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A Comprehensive and Adaptive Trust Model for Large-Scale P2P Networks
Xiao-Yong Li,Xiao-Lin Gui,

计算机科学技术学报 , 2009,
Projective Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks with Time-Varying Coupling Strength via Hybrid Feedback Control

GUO Xiao-Yong,LI Jun-Min,

中国物理快报 , 2011,
Stochastic synchronization for time-varying complex dynamical networks

Guo Xiao-Yong,Li Jun-Min,

中国物理 B , 2012,
Abstract: This paper studies the stochastic synchronization problem for time-varying complex dynamical networks. This model is totally different from some existing network models. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory, inequality techniques, and the properties of the Weiner process, some controllers and adaptive laws are designed to ensure achieving stochastic synchronization of a complex dynamical network model. A sufficient synchronization condition is given to ensure that the proposed network model is mean-square stable. Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation fully verify the main results.
Local Kondo entanglement and its breakdown in an effective two-impurity Kondo model
Yuxiang Li,Xiao-Yong Feng,Jianhui Dai
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Competition between the Kondo effect and Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida interaction in the two-impurity Kondo problem can be phenomenologically described by the Rasul-Schlottmann spin model. We revisit this model from the quantum entanglement perspective by calculating both the inter-impurity entanglement and the local Kondo entanglement, the latter being the entanglement between a local magnetic impurity and its spatially nearby conduction electron. A groundstate phase diagram is derived and a discontinuous breakdown of the local Kondo entanglement is found at the singular point, associated concomitantly with a jump in the inter-impurity entanglement. An entanglement monogamy holds in the whole phase diagram. Our results identify the important role of the frustrated cross-coupling and demonstrate the local characteristic of the quantum phase transition in the two-impurity Kondo problem. The implications of these results for Kondo lattices and quantum information processing are also briefly discussed.
Hardening and Optimizing of the Black Gold Thin Film as the Absorption Layer for Infrared Detector  [PDF]
Dong-pei Qian, Chuan-gui Wu, Yao Shuai, Wen-bo Luo, Qiang-xiang Peng, Xiao-yong Chen, Wan-li Zhang
Optics and Photonics Journal (OPJ) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/opj.2013.32B066

This paper reports on the study of the black gold thin film as the absorption layer in the near infrared spectrum. The fabrication of the black gold thin film was achieved by a thermal evaporation technique in N2 atmosphere. Different evaporation conditions were attempted to optimize the absorbance of the black gold coating, especially the atmosphere pressure and the mass of evaporation source. The long-standing problem of black gold’s adhesion with the substrate was solved by fuming 502 superglues into the black gold layer, which had almost no impact on the absorbance performance. Layers produced at N2 atmosphere of 3×103 Pa show an absorbance exceeding0.9 inthe near infrared.

Assessment on the pollution of nitrogen and phosphorus of Beijing surface water based on GIS system and multivariate statistical approaches
LI Lian-fang,LI Guo-xue,LIAO Xiao-yong,
LI Lian-fang
,LI Guo-xue,LIAO Xiao-yong

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2004,
Abstract: This paper presented the characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in Beijing surface water during the survey. A significant difference was found out in concentration distribution of various parameters of nitrogen and phosphorus. Most water bodies in five water systems were polluted by total nitrogen with the content even up to 120 mg/L which was higher than exceeded the fifth class standard of national surface water quality standard GB3838-2002 except for several segments of Chaobaihe and Yongdinghe. Ammonia and phosphorus showed a similar tendency of distribution with higher content in Daqinghe, Beiyunhe and Jiyunhe water systems, but with relatively low concentrations in Chaobaihe and Yongdinghe water systems. Meanwhile, nitrate was found at comparatively low content(mostly less than 10 mg/L) and could fit for corresponding water quality requirements. Totally, the water quality of Daqinghe, Jiyunhe and Beiyunhe river systems as well as the lower reaches of Yongdinghe and Chaobaihe was contaminated seriously with high content of total nitrogen and phosphorus. Through multivariate statistical approaches, it can be concluded that total nitrogen, ammonia and total phosphorus was highly correlated to chemical oxygen demand, biochemical oxygen demand, dissolved oxygen and electrical conductivity, which explained the same pollution source from anthropogenic activities.
Density functional theory study of MgnNi2 (n=1-6) clusters

Li Jing,Liu Xiao-Yong,Zhu Zheng-He,Sheng Yong,

中国物理 B , 2012,
Abstract: The geometries of MgnNi2 (n=1-6) clusters are studied by using the hybrid density functional theory (B3LYP) with LANL2DZ basis sets. For the ground-state structures of MgnNi2 clusters, the stabilities and the electronic properties are investigated. The results show that the groundstate structures and symmetries of Mg clusters change greatly due to the Ni atoms. The average binding energies have a growing tendency while the energy gaps have a declining tendency. In addition, the ionization energies exhibit an odd-even oscillation feature. We also conclude that n=3, 5 are the magic numbers of the MgnNi2 clusters. The Mg3 Ni2 and Mg5Ni2 clusters are more stable than neighbouring clusters, and the Mg4Ni2 cluster exhibits a higher chemical activity.
Research on Dynamic Trust Model for Large Scale Distributed Environment

LI Xiao-Yong,GUI Xiao-Lin,

软件学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 随着网格计算、普适计算、P2P计算、Ad Hoc等大规模的分布式应用系统的深入研究,系统表现为由多个软件服务组成的动态协作模型.在这种动态和不确定的环境下,PKI(pubic key infrastructure)中基于CA(certificate authority)的静态信任机制不能适应这种需求,动态信任模型是新的研究热点.分析了动态信任关系的相关概念、主要问题和研究方法;选取新的、典型的动态信任模型及其使用的数学方法进行评述,并进行了各种算法的比较性总结;分析了目前研究中的问题,并展望了其未来的发展方向.研究表明,动态性是信任关系量化与预测的最大挑战.今后的工作重点是对信任动态性的本质属性作进一步的理论研究,为实际应用提供坚实的理论基础.
Cognitive Model of Dynamic Trust Forecasting

LI Xiao-Yong,GUI Xiao-Lin,

软件学报 , 2010,
Abstract: In an open system,trust is one of the most complex concept in social relationships,involving many decision factors,such as assumptions,expectations and behaviors,etc. So,it is very difficult to quantify and forecast accurately. Combined with human social cognitive behaviors,a new dynamic trust forecasting model is proposed. Firstly,a new and adaptive trusted decision-making method based on historical evidences window is proposed,which can not only reduce the risk and improve system efficiency,but also solve...
A Review-Based Reputation Evaluation Approach for Web Services
Hai-Hua Li,Xiao-Yong Du,Xuan Tian,

计算机科学技术学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Web services are commonly perceived as an environment of both offering opportunities and threats. In this environment, one way to minimize threats is to use reputation evaluation, which can be computed, for example, through transaction feedback. However, the current feedback-based approach is inaccurate and ineffective because of its inner limitations (e.g., feedback quality problem). As the main source of feedback, the qualities of existing on-line reviews are often varied greatly from low to high, the main reasons include: (1) they have no standard expression formats, (2) dishonest comments may exist among these reviews due to malicious attacking. Up to present, the quality problem of review has not been well solved, which greatly degrades their importance on service reputation evaluation. Therefore, we firstly present a novel evaluation approach for review quality in terms of multiple metrics. Then, we make a further improvement in service reputation evaluation based on those filtered reviews. Experimental results show the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed approach compared with the naive feedback-based approaches.
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