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Estudo comparativo entre os fios de polidioxanona e poliamida na tenorrafia de coelhos
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2000,
Ordena??o de popula??es em amplas classes de nível de saúde, segundo um indicador abrangente definido por uma fun??o discriminante linear
Novo,Neil Ferreira; Juliano,Yára; Paiva,Elias Rodrigues de; Leser,Walter;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1985, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101985000400007
Abstract: there are, very often, considerable discrepancies when countries are ranked according to the values of each of the common health indicators. by the use of computed linear discriminant functions the authors developed a single indicator designed to convey the information gathered from the following health indicators: life expectancy at birth (le), birth rate (br), infant mortality rate (imr), quantified indicator of guedes (gi), general mortality rate (gmr) and mortality rate (mr) by infective and parasitic diseases (mripd), the last two age adjusted. for the construction of this adjustment a median standard population was suggested and used, each age group contributed with the average of the percentages of participation of the group in the composition of the population of each one of the 44 countries studied. these were those for which it was possible to get reliable data for the years around 1980. the contrasted groups in computing discriminant functions, each one consisting of 12 countries, were defined according to a criterion based on the rank of the sum of the normal reduced deviations calculated for the distributions of the values for each indicator. for the computation of discriminant function equations by the stepwise technique, reciprocal transformation was used for the four indicators expressed as ratios and for the other two their face values were used. critical analysis of results as shown that the formula: z = 2895/imr + 2060/br + 1000/mripd, can be used as a comprehensve indicator allowing the ranking of countries in broad classes of health levels, as follows: a - 737 or more; denmark and sweden; b - 637 |- 737: australia, netherland, england and wales, iceland, luxembourg, norway and switzerland; c - 537 |- 637: federal republic of germany, canada, scotland, finland and japan; d - 437 |- 537: austria, belgium, united states, france, northern ireland, italy and new zealand; e - 337 |- 437: bulgaria, spain, greece, hong kong, hungary, ireland, israel and
Coeficiente padronizado de anos de vida perdidos, de Haenszel: compara??o com o coeficiente padronizado de mortalidade geral, quanto à utiliza??o como indicador de nível de saúde de popula??es
Juliano,Yára; Novo,Neil Ferreira; Goihman,Samuel; Paiva,Elias Rodrigues de; Leser,Walter;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1987, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101987000200005
Abstract: the lost years of life rate (lylr), proposed by haenszel in 1950, but since then seldom mentioned in literature, was studied. by using reliable populational data from various countries, and from regions of the state of s.paulo, they showed that: a) it is convenient to employ 75 years as the age limit for the calculation of the lylr, as well as a ten-year interval for the age classes that follow the first and second ones (less than 1, and 1 to 4); b) by comparing the ranking of countries and regions, in accordance with their lylr and by the standardized mortality rate (smr), with the corresponding ranking using novo's comprehensive indicator (z) as a parameter, they verified that the discrepancy was smaller in the first case; c) variations in time, of both coefficients, in the countries studied, calculated by the annual variation rate (avr), were better expressed by lylr than by smr; d) using the infant mortality rate (imr) as a parameter, the discrepancies in the ordering of ayr, based on lylr, were significantly smaller than those based on smr. it was concluded that the lylr can, with advantage, replace the smr.
Raz?o de mortalidade proporcional de Swaroop e Uemura: necessidade de revis?o periódica de sua defini??o
Paiva,Elias Rodrigues de; Juliano,Yára; Novo,Neil Ferreira; Leser,Walter;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1987, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101987000200004
Abstract: using reliable data from 34 countries for the years 1950, 1960, 1970 and 1980 it was observed that the proportional mortality ratio for 50 years of age and above, proposed by swaroop & uemura, did not provide the best discriminatory power between more and less developed countries in any of the years studied. in 1970 and 1980, the greatest discriminatory power was obtained by using the proportional mortality ratio for 75 years of age and above. the displacement of deaths to upper age groups over a certain period of time was better translated by variations in the 75 years and above than in the 50 years and above proportional mortality ratio. it is also useful to complement this information by computing the percentage of deaths at 65 years of age and above. it is suggested that the classes proposed by swaroop & uemura should be reformulated using new classes based on the proportional mortality ratio for 75 years and above, with the following limits: 0 |?20; 20 |?40; 40 |?50; 50 |?55 and 55 and above, with the possibility of subdividing the last group, if necessary, in the future.
