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The Criticism and Amendment for the Dual-Factor Model of Mental Health: From Chinese Psychological Suzhi Research Perspectives  [PDF]
Xinqiang Wang, Dajun Zhang
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2012.35063
Abstract: Aiming at the limitations of psychopathology (PTH), the dual-factor model of mental health (DFM) was proposed as a new mental health concept and methodology under the background of positive psychology trend. In this paper we propose giving an overview of DFM, and doubt, criticize, and modify DFM from the perspective of Chinese psychological suzhi research. The available literature from 1983 to 2012 that is related to DFM and concerning psychological suzhi research in the past 20 years has been reviewed. In addition, we also absorbed the idea of positive psychology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Constitution theory to develop theoretically the relationship model between psychological suzhi and mental health. The relationship model between psychological suzhi and mental health modifies and transcends PTH and DFM. It will be the new research area of mental health research.
The Relationship between the Meaning of Life and Mental Health of Junior Middle School Students of Tujia and Hmong in Xiangxi, China  [PDF]
Xinqiang Wang, Tianyuan Zhang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.44026
Abstract: This paper chooses groups of middle school students of the Tujia and the Hmong who both live in ethnic groups and have history of intermarriage and cultural identity between each other as subjects to study the relationship between meaning of life and mental health based on the Xiangxi culture, which aims to provide evidence for the mental health education for middle school students in ethnic regions. Firstly, to resort to the method of Literature Collection: Pay attention to the influence of Xiangxi culture on the meaning of life and the relationship between meaning of life and mental health during the analysis of the material, trying to find out the true meanings; Secondly, using the Purpose-in-Life Test (PIL) and Mental Health Test (MHT), 913 junior high school students were investigated by cluster random sampling method. The results of the study indicated that the total score of meaning of life was significantly correlated with anxiety in people, isolation tendency, allergic tendency and tendency to impulsive (p < 0.001), related to the tendency to panic (p < 0.05), and the correlation between learning anxiety and self accusation tendency was not significant (p > 0.05). In addition, stepwise regression analysis showed that the value of life was the most important factor to predict mental health in meaning of life, and the second was the quality of life and the freedom of life. Therefore, junior high school students’ meaning of life and their mental health levels has a certain relationship. Introduction of empirical investigation helps to better research and analyze the relationship between meaning of life and mental health of Chinese people in junior high school in Xiangxi area and provides the basis in the practice of junior high school students’ mental health education and life education.

LIU Xinqiang,LI Wenxiu,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 鲁中矿区地质条件复杂,地下裂隙水发育,矿体破碎难以安全采出.采场地压表现为在自重应力作用下,顶板出现拉应力破坏,导致顶板冒落.针对这种情况,开展采场地压规律的动态监测.应用钻孔应变计测量采场地应力变化,采用电子数显式收敛计量测围岩变形,得出采场巷道地压变化的一般规律,为矿山今后选择合理的开采方案和地压控制措施提供科学依据.
Quantitatively analyzing the mechanism of giant circular dichroism in extrinsic plasmonic chiral nanostructures by the interplay of electric and magnetic dipoles
Li Hu,Xiaorui Tian,Yingzhou Huang,Xinqiang Wang,Yurui Fang
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: The plasmonic chirality has drawn a lot of attention because of the tunable circular dichroism (CD) and the enhancement for the signal of chiral molecules. Different mechanisms have been proposed for explaining the plasmonic CD, however, a quantitative one like ab initio mechanism in chiral molecules is still unavailable. In this work, a mechanism similar to the chiral molecules is analyzed. The giant extrinsic circular dichroism of plasmonic splitting rectangle ring is quantitatively investigated theoretically. The interplay of electric and magnetic modes of the meta-structure is proposed to explain the giant CD. The interplay is analyzed both in an analytical coupled electric-magnetic dipoles model and finite element method model. The surface charge distributions show that the circular current yielded in the splitting rectangle ring makes it behave like a magneton at some resonant modes, which interact with electric modes and results in a mixing of the two kinds of modes. The strong interplay of the two kinds of modes is mainly responsible for the giant CD.The analysis of the chiral near field of the structure shows potential applications in chiral molecule sensing.
The Educational Philosophy and Development Direction of School of Foreign Studies in Engineering Colleges in China: A Case Study of North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power (NCWU)
Wei Xinqiang
Higher Education Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/hes.v2n2p168
Abstract: This paper gives a brief analysis on the educational advantages and objects of NCWU. It believes that the educational philosophy and development direction of foreign school in engineering colleges must be set up on the basis of need of China and talents need, moreover, the development of the School of Foreign Studies must be analyzed by integrating into the whole development of NCWU. This paper put forwards the educational philosophy of “Drawing on Advantages, Avoiding Disadvantages, and Gearing Education to Society” and the Development Direction of “Rooted in Foreign Language and Characterised by Engineering and Business”. It analyzes the problem of school of foreign studies in NCWU in Specialty Construction, teaching team and Construction of Discipline and puts forwards some solutions.
Devitrification of TeO2-doped Fluoroaluminate Glass
Bin TANG,Xinqiang YUAN,Tianfeng XUE,Jiacheng LI,Youyu FAN,Hefang HU,

