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THCHS-30 : A Free Chinese Speech Corpus
Dong Wang,Xuewei Zhang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Speech data is crucially important for speech recognition research. There are quite some speech databases that can be purchased at prices that are reasonable for most research institutes. However, for young people who just start research activities or those who just gain initial interest in this direction, the cost for data is still an annoying barrier. We support the `free data' movement in speech recognition: research institutes (particularly supported by public funds) publish their data freely so that new researchers can obtain sufficient data to kick of their career. In this paper, we follow this trend and release a free Chinese speech database THCHS-30 that can be used to build a full- edged Chinese speech recognition system. We report the baseline system established with this database, including the performance under highly noisy conditions.
The Relationship between Player Characteristics, Team Characteristics and Athletes’ Remuneration: An Advanced Empirical Study of Asian and US Professional Baseball Leagues  [PDF]
Zhenjia Liu, Bingbing Zong, Yishu Wang, Xuewei Zhang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/me.2017.87060
Abstract: This paper studies factors that determine salary among professional baseball players in the Asian (Japan,KoreaandTaiwan) and US. Empirical results show that US baseball players are the highest paid and those in Taiwan receive the lowest salary, with a large difference of 75 times. Experience, age, education and other variables, as well as population of teams’ home cities are influential. Whether or not a player transfers to other teams, their health conditions (measured as BMI) and other variables significantly affect salary, and there is no significant variance arising from different management environments in different countries. Although team age and player salary are correlated significantly in the three countries, the correlation is positive in the US and negative in Asian (Japan, Korea and Taiwan). However, their health conditions (measured as BMI), training, education and population of teams’ home cities have insignificantly correlation with the total salary from multi-year contracts.
Global Mild Solutions and Attractors for Stochastic Viscous Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Xuewei Ju,Hongli Wang,Desheng Li,Jinqiao Duan
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/670786
Abstract: This paper is devoted to the study of mild solutions for the initial and boundary value problem of stochastic viscous Cahn-Hilliard equation driven by white noise. Under reasonable assumptions we first prove the existence and uniqueness result. Then, we show that the existence of a stochastic global attractor which pullback attracts each bounded set in appropriate phase spaces.
Wave Propagation Analysis in Composite Laminates Containing a Delamination Using a Three-Dimensional Spectral Element Method
Fucai Li,Haikuo Peng,Xuewei Sun,Jinfu Wang,Guang Meng
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/659849
Abstract: A three-dimensional spectral element method (SEM) was developed for analysis of Lamb wave propagation in composite laminates containing a delamination. SEM is more efficient in simulating wave propagation in structures than conventional finite element method (FEM) because of its unique diagonal form of the mass matrix. Three types of composite laminates, namely, unidirectional-ply laminates, cross-ply laminates, and angle-ply laminates are modeled using three-dimensional spectral finite elements. Wave propagation characteristics in intact composite laminates are investigated, and the effectiveness of the method is validated by comparison of the simulation results with analytical solutions based on transfer matrix method. Different Lamb wave mode interactions with delamination are evaluated, and it is demonstrated that symmetric Lamb wave mode may be insensitive to delamination at certain interfaces of laminates while the antisymmetric mode is more suited for identification of delamination in composite structures.
Cancer-Drug Associations: A Complex System
Ertugrul Dalkic,Xuewei Wang,Neil Wright,Christina Chan
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010031
Abstract: Network analysis has been performed on large-scale medical data, capturing the global topology of drugs, targets, and disease relationships. A smaller-scale network is amenable to a more detailed and focused analysis of the individual members and their interactions in a network, which can complement the global topological descriptions of a network system. Analysis of these smaller networks can help address questions, i.e., what governs the pairing of the different cancers and drugs, is it driven by molecular findings or other factors, such as death statistics.
