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A Genetic Algorithms-based Procedure for Automatic Tolerance Allocation Integrated in a Commercial Variation Analysis Software
L. Governi,R. Furferi,Y. Volpe
Journal of Artificial Intelligence , 2012,
Abstract: In the functional design process of a mechanical component, the tolerance allocation stage is of primary importance to make the component itself responding to the functional requirements and to cost constraints. Present state-of-the-art approach to tolerance allocation is based on the use of Statistical Tolerance Analysis (STA) software packages which, by means of Monte Carlo simulation, allow forecasting the result of a set of user-selected geometrical and dimensional tolerances. In order to completely automate and optimize this process, this work presents a methodology to allow an automatic tolerance allocation, capable to minimize the manufacturing cost of a single part or assembly. The proposed approach is based on the Monte Carlo method to compute the statistical distribution of the critical to quality characteristics and uses an optimization technique based on Genetic Algorithms. The resulting procedure has been integrated in an off-the-shelf variation analysis software: eM-TolMate (by Siemens AG). Both the description of the optimization algorithm and some practical applications are presented in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.
A Theoretical Overview of Bioresponse to Magnetic Fields on the Earth’s Surface  [PDF]
Pietro Volpe
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.510097
Abstract: This survey points to the mechanisms of bioresponse caused by magnetic fields (MFs), paying attention to their action not only on ions, molecules and macromolecules, but also on cells, tissues and organisms. The significance of findings concerning the MF-dependence of cell proliferation, necrosis or apoptosis was judged by comparing the results obtained in a solenoid, where an MF can be added to the geomagnetic field (GMF), with those obtained in a magnetically shielded room, where the MFs can be attenuated or null. This comparative criterion was particularly appropriate when the differences detectable between the data provided by experimental samples and the data provided by control samples were rather small, as observed in estimating the MF-influence on total DNA replication, RNA transcription and polypeptide translation. The MF-induced inhibition of apoptosis was considered as a risk potentially leading to accumulation of cancer cells. The analysis also surveyed the MF-dependence of the interactions between host animal cells and infecting bacteria. In relation to studies on the origin and adaptation of life on the Earth, theoretical insights paving the way to elucidating the MF-interactions with biostructures and biosystems of different orders of organization evaluated the possible involvement of the so-called “biological windows”. Analogously to what is known for ionizing radiations, the efficiency of the applied MFs appeared to depend on the complexity of their biological targets.
The Unexpected Existence of Coding and Non-Coding Fragments along the Eukaryotic Gene  [PDF]
Pietro Volpe
Advances in Biological Chemistry (ABC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/abc.2015.52009
Abstract: The pathways leading to synthesis and post-synthetic modification of DNA employed methionine as donor of atoms: the carbon that came from its –CH3 served for DNA replication and repair either in bacteria or humans; its entire –CH3 served instead for building N6-methyladenine and 5-methylcytosine on bacterial DNA and 5-methylcytosine alone on human DNA. In humans, although a slight extra-S asymmetric methylation appeared de novo yielding on parental DNA 5’-m5CpC-3’/ 3’-GpG-5’, 5’-m5CpT-3’/3’-GpA-5’ and 5’-m5CpA-3’/3’-GpT-5’ monomethylated dinucleotide pairs, a heavy symmetric methylation involved in S semiconservatively newly made DNA to guarantee genetic maintenance of –CH3 in 5’-m5CpG-3’/3’-Gpm5C-5’ dimethylated dinucleotide pairs. In this framework, an inverse correlation was found between bulk genomic DNA methylation occurring in S and bulk polyA-containing pre-mRNA transcription taking place in G1 and G2. Thus, probes of 1 × 106 Daltons (constructed using sheared by sonication newly made methylated DNA filaments) revealed a modular organization in genes: after the hypermethylated promoter, they exhibited an alternation of unmethylated coding and methylated uncoding sequences. This encouraged the search for a language that genes regulated by methylation should have in common. An initial deciphering of restriction minimaps with hypomethylatable exons vs. hypermethylatable promoters and introns was improved when the bisulfite technique allowed a direct sequencing of m5C. In lymphocytes, where the transglutaminase gene is inactive, its promoter exhibited two fully methylated CpG-rich domains at 5’ and one fully unmethylated CpG-rich domain at 3’, including the site +1 and a 5’-UTR. At variance, in HUVEC cells, where the transglutaminase gene is active, in the first CpG-rich domain of promoter few doublets lost their –CH3. Such an inverse correlation suggested new hypotheses especially in connection with repair-modification: UV radiation would cause demethylation in given loci of a promoter by chance, whilst even a partial demethylation in this promoter would be able to resume a previously silent pre-mRNA transcription.