Estudo da a o dos fios de categute cromado e poliglecaprone 25, na ileocistoplastia em ratos, destacando a forma o de cálculos
Schauffert Marli Doroti,Sim?es Manuel de Jesus,Juliano Yára,Novo Neil Ferreira
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2000,
Abstract: Realizou-se um estudo da a o dos fios de categute cromado 6-0 e de poliglecaprone 25, 5-0, para determinar o fio ideal na ileocistoplastia em ratas. O maior objetivo, foi a profilaxia litiásica. Utilizaram-se 51 ratos de Wistar, que participaram de dois grupos experimentais: grupo do plano piloto (27 ratos), que foi o grupo categute (GC) e grupo da tese do mestrado (24 ratos), que foi o grupo poliglecaprone (GP). Sob anestesia intraperitonial com pentobarbital sódico a 3%, todos os animais foram submetidos a ileocistoplastia, após laparotomia mediana longitudinal. Nos ratos do GC, a anastomose da bexiga urinária (aberta 0,5 cm sagitalmente no seu ápice), com a extremidade distal do segmento ileal ,era realizada por meio de pontos separados em plano único, com fio de categute cromado 6-0, e nas ratas do GP, com fio de poliglecaprone 25, 5-0. Seguiu-se a síntese da parede abdominal e recupera o anestésica. O estudo era realizado em 27, 42 e 57 dias nos animais do GC, que eram divididos em 3 subgrupos de 9 ratos. No GP, os animais eram analisados em 28 e 84 dias, por subgrupos de 12 animais. Transcorrido o tempo determinado para cada subgrupo, eram reoperados e observados os aspectos macroscópicos da cicatriza o, aderências e forma o de cálculos. A bexiga urinária ampliada pelo segmento ileal, era ressecada, aberta, lavada em solu o salina isot nica, fixada no Líquido de Boüin, e processada , para histologia. A eutanásia era consumada com dose mínima letal anestésica. Os resultados apresentados, foram 29,6% de litíase, nas ratas do GC: 5,4% em 27dias; 10% em 42 dias e 14,25 em 57 dias do pós operatório (p.o.). Nas ratas do GP, n o foram encontrados cálculos. Os estudos microscópicos, foram submetidos à análise estatística (a £ a 0,05), e utilizados para outro trabalho científico. Conclui-se: na ileocistoplastia com categute cromado 6-0, há 29,6% de cálculos, do 27o ao 57o dia p.o. e com o uso do fio de poliglecaprone 25, 5-0, até o 84o p.o.,n o há presen a de litíase.
Mother/child bond in mothers of overweight and eutrophic children: depression and socioeconomic factors
Patricia Vieira Spada,Maria Arlete Meil Escriv?o,Fernando José de Nóbrega,Yára Juliano
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: To verify the presence of depression, age, level of schooling, occupation, marital status, number of children and nutritional status (maternal and of the child) in mothers of overweight and eutrophic children and relate the data to mother/child bonding. Methods: A total of 120 mothers of children aged up to 10 years participated; 30 of them were overweight and 30 were eutrophic (low-income bracket); 30 were overweight and 30 eutrophic (high-income bracket). The control group was composed of eutrophic children paired according to sex, age, level of schooling, and social condition. Data collection was made through interviews. The assessment instruments were: Mother/Child Bonding Assessment Protocol and Beck Depression Inventory. The nutritional classification was defined by calculation of the body mass index, as per the curves of the World Health Organization. For statistics, McNemar, χ2, and Fisher’s exact tests were used. A 5% level of rejection of the null hypothesis was set. Results: There was no significant result between mother/child bonding and the variables studied, or between the presence of depression and level of schooling, marital status, occupation, and maternal nutritional status. Nevertheless, mothers of eutrophic children (high-income bracket) showed less depression than mothers of eutrophic children (low-income bracket). Mothers with three or more children displayed more depression than mothers with less than three children. Mothers under 30 years of age showed more depression than mothers aged 30 years or older. Conclusion: There was no significant result between mother/child bonding and the variables studied, but the bond was compromised in all mothers of the sample. There was a significant result regarding the presence of depression.
Estudo da a??o dos fios de categute cromado e poliglecaprone 25, na ileocistoplastia em ratos, destacando a forma??o de cálculos
Schauffert, Marli Doroti;Sim?es, Manuel de Jesus;Juliano, Yára;Novo, Neil Ferreira;Gomes, Paulo de Oliveira;Ortiz, Valdemar;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502000000100004
Abstract: in order to determine the ideal thread in the ileocystoplasty in rats, it took place a comparative study of the action of the thread 6-0 chromed catgut, with the one of 25, 5-0 polyglecaprone.. the largest objective, went to prophylaxis of the urolithisis.. 51 rats of wistar were used , that participated in two groups: pilot group (27 rats), that was the chromed catgut group (gc) and polyglecaprone group (gp), with 24 rats. under anesthesia intraperitonial with sodic pentobarbital at 3%, everybody the animals the ileocytoplasty were submitted, after abdominal longitudinal median incision. . in the rats of gc, the anastomose of the urinary bladder (open 0,5 cm sagitally), with the extremity distal of the ileal segment, it was accomplished by means of points separated in only plan, with of chromed categute 6-0 thread and in the rats of gp, with of 25, 5-0 polyglecaprone thread. it was followed synthesis of the abdominal wall and anesthetic recovery. the study was accomplished in 27, 42 and 57 days in the animals of gc, that were divided in 3 undergroup of 9 rats. in gp, the animals were analyzed in 28 and 84 days, for undergroup of 12 animals. elapsed the time determined for each undergroup, they were reoperated and observed the macroscopic aspects of the cicatrization, adherences and stone formation.. the urinary bladder enlarged by the ileal segment, was resected, open, washed in isotonic saline solution and fastened in the liquid of boüin, and processed in laboratory, for histology. the euthanasia was consummated with anesthetic lethal minimum dose. 29,6% of the rats in gc,show urolithisis:5,4% with 27days, 10% with 42 days and 14,2%with 57 days after operation. when it uses 25,5-0 polyglecaprone thread, ther'isn't stones until 84 days after operation. the microscopics results,were submited by the statistical analysis (a £ a 0,05), for other scientific work.
