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Sub-natural linewidth of the probe absorption spectrum in a cold Cs atom molecule system

Feng Zhi-Fang,Li Wei-Dong,Xiao Lian-Tuan,Jia Suo-Tang,

中国物理 B , 2009,
The effect of noise on the dynamical localization

Wang Xiao-Bo,Jiang Zhe,Dong You-Er,Xiao Lian-Tuan,

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The effect of noise to the dynamical localization is discussed, and it is found that although the localization although this condition becomes strict, the resistance of the system to noise is not changed, which means we can obtain satisfactory localization effect in a long quantum dot array in practice. The height of localization peak of long-term averaged occupation probability has close relation with the resistance of the system to noise, which provides a method to improve the localization effect in practice.
Photon counts modulation in optical time domain reflectometry

Wang Xiao-Bo,Wang Jing-Jing,Zhang Guo-Feng,Xiao Lian-Tuan,Jia Suo-Tang,

中国物理 B , 2011,

Xiao Lian-tuan,Zhao Jian-ming,Li Chang-yong,Jia Suo-tang,Zhou Guo-sheng,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Direct measurement of the surface dynamics of supercooled liquid-glycerol by optical scanning a film

Zhang Fang,Zhang Guo-Feng,Dong Shuang-Li,Sun Jian-Hu,Chen Rui-Yun,Xiao Lian-Tuan,Jia Suo-Tang,

中国物理 B , 2009,
Abstract: The surface dynamics of supercooled liquid-glycerol is studied by scanning the thickness of the glycerol film with single photon detection. Measurements are performed at room temperature well above the glycerol's glass transition temperature. It is shown that the surface dynamics of the glycerol film is very sensitive to the temperature. The linear relationship between the thickness of the film and the viscosity predicted by the Vogel--Fulcher--Tammann--Hesse (VFTH) law is also presented experimentally.
Correlation Functions Investigation of Single Quantum Tow-Levels and Tow-States Systems

PENG Shuang-yan,HUANG Tao,XIAO Lian-tuan,JIA Suo-tang,

光子学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The three-level dye molecule single quantum system interacting with a cw laser field is investigated.The dynamic process of a single-molecule emitted photon is described by rate equations with absorbing boundary condition.It is demonstrated that the dynamics of the single-molecule processes and the statistics of time-resolved photon detection can be conveniently described in terms of renewal stochastic processes.The approach of calculating the correlation function by calculating the delay function that is an important physics quantity reflecting single quantum system dynamic process is given,and explicit expressions of correlation functions for two-levels and two-states systems are derived.This approach can be used for calculate dynamics parameter of molecular transition based on the fluorescence intensity correlation function.

JIANG Yu-qiang,LI Chang-yong,WANG Xiao-bo,XIAO Lian-tuan,JIA Suo-tang,

生物物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: In order to investigate whether or not the He-Ne laser irradiation can affect the oxygen carrying ability of blood. The fluorescent spectra of human blood and its components before and after irradiated by He-Ne laser was investigated. The results show that the fluorescence spectra of human whole blood and red blood cells (RBC) both have an obvious peak at 614 nm. After irradiated by He-Ne laser for 10 min, it was found that the peak became flat. A conclusion can be drawed that He-Ne laser irradiation can affect the RBC structure and improve the oxygen carrying ability of blood.
Single photon wavelength modulation absorption spectrum of acetylene for 1.5μm laser wavelength stabilization
单光子波长调制吸收光谱用于1.5 μm激光器的波长锁定

Wang Xiao-Bo,Ma Wei-Guang,Wang Jing-Jing,Xiao Lian-Tuan,Jia Suo-Tang,

物理学报 , 2012,
Abstract: We describe a kHz single photon wavelength modulation technology to realize the locking reference signal of the laser frequency. By detecting the single photon acetylene gas absorption spectrum and by amplifying the lock-in the discrete single photon response pulse,we achieve the laser frequency stabilized in real time.The 1.5μm distribution feedback semiconductor laser output frequency is stabilized at acetylene gas absorption peaks,and the typical laser frequency fluctuation is less than 25 MHz within 175 s.This single photon wavelength modulated absorption spectrum technology eliminates the high background noise in low frequency range and can be used in the quantum communication system and optical wavelength division multiplex.
Determination of signal-to-background ratio of single molecular photon source based on photon counting statistics

Wang Xiao-Bo,Huang Tao,Shao Jun-Hu,Jiang Yu-Qiang,Xiao Lian-Tuan,Jia Suo-Tang,
,黄 涛,邵军虎,降雨强,肖连团,贾锁堂

物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 理论上研究了基于HanburyBrownTwiss 探测方式,利用单光子和双光子统计概率P RS(1),PRS(2),直接测量单分子光子源的信号背景比.在研究过程中同时考 虑到单分子布居于暂稳态和探测器量子效率对测量结果的影响.在满足PRS(1)2 PRS(2)-3PRS(2)的条件时,研究给出了一种有效测量信号背景比的方 法SBR=P2RS(1)/2PRS(2).另外,分析讨论了Mandel参数Q 与信号背景比之间的关系.
Polarization Compensation Characteristics of the Single Photons Transmission with Faraday Rotator Mirror

SUN Jian-hu,MA Teng-yun,WANG Xiao-bo,ZANG Peng-cheng,XIAO Lian-tuan,JIA Suo-tang,

光子学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The research on polarization compensation characteristics of single photon transmission in the single-mode fiber was presented by using Faraday rotator mirror.It is found that the difference results for the polarization drifting compensation with different fiber lengths of and different photon intensities.In addition,the polarization drifting with and without the Faraday rotator mirror was measured.The result shows that the optimal suppression ratio could be up to 25.3 at 50 kcps using 50 km fiber.
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