ICT and Inclusion in Higher Education: A Comparative Approach  [PDF]
Valentina Della Volpe
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.39007

The following research describes an attempt to combine ICT and Special Education through an inclusive pedagogical perspective. It examines how an innovative use of Information and Communication Technology can help create inclusive environments on the web. Specifically, the study focuses on the way the University responds to diversity and to e-inclusion through some development phases of an experimental research project, which is most far-reaching called “Network@ccessible: teaching/learning together and for everyone in a life project” carried out by six Italian universities and research institutions, from 2009 to 2014, and involved 1174 students (1.6% disabled students). This study is split into two main parts: 1) description and analysis of the data collected following the administration of an inquiry tool, developed to detect the climate experienced by the students involved in the online working groups; 2) investigation and detection of the elements of change that can encourage the process of inclusion in online learning environments to acquire credits allocated to the university courses. This study proposes further research to take place in the area of inclusive online university courses.

Frontiere pericolose: l’adattamento Dangerous frontiers: adaptation
Sandro Volpe
Between , 2011,
Abstract: I discorsi sull’adattamento ruotano incessantemente intorno a una serie di inossidabili luoghi comuni: ai poli estremi le illusioni fantastiche dei lettori delusi e la programmatica indifferenza dei cinefili irriducibili. La teoria dovrebbe opporsi tenacemente al senso comune ma si è impantanata nel gergo e nell’autoreferenzialità: gli studiosi si leggono tra loro, si posizionano e riposizionano, modificano e aggiornano le loro griglie tassonomiche – quasi sempre triadiche – impegnati a ridefinire all’infinito il continuum che va dalla fedeltà all’originalità. Ai singoli adattamenti chiedono solo la gentilezza di accomodarsi nei relativi scomparti. E poco male se tutto ciò serve solo per orientarsi. Ma la loro terminologia riflette quasi sempre la stessa preoccupazione: l’ossessione della traducibilità. Formalizzando con accanimento un nucleo che nasce da una premessa errata: perché l’adattamento non è una traduzione, è un’interpretazione. O, per meglio dire, non è solo un’interpretazione ma certamente ne implica una. Di tutti gli equivoci questo è il più pericoloso, perché non ha l’alibi dell’ingenuità. Tutto l’estenuante dibattito sulla fedeltà, anche nelle sue più recenti riproposizioni, viene meno laddove si riconosca appunto l’erroneità della premessa. Se è legittimo giudicare una traduzione con il metro della fedeltà, è totalmente privo di pertinenza quando si riconosce l’adattamento come qualcosa di nuovo, una riscrittura di un testo, una sua continuazione, una sua variazione. Se la traduzione cerca riparo nei confortevoli territori della somiglianza, l’adattamento – un buon adattamento – deve spingersi oltre, osare sul terreno della diversità. Partire da un testo significa ripartire, viaggiare, attraversare una frontiera per approdare altrove. E qualche volta, come auspicava Truffaut, fare un’altra cosa, migliore . Discourses on adaptation revolve incessantly around a succession of deep-rooted clichés: at opposite ends the imaginary illusions of disappointed readers and the programmatic indifference of hardened film lovers. Theory should tenaciously oppose itself to common sense, but it's been bogged down in jargon and self-references: experts read each other's works, they position and reposition themselves, modify and revise their taxonomical grids, almost always triadic, engaged in endlessly redefining the continuum that goes from fidelity to originality. They simply ask that each adaptation fit into related compartments. With the only purpose of finding their bearings. But their terminology almost always reflects the same concern: an obsessio
Cicatrici: El secreto de sus ojos di Sacheri e Campanella Cicatrici: El secreto de sus ojos di Sacheri e Campanella
Sandro Volpe
Between , 2012,
