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Association of Interleukin-8 with Cachexia from Patients with Low-Third Gastric Cancer
Bo Song,Dianliang Zhang,Shuchun Wang,Hongmei Zheng,Xinxiang Wang
Comparative and Functional Genomics , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/212345
Abstract: Background. Interleukin (IL)-8 has been implicated in the development of cancer cachexia. The polymorphism of IL-8 gene, which may affect the production level of IL-8, may be associated with cancer cachexia. Methods. The serum IL-8 level in our study was examined by radioimmunoassay. We also analyzed single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) −251 A/T and
The Shahewan rapakivi-textured granite – quartz monzonite pluton, Qinling orogen, central China: mineral composition and petrogenetic significance
Xiaoxia Wang,Tao Wang,Ilmari Haapala,Xinxiang Lu
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland , 2002,
Abstract: The Mesozoic Shahewan pluton consists of four texturally different types of biotite-hornblende quartz monzonite. In the porphyritic types alkali feldspar occurs as euhedral or ovoidal megacrysts that are often mantled by one or more plagioclase shells, and as smaller grains in the groundmass. Quartz, plagioclase (An20–28), biotite, and hornblende occur as inclusions in the alkali feldspar megacrystsand, more abundantly, in the groundmass. Euhedral quartz crystals in the groundmass are not as common and well developed as in typical rapakivi granite. Compared to typical rapakivi granites, the mafic minerals (biotite and hornblende) are rich in Mg and poor in Fe, and the whole rock is low in Si, K, F, Ga, Zr, LREE, Fe/Mg, and K/Na. The rocks of the Shahewan pluton are thus regarded as rapakivi-textured quartz monzonites and granites but not true rapakivi granites.
40Ar-39Ar dating and geological implication of auriferous altered rocks from the middle-deep section of Q875 gold-quartz vein in Xiaoqinling area, Henan, China
Yitian Wang,Jingwen Mao,Xinxiang Lu,Anwang Ye
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2002, DOI: 10.1007/BF03183322
Abstract: The40Ar-39Ar age method is employed in this work to analyze the auriferous altered rocks from the middle-deep section of the Q875 gold-quartz vein in the Xiaoqinling area, and the results show that the main gold deposition of the Q875 occurred in ca. 128–126 Ma. As a typical gold-bearing quartz vein in this gold-rich area, the age data obtained from the Q875 also constrain on the metallogenic time of the lode gold deposits developed in the same geological settings. This geochronological study supplies new evidence for further understanding the timing of gold mineralization, the genesis of gold deposits and the geodynamic settings in Xiaoqinling area.
Fis Is Essential for the Stability of Linear Plasmid pBSSB1 and Affects the Motility of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi
Haifang Zhang, Bin Ni, Xin Zhao, Isaac Dadzie, Hong Du, Qiang Wang, Huaxi Xu, Xinxiang Huang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0037462
Abstract: pBSSB1 is a 27 kb non-bacteriophage-related linear plasmid first found in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (S. Typhi), but the mechanism underlying the replication of pBSSB1 is currently unknown. Previous reports showed that the factor for inversion stimulation (Fis) encoded by fis can affect the replication, transcription and other processes through binding DNA. Here, a fis deletion mutant of S. Typhi (Δfis) was prepared through the homologous recombination mediated by suicide plasmid and the loss of pBSSB1 in Δfis was observed surprisingly by pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). Subsequently, the loss of pBSSB1 was verified by PCR and Southern blot. In addition, the motility of Δfis was deficient and the flagellin of Δfis could not be detected by 2-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. All these results show that Fis is essential for the stability of pBSSB1 and affects the motility of S. Typhi.
A Label-Free Microfluidic Biosensor for Activity Detection of Single Microalgae Cells Based on Chlorophyll Fluorescence
Junsheng Wang,Jinyang Sun,Yongxin Song,Yongyi Xu,Xinxiang Pan,Yeqing Sun,Dongqing Li
Sensors , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/s131216075
Abstract: Detection of living microalgae cells is very important for ballast water treatment and analysis. Chlorophyll fluorescence is an indicator of photosynthetic activity and hence the living status of plant cells. In this paper, we developed a novel microfluidic biosensor system that can quickly and accurately detect the viability of single microalgae cells based on chlorophyll fluorescence. The system is composed of a laser diode as an excitation light source, a photodiode detector, a signal analysis circuit, and a microfluidic chip as a microalgae cell transportation platform. To demonstrate the utility of this system, six different living and dead algae samples ( Karenia mikimotoi Hansen, Chlorella vulgaris, Nitzschia closterium, Platymonas subcordiformis, Pyramidomonas delicatula and Duna liella salina) were tested. The developed biosensor can distinguish clearly between the living microalgae cells and the dead microalgae cells. The smallest microalgae cells that can be detected by using this biosensor are 3 μm ones. Even smaller microalgae cells could be detected by increasing the excitation light power. The developed microfluidic biosensor has great potential for in situ ballast water analysis.
Genesis of mafic enclaves from rapakivi-textured granites in the Qinling and its petrological significance: evidence of elements and Nd, Sr isotopes

