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Utility and Necessity of Repeat Testing of Critical Values in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
Aijun Niu, Xianxia Yan, Lin Wang, Yan Min, Chengjin Hu
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080663
Abstract: Context Routine repeat testing of critical values is a long-standing practice in many clinical laboratories; however, its usefulness and necessity remain to be empirically established and no regulatory requirements yet exist for verification of the critical value results obtained by repeat analysis. Objective To determine whether repeat testing of critical values is useful and necessary in a clinical chemistry laboratory. Methods A total of 601 chemistry critical values (potassium, n = 255; sodium, n = 132; calcium, n = 108; glucose, n = 106) obtained from 72,259 routine clinical chemistry specimens were repeat tested. The absolute value and the percentage of difference between the two testing runs were calculated for each of the four critical values and then compared with the allowable error limit put forth in the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Results Among the repeat data for the 601 critical values, a total of 24 showed large differences between the initial result and the repeated result which exceeded the CAP limits for allowable error. The number and rates (%) of large differences for within and outside the analytical measurement range (AMR) were 12 (2.1%) and 12 (41.4%), respectively. For the 572 critical values within the AMR for each test category, the mean absolute difference (mmol/L) and difference(%) between the two testing runs were: potassium, 0.1 mmol/L (2.7%); sodium, 2.1 mmol/L (1.7%); calcium, 0.05 mmol/L (3.0%); glucose, 0.18 mmol/L (2.6%). Conclusions When the initial chemistry critical values are within the AMR, repeated testing does not improve accuracy and is therefore unnecessary. When the initial chemistry critical values are outside the AMR, however, the benefit of repeated testing justifies its performance and makes it necessary. Performing repeat clinical testing on a case-by-case, rather than routine, basis can improve patient care by delivering critical values more rapidly while providing savings on reagent costs associated with unnecessary repeat testing.
Study on Religious Education in the United States and Its Inspiration
Xianxia Meng
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/1608
Abstract: The United States is one of the nations with most fantastic religious background, and in reality religion and religious education permeates all aspects of American life. Religion lies in American family education, school education, political activities and social life, playing a role that can not be ignored. An important inspiration can be drawn from the study of religious education of the United States to the ideological education in China. Key words: Religion; Religious Education; The United States; Inspiration Resumé: Les Etats-Unis est l'une des nations qui ont des fonds religieux les plus fantastique, et en réalité, la religion et l'enseignement religieux imprègnent dans tous les aspects de la vie américaine. La religion réside dans l'éducation familale américaine, l'enseignement scolaire, les activités politiques et la vie sociale, en jouant un r le qui ne peut pas être ignoré. Une source d'inspiration importante peut être tirée de l'étude sur l'éducation religieuse des Etats-Unis à l'éducation idéologique en Chine. Mots-clés: Religion; éDucation Religieuse; Etats-Unis; Inspiration
Study on Current "Religious Fever" Phenomenon of China
Xianxia MENG
Canadian Social Science , 2011,
Abstract: : This paper details the concrete manifestation of current "religious fever" phenomenon in China; explores the underlying causes of its formation from social roots, understanding roots, psychological roots and religious secularization the four aspects; proposes to make a rational response to religious revival, implement the basic principle of the party's religious work, develop science and education, have people form scientific world outlook, while strengthening the socialist spiritual civilization. Key words: Religious fever; Performance; Reason; Response Résumé: Cet article expose la manifestation du phénomène courant de "fièvre religieuse" en Chine; explore les causes sous-jacentes de sa constitution à partir des quatre aspects: les racines sociales, les racines de compréhension, les racines psychologiques et la sécularisation religieuse; propose d'apporter une réponse rationnelle à un redressement religieux, met en uvre le principe élementaire du travail religieux du parti, développe la science et l'éducation, aide les gens à former une vision du monde scientifique, tout en renfor ant la civilisation spirituelle socialiste. Mots clés: Fièvre religieuse; Performance; Raison; Réponse
Risk of Bias Tool in Systematic Reviews/Meta-Analyses of Acupuncture in Chinese Journals
Yali Liu,Shengping Yang,Junjie Dai,Yongteng Xu,Rui Zhang,Huaili Jiang,Xianxia Yan,Kehu Yang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028130
Abstract: Use of a risk of bias (ROB) tool has been encouraged and advocated to reviewers writing systematic reviews (SRs) and meta-analyses (MAs). Selective outcome reporting and other sources of bias are included in the Cochrane ROB tool. It is important to know how this specific tool for assessing ROB has been applied since its release. Our objectives were to evaluate whether and to what extent the new Cochrane ROB tool has been used in Chinese journal papers of acupuncture.
