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Preparation of Pluronic-based Magnetic Nanoparticles and Their Application in Purification of Laccase

LIU Xing-hua,GUO Chen,YANG Liang-rong,WANG Feng,LiU Chun-zhao,LIU Hui-zhou,

过程工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 选择合适的双亲性嵌段共聚物Pluronic产品接枝到Fe3O4粒子的表面,合成了粒径均一、亲水性好、非特异性吸附低的纳米级磁性分离载体(PMNPs).通过对漆酶发酵液的分离纯化研究了Pluromic对排除蛋白非特异性吸附的作用.结果表明,PMNPs对漆酶的最大吸附量可达O.535 mg/mg,在5-40℃内基本不受温度变化影响,对漆酶发酵液的分离纯化因子为3.4,酶活收率达62.9%,可实现一步分离提纯.
Research on Superparamagnetic Polyvinyl Acetate Microspheres for Affinity Separation of Nattokinase

KONG Peng,XIE Yu-chun,WEI Xue-tuan,XU Lin,YANG Liang-rong,LI Peng-fei,ZHOU Hua-cong,LIU Hui-zhou,

过程工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Micro-size magnetic polyvinyl acetate microspheres were prepared by a modification suspension polymerization,the magnetic beads were further modified with hydrolysis and aminization reactions,and magnetic affinity microspheres suitable for nattokinase purification were obtained by covalent immobilization of p-aminobenzamidine to the amino-modified magnetic beads by the glutaraldehyde method.The properties of magnetic beads were examined by SEM,XRD,FT-IR and VSM.The results showed that these magnetic beads were typically superparamagnetic and the specific saturation magnetization of ligand-attached magnetic beads was 32.4 emu/g.It took only 40 min to reach adsorption equilibrium and less than 15 min to achieve desorption equilibrium.The purification factor and the recovery rate of enzyme activity were 10.3 and 73.4%,respectively.The purified nattokinase gave a single sharp band on SDS-PAGE.
Effects of Imidazole-and Pyridine-based Ionic Liquids on Catalysis Performance of Immobilized Penicillin Acylase

ZHOU Hua-cong,LI Wei,GAO Hong-shuai,JIA Lian-wei,YANG Liang-rong,XU Peng,LIU Hui-zhou,

过程工程学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 采用两步法合成并表征了阳离子不同的咪唑型和吡啶型离子液体C4mim]BF4, C7mim]BF4, C4pyr]BF4和C7pyr]BF4,并将其应用于固定化青霉素G酰化酶(ImPGA)催化分解青霉素G钾盐的反应,考察了阳离子对酶活性、稳定性、动力学的影响,及ImPGA在不同离子液体中酶活性受底物(青霉素G钾盐)抑制情况. 结果表明,ImPGA在C7pyr]BF4, C4pyr]BF4和C7mim]BF4中活性依次降低,在亲水性较强的C4mim]BF4中易失去活性,其在3种离子液体中37℃下保存30 min活性没有降低,米氏常数Km依次为752.15, 160.57和62.74 mmol/L,最大反应速率Vmax依次为0.204, 0.042和0.024 mmol/(g×min);底物浓度为26.85~295.32 mmol/L时酶活性不受底物抑制.
Fuzzy associative memory network based on parameterized gathering operator

LI Ying,XU Wei-hong,TANG Liang-rong,

控制理论与应用 , 2010,
Abstract: 基于最大运算Max和t--范数T的神经网络模型Max-T FAM是B.Kosko提出的经典模糊联想记忆(FAM)网络的一种重要的广义形式, 其性能有多处不足. 本文利用一种参数化聚合算子_ , 提出了一种计算简单、易于硬件实现的广义模糊联想记忆(GFAM)网络, 其连接算子从f_ j 20, 1]g 中选取; 从理论上严格证明了GFAM具有一致连续性, 比所有Max-T FAM的映射能力和存储能力强很多; 接着运用模糊关系方程理论提出和分析了GFAM的一种所谓的Max-Min- 学习算法; 最后用实验对GFAM和Max-T FAM的完整可靠存储能力进行了比较, 并示例了GFAM在图像联想方面的应用.
Syntheses of Nanocrystalline Mg-Al-LDHs and PO43-, P2O74- Anion-Pillared Layered Double Hydroxides under the Conditions of Microwave