Short time-series microarray analysis: Methods and challenges
Xuewei Wang, Ming Wu, Zheng Li, Christina Chan
BMC Systems Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1752-0509-2-58
Abstract: Microarray technology has enabled the interrogation of gene expression data in a global and parallel fashion, and has become the most popular platform in the era of systems biology [1]. A majority of the microarray analysis thus far has focused on elucidating disease mechanisms [2]. More recently, with the rapid growth in research and development of biofuels [3], a new challenge of manipulating plant cell-wall biosynthesis has led to further applications of microarrays [3]. The detection and analysis of steady-state mRNA expression have become routine [4-7], with applications in many areas of biology (i.e., plants, yeast, insects, and mammals). Increasing efforts are focused on deciphering the multidimensional dynamic behaviours of complex biological systems, including complex regulation schemes, such as the crosstalk between multiple pathways [3,8,9], and interactions among more than 1000 genes in plant cell wall biogenesis, developmental biology, and human diseases [10-14]. Thus, time-series microarray data, and its analysis, are of growing interest to several research communities [15].Time-series microarrays capture multiple expression profiles at discrete time points (i.e., minutes, hours, or days) of a continuous cellular process. These data can characterize the complex dynamics and regulation in the form of differential gene-expressions as a function of time. Numerous time-series microarray experiments have been performed to study such biological processes as the biological rhythms or circadian clock of Arabidopsis, flowering time, abiotic stress, disease progression, and drug responses [2,16-20]. Many of the methods of analyzing time-series data originated from various disciplines, such as signal processing, dynamic system theory, machine learning and information theory, and have been applied to detect differentially expressed genes, identify expression patterns, and construct gene networks [15,21-23], nevertheless challenges remain.A significant challenge in
Chaetochromones A and B, Two New Polyketides from the Fungus Chaetomium indicum (CBS.860.68)
Keyang Lu,Yisheng Zhang,Li Li,Xuewei Wang,Gang Ding
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules180910944
Abstract: Chaetochromones A ( 1) and B ( 2), two novel polyketides, were isolated from the crude extract of fungus Chaetomium indicum (CBS.860.68) together with three known analogues PI-3( 3), PI-4 ( 4) and SB236050 ( 5). The structures of these compounds were determined by HRESI-MS and NMR experiments. Chaetochromones A ( 1) and B ( 2) are a member of the polyketides family, which might originate from a similar biogenetic pathway as the known compounds PI-3 ( 3), PI-4 ( 4) and SB236050 ( 5). The biological activities of these secondary metabolites were evaluated against eight plant pathogens, including Alternaria alternata, Ilyonectria radicicola , Trichoderma viride pers, Aspergillus niger, Fusarium verticillioide, Irpex lacteus (Fr.), Poria placenta (Fr.) Cooke and Coriolus versicolor (L.) Quél. Compound 1 displayed moderate inhibitory rate (>60%) against the brown rot fungus Poria placenta (Fr.) Cooke, which causes significant wood decay. In addition, the cytotoxic activities against three cancer cell lines A549, MDA-MB-231, PANC-1 were also tested, without any inhibitory activities being detected.
Isolation of Immune-Relating 185/333-1 Gene from Sea Urchin(Strongylocentrotus intermedius) and Its Expression Analysis Isolation of Immune-Relating 185/333-1 Gene from Sea Urchin(Strongylocentrotus intermedius) and Its Expression Analysis
WANG Yinan,DING Jun,LIU Yang,LIU Xuewei,CHANG Yaqing
- , 2016,
Abstract: The 185/333 gene family involved in the immune response of sea urchin.One 185/333 c DNA was isolated from Strongylocentrotus intermedius,and named as Si185/333-1.Its full-length c DNA was 1246 bp in length with a 906 bp open reading frame encoding a protein of 301 aa.The molecular weight of the deduced protein was approximately 33.1 k D with an estimated PI of p H 6.26.Si185/333-1 had high identities(70%–86%) to most of Sp185/333.An extraordinary identity of 92% was found between Si185/333-1 and Sp185/333 C5 alpha(ABR22474).Moderate identities(63%–64%) were displayed between Si185/333-1 and He185/333.Si185/333-1 had similar structure to Sp185/333.A signal-peptide,a gly-rich region and a his-rich region were found in its secondary structure.RGD motif was found in gly-rich region at position 116–118aa.There was no transmembrane region in Si185/333-1.The element pattern of Si185/333-1 is different from any available pattern that identified in Sp185/333.Si185/333-1 clustered together with pattern C Sp185/333 in phylogenetic tree.The Si185/333-1 m RNA could be detected in tissues including peristomial membrane,coelomocytes,muscle of Aristotles lantern,gut and tube feet,with the highest expression level detected in peristomial membrane and a relatively low expression in ovary and testis.The temporal expression of Si185/333-1 in peristomial membrane and coelomocytes were up-regulated after bacterial,β-D-glucan and ds RNA challenges,reaching the maximum at 12 h post-stimulation.The up-regulation was more obvious in coelomocytes,and bacterial challenge triggered the highest response.These results proved that 185/333-1 gene was involved in the immune defense of S.intermedius,while more studies were necessary for its function in S.intermedius immunity
