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Measurement of hadron composition in charged jets from pp collisions with the ALICE experiment
Xianguo Lu
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2014.08.003
Abstract: We report the first measurement of charged pion, kaon and (anti-)proton production in jets from hadron colliders. The measurement was carried out with the ALICE detector using $2\times10^8$ minimum bias pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV at the LHC. We present the $\pi$, K and p transverse momentum ($p_\textrm{T}$) spectra, as well as the spectra of the reduced momentum (${z^\textrm{ch}\equiv p_\textrm{T}^\textrm{track}/p_\textrm{T, jet}^\textrm{ch}}$), in charged jets of $p_\textrm{T}$ between 5--20 $\textrm{GeV}/c$. The measurement is compared to Monte Carlo calculations.
Spatial distribution of ant mounds and effects on soil physical properties in wetlands of the Sanjiang plain, China

Haitao Wu,Donghui Wu,Xianguo Lu,Xiaomin Yin,

生态学报 , 2010,
Influence of environment and substrate quality on the decomposition of wetland plant root in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China

GUO Xuelian,LU Xianguo,TONG Shouzheng,DAI Guohua,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2008,
Abstract: The litterbag method was used to study the decomposition of wetland plant root in three wetlands along a water level gradient in the Sanjiang Plain,Northeast China.These wetlands are Calamagrostis angustifolia(C.aa),Carex meyeriana(C.ma)and Carex lasiocarpa (C.la).The objective of our study is to evaluate the influence of environment and substrate quality on decomposition rates in the three wetlands.Calico material was used as a standard substrate to evaluate environmental influences.Roots native to each we...
Early-stage litter decomposition and its influencing factors in the wetland of the Sanjiang Plain, China

Wu Haitao,Lu Xianguo,Yang Qing,Jiang Ming,Tong Shouzheng,

生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Using the litter bag technique, the decomposition rates and their influencing factors were studied by investigating three wetland macrophytes, Calamagrostics angustifolia, Carex meyeriana and Carex lasiocapa, in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China. It was revealed that C. lasiocapa lost 28.91% of its weight, C. angustifolia lost 31.98% and C. meyeriana lost 32.99% after 164 days. Another finding was that the amount of organic carbon in the litter of C. angustifolia and C. lasiocapa fluctuated, but continuously decreased in that of C. meyeriana. However, all the three types of litter released organic carbon. Nitrogen was released substantially from the litter of both C. angustifolia and C. meyeriana, but accumulated in the litter of C. lasiocapa. Phosphorus concentrations in all the three types of litter apparently decreased first and then slightly increased. Overall, P release was observed in all the three types of litter. The C/N and C/P ratios varied significantly in the decomposition process. The decomposition rates and nutrient content variations were simultaneously influenced by the quality of the litter as well as the environmental factors in the Sanjian Plain, but they were more strongly affected by the quality of the litter.
Assessment of stream habitat quality in Naoli River Watershed,China

wangjianhu,Tian Jinghan,Lu Xianguo,

生态学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Based on data collected from 21 sample sites in 6 sections of the Naoli River,this paper assesses the river's habitat quality using the Index of Stream Habitat Quality(ISHQ)which includes 3 groups of indices:(1)stream water dimension(flow volume,water quality,index combining flow speed and water depth);(2)channel-riparian dimension(shape,structure and degree of erosion of the channel and riparian vegetation);(3)human disturbance dimension(human activities along the bank,land use,hydraulic facilities).Our fi...
Wetland Landscape Structure and the Spatial-temporal Changes in 50 Years in the Sanjiang Plain

LIU Hongyu,ZHANG Shikui,LU Xianguo,

地理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The characteristics of wetland landscape structure in watershed in the Naoli River the Sanjiang Plain are exhibited in three aspects. The first one is wetland landscape gradient characteristic in the longitudinal landscape structure of the watershed from the sources area of rivers to the lower reaches, which shows that wetland landscape types were differently distributed according to the topographic gradient and hydrological gradient and formed a wide riparian landscape corridor in the watershed; the second is wetland landscape gradient characteristic in the transverse structure of watershed with perpendicularity rivers in the watershed, which also shows that wetland landscape types are differently distributed in a topographic gradient and hydrological gradient and formed an extensively distributed wetland area in watershed's flood plain; the third is wetland landscape internal structure, which shows that many small mosaics or patches were distributed in the microscopic geomorphic units in the extensive wetland landscapes. The driving forces leading to substantial changes of wetland landscape structure in the watershed were identified as: 1) land reclamation has led to more than 75% of wetlands loss in historical periods and 98% of the lost wetlands direct conversion to agricultural lands in the watershed, which is the major reason for watershed wetland landscape structure changes; 2) drainage ditches construction for agricultural development and dikes construction for flooding prevention after the 1980s has led to wetland loss and fragmentation and landscape structure changes in the watershed; 3) changes in wetland hydrological condition due to agricultural development have led to wetland ecosystem degradation, as a result, almost all the remaining marsh wetlands in the plain were degraded to meadow wetland at present state.
Mercury distribution and bioaccumulation up the soil-plant-grasshopper-spider food chain in Huludao City, China