Wang XiaoXia,Wang Tao,Ilmari,Happala,Lu XinXiang,
,] 王涛 Ilmari Happala 卢欣祥

岩石学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 秦岭环斑结构花岗岩中的暗色包体主要为闪长质岩浆包体,SiO2(50%-62%)低,K2O Na2O(7.01%-9.4%) 高,里特曼指数(δ)为5-9,F、过渡性元素和稀土元素富集。包体和寄主岩石的主要氧化物之间具有良好的线性关系、稀土配分曲线和微量元素配分曲线相似,以及活动性组分、高场强元素、轻稀土和同位素特征等显示,寄主岩石和包体之间发生过明显的成分交换,这些成分在二者中大体上趋于平衡。这种特征表明,环斑结构花岗岩岩浆的形成至少与两种岩浆的混合有关。包体的(87Sr/86Sr)i较低(0.70514-0.70624)、εNd(t)值较高(-0.95--3.3)和富过渡性元素的特征揭示,形成包体的原始岩浆为起源于幔源的玄武质岩浆。包体和寄主岩石的关系显示岩浆的混合方式为基性岩浆注入到已经开始结晶的酸性岩浆。这些研究为环斑结构花岗岩是起源于地壳的酸性岩浆和起源于地幔的基性岩浆形成的混合岩浆结晶的产物提供了新证据;同时,也为环斑结构的混合成因研究提供了新思路和途径。
Application of Association Rule Mining in Analytical CRM

Zhang XinXiang,

计算机系统应用 , 2006,
Abstract: 本文在分析传统关联规则挖掘的基本思想和在分析型CRM应用的基础上,提出前件固定后件约束和后件固定前件约束两种基于约束的关联规则挖掘算法,并分析了它们在CRM中的实际应用。

ZHOU Zhifang,WANG Zhongxia,ZENG Xinxiang,YANG Jian,CHEN Weidong,
,王仲夏,曾新翔,杨 建,陈卫东

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 基于单井内水流运动的振荡原理,开发了用于岩土体渗透性参数现场快速测试的系统(HSZK-01),使现场快速、高效测试岩土体渗透性参数成为可能.概要介绍该系统的功能、构成和现场操作步骤.基于变频水头测试仪(HGW-01)得到的数据,运用VB语言开发了数据处理软件,实现数据处理和参数计算自动化.本测试系统不仅能快速、准确地测定岩土体渗透性参数,而且对地下水及周边环境几乎不造成任何影响.在同一试验井内分别进行振荡试验和抽水试验,采用多种方法计算参数,发现两种试验结果基本一致;计算求得的参数值在同一数量级,表明该测试系统的可靠性和计算理论的准确性.

Peng Xinxiang,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 1996,
Abstract: The relationship between Fe -induced bronzing and stress ethylene production (SEP)was investigated both in detached rice (Oryza sativa L.)leaves and in whole plants.Fe was applied to the detached leaf through a transpiration stream and to whole plants through roots in culture solution.The SEP from detached leaves differed with leaf position,growth stage, and genotype.Correlation between SEP and bronzing was significant for the leaves of 16 tested genotypes(r=0.659**),but the iron concentration increment(ICI)of the detached leaf correlated neither to the bronzing nor to the SEP, suggesting that leaf tissue tolerance, not ICI, controls the bronzing deveiopment and the SEP.When the Whole plant was treated by increasing Fe concentration in culture solution,the SEP was negligibly small. By partially or entirely de-rooting the plant, however,stress ethylene was evoked bythe Fe treatment,indicating that roots limited the Fe -induced SEP.
Laojunshan and Qinlingliang rapakivi-textured granitoids in North Qinling and their tectonic setting;A possible orogenic-type rapakivi granitoids.

WANG XiaoXi,WANG Tao,LU XinXiang,XIAO QingHui School of Earth Science,Resource,Chang an University,Xi'an,China School of Earth Science,Resource,China University of Geosciences,Beijing,Chin,

岩石学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 老君山和秦岭梁岩体产于秦岭造山带商丹缝合带北侧,其岩石普遍发育环斑结构,表现为碱性长石巨晶多为卵球状,有些发育斜长石外壳,有些不发育。这不同于一般花岗岩局部出现的具斜长石外壳自形碱性长石巨晶结构。在地球化学上,该岩石显示I—A型花岗岩过渡特点。区域背景、构造被动定位特点和地球化学综合分析表明,它们可能定位于后碰撞或后造山环境。这些特征与典型的元古代克拉通非造山环境中的环斑花岗岩既有相似之处,也有一定差异,而与巴西造山带中环斑花岗岩较为相似。本文认为,它们不是一般的斑状花岗岩,而是最近注意研究的环斑结构花岗岩,有可能是一种造山带型环斑花岗岩,即产于造山带中的非典型环斑花岗岩。
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