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Spectral Viscosity Method with Generalized Hermite Functions for Nonlinear Conservation Laws
Xue Luo
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper, we propose new spectral viscosity methods based on the generalized Hermite functions for the solution of nonlinear scalar conservation laws in the whole line. It is shown rigorously that these schemes converge to the unique entropy solution by using compensated compactness arguments, under some conditions. The numerical experiments of the inviscid Burger's equation support our result, and it verifies the reasonableness of the conditions.
2D homogeneous solutions to the Euler equation
Xue Luo,Roman Shvydkoy
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper we study classification of homogeneous solutions to the stationary Euler equation with locally finite energy. Written in the form $u = \nabla^\perp \Psi$, $\Psi(r,\theta) = r^{\lambda} \psi(\theta)$, for $\lambda >0$, we show that only trivial solutions exist in the range $0<\lambda<1/2$, i.e. parallel shear and rotational flows. In other cases many new solutions are exhibited that have hyperbolic, parabolic and elliptic structure of streamlines. In particular, for $\lambda>9/2$ the number of different non-trivial elliptic solutions is equal to the cardinality of the set $(2,\sqrt{2\lambda}) \cap \mathbb{N}$. The case $\lambda = 2/3$ is relevant to Onsager's conjecture. We underline the reasons why no anomalous dissipation of energy occurs for such solutions despite their critical Besov regularity 1/3.
The Design and Realization of Vehicle Rent Information System Based on Java  [PDF]
Lei Xue, Suyun Luo
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104891
In recent years, with the “Internet ” action plan put forward by the state, “Internet industry” has been widely used in various industries, especially in the country. With the encouragement of the “Internet traffic” innovative form, the Internet rental car industry is developing rapidly. Therefore, the establishment of a network-based car rental management system is conducive to improving the operational capacity of enterprises to meet the needs of industry development. The system is mainly based on j2EE, mainly using struts 2 Spring hibernate and other frameworks, using MyEclipse as a development tool, MYSQL as a database, Macromedia Dreamweaver as a tool for interface beautification, and using JAVA language development. The page adopts JSP dynamic page development technology. The system has simple interface, easy operation and easy maintenance.
Solvent Extraction of Lanthanum Ion from Chloride Medium by Di-(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid with a Complexing Method  [PDF]
Shaohua Yin, Wenyuan Wu, Xue Bian, Yao Luo, Fengyun Zhang
International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy (IJNM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijnm.2013.22010

Solvent extraction experiments of La(III) with di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid (P204) from chloride solution in the presence of a complexing agent (lactic acid) have been performed. The effective separation factors can be achieved when the complexing agent is added to the aqueous phase of the extraction system. The complexing agent lactic acid can be effectively recycled using tributyl phosphate (TBP) as extractant, by the use of a countercurrent extraction process, and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) value in the raffinate is 57.7 mg/L, which meets the emission standards of pollutants from rare earths industry. Thus, the simple and environment-friendly complexing method has been proved to be an effective strategy for separating light rare earths, and provides a positive influence on the purification of La(III).

The Effect of Different Artificial Soil on Urban Non-Point Source Pollution Reduction in the Artificial Rapid Infiltration System  [PDF]
Junfeng Wu, Langrun Song, Qian Feng, Jingyang Luo, Zhaoxia Xue
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2018.611005
Abstract: The non-point source pollution posed great risks to the urban water environment which has aroused great concerns. Artificial rapid infiltration systems have been widely used in sewage treatment, which have great environmental and economic values. This study investigated the potential of utilizing artificial rapid infiltration systems on the reduction of urban non-point source pollution. The obtained results showed that the components and composition of artificial soils were vital to the operational performance. The mixture of natural soil, coarse sand and zeolite was ideal for the construction of artificial soils. The permeability coefficient of soils could be improved to 0.166 cm/min at the optimized ratio of 1:1:0.05 (natural soil, coarse sand and zeolite). Also, high removal efficiency for the typical pollutants in rain runoffs (i.e. COD, NH4+-N, TN and TP) could be simultaneous obtained which was above 74% in the artificial rapid infiltration systems. The results demonstrated the effectiveness on the reduction of urban non-point pollution by optimized artificial rapid infiltration system.
