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An Empirical Study on Public Service Motivation and the Performance of Government Employee in China
Xiao-hua LI
Canadian Social Science , 2008,
Abstract: Perry and Wise (1990) summarized the potential behavioral implications of PSM. Then more researches tried to explore and test the propositions suggested by them. Inspired by these researches, a research was conducted to elaborate the relationship between PSM and government employee’s performance by empirical data collected in Chinese government agencies. The study offered the evidence that the levels of PSM of government employees and their job satisfaction were the efficient predictors of their performance. PSM can explain more variance of performance than job satisfaction. But organizational commitment is not. There is no relationship between continuance commitment and PSM as well as performance. The indirect effects of organizational commitment on performance are achieved by job satisfaction. Key words: public service motivation, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, performance Résumé: Perry et Wise (1990) ont récapitulé les implications comportementales potentielles du PSM. Alors on a entrepris beaucoup de recherches pour explorer et examiner les propositions suggérées par elles. Inspiré par ces recherches, une étude a été conduite pour établir le rapport entre le PSM et la performance des employés du gouvernement par des données empiriques rassemblées dans les organismes gouvernementaux chinois. L'étude démontre que les niveaux de PSM des employés du gouvernement et leur satisfaction professionnelle étaient les facteurs prédictifs efficaces de leur performance. Le PSM peut expliquer plus le désaccord de performance que la satisfaction professionnelle. Mais c’est n’est pas le cas de l'engagement organisationnel. Il n'y a aucun rapport entre l'engagement de continuation et le PSM ainsi que la performance. Les effets indirects de l'engagement d'organisation sur la performance sont réalisés par la satisfaction professionnelle. Mots-Clés: motivation du service public, satisfaction professionnelle, engagement organisationnel, performance
Microwave Heating Preparation of Agmodified TiO2 for Photocatalytic Degradation of Gaseous Toluene
LI Xiao-Bin,LU Xiao-Hua
无机材料学报 , 2010, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2010.00365
Abstract: Using Ti(OBu)4 as titanium source, Agmodified TiO2 was prepared by the microwave heating method and the hydrothermal ethod, respectively, and was characterized by Xray diffraction (XRD), Xray fluorescence (XRF), ultravioletvisible diffuse reflectance spectroscope (UV-Vis) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The photocatalytic activity of the samples was tested in the degradation of gaseous toluene under UV and visible light irradiation, respectively. The results showed that the presence of Ag promoted the phase transformation of TiO2 from anatase to other phases. Compared with the hydrothermal method, the microwave heating method had more positive effect on the formation of Agmodified TiO2 with smaller crystallite size (16.4nm) and aggregate (80-200nm), more phases structure (anatase, rutile and brookite), richer channel structure, and lower band gap energy (2.87eV). Furthermore, Agmodified TiO2 prepared by the microwave heating method exhibited a better photocatalytic activity in the degradation of toluene under UV or visible light irradiation.
Systematic study of $α$ decay half-lives for even-even nuclei within a two-potential approach
Xiao-Dong Sun,Ping Guo,Xiao-Hua Li
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: $\alpha$ decay is a common and important process for natural radioactivity of heavy and superheavy nuclei. The $\alpha$ decay half-lives for even-even nuclei from Z=62 to Z=118 are systematically researched based on the two-potential approach with a quasi-stationary state approximation. To describe the deviations between experimental half-lives and calculated results due to the nuclear shell structure, a hindrance factor related with $\alpha$ particle preformation probability is introduced. Our results can well reproduce the experimental data equally to the density-dependent cluster model and the generalized liquid drop model. We also study the isospin effect of nuclear potential in this work. Considering the isospin effect the calculated results improved about 7.3$\%$.
DNA Optimization Threshold Autoregressive Prediction Model and Its Application in Ice Condition Time Series
Xiao-Hua Yang,Yu-Qi Li
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/191902
Abstract: There are many parameters which are very difficult to calibrate in the threshold autoregressive prediction model for nonlinear time series. The threshold value, autoregressive coefficients, and the delay time are key parameters in the threshold autoregressive prediction model. To improve prediction precision and reduce the uncertainties in the determination of the above parameters, a new DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) optimization threshold autoregressive prediction model (DNAOTARPM) is proposed by combining threshold autoregressive method and DNA optimization method. The above optimal parameters are selected by minimizing objective function. Real ice condition time series at Bohai are taken to validate the new method. The prediction results indicate that the new method can choose the above optimal parameters in prediction process. Compared with improved genetic algorithm threshold autoregressive prediction model (IGATARPM) and standard genetic algorithm threshold autoregressive prediction model (SGATARPM), DNAOTARPM has higher precision and faster convergence speed for predicting nonlinear ice condition time series.
Age and kidney function are the primary correlates of fasting plasma total homocysteine levels in non-diabetic and diabetic adults. Results from the 1999–2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Glen E Duncan, Sierra M Li, Xiao-Hua Zhou
Nutrition & Metabolism , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1743-7075-2-13
Abstract: Analysis of data on adults (≥ 20y) who had fasted at least 8 hours, from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1999–2000 and 2001–2002). Subjects with no self-report history of diabetes were grouped according to fasting plasma glucose status as normal (< 100 mg/dL = NFG, n = 2,244), impaired (≥ 100 < 126 mg/dL = IFG, n = 1,108), or a provisional diagnosis of diabetes (≥ 126 mg/dL = DFG, n = 133). Subjects with a self-report history of diabetes (n = 275) were examined separately.Fasting tHcy was higher (Ps < 0.01) among non-diabetic subjects with DFG and IFG, compared to NFG (median [95% confidence interval] = 8.6 [8.0–9.2], 8.3 [8.1–8.5], and 7.4 [7.3–7.5] μmol/L, respectively). Diabetic subjects had levels similar to non-diabetic subjects with DFG and IFG (8.3 [7.9–8.6] μmol/L). Age and estimated creatinine clearance were strong correlates of fasting tHcy among non-diabetic subjects (r = 0.38 to 0.44 and r = -0.35 to -0.46, respectively) and diabetic subjects (r = 0.41 and r = -0.46, respectively) (Ps < 0.001), while fasting glucose and glycohemoglobin (HbA1c) were weaker (but still significant) correlates of tHcy in non-diabetic and diabetic subjects. Fasting glucose status was not a significant independent predictor of fasting tHcy levels in non-diabetic subjects, and HbA1c was not a significant independent predictor of tHcy in diabetic subjects (Ps > 0.05).Fasting tHcy levels are elevated among non-diabetic adults with elevated fasting glucose levels, compared to persons with normal fasting glucose levels, and among diabetic adults. However, elevations in fasting tHcy appear to be mediated primarily by age and kidney function, and not by measures of glucose metabolism.Clinical studies have established that individuals with diabetes have a two- to six-fold increased risk for various manifestations of cardiovascular disease (CVD), compared to age matched nondiabetic subjects [1-3]. Although individuals with diabetes have a higher prevalence of trad
Study on the optimum organic manure application rates for maize in terrace

