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STFT time-frequency analysis method of fractionallower-order alpha stable distribution

YANG Bao-hai,ZHU Ya-jun,ZHA Dai-feng,XIONG Mei-ying,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: It is not enough that only using a dimension analysis method for non-stable signal in alpha stable distribution noise, and can need a two-dimensions time-frequency one. This paper proposed short Fourier transformSTFTtime-frequency analysis method of fractional lower-order alpha stable distribution based on conventional STFT. Simulations show that the proposed method has more excellent performance than conventional STFT in time-frequency analyzing of alpha stable distribution process and is a new one in time-frequency domain research of alpha stable distribution.
Effect of light intensity on grain quality of rice at different spike positions during grain-filling stage

DONG Ming-Hui,HUI Feng,GU Jun-Rong,CHEN Pei-Feng,YANG Dai-Feng,QIAO Zhong-Ying,
,惠 锋,顾俊荣,陈培峰,杨代凤,乔中英

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Light intensity is an important ecological factor that greatly influences rice grain formation and quality. This study discussed the effects of light intensity on rice quality at grain-filling stage and the differences in variety types and spikelets at different panicle positions. To do this, two pot-grown super rice cultivars, "Yangliangyou 6" (indica) and "Wuyunjing 23" (japonica), were subjected to three light intensity treatments (71%, 55% and 40% of normal light intensity respectively) at post-anthesis grain-filling stage, with normal outdoor growth as the control. The study aimed to throw more light on the physiological mechanisms of rice grain formation to lay the theoretical basis for improved rice quality. The results suggested that light intensity during grain-filling greatly influenced rice quality. Compared with the control, rice grain quality under the three treatments worsened with the weakening of light intensity. Grain quality response to light intensity varied with light intensity degrees, variety genotypes and grain positions on rice panicles. While grain quality on spikelets with late flower formation was poorly stability, that on spikelets with early flower formation was relatively stable. Milled rice and rice amylose content decreased and chalkiness increased with the weakening of light intensity. Amplitude change in grains on primary tillers was relatively larger than in grain on secondary tillers. Also the weaker the light intensity, the lower was the breakdown value, the higher were the setback value and crud protein content, and the worse were the rice cooking and eating qualities. Reasonable sowing times based on variety type and scientific cultivation practices for improved light conditions and rice growth likely mitigated any negative impacts of low light intensity on rice quality.
Adaptive Generalized Recursive Least p-Norm Filtering Algorithm Based on Minimum Dispersion Criterion

Zha Dai-feng,Qiu Tian-shuang,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Alpha stable distribution, a generalization of Gaussian, Gaussian distribution in signal processing. This class of process has and finite second order moments. In this paper, a new adaptive no close form of probability density function generalized recursive least p-norm filtering algorithm is proposed based on SaSG noise model. The simulation experiments show that the proposed new algorithm is more robust than the conventional algorithm.
Adaptive inverse filtering algorithm of SαSG noise in fractional poles system

ZHA Dai-feng,QIU Tian-shuang,

计算机应用研究 , 2008,
Abstract: 针对分数极点系统中存在的独立SαSG噪声,提出一种分数极点系统中稳定分布噪声的逆滤波方法,并分析了算法的长记忆、最小相位、收敛特性。计算机模拟实验结果表明,这种算法是一种在SαSG分布噪声条件下具有良好韧性的逆滤波方法。
Research on signal processing method combine median filter with wavelet transform for alpha stable distribution noise

XU Qin,ZHA Dai-feng,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: For suppressing the heavy-tailed noise,this paper explored the signal processing method which combined the median filter with the wavelet transform for the alpha stable distribution noise.It used the median filter to control the exceptional pulse signal and the wavelet transform to eliminate the noise of the foregoing result.The experiment results show that the new method has better applicability than the classic signal processing basing on the Gauss noise.The new method efficaciously controlls the abnormal...
Study of Translucent AlN Ceramics

