动力学和动态吸附进行了研究.结果表明,NKA-Ⅱ对乳酸和谷氨酸的吸附选择系数KLG=16.19.该树脂对乳酸的吸附等温线符合Freundlich方程,在26和48℃下的相关系数R2均大于0.99,方程的特征参数n>1,属"优惠吸附".吸附动力学研究表明,粒内扩散是吸附过程的主要控制步骤,符合Kannan-Sundaram粒内扩散模型,相关系数R2=0.9906,粒内扩散速率常数kp=6.0129 mg·min0.5/g.动态吸附实验结果表明,乳酸的穿透体积比谷氨酸大110.6 mL,故该树脂可以成功地应用于乳酸与谷氨酸的分离.
Effects of Calcium Salts and Amino Acids in Simulated Feed of Isoelectric Supernatant on Membrane Fouling during Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis

REN Hong-yan,WANG Qian,WU Xia,YANG Peng-bo,CONG Wei,

过程工程学报 , 2011,
Abstract: The individual role of Ca2+ salts and amino acids on membrane fouling from a bipolar membrane electrodialysis(BMED) of simulated monosodium glutamate isoelectric supernatant was studied with a constant voltage batch operation mode.Experimental results showed that some amino acids including Glu,Ala,Gly,Thr and Lys were detected in a content order of Glu>Ala>Gly>Thr>Lys in the base cell,which was proportional to their respective content in salt solution.The calcium existing in feed liquor was responsible main...
An efficient scheme to optimize the superconducting levitation via genetic algorithm
Chang-Qing Ye,Guang-Tong Ma,Xing-Tian Li,Han Zhang,Peng-Bo Zhou,Chen Yang,Jia-Su Wang
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: The superconducting levitation consisting of high-temperature superconductors (HTSs) and permanent magnet guideway (PMG) is deemed promising technique for the advancement of the maglev transit. To improve the cost-efficiency and thus reduce the investment of this superconducting levitation transit, the optimization of the PMG is the most critical issue of practical interest since it serves as the continuous rail to generate the magnetic field by the rare-earth magnets. By the use of a generalized vector potential within the quasistatic approximation as the state variable to mathematically describe the HTS as well as the surrounding medium, an efficient scheme for optimizing the superconducting levitation has been developed with the genetic algorithm as a strategy to perform the global search of the PMG. This scheme directly describes the HTS element without simplification of its intractable nonlinearity of constitutive law, which renders this study stand out from the existing efforts. The testing of the proposed scheme on a typical optimization of the superconducting levitation has proven its robustness and efficiency, i.e., the time cost is merely 3.6 hours with 3000 individuals evaluated on a moderate desktop. Taking a HTS over the Halbach-derived PMG as a practice, a set of case studies were carried out to understand how the working condition, geometrical and material characteristics of the HTS affect its maximum levitation force achievable at different constraints of the cross-section of the PMG. The findings attained by the case studies, being inaccessible from the experiments, are aimed to provide useful implications for the optimization of a superconducting levitation system for the transit and analogous purposes.
Expression of CSFV E2 Protein in Eukaryotic Cells and Characterization of Immunity in Animals
Jian-Ling Liu,Kang-Kang Guo,Zheng-Yuan Su,Xin-Gang Xu,He-Lin Li,Peng-Bo Ning,Hai-Xia Hong,Xiao-Yun Yang,Yan-Ming Zhang
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2012.3312.3317
Abstract: The viral envelope glycoprotein E2 is major target for eliciting protective antibodies against CSFV in infected animals. To express CSFV E2 protein on eukaryotic cells, the recombinant retroviral vector pBabe-puro-E2 was constructed by inserting full-length CSFV Shimen strain E2 region into pBabe-puro. Both of the recombinant retroviral vector and pVSVg plasmid were transfected eukaryotic 293GP cells using method of calcium phosphate coprecipitation in where thus the recombinant pseudovirus were packaged and propagated. The PK-15 cells were infected with recombinant pseudovirus. The recombinant PK-15 cells were screened by spytomycin resistance and the expression of E2 protein was detected by Flow Cytometer (FCM). The activity of recombinant E2 protein to induce immune responses was evaluated in Balb/c mice and unvaccinated pigs. The results showed that CSFV E2 protein was successfully expressed on PK-15 cells membrane. Anti-E2 antibody induced in experimental animals was detected by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). Moreover, the virus challenge indicated that the immunized pigs generated effective protection against virulent CSFV. These results indicated that a retroviral-based E2-vaccine is able to induce high level of specific antibodies and exhibits similar protective capability with that induced by the C-strain.
Removal of Sulfate from Threonine Isoelectric Supernatant by Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis

ZHANG Wei-ling,WANG Qian,YANG Peng-bo,CONG Wei,ZHANG Li-ye,

过程工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The desalination of sulfate in threonine isoelectric supernatant by three-compartment electrodialysis with bipolar membrane was studied.The device performance during five successive batches of electrodialysis was investigated.In addition,the area resistance of ion-exchange membranes before and after batch operation was measured to detect the membrane fouling.The results showed that the transform rate of sulfate in threonine isoelectric supernatant reached 97%,and H+ concentration of 0.49 mol/L and OH- concentration of 0.44 mol/L were obtained by the electrodialysis in acid and base cells,respectively.Whereas,the average current efficiency and energy consumption of the three-compartment electrodialysis with bipolar membrane calculated on the basis of cations were 60.33% and 229.37 kW·h/kmol,respectively.With increasing of batch runs and prolonging of operation time,the energy consumption of unit flux and average stack resistance increased,and average current efficiency and flux decreased,the device performance was deteriorated.Moreover,the area resistance of anion and bipolar membranes was increased by 44.8%(1.77 Ω·cm2) and 19.5%(0.91 Ω·cm2),respectively,which was caused by membrane fouling.
Efficient scheme for entangled states and quantum information transfer with trapped atoms in a resonator

Li Peng-Bo,Li Fu-Li,

中国物理 B , 2011,
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