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The Color Calibration across Multi-Projector Display  [PDF]
Shu Liu, Qiuqi Ruan, Xiaoli Li
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2011.22008
Abstract: Large plane displays are often achieved by combining tiled imaging elements, which give the appearance of a single, seamless display. However, this is difficult to realize in practical use, since differences in color will make the tiles dis-tinct even if the geometric calibration is perfect. The paper presents an approach of color calibration using cubic B- spline. According to the theory of cubic B-spline, we construct the color transfer function of each projector. This ap-proach reduces the color and photometric non-uniformities to achieve seamless tiled multi-projector display well. Finally, we propose the difference between blending region and overlapping region which can help to achieve a better effect of alpha blending.
Determination of Tramadol in Human Serum by Capillary Electrophoresis with the End-Column Electrochemiluminescence Detection  [PDF]
Caiyun Zhang, Tao Liu, Xiaoli Zhang, Erbao Liu
Open Journal of Biophysics (OJBIPHY) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2013.32015

A capillary electrophoresis (CE) coupled with end-column electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection method for the analysis of tramadol (TMD) has been investigated. ECL detection was working electrode biased at 1.2 V in a 20mmol·L-1 sodium phosphate buffer (pH = 8.0) containing 5 mmol·L-1 Ru \"\"(where bpy = 2,2-bipyridyl). Linear correlation (r 0.997) between ECL intensity and drug concentration was obtained in the range 3 × 10-4 - 6 × 10-6 mol·L-1. The limits of detection (LODs) for tramadol in water was 3.012 × 10-8 mol·L-1(S/N = 3). The relative standard deviation values on peak size (10-5 mol·L-1 level) and migration time for the tramadol were 4.58% and 1.39% (n = 10), respectively. Applicability of the CE-ECL method to the analysis of human serum spiked with tramadol was examined

A Convolutional Code-Based Sequence Analysis Model and Its Application
Xiao Liu,Xiaoli Geng
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ijms14048393
Abstract: A new approach for encoding DNA sequences as input for DNA sequence analysis is proposed using the error correction coding theory of communication engineering. The encoder was designed as a convolutional code model whose generator matrix is designed based on the degeneracy of codons, with a codon treated in the model as an informational unit. The utility of the proposed model was demonstrated through the analysis of twelve prokaryote and nine eukaryote DNA sequences having different GC contents. Distinct differences in code distances were observed near the initiation and termination sites in the open reading frame, which provided a well-regulated characterization of the DNA sequences. Clearly distinguished period-3 features appeared in the coding regions, and the characteristic average code distances of the analyzed sequences were approximately proportional to their GC contents, particularly in the selected prokaryotic organisms, presenting the potential utility as an added taxonomic characteristic for use in studying the relationships of living organisms.
Gynecology and Gynecological Nursing Theories and Practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Review on the Ancient Literatures  [PDF]
Xiangeng Zhang, Hui Zhang, Xiaoli Liang, Qin Liu, Miqu Wang
Chinese Medicine (CM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/cm.2011.23014
Abstract: Objective: the study is aimed to introduce the developing history of gynecology and gynecological nursing in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Study Design: the development of gynecology and gynecological nursing consists of six periods in Chinese history. They are: 1) budding stage represented by the inscriptions of Nü (female) on oracle bones; 2) physiological development stages of women; 3) specialized chapters of gynecology in TCM; 4) features of gynecological nursing; 5) monograph of gynecology and gynecological nursing; 6) integration of ancient gynecological nursing perceptions. Results: TCM has a profound understanding of gynecology and gynecological nursing. For period one, the inscriptions of Nü (female) on oracle bones is the symbol of the budding stage. For period two, physiogenesis stages of women are recorded in The Yellow Emperor of Classics of Inner Medicine. For period three, the specialized chapters of gynecology appeared, represented by Golden Chamber, Woman. For period four, the features of gynecological nursing were elaborated in Essential Prescriptions Worth A Thousand Gold including menstruation, depression, yin-dampness, and menopause. For period five, monographs of gynecology and gynecological nursing represented by Good Comprehensive Woman Formulae appeared. For period six, Integrative studies of gynecological nursing perceptions were carried out with the representation by Integrated Ancient and Modern Books. Conclusion: TCM gynecology and gynecological nursing harbors a long history of treating and nursing gynecological disorders. With therapeutic and nursing modalities, they are effective systems of un-derstanding and managing woman health as proven by medical literatures, clinical benefits and basic research studies.
Research of Directory Service Model for Geographic Information  [PDF]
Chengming Li, Xuewang Yuan, Wei Sun, Xiaoli Liu
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2018.104025
Abstract: With the deepening application of geographic information web services, as a significant part, geographic information directory service sets up a service transaction platform between the service providers and the service requestors, providing one-stop registration, access and management functions of geographic information web services, so it is very important to carry out the research on geographic information directory service. According to the domestic and overseas metadata standards, the service expression-oriented metadata information model for geographic information web service is established, and the discovery mechanism dominated by geographic information service registration and active discovery is realized accordingly. After that, overall design of directory service model is made, and finally the research results are integrated into the geographic information service software NewMapServer and deployment test is made under the Google Cloud Environment Google App Engine, providing a certain reference for sharing the Smart City construction achievements.
Numerical Simulation of Macro-and Micro-structures of Intense Convective Clouds with a Spectral Bin Microphysics Model