A pair of new BAC and BIBAC vectors that facilitate BAC/BIBAC library construction and intact large genomic DNA insert exchange
Xue Shi, Haiyang Zeng, Yadong Xue, Meizhong Luo
Plant Methods , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1746-4811-7-33
Abstract: The new BAC vector pIndigoBAC536-S and the new BIBAC vector BIBAC-S have the following features: 1) both contain two 18-bp non-palindromic I-SceI sites in an inverted orientation at positions that flank an identical DNA fragment containing the lacZ selection marker and the cloning site. Large DNA inserts can be excised from the vectors as single fragments by cutting with I-SceI, allowing the inserts to be easily sized. More importantly, because the two vectors contain different antibiotic resistance genes for transformant selection and produce the same non-complementary 3' protruding ATAA ends by I-SceI that suppress self- and inter-ligations, the exchange of intact large genomic DNA inserts between the BAC and BIBAC vectors is straightforward; 2) both were constructed as high-copy composite vectors. Reliable linearized and dephosphorylated original low-copy pIndigoBAC536-S and BIBAC-S vectors that are ready for library construction can be prepared from the high-copy composite vectors pHZAUBAC1 and pHZAUBIBAC1, respectively, without the need for additional preparation steps or special reagents, thus simplifying the construction of BAC and BIBAC libraries. BIBAC clones constructed with the new BIBAC-S vector are stable in both E. coli and Agrobacterium. The vectors can be accessed through our website http://GResource.hzau.edu.cn webcite.The two new vectors and their respective high-copy composite vectors can largely facilitate the construction and characterization of BAC and BIBAC libraries. The transfer of complete large genomic DNA inserts from one vector to the other is made straightforward.High-quality, deep-coverage, large-insert genomic libraries are important tools for structural and functional genomics studies of eukaryotic genomes. The BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) cloning system [1] has been used to construct the most of such genomic libraries for different organisms that include important crops and model plants, such as rice [2,3], maize [4], wheat
The Reuse Policy in Developing Multi-Agent System
Xue Xiao,Yao Lina,Luo Junwei
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks , 2009, DOI: 10.1080/15501320802574941
Abstract: The agent-oriented (AO) methodology is an effective means for constructing distributed systems. Despite a great deal of research, a number of challenges still exist before making agent-based computing a widely accepted paradigm in software engineering practice. The problem of “difficult to implement agent-based system” originates from the gap between design models and system implementation to a high degree. Developers often feel that those characteristics depicted in agent design models are too abstract and difficult to implement.
Automatic Discovery of Semantic Relations Based on Association Rule
Xiangfeng Luo,Kai Yan,Xue Chen
Journal of Software , 2008, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.3.8.11-18
Abstract: Automatic discovery of semantic relations between resources is a key issue in Web-based intelligent applications such as document understanding and Web services. This paper explores how to automatically discover the latent semantic relations and their properties based on the existing association rules. Through building semantic matrix by the association rules, four semantic relations can be extracted using union and intersection in set theory. By building a cyclic graph model, the transitive path of association relation is discovered. Document-level keywords and domain-level keywords as well as their parameters are analyzed to improve the discovery accuracy. Rules can be gained from the experiments to optimize the discovery processes for relations and properties. Further experiments validate the effectiveness and efficiency of the relation discovery algorithms, which can be applied in Web search, intelligent browsing and Web service composition.
Regularity of the extremal solution for some elliptic problems with advection
Xue Luo,Dong Ye,Feng Zhou
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this note, we investigate the regularity of extremal solution $u^*$ for semilinear elliptic equation $-\triangle u+c(x)\cdot\nabla u=\lambda f(u)$ on a bounded smooth domain of $\mathbb{R}^n$ with Dirichlet boundary condition. Here $f$ is a positive nondecreasing convex function, exploding at a finite value $a\in (0, \infty)$. We show that the extremal solution is regular in low dimensional case. In particular, we prove that for the radial case, all extremal solution is regular in dimension two.
Complete Real Time Solution of the General Nonlinear Filtering Problem without Memory
Xue Luo,Stephen S. -T. Yau
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1109/TAC.2013.2264552
Abstract: It is well known that the nonlinear filtering problem has important applications in both military and civil industries. The central problem of nonlinear filtering is to solve the Duncan-Mortensen-Zakai (DMZ) equation in real time and in a memoryless manner. In this paper, we shall extend the algorithm developed previously by S.-T. Yau and the second author to the most general setting of nonlinear filterings, where the explicit time-dependence is in the drift term, observation term, and the variance of the noises could be a matrix of functions of both time and the states. To preserve the off-line virture of the algorithm, necessary modifications are illustrated clearly. Moreover, it is shown rigorously that the approximated solution obtained by the algorithm converges to the real solution in the $L^1$ sense. And the precise error has been estimated. Finally, the numerical simulation support the feasibility and efficiency of our algorithm.
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