Expression and Clinical Significance of CD8+Natural Killer T Cell Stimulatory Receptor NKG2D in Peripheral Blood of Lung Cancer Patients
Ni CHENG,Fucai HAN,Yanfeng WANG,Xianxia MAI
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2010,
Abstract: Background and objective NKG2D-expressing CD8+NKT cells and soluble major histocompatibility complex class I-related chain A (sMICA) is one of recently emerged general interests in tumor research area. The aim of this study is to investigate the levels of NKG2D-expressing CD8+NKT cells in peripheral blood of lung cancer patients, which are remarkably related to clinical significance, and to analyze the correlation between NKG2D-expressing CD8+NKT cells and sMICA levels, and to explore the role of NKG2D and sMICA in immune surveillance. Methods Flow cytometry was used to determine the percentage of NKG2D-expressing CD8+NKT cells, and ELISA was used to measure the levels of sMICA in peripheral blood of 82 untreated lung cancer patients and 45 healthy controls. The association of NKG2D levels with clinical features was analyzed. Results The expression of NKG2D on CD8+NKT cells in lung cancer group was significantly lower than that in healthy group, with statistically significant difference (P < 0.001). And with the increase of TNM stage, NKG2D expression rate reduced gradually. NKG2D expression in stage IV disease was significantly lower than which stage I-II and III disease (P < 0.001). The expression of NKG2D on CD8+NKT cells was remarkably lower in that in smokers than that in non-smokers, with statistically significant difference (P < 0.05). NKG2D exhibited negative correlation with sMICA (r=-0.598, P < 0.001). Conclusion Lung cancer has low expression of NKG2D in CD8+NKT cells which correlate with pathological stage. Detection of NKG2D and sMICA might be helpful to understand immune functions and provide evaluation of combined treatment for clinical cancer.
Information transport in multiplex networks
Cunlai Pu,Siyuan Li,Xianxia Yang,Jian Yang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, we study information transport in multiplex networks comprised of two coupled subnetworks. The upper subnetwork, called the logical layer, employs the shortest paths protocol to determine the logical paths for packets transmission, while the lower subnetwork acts as the physical layer, in which packets are delivered by the biased random walk mechanism characterized with a parameter $\alpha$. Through simulation, we obtain the optimal $\alpha$ corresponding to the maximum network lifetime and the maximum number of the arrival packets. Assortative coupling is better than the random coupling and the disassortative coupling, since it achieves much better transmission performances. Generally, the more homogeneous the lower subnetwork, the better the transmission performances are, which is opposite for the upper subnetwork. Finally, we propose an attack centrality for nodes based on the topological information of both subnetworks, and further investigate the transmission performances under targeted attacks. Our work helps to understand the spreading and robustness issues of multiplex networks and provides some clues about the designing of more efficient and robust routing architectures in communication systems.
Effects of prolonging administration gonadotropin on unexpectedly poor ovarian responders undergoing in vitro fertilization
Zhaolian Wei, Xianxia Cheng, Huirong Li, Yunxia Cao, Lin Cong, Ping Zhou, Jun Li
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7827-8-26
Abstract: 922 patients subjected to IVF were divided into two groups according to the predicted criterion of ovarian poor response. 116 patients predicted poor response received the short protocol (group C). The others received the long protocol, among the latter, there were 149 patients undergoing unexpectedly ovarian poor response (group B) and 657 patients exhibited normal ovarian response (group A). The doses of gonadotropin, duration of administration, implantation rate, clinical pregnancy rate and live birth rate were recorded among three groups.The implantation rate of embryo, clinic pregnancy rate and delivery rate are similar between the group A and group B, while there are significant differences between the doses of gonadotropins (35.1 +/- 8.9 ampules vs.53.0 +/- 15.9 ampules) and the duration of administration (15.3 +/- 3.6D vs. 9.8 +/- 2.6D) of these two groups. There are no significant differences about clinical pregnancy rate and live birth rate between group B and group C.Prolonging administration gonadotropin on the unexpectedly poor ovarian responders does not lower live birth rate in vitro fertilization.The success of in vitro fertilization (IVF) depends on careful patient selection and adequate controlled ovarian hyperstimulation. It is estimated that 5%-18% of all IVF cycle are complicated by poor response to ovarian hyperstimulation. Poor response to goandotropin may result in reduction in the pool of embryos available for transfer or cryoperservation, and decrease pregnancy rates. There is still no consensus definition of poor responder [1]. The following criterions had been used to define "poor responders" in practice [2]: No. of mature follicles <2-5; No. of mature oocytes retrieved ≤3; Single dominant follicle; Mean daily gonadoropin dose ≥300 IU; Total gonadotropin dose >40 ampules [3].It is necessary to identify low responders prior to hormonal treatment for in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer, so that the patients can be counseled regarding the