Experimental Study on PBL Shear Connectors of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Considering Transverse Prestressing

祝兵, 王学伟
ZHU Bing
, WANG Xuewei

- , 2016, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.0258-2724.2016.04.004
Abstract: 为研究钢-混组合梁桥PBL剪力键的抗剪承载能力及其影响因素,以兰州小砂沟大桥为工程背景,设计3类13组共33个试件,采用推出试验的方法进行试验研究,对比分析了PBL剪力键的破坏形态、破坏机理以及抗剪承载能力的影响因素,提出了考虑横向预应力效应的PBL剪力键抗剪承载能力的计算公式.研究结果表明贯穿钢筋直径、钢板开孔孔径以及钢板厚度的增加均能有效提高PBL剪力键的抗剪承载能力;横向预拉应力的存在促进了混凝土的开裂,使得混凝土、钢板及贯穿钢筋的强度和刚度无法得到充分发挥,从而降低了PBL剪力键的承载能力,对单孔抗剪承载能力降低可达10%;横向预压应力的约束作用延缓了混凝土的开裂,使得混凝土、钢板及贯穿钢筋的强度和刚度得到充分发挥,提高了PBL剪力键的承载能力,对单孔抗剪承载能力提高可达20%;考虑横向预应力效应的公式计算结果与试验结果吻合较好.
: In order to study the shear capacity and its influencing factors of PBL shear connectors for steel-concrete composite girder bridges, 33 specimens in 13 groups of three types were designed for push-out tests conducted in Xiaoshagou Bridge in Lanzhou, China. The failure modes, failure mechanisms, and influencing factors of shear capacity of these PBL shear connectors were analyzed comparatively. On this basis, a shear capacity calculation formula for PBL shear connectors considering the transverse prestressing effect was proposed. The results show that the shear capacity of PBL shear connectors could be effectively increased by increase of transverse rebar diameter, perforated rib diameter, and perforated rib thickness. The existence of transverse pretension stress accelerated the cracking of concrete, causing the strength and stiffness of concrete, perforated plate, and reinforcing rebars unable to exert their effect fully. As a result, the shear capacity of PBL shear connectors were reduced by about 10%. In addition, the constraint effect of transverse stress improved the strength and stiffness of concrete and delayed the concrete cracking, bringing the strength and stiffness of concrete, perforated plate, and reinforcing rebars into full play, and resulting in an significant improvement (20%) in the shear capacity of PBL shear connectors. The calculated results from the proposed formula close to the test results verified its effectiveness
Differentiation of Breast Cancer from Fibroadenoma with Dual-Echo Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI
Shiwei Wang, Zachary DelProposto, Haoyu Wang, Xuewei Ding, Conghua Ji, Bei Wang, Maosheng Xu
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0067731
Abstract: Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE MRI) of the breast is a routinely used imaging method which is highly sensitive for detecting breast malignancy. Specificity, though, remains suboptimal. Dynamic susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance imaging (DSC MRI), an alternative dynamic contrast imaging technique, evaluates perfusion-related parameters unique from DCE MRI. Previous work has shown that the combination of DSC MRI with DCE MRI can improve diagnostic specificity, though an additional administration of intravenous contrast is required. Dual-echo MRI can measure both T1W DCE MRI and T2*W DSC MRI parameters with a single contrast bolus, but has not been previously implemented in breast imaging. We have developed a dual-echo gradient-echo sequence to perform such simultaneous measurements in the breast, and use it to calculate the semi-quantitative T1W and T2*W related parameters such as peak enhancement ratio, time of maximal enhancement, regional blood flow, and regional blood volume in 20 malignant lesions and 10 benign fibroadenomas in 38 patients. Imaging parameters were compared to surgical or biopsy obtained tissue samples. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and area under the ROC curves were calculated for each parameter and combination of parameters. The time of maximal enhancement derived from DCE MRI had a 90% sensitivity and 69% specificity for predicting malignancy. When combined with DSC MRI derived regional blood flow and volume parameters, sensitivity remained unchanged at 90% but specificity increased to 80%. In conclusion, we show that dual-echo MRI with a single administration of contrast agent can simultaneously measure both T1W and T2*W related perfusion and kinetic parameters in the breast and the combination of DCE MRI and DSC MRI parameters improves the diagnostic performance of breast MRI to differentiate breast cancer from benign fibroadenomas.
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