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Hemostatic and analgesic effect of Gonghuan Zhixue Tablet on mice
FU Ling-Mei
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2004,
Abstract: Objective: To explore the hemostatic and analgesic effect of Gonghuan Zhixue Tablet (GHZXT) on mice and to produce experimental evidence for exploiting new drug for endometrorrhagia caused by Cu-intrauterine contraceptive device (Cu-IUD). Methods: Compared with 6-aminocaproic acid and notoginseng, the effects of GHZXT on clotting and bleeding time of mice with capillary method and severed tail were investigated; and compared with aspirin, the analgesic effects of GHZXT on mice were investigated with hot plate and torsive body method. Results: The clotting time of mice was remarkably shortened with a rising of the dosage of GHZXT and the difference between each therapeutic group and distilled water group was remarkable. As compared with distilled water group, the bleeding time of each dosage group of GHZXT was obviously shortened; and each dosage of GHZXT could prolong the time of pain reaction to hot plate and decrease the degree of torsive body of the mice. Conclusion: Pharmacological experiment has proved that GHZXT has evident hemostatic and analgesic function.
Using Rice as Bio-Indicator for Heavy Metal Contamination, a Study in the Pb-Zn Mining and Smelting Area at Shuikoushan, Hunan Province, China

WANG Ling-mei,WEI Chao-yang,YANG Lin-sheng,

生态毒理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 有色金属开采与冶炼可对周边环境造成严重的重金属污染,查明重金属污染来源对于矿冶周边重金属污染管理与控制具有重要意义. 为探索利用矿冶周边水稻对As、Cd、Pb、Zn和Cu的富集与水稻体内元素的含量平衡特征指示重金属污染来源的可行性,选择了我国著名的水口山Pb-Zn矿山开采与冶炼周边区,根据重金属污染排放和迁移扩散特征,结合当地气象和地貌条件,确定了3个典型采样区,其中两个采样区分别邻近冶炼厂和尾砂库,另一处为位于两者之间的过渡区. 采用蛇形采样法在稻田内采集33个成熟水稻及土壤样品,分析水稻不同部位(包括根、茎叶、籽粒)及土壤中As、Cd、Pb、Zn、Cu 5种重金属和其他16种元素的含量. 结果表明,3个采样区之间土壤中的As、Cd、Pb、Zn和Cu含量均存在显著性差异;各采样区水稻中除根际和籽粒中Cd含量外,各部位重金属含量也均有显著差异. 靠近冶炼厂的水稻茎叶中As、Pb含量高于离冶炼厂较远的采样区水稻茎叶. 尽管As、Pb在靠近尾砂库采样区土壤中含量最高,但在该区水稻茎叶中的含量却最低;在除As、Cd、Pb、Zn、Cu 5种重金属以外的其他16种元素中,水稻根部仅有5种元素含量在各采样区之间存在差异, 指示相同的土地利用类型及土壤母质条件;而在茎叶和籽粒中则分别有多达11和10种元素含量出现采样区差异,指示重金属污染来源影响水稻茎叶及籽粒中元素的含量平衡. 多元统计分析结果显示,3个采样区水稻茎叶中元素含量平衡存在显著的分异,显示出明显的采样区属性. 结合采样区域空间位置、污染物来源、水稻对重金属的富集与转运特征分析,3个采样区重金属主要污染特征可分别确定为水-气混合来源型、大气来源型和尾砂来源型. 论文结果证明利用水稻茎叶指示矿冶周边重金属污染来源是可行的.
Five new mexicanolide type limonoids from Heynea trijuga
Wei Yang,Ling-Mei Kong,Shi-Fei Li,Yan Li,Yu Zhang,Hong-Ping He,Xiao-Jiang Hao
Natural Products and Bioprospecting , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s13659-012-0040-1
Abstract: Five new mexicanolide-type limonoids, heytrijunolides A–E (1–5) were isolated from the branches and leaves of Heynea trijuga. The structures of these new compounds were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analysis. Compound 3 showed weak cytotoxicity against HL-60, SMMC-7721 and A-549 human tumor cell lines with the IC50 values of 21.88, 20.66 and 12.70 μM, respectively.
Intermediate-Type Filament-Lamina-Nuclear Matrix of Vegetative Cell and Resting Cyst in Pseudourostyla cristata

YANG Zhen-Yun,GU Fu-kang,NI Bing,JI Ling-mei,

动物学研究 , 2001,
Abstract: 近年来的研究表明 ,尽管不同类群的纤毛虫形成包囊过程中 ,细胞经历了不同程度的分化 ,形成不同类型的包囊 ,但是其休眠包囊生命活动中对细胞内物质的消化、能量利用和代谢等都具有共同的特征 (顾福康等 ,1995 ,1999;李恭楚等 ,1999;陈灵等 ,2 0 0 0 )。这一现象提示 ,纤毛虫在休眠条件下的生命活动可能具有一些相同的物质和结构基础。由于在高等真核细胞中普遍存在的中间纤维-核纤层 -核骨架体系对细胞生命活动起到多方面的重要作用 ,并且尽管目前仅对极少数原生动物观察到该结构体系 ,但它却预示了在这一原始的单细胞类群中以中间纤维为基…
Synthesis of biodiesel by transition metal doped Fe/Zn double metal cyanide complex catalysts