Seroprevalence of Cystic Echinococcosis in Chinese Merino and Duolang Sheep in Xinjiang, China
Wenqiao Hui§, Xinli Du§, Bin Jia*, Xianxia Liu, Muyesaer, Junde Ma and Shijun Ma
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2012,
Abstract: The purpose of this present study was to investigate the seroprevalence of cystic echinococcosis (CE) in Chinese merino sheep and Duolang sheep in Xinjiang, northwestern China. A total of 1219 serum samples of sheep (including 868 Chinese merino sheep from 6 farms in Ili, Tacheng and Shihezi as well as 351 Duolang sheep from 4 farms in Kashgar) were detected by ELISA assay. The chi-square test was used to analyze the data and the area differences for CE prevalence were compared. Results showed that the overall seropositive percentage for CE was 31.1% in Chinese merino sheep, and sheep from Ili area (of which 48.8% were seropositive) were significantly more likely to be seropositive than either sheep from Shihezi area (6.9%) (P<0.01) or ones from Tacheng area (12.7%) (P<0.01). In addition, seroprevalence for CE in Duolang sheep varied from 3.3% (farm No.45) to 30.7% (farm No.50A), with the average percentage of 21.7%, which was lower than that of Chinese merino sheep (31.1%), and statistically significant difference was observed between the two breeds in seroprevalence of CE (P<0.05). In conclusion, in Xinjiang, CE prevails differently in different areas in Chinese merino sheep and Duolang sheep. And also, serologically, Chinese merino sheep was more susceptible to CE than Duolang sheep. Comprehensive measures are needed to strengthen further prevention and control of disease in two breeds in Xinjiang.
GAO Hua XUE Lijue Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Shanghai,China Associate Professor,Dept.of Materials,Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Xianxia Road,Shanghai,China
金属学报(英文版) , 1989,
Abstract: Hydrogen induced cracking(HIC)of 0.3% C,1% Cr,1% Mn,1% Si high strength steel hasbeen studied under simple mode Ⅰ,mode Ⅱ and(Ⅰ+Ⅱ)mixed mode loading conditions.Af-ter being hydrogen-charged in IN H_2SO_4 solution,the material behaved hydrogenembrittlement in all the cases studied.The threshold K_(ⅡH)/K_(ⅡX) of HIC under mode Ⅱ load-ing was 0.27,which was nearly the same as that K(ⅠH)/K_(ⅠX)=0.29 under mode Ⅰ loading.While the thresholds of-HIC under(Ⅰ+Ⅱ)mixed mode loading were 0.36,0.41 and 0.37 cor-responding to the K_Ⅱ/K_Ⅰ ratio of 0.27,0.4 and O.81.The results show that simple mode Ⅰor mode Ⅱ loading is more susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement than(Ⅰ+Ⅱ)mixed mode.For explaining the experimental results,the effects of triaxial stress as well as plasticdeformation ahead of crack tip has been discussed.
The Aging of the Population and Housing Reverse Mortgages
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2008, DOI: 10.3968/705
Abstract: The aging of the population is the inevitable result of social and economic development, while the socio-economic and cultural development have a major impact. The housing reverse mortgages allow the elderly through its own resources, variable properties for cash, increase pension funds and improve the quality of life in old age, pension solve the problem by building a new idea. And in this business itself is a huge project, which calls for the government, the banks, insurance companies, social security departments and other relevant parties to unify their understanding, coordinate actions, and co-operation. Keyword: the aging of the population; housing reverse mortgages; Social Security Résumé: Le vieillissement de population est la conséquence inévitable du développement économique qui exerce en même temps une influence sur le développement social et culturel. La mise en application de l’emprunt-logement inverse peut encourager les personnes agées à utiliser leurs propres ressources pour rendre la propriétés baties en cash, augementer leur pension de retraite, améliorer leur qualité de vie. C’est une nouvelle pensée pour résoudre les problèmes du vieillissement de la population. L’application de cette mesure est un travail colossal et complexe. Il faut que le gouvernement, les banques, les compagnies d’assurances et les départements de couverture sociale coordonnent leurs actions et travaillement en étroite collaboration. Mots-clés: vieillissement de la population, emprunt-logement inverse, couverture sociale 摘要: 人口老齡化是社會經濟發展的必然結果,同時又對社會經濟和文化的發展產生重要影響。推行住房反向抵押貸款可以使老年人通過自身的資源,變房產為現金,增加養老資金,提高晚年生活品質,為養老問題的解決開闢一條新思路。而開展這項業務本身是一個龐大的系統工程,需要政府、銀行、保險公司、社會保障部門等有關各方統一認識,協調行動,通力合作。 關鍵詞: 人口老齡化;住房反向抵押貸款;社會保障
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