Variáveis maternas e infantis associadas à ocorrência de anemia em crian?as nos servi?os de aten??o básica em S?o Paulo
Compri, Patrícia Colombo;Cury, Maria Cristina F. S.;Novo, Neil Ferreira;Juliano, Yára;Sigulem, Dirce Maria;
Revista Paulista de Pediatria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-05822007000400009
Abstract: objective: to analyze mother and child factors associated with the occurrence of anemia in children assisted at primary health care centers in s?o paulo city, brazil. methods: the study enrolled 357 children from four to 24 months assisted at three health care centers in the southern region of the city. possible factors associated to anemia and related to mother and children characteristics were categorized. hemoglobin was determined by digital puncture and the cut value for anemia diagnosis was 11g/dl. student t test was used to compare the hemoglobin means of two independent groups; anova for three or more independent groups, and mann-whitney was used to test the association of anemia and age group or speed of growing. results: the prevalence of anemia was 60%. anemia was not associated to maternal variables. weight gain and male gender were associated to a higher prevalence of anemia. anemia was also associated with poor qualitative or quantitative ingestion of iron. the occurrence of anemia was not avoided by breastfeeding practice. conclusions: the high prevalence of anemia was related to masculine gender, which had a faster speed of weight gain in children less than six months old and from 18 to 24 months old. anemia was also related to low ingestion of iron in the diet.
Estudo histológico e histométrico das vilosidades e das células caliciformes ileais na ileocistoplastia em ratas
Schauffert Marli Doroti,Biondo Sim?es Maria de Lourdes Pessole,Juliano Yára,Sim?es Manuel de Jesus
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 1999,
Abstract: 24 ratos de WISTAR, fêmeas, OUTB EPM-1, divididas em dois grupos experimentais de 4 e 12 semanas (GE eu e GE II). sofreram ileocitoplastia para estudo da mucosa ileal. Cada rato fêmea era seu próprio controle (GC I e GC II), pela exclus o de segmento ileal de 1,0 cm., no momento zero da opera o, justaposto ao segmento ileal pediculado de 2,5 cm., que ampliou a bexiga urinária. Depois do tempo experimental, , as pe as operatórias retiradas eram processadas com os controles, para estudo microscópico pelos métodos HE e Alcian Blue (pH 2,5) Orange. A eutanásia era consumada com anestésico. Os resultados histomorfométricos eram comparados por grupos entre experimento e controle e depois suas diferen as por grupos independentes, por meio da análise estatística, que fixou 5% o nível de rejei o da hipótese de nulidade, para os testes aplicados. Há diminui o progressiva do número e altura das vilosidades do GE II em rela o ao GE I, e de cada experimento, comparado com seu controle. As células caliciformes ileais (sialomucinas), exibem aumento significante e progressivo de seu número. As altera es encontradas na mucosa ileal da ileocistoplastia, n o desencorajam sua indica o.
Estudo histológico e histométrico das vilosidades e das células caliciformes ileais na ileocistoplastia em ratas
Schauffert, Marli Doroti;Biondo Sim?es, Maria de Lourdes Pessole;Juliano, Yára;Sim?es, Manuel de Jesus;Novo, Neil Ferreira;Ortiz, Valdemar;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86501999000300004
Abstract: 24 rats of wistar, females, outb epm-1, divided in two experimental groups of 4 and 12 weeks (ge i and ge ii). they suffered ileocytoplasty for study of the ileal mucous. each female rat was its own control (gc i and gc ii), for the exclusion of segment ileal of 1,0 cm., in the moment zero of the operation, juxtaposed to the segment pediculated ileal of 2,5 cm., that enlarged the urinary bladder. after the experimental time, the pieces operative retreats were processed with the controls, for microscopic study for the methods he and alcian blue (ph 2,5) orange. the euthanasia was consummated with anesthetic. the histomorphometric results were compared by groups between experiment and control and later its differences for independent groups, by means of the statistical analysis, that it fastened 5% the level of rejection of the nullity hypothesis, for the applied tests. there are progressive decrease of the number and height of ge ii's villous in relation to ge i and of each experiment, compared with its control. the ileal globet cells (syalomucins), exhibit significant and progressive increase of its number. the alterations found in the ileal mucous of the ileocystoplasty, don't discourage its indication.
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