Abstract: Nel 2005 lo scrittore argentino Eduardo Sacheri pubblica La pregunta de sus ojos. Il romanzo racconta, su un doppio registro narrativo e temporale, la decisione di un vicecancelliere in pensione di fare i conti con un caso di stupro e omicidio di tanti anni prima: la sua vita è stata travolta dalle schegge di quella tragedia, scriverne sarà un modo per ricominciare a vivere. Il regista Juan José Campanella – molto conosciuto per aver diretto episodi della serie televisiva Law & Order, ma soprattutto autore di film di buon successo come El hijo de la novia – decide di adattare il romanzo e coinvolge nel progetto lo stesso Sacheri: dalla collaborazione fra scrittore e regista nasce una sceneggiatura coraggiosa che intreccia al registro noir una dimensione più romantica. Confutato il luogo comune dello scrittore legato gelosamente alla propria opera, i due riscrivono insieme una nuova versione che conserva alcuni tratti del testo originario ma compie al tempo stesso molte importanti variazioni sulla struttura, sui personaggi, sul finale. El secreto de sus ojos, girato nel 2008, esce nelle sale l’anno seguente e vince nel 2010 l’Oscar come miglior film straniero. In 2005 the Argentinian writer Eduardo Sacheri published The Question in Their Eyes (La pregunta de sus ojos). The novel narrates on a double level, both fictional and temporal, the decision of a retired prosecutor to come to terms with a case of rape and murder which had taken place years earlier: his life had been shattered by the consequences of that tragedy, and writing about it would be a way to start living again. The director Juan José Campanella - widely famous for having directed episodes of the television series Law & Order, but especially as the director of successful films such as El hijo de la novia - decided to adapt the novel and involved Sacheri in the project: the close collaboration between writer and director produced a bold screenplay that adds to the noir thriller a more romantic dimension. Disproving the commonplace of the writer jealous of his work, they wrote together a new version which retains certain elements of the original text, but also introduces a number of relevant changes to the structure, characters and ending of the novel. The Secret in Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos), shot in 2008, was released the following year and in 2010 won the Academy Award for best foreign language film.
Tomo I - Prima sessione - Sul regime attuale dell'indennità di espropriazione
Francesco Volpe
Aestimum , 2003,
Promotional Timing for Substitutes and Complements at Major US Supermarkets
Richard Volpe
International Business Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ibr.v6n1p31
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate empirically the major determinants of the supermarket manager’s decision rule for placing products on promotions. Specifically, I examine the roles of substitutes and close complements as well as the potential interaction between national brands and private labels in determining promotional timing. The results expand upon the literature by demonstrating that complementary considerations, both within stores and among competitors, are highly significant determinants of promotional timing. Additionally, the results indicate that private labels are promoted heavily and that retailers incorporate the promotional timing of private labels when setting national brand promotions. This study provides further evidence that retail sales pricing typically does not conform to theoretical models of pricing.
The Role of Surveillance in the Management of Small Renal Masses
Alessandro Volpe
The Scientific World Journal , 2007, DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2007.157
Results from cosmics and first LHC beam with the ALICE HMPID detector
Giacomo Volpe
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2009.10.048
Abstract: The ALICE HMPID (High Momentum Particle IDentification) detector has been designed to identify charged pions and kaons in the range 1 < p < 3 GeV/c and protons in the range 1.5 < p < 5 GeV/c. It consists of seven identical proximity focusing RICH (Ring Imaging Cherenkov) counters, covering in total 11 m2, which exploit large area MWPC equipped with CsI photocathodes for Cherenkov light imaging emitted in a liquid C6F14 radiator. The ALICE detector has been widely commissioned using cosmics and LHC beam from December 2007 until October 2008. During the cosmics data taking the HMPID detector collected a large set of data, using mainly the trigger provided by the TOF detector. We present here preliminary results of detector alignment using TPC tracking. The HMPID could be operated in a stable way, at a safe HV setting, also during LHC beam injection and circulation tests, when a very large occupancy (up to 50%) was achieved. Resulting gain mapping and overall detector performance will also be discussed.
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