Zhongsheng Zhang,Qichao Wang,Dongmei Zheng,Na Zheng,Xianguo Lu,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate total mercury(THg)distribution and its bioaccumulation up the soil-plant-grasshopperspider in the Huludao City,which is polluted seriously by chlor-alkali and zinc smelting industry in Northeast of China.Results indicated that average THg concentrations in soft,plant leaves,grasshopper Locusta migratoria manilensis and Acrida chinensis,and spider were 0.151,0.119,0.167 and 0.134 mg/kg,respectively.THg spatial distribution suggested that most of mercury came from the chlor-alkali plant and the two zinc smelteries.The highest mercury concentration was found in the wings among different grasshoppers' organs.Although spiders are the predatory,THg concentrations in their bodies were not high,and only on the same level as in grasshoppers,which might be due to spiders' special living habits.In the light of the mercury transportation at every stage of the soil-plant-grasshopper-spider food chain,the bioaccumulation factors were 0.03,0.79-1.11 and 0.80-1.13 respectively.It suggested that mercury biomagnification up terrestrial food chains was not so large and obvious as it was in the aquatic food chain.
Relationship between plant species diversity and patch characteristics in a marsh in the Sangjiang Plain, China —Using Yaluhe farm as an example
Sun Zhonglin,Xing Fu,Lu Xianguo,Xu Kun,Yu Lili and Ni Hongwei
自然科学进展 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on Quick Bird satellite image data, the present study examined small-scale herbaceous community patches in the marsh of the Sanjiang Plain and measured patch characteristics such as the area, perimeter and shape by GPS. The coenological characteristics of the patches were investigated using quadrat method, and the vascular plant species were recorded using transect method. A total of 219 plant species were recorded, which represents 12.2% of the vascular flora in Heilongjiang Province. Our results showed that species number S correlated with patch area and perimeter; richness index (R) correlated with patch perimeter; Simpson index (D) correlated with patch area and perimeter/area; Shannon-Wiener index (H′) correlated with patch area, perimeter and perimeter/area; Evenness index (Jsw) correlated with perimeter/area. Both S and R have significant difference between different size of patches. Plant diversity in the small-scale herbaceous communities tended to increase with the patch area and perimeter. We concluded that edge effects and the habitat heterogeneity of the patches are important in determining the number of species. The relative smoothness of the patch edges also affects the plant diversity of the patches. The richness of plant species in the marsh in the Sanjiang Plain is highly sensitive to the small-scale patches, which continues to play an important role in preserving plant diversity in the local area.
Surface Sediments in the Marsh-Sandy Land Transitional Area: Sandification in the Western Songnen Plain, China
Xiaofei Yu, Michael Grace, Yuanchun Zou, Xuefeng Yu, Xianguo Lu, Guoping Wang
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099715
Abstract: The development of sandification process was studied, by monitoring the changes of sediment characteristics, at marsh-sandy land intersections in China's Songnen region. A series of sediment collection plates were deployed in the region; after one year, sediments in these plates were analyzed for changes of mass and chemical characteristics. The sediment flux and the sand content of the sediments decreased with the increasing longitudinal distance between the sampling site and the centre line of a sand dune. The mean sediment flux was 29±14 kg m?2 yr?1 and 0.6±0.3 kg m?2 yr?1 in the sandy land and marsh, respectively. Strong, positive correlations were found between the concentrations of organic matter, total nitrogen, P, Fe, Ti, V and Zr, all of which were also negatively correlated with the sand content. The concentrations of organic matter, total nitrogen, P, Fe, Ti, V and Zr in the marsh sediment samples were all significantly greater than the corresponding concentrations of the sandy land (p<0.001). Sand content and Ti, V and Zr concentrations all proved to be valid indicators of sandification intensity, and they showed that the marsh could be divided into three distinct zones. Sand expansion extended about 88 m into the marsh. The mean sand content in the sediments of the sandy land was 91% and then 64% in the marsh, which in turn was higher than that of marshes outside the influence of sandification, suggesting that the marsh in the marsh-sandy land transitional area has already undergone extensive sandification in the past. The study results provide information on the wetland's function of indicating and buffering the sandification process.
Reconstruction of Car-Electric Bicycle Side Collision Based on PC-Crash  [PDF]
Shenchao Wang, Yubin Qian, Xianguo Qu
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2014.44032
Abstract: A collision model, an automobile model and a multi-rigid-body model in PC-crash are analyzed. By simulating a side collision accident between a car and an electric bicycle (EB), a method that reproduces the car-electric bicycle side collision accident based on PC-crash is presented according to some important information such as the final position, the contacting location between the cyclist and the car. A result is obtained by comparing with the reproduced result, the deformation of accident vehicle and the surveillance video. The rollover direction and fells-over sliding direction after the collision and the contacting location and wrap motion of cyclist and electric bicycle are fitting in with the real situation better compared with the reconstruction result in PC-crash. Then the responsive-surface method and MONTEKARLO method are used in MATLAB to analyze the uncertainty of the vehicle speed in reproduced scene results. And the range of values of the pre-collision speed is obtained which makes the reproduced result more objective and convincible that could provide the basis of the accident assessment.
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