YANG Ling-mei,L Peng-mei,LUO Wen,LI Hui-wen,WANG Zhong-ming,YUAN Zhen-hong,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Effects of transition metals(La,Ce,Zr,Mn) on catalytic performance of double metal cyanide(DMC) catalysts for biodiesel synthesis were studied.The structure and performance of the catalysts were studied using XRD,FT-IR,ICP,BET et al.The experimental results showed that the DMC catalyst prepared by adding 1% of transition metal salts had higher activity.The catalyst with highest catalytic activity was prepared by adding 1% of La(NO3)3·nH2O.Under the conditions of methanol/oil mol ratio of 16∶1,catalyst amount of 2% and temperature of 160 ℃,a high yield(99.3%) of fatty acid methyl esters(FAME) was obtained within 7 h.The analytical results showed that adding 1% of transition metals did not change the molecular formula of Fe(II)-Zn double metal cyanide complex catalysts,while it improved particle dispersion,decreased particle size and increased surface area.This was the reason that transition metals promoted catalysts had higher activity.
Modeling the Albedo of Mixed Forest Canopy and Snow

JIANG Ling-mei,YANG Hu,WANG Jin-di,LI Xiao-wen,Kimberly J Schaudt,
,杨华,王锦地,李小文,Kimberly J. Schaudt

遥感学报 , 2003,
Abstract: A key component of the surface energy balance over land is the albedo, defined as the ratio of the integrated total of reflected solar radiation to the integral of the incoming solar radiation. Climate is sensitive to albedo variation and its changes by natural variations and human activities. Predictions of climate change typically use a GCM linked to a land surface model. Land surface models, e. g. Biosphere Atmosphere Transfer Scheme(BATS), estimate albedo of trees over snow roughly with the parameters of roughness length, Z 0, and snow depth, d . Based on their work, we further consider the difference in directional to hemisphere albedo for different solar zenith angle( SZA ), and leaf area index( LAI )dependence. In order to keep the basic feature of BATS model and add these two new features, we simplified geometric optical and radiative transfer(GORT)hybrid model to reach this purpose. In this paper, we take the conifer as an example. And we validate the model initially with observational data from MODIS and from BOREAS. Results show that: this model can simulate the observations well. This model can be rather simple to retrieve the albedo of remote sensing pixel. It can be a strong tool for understanding the climate system.
Simulation and Adjustment of System Dynamics on Power Plant Eco-Industrial Park

WANG Ling-mei~,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2005,
Abstract: Power Plant Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) is as industrial ecosystem, composes of subsystems such as industrial, population, resources and environment etc. The material, energy and information etc. are exchanging among each subsystem, subsystem and outside. It is opening system. Sustainability in Power Plant EIP depends upon the reasonable structure, and development model of each subsystem and their effective adjustment. The concept of sustainability and the method of system dynamics were combined. The system dynamics model for Power Plant EIP (industrial, population, resources and environment etc.) was built. The adjustment parameters such as procreate index, investment ratio of industry, science and technology factor and resource recycling rate etc. were confirmed. As a case of Shuozhou Power Plant EIP, nine future development patterns were designed and run on the model. The simulated results indicate that the seventh pattern and the eighth pattern among them are the best projects comparatively.
Observational tests of the delta_c-M_vir relation in hierarchical clustering models
Ling-Mei Cheng,Xiang-Ping Wu
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20010507
Abstract: Observational determinations of the correlation between the characteristic density delta_c and the virial mass M_vir of dark halos constitute a critical test for models of hierarchical structure formation. Using the dynamical properties of dark halos reconstructed from the galaxy distributions in massive systems (groups/clusters) and the rotation curves in less massive systems (dwarf, low surface brightness and spiral galaxies) drawn from the literature, we confirm the existence of the delta_c-M_vir relation over a broad mass range from 10**10 to 10**15 solar masses, which is in gross consistency with the prediction of a flat cosmological model with Omega_M=0.3 and Omega_Lambda=0.7. It is pointed out that previous analyses based on the measurements of X-ray emitting gas and the hydrostatic equilibrium hypothesis, which claimed a shallower scale-free spectrum of n=-1 for initial density fluctuations, may suffer from nongravitational heating influence especially in low-mass systems.
Tire image enhancement based on frequency division and singular value decomposition

AI Ling-mei,GUO Chun,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: For the existing problems of losing image details in the process of traditional image enhancement algorithms, this pa-per presented a new tire image enhancement algorithm on the basis of frequency division and singular value decomposition.Firstly, it divided the image into the low frequency part and high frequency part with Butterworth low pass filter. Then the lowfrequency part took advantage of singular value decomposition method to get enhanced, while enhanced the high frequency partby linear method. At last,it reunited the two parts which had been enhanced to get the enhanced image. The experimental re-sults demonstrate that this algorithm can enhance the visual perception effect of tire image and has a good performance of keep-ing image details.
Exploring of drug leads from diversity-oriented Michael-acceptor library derived from natural products
Xu Deng,Ling-Mei Kong,Yu Zhao,Juan He,Li-Yan Peng,Yan Li,Qin-Shi Zhao
Natural Products and Bioprospecting , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s13659-012-0071-7
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