材料科学技术学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Crystallization behavior of the glass system AlF3-MgF2-CaF2-SrF2-BaF2-YF3-TeO2 (AMCSBY-TeO2) was studied by the nonisothermal method using differential thermal analysis. The activation energy E and Avrami exponent n were determined by nonisothermal method. It is found that the value of E varies with increasing TeO2 and reaches a minimum at 10 mol fraction TeO2, while n decreases from 3.65 to 1.78 with the addition of TeO2. X-ray diffraction shows that Ba2Te3O8, MgTe2O5, and SrTeO3 phase formed when the glasses were reheated. The addition of TeO2 changes the crystallization mechanism and improves the stability of the fluoroaluminate glass.
Effect of nitrification inhibitor DMPP on nitrogen leaching, nitrifying organisms, and enzyme activities in a rice-oilseed rape cropping system
LI Hua,LIANG Xinqiang,CHEN Yingxu,LIAN Yanfeng,TIAN Guangming,NI Wuzhong,
,LIANG Xinqiang,CHEN Yingxu,LIAN Yanfeng,TIAN Guangming,NI Wuzhong

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2008,
Abstract: DMPP (3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate) has been used to reduce nitrogen (N) loss from leaching or denitrification and to improve N supply in agricultural land. However, its impact on soil nitrifying organisms and enzyme activities involved in N cycling is largely unknown. Therefore, an on-farm experiment, for two years, has been conducted, to elucidate the effects of DMPP on mineral N (NH4 -N and NO3--N) leaching, nitrifying organisms, and denitrifying enzymes in a rice-oilseed rape cropping system. Three treatments including urea alone (UA), urea 1% DMPP (DP), and no fertilizer (CK), have been carried out. The results showed that DP enhanced the mean NH4 -N concentrations by 19.1%-24.3%, but reduced the mean NO3--N concentrations by 44.9%-56.6% in the leachate,under a two-year rice-rape rotation, compared to the UA treatment. The population of ammonia oxidizing bacteria, the activity of nitrate reductase, and nitrite reductase in the DP treatment decreased about 24.5%-30.9%, 14.9%-43.5%, and 14.7%-31.6%, respectively, as compared to the UA treatment. However, nitrite oxidizing bacteria and hydroxylamine reductase remained almost unaffected by DMPP.It is proposed that DMPP has the potential to either reduce NO3--N leaching by inhibiting ammonia oxidization or N losses from denitrification, which is in favor of the N conversations in the rice-oilseed rape cropping system.
Roles of phosphatases in pathogen infection: a review

Pei Zhu,Xinqiang Li,Zhenlun Li,

生物工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Phosphatases play a key role not only in cell physiological functions of an organism, but also in host-pathogen interactions. Many studies demonstrated that some Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria could evade host immunity and promote pathogenicity by injecting phosphatases into host cells through type III secretion system. However, there were few reports about pathogenic fungi evading the immunity of hosts. Our researches indicated that the entomogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae could dephosphorylate the signal transduction substance of locust humoral immunity specifically in vitro by secreting extracellular protein tyrosine phosphatase, which implied that the fungus might interfere with the immune defense of locust. To provide reference for further studies of the functions of phosphatases, we reviewed the types of phosphatases and their roles in pathogen infection.
Comparison among threatened categories of conifers from China

He Xinqiang,Lin Jinxin,Hu Yushi,Wang Xianpu,Li Fazeng,

生物多样性 , 1996,
Abstract: This paper provides a comparison among threatened categories of 141 Chinese coniferous taxa listed by Temperate Tree (WCMC), World List of Threatened Conifer Taxa (CSG) and China Plant Red Data Book (Vol.1). The results show that the categories of some taxa provided by three units are essentially different, because of insufficient data obtained and different criteria of categories accorded. Consequently, the categories of some Chinese conifers were analysed in accordance with the Draft IUCN Red List Categories (Version 2.3, 1994).

LI Xinqiang,YANG Songqing,WANG Xiaogang,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on the research work on generation and visualization of three-dimensional stochastic fracture network simulation,a new three-dimensional stochastic fracture network model is established.It is assumed that the fracture shape of the model is a Baecher disc,the distribution is stochastic,and the correlativity of dimension,location,orientation and aperture of all fractures is independent.Based on these,a sample element of a three-dimensional structural plane network is generated separately by Poisson stochastic process.The spatial geometrical intersection information of the fractures and the boundary sides is discussed in detail.As a result,a program named FRCGEN-3D for three-dimensional stochastic fracture network of flow is developed by the FORTRAN90.To visualize the three-dimensional network model and check the data conveniently,a new specialized visualization system called V-FNW is developed with OPEN GL tools in Visual C ,which is powerful and famous for graph process.The system V-FNW shows interactive interface with three-dimensional graph rendering,rotation and intersection.Finally,an example of a stochastic model with a set of specific data is given;and the result is reasonable.It provides a visual platform of fracture network simulation for rock mechanics and rock hydromechanics,which is very important and valuable in the further research.
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