ZHOU Yan-Ping,WANG Dai-Feng,ZHUANG Han-Rui,WEN Shu-Lin,GUO Jing-Kun,

无机材料学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 氮化铝(AIN)陶瓷是近年来受到广泛关注的新一代先进陶瓷,有着广泛的应用前景.由于AIN陶瓷的高热导性和低电导率、介电常数和介电损耗,使之在大功率微电子领域成为高密度集成电路基板和封装的理想候选材料,具有巨大的潜在应用市场.但是普通AIN陶瓷因为相对低的纯度和烧结性而不能满足高热导的期望.国际上关于AIN透明陶瓷的报道极少1,2],而国内尚未见报道.最近我们开展了透明氨化铝陶瓷材料的烧结及其热性能和结构的表征研究.从研究氨化铝低温烧结所需的烧结助剂出发,根据在不同烧结助剂体系下,氨化铝表现出的不同烧结行…
A MUSIC Algorithm Based on the Fractional Lower Order Cyclic Correlation in Impulsive Noise Environment

Wu Hua-jia Zhao Xiao-ou Qiu Tian-shuang Zha Dai-feng,

电子与信息学报 , 2009,
Abstract: This paper takes the -stable distribution as the noise model and works on the Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation problem of the cyclostationary signals in the impulsive-noise environment. Since the conventional algorithms based on the classical second order cyclic statistics degenerate severely in the impulsive-noise environment, this paper adopts the fractional lower order cyclic correlation and presents a new algorithm called fractional lower order cyclic MUSIC(FLOCC-MUSIC). It combines the fractional lower order cyclic correlation and MUSIC algorithm, for suppressing the impulse noise and interference in the same frequency band. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can give accurate DOA estimation under both Gaussian and impulsive-noise conditions, and its performance is superior to the Cyclic-MUSIC based on second order cyclic correlation.
Preparation of Translucent AlN Ceramics

ZHOU Yan-Ping,WANG Dai-Feng,XI Yi-Ming,ZHUANG Han-Rui,WEN Shu-Lin,GUO Jing-Kun,YAN Dong-Sheng,

无机材料学报 , 1999,
Abstract: Translucent AlN ceramics were prepared by hot pressing with AlN powder synthesized by using carbon thermal reducing method and additive CaC 2 The experiments show that the AlN powder with high purity, small particle size and narrow size distribution is necessary for translucent AlN ceramics CaC 2 is an effective sinteringadditive for translucent AlN ceramics, improving the densification of AlN and evaporating cleaning the grain boundary The product is translucent in the rangeof ultraviolet to infrared The microstructure study shows that the translucentreason is the grains of AlN complete growing and closely arranging
Synthesis of Cross-Linked Chitosan and Application to Adsorption and Speciation of Se (VI) and Se (IV) in Environmental Water Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry
Jun Dai,Feng Lian Ren,Chun Yuan Tao,Yang Bai
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijms12064009
Abstract: A new type of cross-linked chitosan was synthesized with Diethylene Triamine (DCCTS). The adsorption of Se (VI) on DCCTS was studied. The effect factors on adsorption and the adsorption mechanism were considered. The results indicated that the DCCTS could concentrate and separate Se (IV) at pH = 3.6; the maximum adsorption efficiency was 94%, the adsorption equilibrium time was 30 min; the maximum adsorption capacity was 42.7 mg/g; the adsorption fitted Langmuir equation. A novel method for speciation of Se (VI) and Se (IV) in environmental water samples has been developed using DCCTS as adsorbent and ICP–OES as determination means. The detection limit of this method was 12 ng/L, the relatively standard deviation was 4.5% and the recovery was 99%~104%.
Triaqua-1κO,2κ2O-bis(2,2′-bipyridine)-1κ2N,N′;2κ2N,N′-chlorido-1κCl-μ-terephthalato-1:2κ2O1:O4-dicopper(II) nitrate monohydrate
Yang Liu,Yong-Lan Feng,Dai-Zhi Kuang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812019848
Abstract: In the binuclear title compound, [Cu2(C8H4O4)Cl(C10H8N2)2(H2O)3]NO3·H2O, the two crystallographically independent CuII ions have similar coordination environments. One of the CuII ions has a square-pyramidal arrangement, which is defined by a water molecule occupying the apical position, with the equatorial ligators consisting of two N atoms from a 2,2′-bipyridine molecule, one carboxylate O atom from a terephthalate ligand and one O atom from a water molecule. The other CuII ion has a similar coordination environment, except that the apical position is occupied by a chloride ligand instead of a water molecule. An O—H...O and O—H...Cl hydrogen-bonded three-dimensional network is formed between the components.
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