Li Xiao-hua,

中国生态农业学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 施用2种有机肥(羊粪、猪粪),并配施少量化肥,进行雨养梯田种植玉米的田间试验.结果表明,施有机肥后土壤总孔隙度、毛管孔隙度分别提高5.2%~13.1%和3.6%~10.0%,土壤容重降低1.8%~7.9%;雨后土壤含水量提高9.8%~15.3%;玉米平均株高、平均茎粗分别增加0.1~6.5cm和0.1~0.5cm,玉米产量提高33.5%~77.2%.玉米产量与有机肥施用量呈3次方关系,并由此确定了不同水文年型有机肥最佳施用量.
Isospin dependent global neutron-nucleus optical model potential
Xiao-Hua Li,Lie-Wen Chen
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2011.10.008
Abstract: In this paper, we construct a new phenomenological isospin dependent global neutron-nucleus optical model potential. Based on the existing experimental data of elastic scattering angular distributions for neutron as projectile, we obtain a set of the isospin dependent global neutron-nucleus optical model potential parameters, which can basically reproduce the experimental data for target nuclei from $^{24}$Mg to $^{242}$Pu with the energy region up to 200 MeV.
Neural Network Algorithm for Designing FIR Filters Utilizing Frequency-Response Masking Technique
Xiao-Hua Wang,Yi-Gang He,Tian-Zan Li,

计算机科学技术学报 , 2009,
Abstract: This paper presents a new joint optimization method for the design of sharp linear-phase finite-impulse response (FIR) digital filters which are synthesized by using basic and multistage frequency-response-masking (FRM) techniques. The method is based on a batch back-propagation neural network algorithm with a variable learning rate mode. We propose the following two-step optimization technique in order to reduce the complexity. At the first step, an initial FRM filter is designed by alternately optimizing the subfilters. At the second step, this solution is then used as a start-up solution to further optimization. The further optimization problem is highly nonlinear with respect to the coefficients of all the subfilters. Therefore, it is decomposed into several linear neural network optimization problems. Some examples from the literature are given, and the results show that the proposed algorithm can design better FRM filters than several existing methods. This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos. 50677014 and 60876022, the Doctoral Special Fund of Ministry of Education of China under Grant No. 20060532002, the National High-Tech Research and Development 863 Program of China under Grant No. 2006AA04A104, and the Foundation of Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 07JJ5076.
Zong-Xiao Li,Xin-Li Zhang,Xiao-Hua Pu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536807054943
Abstract: In the mononuclear centrosymmetric title compound, [Ni(C14H11ClNO)2], the NiII atom, lying on a center of symmetry, is four-coordinated by two O atoms and two N atoms from two Schiff base ligands, forming a slightly distorted square-planar environment. The dihedral angle between the two aromatic rings of the ligand is 72.0 (2)°. No significant hydrogen bonding or π–π stacking interactions are observed.
Expression of PTPeta in human hepatocellular carcinoma tissue and SMMC7721 cells and its significance
Xiao-bing XU,Xiao-hua ZHANG,Miao-fang YANG,Min-li LI
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2012,
Abstract: Objective To investigate the expression of protein tyrosine phosphatase eta (PTPeta) in hepatocellular carcinoma tissue and SMMC-7721 cells, and observe the effects of SMMC7721 cell density on PTPeta expression. Methods  Immunohistochemistry method was used to detect the protein expression of PTPeta in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues and SMMC-7721 cells. RT-PCR was employed to detect the mRNA expression of PTPeta in different growth density of SMMC-7721 cells (1×103, 5×103, 1×104, 5×104/cm2). Results Immunohistochemical detection demonstrated that the PTPeta was positively expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma tissue. Immunofluorescence study showed that PTPeta was also expressed in SMMC-7721 cells, and it was mainly localized in cell membrane. RT-PCR study indicated that the degree of expression of PTPeta mRNA was 0.425±0.031, 0.659±0.041, 0.771±0.043 and 0.885±0.045 respectively in cell density of 1×103, 5×103, 1×104 and 5×104/cm2. The expression of PTPeta mRNA was increased along with increase of tumor cell density with statistically significant difference (P < 0.05). Conclusion PTPeta may by expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma tissue and tumor cells, and the expression may be increased by an increase in cell density. PTPeta may play an important role in proliferation and migration of malignant tumor cells by increasing the adhesiveness of hepatocarcinoma cells and maintaining the homeostasis of malignant tumor cells.
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