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Variation of functional bacteria during start-up and operation of partial nitrification process

CHEN Xiao-Xuan,LIU Chun,YANG Jing-Liang,ZHANG Run,YANG Hui-Na,

微生物学通报 , 2012,
Abstract: Objective] Partial nitrification-anammox is considered as the shortest?process for biological nitrogen removal and partial nitrification is the important part of this process. Methods] The variation of functional bacteria during start-up and stable operation of partial nitrification process was investigated in a SBR bioreactor in this study. Results] The results indicated that ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) population was expanded significantly and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB) population was inhibited when DO concentration was controlled lower than 1 mg/L and ammonia loading of the influent increased gradually. As a result, start-up and stable operation of partial nitrification process was realized. When ammonia volumetric loading of the influent was 0.055 kg/(m3·d), the average ammonia removal volumetric loading and sludge loading were 0.043 kg/(m3·d) and 0.16?kg/(kg·d), respectively. In addition, the average nitrite accumulation rate was 83.4% at this time. AOB population density and relative abundance increased from 4.5×104 CFU/mL to 1.5×107CFU/mL and from 0.18% to 7.25%, respectively, during start-up and stable operation of partial nitrification process. At the same time, NOB population density and relative abundance decreased from 2.0×105 CFU/mL to 1.5×104 CFU/mL?and from 5.51% to 2.14%, respectively. Conclusion] The expansion of AOB population was responsible for realization of partial nitrification and ammonia removal. High ammonia concentration and loading?also caused the activity inhibition of partial nitrification.
An Integrated Enterprise Production Planning Model

LAN Bo-xiong,CHEN Hui-na,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2001,
Abstract: In this paper, an OR based production optimization model is introduced to overcome the weakness of MRPII. As a supplementary part of the MRPII system, the model covers the main part of the supply chain of an enterprise and performs the optimization with respect to production mix, process load balancing, inventory control, resource limitation, contract out etc. The optimization model can be used to replace the MPS, MRP and FCS module in a traditional MRPII system and may become the core module of the decision support system for production planning.
Comparison of Multi-Spectral and Panchromatic Remote Sensing Image Fusion Algorithm of TM&SPOT
TM多光谱与SPOT 全色遥感图像融合算法对比

DENG Chao,LI Hui-Na,HAN Jie,

计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: The fusion technology is remote sensing data processing an important method.The TM multi-spectral and panchromatic SPOT images are the most popular choice of remote sensing.Comparative analysis of different methods for integration of TM multi-spectral and panchromatic SPOT image with the effect of the proposed change based on HSV color space,technology Brovey arithmetic transform and Gram-Schmidt spectral sharpening three fusion combined to achieve the same panchromatic and multi-spectral sensor data fusion.The assessment of experimental results indicates that: the amount of information in terms of space,after HSV transform the image with the largest spatial information,but its spectral fidelity have the least capacity;Brovey transform the original image to maintain the maximum spectral information,while the lower level of detail of spatial information;Gram-Schmidt spectral sharpening the image after the multi-spectral image not only maintain the spectral information,while maintaining a high spectral panchromatic image spatial detail information,is a better image fusion method.
Numerical Analysis of Erosion Caused by Biomimetic Axial Fan Blade
Jun-Qiu Zhang,Zhi-Wu Han,Hui-Na Cao,Wei Yin,Shi-Chao Niu,Hui-Yuan Wang
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/254305
Abstract: Damage caused by erosion has been reported in several industries for a wide range of situations. In the present work, a new method is presented to improve the erosion resistance of machine components by biomimetic method. A numerical investigation of solid particle erosion in the standard and biomimetic configuration blade of axial fan is presented. The analysis consists in the application of the discrete phase model, for modeling the solid particles flow, and the Eulerian conservation equations to the continuous phase. The numerical study employs computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, based on a finite volume method. User-defined function was used to define wear equation. Gas/solid flow axial fan was simulated to calculate the erosion rate of the particles on the fan blades and comparatively analyzed the erosive wear of the smooth surface, the groove-shaped, and convex hull-shaped biomimetic surface axial flow fan blade. The results show that the groove-shaped biomimetic blade antierosion ability is better than that of the other two fan blades. Thoroughly analyze of antierosion mechanism of the biomimetic blade from many factors including the flow velocity contours and flow path lines, impact velocity, impact angle, particle trajectories, and the number of collisions. 1. Introduction Wear is one of the main reasons for failures of mechanical parts. [1, 2] Erosion is an attractive branch in the domain of wear. Solid particle erosion is a dynamic process that occurs in different machine-parts due to the impingement of solid particles [3]. Centrifugal and axial fan working medium contains large amounts of solid particles, the particles impacting the surface of blade by very high speed and causing erosion of blade and housing; the erosion of blade is the most serious, often appear blade fracture, runaway and other major accidents. Hence, researches in material erosion including mechanism, factors of erosion, and the optimal selection of materials play a significant role in saving materials, reducing energy consumption, and improving economic efficiency. Inevitably, research on erosion is attracting more and more attention in the international academic circle [4–8]. It has been concluded by previous investigators that general methods used to reduce erosion are enhancing the wear resistance of material surface by means of wear resistant materials or coating material with better wear resistance [9–13]. Nature is a school for scientists and engineers; after billions of years of evolution, creatures in nature possess almost perfect structures and
Effect of Ageratina adenophora (Spreng.) and Flaveria bidentis (Linn.) invasion on soil microbial community and Oryza sativa L. growth

