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The sectionalized DNA shuffling: an effective tool for molecular directed evolution of Meiothermus ruber TreS
分段DNA shuffling: 一种大分子海藻糖合酶有效的定向进化方法

Liu Yan-Chao,Wang Yu-Fan,Qian Ke-Fan,Zhang Jun,Xiao Chen-Peng,Xing Lai-Jun,Li Ming-Chun,

微生物学通报 , 2013,
Abstract: Objective] The gene M-treS from Meiothermus ruber CBS-01 encodes a trehalose synthase of 962 amino acids, named M-TreS. To improve its catalytic activity, we constructed a method of molecular directed evolution, the sectionalized DNA shuffling. Methods] Through two PCR steps with two pairs of partially complementary primers, the M-treS gene was parted into two sections. After the two sections shuffled respectively, a whole gene was obtained through the complementarity of the primers. This method was more feasible, with higher mutability than normal DNA shuffling. Results] Mutants were obtained after one round of the sectionalized DNA shuffling, in combination with error-prone PCR. The best mutant enzyme contained 6 amino acid substitutions, whose catalytic activity and efficiency were 1.6-fold and 2-fold of that of the wild type, respectively. In the 6 amino acid substitutions, 5 were caused by homologous recombination, and one by error-prone PCR. Conclusion] This study indicates that the sectionalized DNA shuffling is an effective tool for molecular directed evolution of macromolecular proteins.
Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons in External Fields
Hsien-Ching Chung,Chen-Peng Chang,Chiun-Yan Lin,Ming-Fa Lin
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: A review work is done for electronic and optical properties of graphene nanoribbons in magnetic, electric, composite, and modulated fields. Effects due to the lateral confinement, curvature, stacking, non-uniform subsystems and hybrid structures are taken into account. The special electronic properties, induced by complex competitions between external fields and geometric structures, include many one-dimensional parabolic subbands, standing waves, peculiar edge-localized states, width- and field-dependent energy gaps, magnetic-quantized quasi-Landau levels, curvature-induced oscillating Landau subbands, crossings and anti-crossings of quasi-Landau levels, coexistence and combination of energy spectra in layered structures, and various peak structures in the density of states. There exist diverse absorption spectra and different selection rules, covering edge-dependent selection rules, magneto-optical selection rule, splitting of the Landau absorption peaks, intragroup and intergroup Landau transitions, as well as coexistence of monolayer-like and bilayer-like Landau absorption spectra. Detailed comparisons are made between the theoretical calculations and experimental measurements. The predicted results, the parabolic subbands, edge-localized states, gap opening and modulation, and spatial distribution of Landau subbands, have been verified by various experimental measurements.
Low-frequency Magneto-optical Spectra of Bilayer Bernal Graphene
Yen-Hung Ho,Yu-Huang Chiu,De-Hone Lin,Chen-Peng Chang,Ming-Fa Lin
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: The low-frequency magneto-optical absorption spectra of bilayer Bernal graphene are studied within the tight-binding model and gradient approximation. The interlayer interactions strongly affect the electronic properties of the Landau levels (LL's), and thus enrich the optical absorption spectra. According to the characteristics of the wave functions, the low-energy LL's can be divided into two groups. This division results in four kinds of optical absorption peaks with complex optical selection rules. Observing the experimental convergent absorption frequencies close to zero magnetic field might be useful and reliable in determining the values of several hopping integrals. The dependence of the optical absorption spectra on the field strength is investigated in detail, and the results differ considerably from those of monolayer graphene.
Magneto-optical Selection Rules in Bilayer Bernal Graphene
Yen-Hung Ho,Yu-Huang Chiu,De-Hone Lin,Chen-Peng Chang,Ming-Fa Lin
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1021/nn9015339
Abstract: The low-frequency magneto-optical properties of bilayer Bernal graphene are studied by the tight-binding model with four most important interlayer interactions taken into account. Since the main features of the wave functions are well depicted, the Landau levels can be divided into two groups based on the characteristics of the wave functions. These Landau levels lead to four categories of absorption peaks in the optical absorption spectra. Such absorption peaks own complex optical selection rules and these rules can be reasonably explained by the characteristics of the wave functions. In addition, twin-peak structures, regular frequency-dependent absorption rates and complex field-dependent frequencies are also obtained in this work. The main features of the absorption peaks are very different from those in monolayer graphene and have their origin in the interlayer interactions.
Dramatic Co-Activation of WWOX/WOX1 with CREB and NF-κB in Delayed Loss of Small Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons upon Sciatic Nerve Transection in Rats
Meng-Yen Li,Feng-Jie Lai,Li-Jin Hsu,Chen-Peng Lo,Ching-Li Cheng,Sing-Ru Lin,Ming-Hui Lee,Jean-Yun Chang,Dudekula Subhan,Ming-Shu Tsai,Chun-I Sze,Subbiah Pugazhenthi,Nan-Shan Chang,Shur-Tzu Chen
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007820
Abstract: Tumor suppressor WOX1 (also named WWOX or FOR) is known to participate in neuronal apoptosis in vivo. Here, we investigated the functional role of WOX1 and transcription factors in the delayed loss of axotomized neurons in dorsal root ganglia (DRG) in rats.
Identification of Deleterious Single Amino Acid Polymorphism Using Sequence Information Based on Feature Selection and Parameter Optimization  [PDF]
Xiao Chen, Qinke Peng, Jia Lv
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.510B097