LIU Xiaoli,NIU Shengjie,

大气科学进展 , 2010,
Abstract: By use of a three-dimensional compressible non-hydrostatic convective cloud model with detailed microphysics featuring spectral bins of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), liquid droplets, ice crystals, snow and graupel particles, the spatial and temporal distributions of hydrometeors in a supercell observed by the (Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study) STEPS triple-radar network are simulated and analyzed. The bin model is also employed to study the effect of CCN concentration on the evolution characteristics of the supercell. It is found that the CCN concentration not only affects the concentration and spectral distribution of water droplets, but also influences the characteristics of ice crystals and graupel particles. With a larger number of CCN, more water droplets and ice crystals are produced and the growth of graupel is restrained. With a small quantity of CCN the production of large size water droplets are promoted by initially small concentrations of water droplets and ice crystals, leading to earlier formation of small size graupel and restraining the recycling growth of graupel, and thus inhibiting the formation of large size graupel (or small size hail). It can be concluded that both the macroscopic airflow and microphysical processes influence the formation and growth of large size graupel (or small size hail). In regions with heavy pollution, a high concentration of CCN may restrain the formation of graupel and hail, and in extremely clean regions, excessively low concentrations of CCN may also limit the formation of large size graupel (hail).
Temporal and spatial differences and imbalance of China’s urbanization development during 1950–2006

FANG Chuanglin,LIU Xiaoli,

地理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: A better understanding of the regional disparity and imbalance characteristics of China’s urbanization development is the important premise for constituting correct policy and strategy and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of urbanization in the 21st century. The regional differences of China’s urbanization level have close relations with natural conditions of landform and climate etc., the urbanization level reduces with the elevation of topography and decrease of precipitation. According to the statistical data set of urbanization in 1950–2006, the temporal change course of inter-provincial disparity of Chinese urbanization level since the founding of New China in 1949 was studied, and then the inter- regional and intra-regional disparities of urbanization development were analyzed by the Theil index and its nested decomposition method, to grasp the dynamic change of spatial disparities of China’s urbanization level on the whole. Using the imbalance index model, the imbalance status of urban population distribution relative to total population, grain output, total agricultural output value, gross output value of industry, tertiary industrial output value as well as gross regional product was discussed, to hold the balance characteristics of urbanization development relative to the regional development conditions from the macroscopic scales.
Comparison of data-driven methods for downscaling ensemble weather forecasts
Xiaoli Liu, P. Coulibaly,N. Evora
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS) & Discussions (HESSD) , 2008,
Abstract: This study investigates dynamically different data-driven methods, specifically a statistical downscaling model (SDSM), a time lagged feedforward neural network (TLFN), and an evolutionary polynomial regression (EPR) technique for downscaling numerical weather ensemble forecasts generated by a medium range forecast (MRF) model. Given the coarse resolution (about 200-km grid spacing) of the MRF model, an optimal use of the weather forecasts at the local or watershed scale, requires appropriate downscaling techniques. The selected methods are applied for downscaling ensemble daily precipitation and temperature series for the Chute-du-Diable basin located in northeastern Canada. The downscaling results show that the TLFN and EPR have similar performance in downscaling ensemble daily precipitation as well as daily maximum and minimum temperature series whatever the season. Both the TLFN and EPR are more efficient downscaling techniques than SDSM for both the ensemble daily precipitation and temperature.
Soybean residues sequestration affected by different tillage practices and the impacts on soil microbial characteristics and enzymatic activities

Xiaoli Liu,Qiuwen Chen,Zhaoxia Zeng,

生态学报 , 2009,
A Robust Beamformer Based on Weighted Sparse Constraint
Yipeng Liu;Qun Wan;Xiaoli Chu
PIER Letters , 2010, DOI: 10.2528/PIERL10062308
Abstract: Applying a sparse constraint on the beam pattern has been suggested to suppress the sidelobe level of a minimum variance distortionless response (MVDR) beamformer. In this letter, we introduce a weighted sparse constraint in the beamformer design to provide a lower sidelobe level and deeper nulls for interference avoidance, as compared with a conventional MVDR beamformer. The proposed beamformer also shows improved robustness against the mismatch between the steering angle and the direction of arrival (DOA) of the desired signal, caused by imperfect estimation of DOA.
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