LI Hui-Na,LIUWan-Xue,WAN Fang-Hao,

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: This study analyzed the differences in soil micro-ecology between alien invasive weeds and local plants to understand impacts of alien invasive plant on soil ecosystem. Two invasive plant species perennial Ageratina adenophora (Sprengel) and annual Flaveria bidentis plants] and two native plant species (Digitaria sanguinalis and Salsola collina) were planted in a common garden, in which the same soil from a non-invaded farmland was used to eliminate the effect of different soil minerals on the variations in the four plant species. Then a greenhouse experiment was conducted to verify any effects of rhizospheric soil microbial communities of two invasive plants on the performance of native plants. In the field experiment, soil nutrient, soil microbial community after three months of plants growth were examined. Based on the common garden experiment, differences were noted in the effects of invasive and native plants on soil micro-ecology. A. adenophora drastically increased soil available N (39.80 mg·kg-1), P (48.52 mg·kg-1) and K. In particular, PLFA (phospholipids fatty acids) fingerprint spectrum suggested a higher increase in actinomycete contend in the exotic plants soils than in the native plants soils. The increase in bacteria and fungi count was highest in A. adenophora invading soils. Pot feedback experiment showed that alien weed invaded soils inhibited the growth of Oryza sativa. O. sativa plant height increased by 113% and 17% in ste-rilized F. bidentis and A. adenophora invaded soils compared with no-sterilized soils, respectively. The above results suggested that F. bidentis and A. adenophora destroyed micro-habitats of invaded soils and created new micro-ecology environment suitable for the growth of invasive plants by altering soil microbial communities.
Investigations of phase transition, elastic and thermodynamic properties of GaP by using the density functional theory

Liu Li,Wei Jian-Jun,An Xin-You,Wang Xue-Min,Liu Hui-Na,Wu Wei-Dong,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Statistical Analysis of One-way Hash Function SHA-1 and its Algorithm Improvement

LIU Jian-dong,YU You-ming,JIANG Hui-na,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: The degrees of completeness and avalanche effect and strict avalanche criterion for SHA-1 with increased number of steps were statistically analyzed.In order to improve the performance of collision resistance and nonlinear diffusion for SHA-1,the original algorithm was improved for its design defects and vulnerability indicated in the field of the current cryptology.The improved algorithm with mix function applied inverse message expansions sequence and inserted Integer tent maps at the first round of mix f...
Effects of Melatonin on Flavonoids Content and Related Gene Expression Levels of Gardenia under Dark Conditions

王荣, 成梦琳, 刘慧娜, 赵大球, 陶俊
, CHENG Meng-Lin, LIU Hui-Na, ZHAO Da-Qiu, TAO Jun

植物研究 , 2018, DOI: 10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2018.04.010
Abstract: 以栀子叶片为材料,通过转录组测序与液相色谱技术来研究黑暗条件下褪黑素对栀子叶片类黄酮含量及相关基因表达水平的影响,结果显示褪黑素不仅延缓了栀子叶片的黄化,而且主要通过抑制类黄酮等生物合成途径上的相关基因表达,进而减少类黄酮积累来延缓叶片黄化,这对黑暗胁迫下延缓栀子叶片的黄化提供实际指导,也为利用褪黑素对叶片黄化的控制与延缓提供了借鉴与参考。
Assessment Model for Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediment Based on Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers and Case Study

LI Fei,HUANG Jin-hui,ZENG Guang-ming,TANG Xiao-jiao,BAI Bing,CAI Qing,ZHU Hui-na,LIANG Jie,

环境科学 , 2012,
Abstract: Due to the practical shortcomings of the classical deterministic pollution assessment model,the theory of trapezoidal fuzzy numbers was introduced to the environmental assessment system. A fuzzy risk assessment model was built based on the geo-accumulation index and biotoxicity coefficients of heavy metals. Using the fuzzy pollution risk assessment model, the risk of heavy metal pollution was evaluated for the surface sediment of Dongting Lake. The results showed that the pollution risk in a descending order was Hg>Cd>Pb>Cu>Cr>Zn>As, with Hg,Cd and Pb being the priority pollutants in Dongting Lake. Both the intervals of possible values for the geoaccumulation indexes of heavy metals and their credible levels were calculated using this model. Compared with the results of the deterministic assessment model,the fuzzy pollution risk assessment model gave a better characetriztaion of the actual pollution status and spatial distribution difference of the heavy metals in the sediment of the studied region which is more objective and comprehensive.
Collision-Induced Coherence Effect on Coherent Population Transfer

YANG Xi-Hua,ZHANG Jun,ZHANG Hui-Fang,YAN Xiao-Na,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
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