Most of the human genetic variations are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and among them, non-synonymous SNPs, also known as SAPs, attract extensive interest. SAPs can be neural or disease associated. Many studies have been done to distinguish deleterious SAPs from neutral ones. Since many previous studies were based on both structural and sequence features of the SAP, these methods are not applicable when protein structures are not available. In the current paper, we developed a method based on UMDA and SVM using protein sequence information to predict SAP’s disease association. We extracted a set of features that are independent of protein structure for each SAP. Then a SVM-based machine-learning classifier that used grid search to tune parameters was applied to predict the possible disease associa-tion of SAPs. The SVM method reaches good prediction accuracy. Since the input data of SVM contain irrelevant and noisy features and parameters of SVM also affect the prediction performance, we introduced UMDA-based wrapper approach to search for the ‘best’ solution. The UMDA-based method greatly improved prediction performance. Com-pared with current method, our method achieved better performance.

Thermal Conductivity of Carbon/Carbon Composites with the Fiber/Matrix Interface Modified by Silicon Carbide Nanofibers  [PDF]
Jie Chen, Xiang Xiong, Peng Xiao
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2016.64045
Abstract: Silicon carbide nanofibers grew on the surface of carbon fibers of a unidirectional carbon preform by CCVD and then chemical vapor infiltration was used to densify the preform to get the SiCNF-C/C composite. The effects of silicon carbide nanofibers on the microstructure of the pyrolytic carbon and the thermal conductivity of the SiCNF-C/C composite were investigated. Results show that silicon carbide nanofibers on the surface of carbon fibers induce the deposition of high texture pyrolytic carbon around them. The interface bonding between carbon fibers and pyrolytic carbon is well adjusted. So the efficiency of heat transfer in the interface of the composite is well enhanced. The thermal conductivity of the SiCNF-C/C composite is greater than that of the C/C composite, especially the thermal conductivity perpendicular to the fiber axis.
Analytical Solutions for Corrosion-Induced Cohesive Concrete Cracking
Hua-Peng Chen,Nan Xiao
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/769132
Abstract: The paper presents a new analytical model to study the evolution of radial cracking around a corroding steel reinforcement bar embedded in concrete. The concrete cover for the corroding rebar is modelled as a thick-walled cylinder subject to axisymmetrical displacement constraint at the internal boundary generated by expansive corrosion products. A bilinear softening curve reflecting realistic concrete property, together with the crack band theory for concrete fracture, is applied to model the residual tensile stress in the cracked concrete. A governing equation for directly solving the crack width in cover concrete is established for the proposed analytical model. Closed-form solutions for crack width are then obtained at various stages during the evolution of cracking in cover concrete. The propagation of crack front with corrosion progress is studied, and the time to cracking on concrete cover surface is predicted. Mechanical parameters of the model including residual tensile strength, reduced tensile stiffness, and radial pressure at the bond interface are investigated during the evolution of cover concrete cracking. Finally, the analytical predictions are examined by comparing with the published experimental data, and mechanical parameters are analysed with the progress of reinforcement corrosion and through the concrete cover.
Xiao Peng,Yan Yuan,Xue Chen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811037007
Abstract: In the title compound, C35H30N4P2, the diphenylphosphanyl and diphenyl(2-pyridylimino)-λ5-phosphanyl groups are attached to the central methyl C atom with a P—C—N angle of 114.09 (16)°. The molecules stack along the b axis and interconnect through C—H(pyridyl)...N(pyridyl) interactions, forming an infinite chain structure. The parallel chains are further interconnected via C—H(benzene)...N(amino) and C—H(benzene)...π interactions, forming a three-dimensional framework.
Discussion on Creation of TV Directors under the Background of Media Convergence  [PDF]
Xiao Peng
Art and Design Review (ADR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/adr.2018.62007
Abstract: Rapid development of digital technique and network technique has accelerated convergence of various media, i.e., the convergence among paper media, TV media and other media. As the main force in creation of TV programs, the importance of TV directors is not to be ignored under the background of media convergence. Therefore, TV directors have to meet higher requirements. They should not only actively recognize and face modern fierce competition, but also enhance their own professional knowledge, skills and competence, and thus enrich the exhibition forms of TV arts. For this reason, the author has conducted analysis and discussion on creation of TV directors under the background of media convergence.
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