ZHANG Ze-Jiang,LAN Bin,FENG Liang-Rong,LU Shao-Jie,QIU Fa-Li,

无机材料学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Nanocrystalline Mg-Al-CO3] layered double hydroxides were prepared by using microwave irradiation and varied rate of dripping alkali. Then Mg-Al-PO4] and Mg-Al-P2O7] layered double hydroxides were successfully synthesized by the direct reaction of free PO3-4 and P2O4-7 with Mg-Al-CO3] layered double hydroxides precursor using microwave technique and the anion-intercalation method. By using this method Mg-Al-CO3] layered double hydroxides with a particle size of about 10nm to 40nm were produced. The effect of microwave and the rate of dripping alkali on Mg-Al-CO3] layered double hydroxides was discussed. And the samples thus obtained were characterized by FT-IR, TEM and XRD. The results show that the initial interlayer carbonate ions can be completely replaced by PO3-4 and P2O4-7 under the controlled microwave conditions employed in a short time.
A Microscopy and FTIR and PL Spectra Study of Polycrystalline Diamonds from Mengyin Kimberlite Pipes
Zhijun Yang,Rong Liang,Xiangqing Zeng,Mingsheng Peng
ISRN Spectroscopy , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/871824
Abstract: The results of a microscopy and FTIR and PL spectra study of the natural polycrystalline diamonds from the Mengyin kimberlite pipes show that they can be classified as the euhedral faceted polycrystalline diamonds (EFPCDs) and anhedral rounded polycrystalline diamonds (ARPCDs). Different diamond grains or their points were formed in different conditions or processes. They were not formed in diamond nucleation stage, but in the diamond growth period. They probably originated from the relatively deeper mantle and were formed in the environment like the peridotitic (P) type diamond single crystals. The EFPCDs did not undergo a remarkable dissolution process during their formation and were possibly fast formed shortly before the kimberlite eruption. The ARPCDs not only were formed at a higher temperature than the EFPCDs but also underwent a notable dissolution process and had been stored relatively longer in the mantle. Fluids or melts probably participated in the formation of the ARPCDs or modified them during the period of their storage in the mantle. 1. Introduction Polycrystalline diamonds are multigranular aggregates consisting almost entirely of diamonds. Based on the qualitative external characteristics, there are many and diverse polycrystalline varieties of diamond. Among them, balas displaying radial fibrous structure is spherulite, bort is a distinctly granular aggregate, and carbonado consisting of submicroscopic diamond particles is a cryptocrystalline aggregate [1]. But based on the scientific origin of the natural polycrystalline diamonds, previous studies [2] classified them as carbonado and framesite. Carbonado is multigranular and porous sensu stricto refers specifically to the diamond aggregates from the Central African Republic and Brazil, and it has been found that most of them occur in placers [3]. Framesite is used more broadly to describe clusters of randomly oriented microcrystalline diamonds found in association with the kimberlites all over the world. In addition, framesite is also called diamondite, which is a monomineral rock consisting almost entirely of diamonds and minor amount of other minerals such as silicate and sulfide [4, 5]. Study on the polycrystalline diamonds has not only important scientific significance but also notable practical value. Firstly, in the polycrystalline diamonds, there are randomly oriented microcrystalline diamond grains and high densities of grain boundaries which effectively impede the fracture propagation of the ( 1 1 1 ) cleavage in diamonds, so their hardness, toughness, and wear resistance
Solution Structures of the Acyl Carrier Protein Domain from the Highly Reducing Type I Iterative Polyketide Synthase CalE8
Jackwee Lim, Rong Kong, Elavazhagan Murugan, Chun Loong Ho, Zhao-Xun Liang, Daiwen Yang
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020549
Abstract: Biosynthesis of the enediyne natural product calicheamicins γ1I in Micromonospora echinospora ssp. calichensis is initiated by the iterative polyketide synthase (PKS) CalE8. Recent studies showed that CalE8 produces highly conjugated polyenes as potential biosynthetic intermediates and thus belongs to a family of highly-reducing (HR) type I iterative PKSs. We have determined the NMR structure of the ACP domain (meACP) of CalE8, which represents the first structure of a HR type I iterative PKS ACP domain. Featured by a distinct hydrophobic patch and a glutamate-residue rich acidic patch, meACP adopts a twisted three-helix bundle structure rather than the canonical four-helix bundle structure. The so-called ‘recognition helix’ (α2) of meACP is less negatively charged than the typical type II ACPs. Although loop-2 exhibits greater conformational mobility than other regions of the protein with a missing short helix that can be observed in most ACPs, two bulky non-polar residues (Met992, Phe996) from loop-2 packed against the hydrophobic protein core seem to restrict large movement of the loop and impede the opening of the hydrophobic pocket for sequestering the acyl chains. NMR studies of the hydroxybutyryl- and octanoyl-meACP confirm that meACP is unable to sequester the hydrophobic chains in a well-defined central cavity. Instead, meACP seems to interact with the octanoyl tail through a distinct hydrophobic patch without involving large conformational change of loop-2. NMR titration study of the interaction between meACP and the cognate thioesterase partner CalE7 further suggests that their interaction is likely through the binding of CalE7 to the meACP-tethered polyene moiety rather than direct specific protein-protein interaction.
Quality Signaling and Quality Evaluation in Experience Goods Market

JIN Xiang rong,YANG Mao liang,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2002,
Abstract: In the market of experience goods, there is asymmetric quality information between consumers and manufacturers. The evaluation of product quality made by a clear property agency is one of the effective methods to transfer quality information of the experience goods, while an unclear property agency, during quality assessment, may generate opportunistic behavior. The result is that inferior products counterfeit the high quality products. In order to solve this problem in our country, the key is to set up a real clear property and competitive agency market.
Interactions of chirped femtosecond solitonlike pulses

Song Li-Jun,Wu Liang,Zhang Yan-Feng,Yang Rong-Cao,

中国物理 B , 2009,
Abstract: This paper studies the interactions between two and more adjacent chirped soliton-like pulses, respectively. The results show that the pulses present strong interactions when the separations between them are smaller than a certain value, and their behaviour is very distinct under different conditions, such as a different number of pulses or different initial separations between them. Furthermore, we also study the suppression of these interactions and obtain very good effects by using different initial amplitude ratios.
Newtonian forms for the motion of particles and photons in dilaton spacetime
Yang Rong-Jia,Jing Ji-Liang,

中国物理 B , 2004,
Abstract: Using Newtonian forms for equations of motion, we consider the motion of particles and photons in the dilaton spacetime. Some classical gravitational effects, such as the bending of light rays, the perihelion advance of a planet, the delay of radar echo, and the gravitational redshifts, have been investigated. The results show that the gravitational effects arising from the dilaton can be observed provided that the dilaton is large enough.
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